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Berea Texas

DALLAS, TEXAS December 15, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of the World of North Texas is in celebration, for there was a spiritual feast in heaven and on earth..

Today, we witnessed the glory of God on earth, souls were redeemed from their sins, through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The minister, took the protest and the baptismal aspirants raised their right hand, accepted the commitment to follow Jesus Christ and obey the doctrine revealed by God to his holy Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia.

The Evangelist Deacon, waited for the souls in the baptismal waters that on this glorious day would change their lives forever, with the true promise that our God has made to humanity, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved, but he that believeth not shall be damned."

One by one, they were sumerged into the baptismal waters. The deacon, with the authority received by the Apostle of God, invoked the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of all their sins, and their trespasses and sins were buried in the waters of baptisms and were reborn in a new life, to serve our God through Faith unto salvation.

At the end of the baptisms, they were presented before the church, and the church with tears in their eyes and raising their hands received them as new children of God and family of the Faith.

The brothers who were baptized belonged to different cities, Fort Worth, Dallas, Irving, Lancaster, Garland,
Mt. Pleasant, Carrollton, Nacogdoches and Amarillo where the light of the gospel has reached.

There also enjoyed a photographic exhibition of the tireless work of the Apostle of Jesus Christ these past five years of his Holy Ministry that God entrusted to him


Berea Texas

DALLAS, TEXAS December 14, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of the World celebrated its unity and blessing, marking the 5th Anniversary of the Apostolic Ministry of Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia The North Texas churches of the Light of the World church celebrated the fifth Apostolic anniversary with a grand concert from the 150 VOICES REGIONAL CHOIR. In a SPECTACULAR CONCERT, that began at 4:00 p.m. in one of the busiest amphitheaters in the city of Dallas, Texas.

Hundreds gathered to enjoy this concert of vocal talent and musical artistry, members of the Church and local communities appeared excited as they made their way to their seating, anticipating a delightful concert

The Dallas church in the form of Gratitude for the Love of God through the election, sent a beautiful greeting to the Apostle of Jesus Christ letting him know that his people are in ¡PERFECT UNITY!

At the end there was a spectular lazer light show and the people there also enjoyed a photographic exhibition of the tireless work of the Apostle of Jesus Christ these past five years of his Holy Ministry that God entrusted to him



HOY, 14 de Diciembre del 2019.
Estará amenizando:EL CORO REGIONAL DE 150 VOCES. En un ESPECTACULAR CONCIERTO, desde las 4:00 p.m
invita a tus familiares y amigos a esta inolvidable noche.


En el Anfiteatro del Parque que está ubicado en:
3966 Vitruvian way, Addison, Texas

Viernes, 13 Diciembre del 2019
( La Luz del Mundo, Dallas, Texas)

“Quiero que ustedes lleven mi representación, lleven mi palabra, lleven mi amor y lleven mi consolación. A mis hermanos y hermanas que sufren alguna enfermadad y están en sus hogares soportando dolor, en los hospitales, padeciendo y luchando por sus vidas."
(Apóstol de Jesucristo, Naasón Joaquín García.)

Domingo, 8 de Diciembre del 2019
La iglesia La luz del Mundo, en la ciudad de Dallas Texas, se unió a La iglesia universal al recibir con júbilo, Epístolas Apostólicas del Ungido de Jesucristo, Naasón Joaquín García, dos de ellas dirigidas a la niñez y juventud de la iglesia, dándoles una hermosa encomienda de llevar palabras de aliento a todos los hermanos que se encuentran en alguna enfermedad y ancianos con alguna incapacidad física.

Con prontitud y gozo, la niñez y la juventud tomaron las palabras del Apóstol de Dios como un mandamiento de amor, y han encaminado sus pasos a ver a los necesitados y llevarles las palabras de aliento que Él les envió. Los hermanos enfermos los recibieron como una fuente de consolación a sus penas y dolores.
Y han agradecido en gran manera el grande amor que nuestro padre tiene para su iglesia


Acompañanos a celebrar ¡EL CRECIMIENTO DE UNA COMUNIDAD!


Berea Texas

Children of the Holy Church received a very special entrustment.
December 9, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The Apostle of the Lord, Naason Joaquin Garcia by inspiration and desire of God, assigned the children of the Holy Church to be part of a beautiful task. As part and present church, the minors grasped the great blessing of being the messengers and representatives of the Apostle of Jesus Christ; to take comfort, happiness and above all love to those who are enduring pain and suffering in their bodies.

"I want to bear my REPRESENTATION, take my WORD, take my LOVE, and take my CONSOLATION, to my brothers and sisters who suffers from an illness".

They gave the message that the Apóstol of the Lord sent the ill expressing that, they are in his mind and everyday he sheds tears for their strength in the battle for their health and lives.

Satisfaction was contemplated on their faces once the message of our Father in Faith was delivered. Consolation and tranquillity was brought to those who are in the heart and mind of the Anointed of God.


Berea Texas

Apostolic Epistles are read; invitation to be courageous.

December 8, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, the Light of the World, across the state of Texas, follows a teaching without blemish, brought by the Lord to this Earth through HIS Holy Election, which dwells in the Apostle of Jesus Christ, Naasón Joaquín García.

Demonstrating the love he has for his Church through his actions, he sent three Apostolic letters addressed to different demographics of the Church: children, youth, and lawyers.

This photo collection shows the Church's demonstration of faith, faith which motivates works of justice, heeding the apostolic invitation to visit Brethren who are ill (Matthew 25:36), within their framework of perfect unity, and the celebration of the of the Fifth Anniversary.


Berea Internacional

Leen Epístolas Apostólicas; invitación a ser valientes

A 8 de diciembre de 2019. (Berea Internacional). La Iglesia del Dios Vivo, Columna y Apoyo de la Verdad, La Luz del Mundo, sigue la enseñanza sin mácula, traída por el Señor a la tierra por medio de su Elección Santa, la cual mora en el Apóstol de Jesucristo Naasón Joaquín García.

Y mostrando por medio de las obras, el amor que Él tiene por su Iglesia, envió tres cartas Apostólicas dirigidas a distintos sectores: la niñez, la juventud y los abogados. La galería, es manifestación de la fe, esa la que lleva obras de justicia, atendiendo a la invitación apostólica para visitar a los enfermos (Mateo 25:36), en el marco de la unidad perfecta en este Quinto Aniversario de tan bendito Ministerio.


“Unidos, porque la Iglesia merece lo mejor”

La Luz Del Mundo Dallas, Texas's cover photo

La Luz Del Mundo Dallas, Texas

La Luz Del Mundo Dallas, Texas

La Luz Del Mundo Dallas, Texas

Berea Texas

First minister in Lancaster, Texas.
LANCASTER, Texas. Monday, December 02, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The church the Light of The World in Lancaster once again rejoices. The lord has blessed this recent labor of the church of Dallas, for it has been the will of God through his Apostle Naasón Joaquín García to send a minister to this church that recently inaugurated, on the 17th of November 2019.

As the Deacon Efrain Bojorquez presided the consecration he expressed to the brethren “you are now able to express with liberty and praise in your prayer Bless our brother Zalatiel, he whom the spirit of God has sent to look after our souls”.
In the remembrance of the word of God the Deacon Efrain read a paragraph of an apostolic letter referring to the book of Numbers 11:16-17 “...,In this new era my spirit be with you and our lord illuminate and bless you in company of the minister sent to you...,”
Deacon Efrain, advised the following; The Apostle If the lord desires the prosperity of both the church and the minister because the Ministers are instruments of God in the hands of the Apostle, for God provides all virtues necessary so they can be useful to the congregation and capable to oversee both material and spiritual needs of the church.
Hebrews speaks of the obedience to our pastors so that no tense situation arises and the blessing of the lord descends. For the scriptures say they are to preside, to guide and to admonish when necessary.
Finally, Evangelist Zalatiel Gray stood upon the church of Lancaster and expressed, “it was the 27th of Nov when I received a call indicating that your brother was assigned to this city, I rejoiced because you have recently been cause of happiness to the servant of God. I plea of your prayers along with my wife so the Lord continue blessing us. We are all one family with same hope of eternal life, same faith and we all share the blessing of being children of God..., church of Lancaster we are in debt with God and the Apostle of Jesus Christ, I ask for your prayers so I can be useful to you, for I have a big responsibility to watch over your needs, so that not one soul is lost”.
And so the church rejoiced and received brother Zalatiel Gray and his wife, sister Eunice Gray, as the

Needless to say the church of Lancaster has a membership of approximately 80 and with the help of God and the prayer of the Apostle of the Lord they will continue to grow for the Glory of God.


“United, because the Church deserved the best”


La Luz del Mundo en Dallas, Texas inaugura nueva casa de oración.

#LLDM #LLDMNews #IglesiaDelDiosVivo #LaLuzDelMundo

Berea Texas

Beautiful Inauguration in Lancaster for the Glory of God.

DALLAS, Texas. Sunday, November 17, 2019. (Berea Texas).— A day of joy and victory was celebrated at The Light of the World Church in Texas and around the world, as a House of Prayer was inaugurated in the city of Lancaster, Texas.

The Apostle of Jesus Christ sent a Pastor in his representation to dedicate this House of Prayer to God. Brethren joyfully received him, recognizing he came with the authority a man of God has bestowed on him for this Sacred Office.

"You have rejoiced my heart" were the words sent to the Church in Dallas and Lancaster from the Apostle of Jesus Christ, after he saw pictures of the property acquired less than a year ago.

The sent Pastor spoke beautiful words to the Church; "Today we see the effort of Dallas and Lancaster crowned. It is not your brother who is here, it is the Apostle of Jesus Christ. Can you perceive his fragrance? Scent of Life! This inauguration is by His authority and His word, for His authority and His word is not imprisoned."

After sharing beautiful testimonies thus encouraging the Church, he invited the choir to sing the song "A beautiful life", followed by a prayer of gratitude and adoration to God Almighty.

Lastly, the sent Pastor asked the Church; "What do you want us to communicate to the Apostle of Jesus Christ?" to this, the Church with determination, in unison and with their hands raised high responded: "We love you Apostle of God! We are with you!"

Psalm 100:4 - Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.


“United, because the Church deserved the best”

Berea Texas

Ministerial Corps reinforces their vocation to service

DALLAS, Texas. October 17, 2019. (Berea Texas).— The ministerial Corps in Dallas, Texas and neighboring cities gathered with the purpose of serving the Church of Christ better, to motivate each other to continue devoting themselves wholeheartedly. The first of two days was focused on this encouragement to utilize the gifts that God has given each minister, and each Sister (because they are also Missionaries in the Labor of the Lord), through the Apostle of Jesus Christ. “Just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her” (Eph 5:25 NKJV). This is the same principle and methodology that should be practiced to serve the Church with greater devotion, care, and love.

One defining characteristic of the Church is love and compassion for one’s neighbor. These same principles are important as a Minister of the Church that is serving the community. In addition, there is always room for improvement in the path of the Lord. The Church of Christ is growing exponentially all over the world. Moreover, Texas as the second largest state in the in the Union is also expanding in different cities and suburbs. Therefore, as the scriptures says: “But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day” (Proverbs 4:18). In summary, it was a beautiful gathering for all the ministers to ensure their vigilance as an Overseer is always present.


Lunes, 23 de Septiembre del 2019

(La Luz del mundo Dallas, Texas)

La hermana JUANITA LOZANO (cómo se le llama con cariño) asistió como invitada especial del mes, al estudio de niños, por ser ejemplo de fidelidad y larga trayectoria en la iglesia. Con más de 43 años en el camino espiritual, les hizo saber a los niñez allí presente, que son hijos de Dios, simiente santa y especial.

Ella expresó sentirse muy honrada y contenta por estar entre ellos.
Su hermoso testimonio inició, con una pequeña narración de su tierra natal Monterrey, Mexico donde escuchó por primera vez, sobre la iglesia LA LUZ DEL MUNDO.
Sus ojos se llenaron de lágrimas al recordar ese momento que cambió su vida por completo, dándole sentido a su vida, aunque hubieron momentos de mucha tribulación, pero de mucha alegría, porque Dios siempre se manifestó a su favor. También les dijo del amor que tiene hacia el coro de la iglesia donde a sido miembro por muchos años.

La niñez que se encontraba en el estudio de niños, con mucha atención escucharon sus testimonios de nuestra hermana.
Al finalizar ella con mucho cariño compartió con ellos un pequeño convivio.


Domingo, 15 de Septiembre del 2019
(La Luz del Mundo Dallas, Texas)


“Os he escrito a vosotros, padres, porque habéis conocido al que es desde el principio. Os he escrito a vosotros, jóvenes, porque sois fuertes, y la palabra de Dios permanece en vosotros, y habéis vencido al maligno.”

En cumplimiento a la enseñanza del Apóstol de Jesucristo Naasón Joaquín García,
En el servicio de alabanzas al atardecer del día domingo, El D.E Efraín Bojórquez, invitó a la iglesia a entonar la alabanza “Oh, Juventud cristiana ve a delante” Para que el joven Hanan Ayala, pasará al altar voluntariamente, de esa manera Él con sus propias palabras se comprometió con Dios para adquirir ya su propia responsabilidad de seguir en el camino de Dios. Camino que lo llevará a alcanzar la corona de la vida eterna.

En seguida el padre de el el joven nuestro hermano Manuel Ayala, se dirigió a la iglesia con agradecimiento a Dios y al Apóstol de Jesucristo. Luego le dirigió unas palabras con amor a su hijo y le dijo: que si Él es fiel a la doctrina revelada por Dios a El Apóstol de Jesucristo Naasón Joaquín García, Dios le sacara adelante en todas las adversidades y Siempre estará a favor de él, mientras él no se aleje de sus mandamientos.

El joven Hanan se dirigió a la iglesia y También agradeció a sus padres y la iglesia allí presente.
En seguida, quiso tomar la mejor decisión, confirmar que desea bajar a la pila bautismal en los próximos bautismos.

El ministro, invitó a la iglesia a regalarle una oración de bendición, para que Dios cumpla todos sus deseos y propósitos.

“Porque la Iglesia se merece lo mejor”

Berea Radio Dallas

Martes, 30 de Julio del 2019

Pleasant Grove, Texas

"Ensancha el sitio de tu tienda, y las cortinas de tus habitaciones sean extendidas; no seas escasa; alarga tus cuerdas, y refuerza tus estacas.
Porque te extenderás a la mano derecha y a la mano izquierda"

La bendición del Señor abarcó la ciudad de Pleasant Grove, el día de hoy, el Señor se acordó de esta ciudad y una nueva obra se abrió para dar Gloria a Dios, al que vive y reina para siempre.

Los hermanos que se congregaron escucharon con mucho gozo en sus corazones las palabras de ánimo y exhortación que El D.E Efraín Bojórquez les dirigió, haciéndoles conciencia de la responsabilidad que tenemos cómo herederos de las promesas. Predicar el evangelio a toda criatura, a las almas sedientas que buscan a Dios. Siendo ellos parte de las promesas que Dios le
hizo a su santo Apóstol: Naasón Joaquín García: ¡SI HOY VES ESTE PUEBLO GRANDE, YO LO VOY A MULTIPLICAR AÚN MÁS!

Tres visitas acompañaron a los 17 hermanos que se reunieron este día.
El ministro, junto al grupo de obreros se unieron en un convivio que la familia de él Hno. Gerardo Medrano les convidó, quien fue el que abrió las puertas de su hogar para que iniciasen las oraciones en esa ciudad.



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