WHAT IS BCS? Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is global divine institution. It teaches and practices universal love, peace, unity, and truth.


Announcement for the Divine Manifestation of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. November 2020 USA


Announcement for the Divine Manifestation of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. November 2020 USA


BCS World Headquarters

Online live broadcast of the Heavenly Father's Advice and Blessing to the Christ Universal Youth Fellowship for the April 2020 Easter Pentecostal Assembly. Streaming live from the BCS Whqrts, 34 Ambo Street, Calabar, Nigeria, Saturday April 11th.

Thank You Heavenly Father.

BCS World Headquarters

Heavenly Father's Advice and Blessing to the Universal Women's Fellowship during April 2020 Pentecostal Assembly, Monday 6th April 2020. Transmitted Live, online through BCS World Headquarters page at the BCS Whqrts 34 Ambo Street, Calabar, Nigeria to the entire world.

*Some salient points:
👉 You posses the grace to excel were others fail and the anointing to stand were others may fall.

👉 I have blessed you and your daughters ,your sons shall be great and the fruits of your womb shall be fruitful. As for your enemies I have declared you rulers over them, you shall triumph in their mist.

👉 I have covered your households from the ills of the world and protected you and your family from contact of the ravaging Corona Virus .

👉 Hence forth my glory and blessing shall be seen in you as seen in the faithful women of the past generation.

Let my Peace and blessings abide with you and the entire world now and for ever more. Amen.

(We do sincerely apologize for the poor audio quality at the beginning)

Thank you for watching. You are indeed blessed.

Thank You Heavenly Father.



BCS World Headquarters

Over 30, 000 brethren, including uncountable numbers of angels, spirits and unseen trooped into Calabar to celebrate the Heavenly Father His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu at the just concluded 2019 BCS mega event.

The U. J. Esuene stadium was filled to the brim as brethren sat according to their respective thrones.

The Heavenly Father His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu went round, visited His faithful children in their respective heavenly thrones and released unquantifiable blessing to them all and the entire world.

Thank You Heavenly Father

Thank You ABBA Father.

BCS World Headquarters

New list of the newly appointed USA CNCF exco from the Heavenly Father.

Thank You Heavenly Father

[01/13/20]   Congratulations 🎈 Atlanta 🥳


BCS USA Divine Service


Sunday Divine Service, Inauguration of the New Administrative Executives and CWC for hosting the Divine Manifestation of the King of Kings November 2020

Come on Y’all🥳🥳🥳🥳

BCS World Headquarters

Happening now:
Victory March 7 times round BCS WHQs by choristers in honour of the Ancient of Days Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu on the occasion marking the grand finale of the weeklong anniversary of the post-centenary celebration of the Ancient of Days.

BCS World Headquarters

Victory March 7 times round BCS WHQs by choristers in honour of the Ancient of Days Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu on the occasion marking the grand finale of the weeklong anniversary of the post-centenary celebration of the Ancient of Days.

Thank You Heavenly Father


BCS World Headquarters

Celebrating the Supreme Light of Ages The Ancient of Days Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.
23 - 30 December 2019.

BCS World Headquarters

Change you dp to 'Supreme Light' logo let's celebrate the Divine Manifestation of the Supreme Light of Ages the Ancient of Days Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.
December 23 - 30 at the BCS WHQs.

Starcross TV Family



Olumba speaks

Reality : God is here on earth.

BCS World Headquarters

Congrats to the following promoted brethren:

CA OGAR OSIM now a Christ Shepherd

BE SPIFF now Archbishop.

Promoted by the Heavenly Father His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu at the just concluded 72 hours Dry Fasting.

Thank You Heavenly Father

REGION 7 Ministry work to the Homeless. Nno Paapa✨✨

BCS World Headquarters

Breaking News
BCS United States Of America (USA) to host next year 2020 celebration of the Divine Manifestation of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

In related development, the Heavenly Father has reshuffled the BCS USA Executives, with Christ Shepherd Patriarch T. Johnson as the New National Administrator

BCS United States Of America (USA) will host next year's (2020) Divine Manifestation Celebration Of The King of kings and Lord of lords His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu.

Thank You Heavenly Father

Thy throne oh father is for ever and ever!!!!!!


Region 7 Celebrates with the of Host.
Happened live in Dallas.
Thank You ABBA Father

Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Ghana


First lesson: John: 8: 14-16
Second lesson: Revelation: 21: 1-3
Golden text: John: 6: 26-29


I am in sympathy with the world that says Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is not of God because they are very rich and a man of God has to be poor. I am telling you that money has not yet come to me. What is not pleasing to the whites is that they thought I would discriminate against them. There is no division at all in me and in this Kingdom. If I came to please man by now I would have acquired all material things that I need i.e, a bicycle (if not a car), shoes, watches, hats and the rest of the other things. But have you seen me with any of these things? Have you not had all these things? Who do you think stops me from driving a car? Who prevents me from living in a storey building? Who is responsible for my not wearing trousers and big shoes? All these things are carnal, the work of the flesh and man's lust. I have come to disgrace the flesh and give glory to God. I have brought the gospels of oneness to the entire world, to teach the truth.


From the creation of the world, has there ever been a Leader like the one you are having today? If I go out into the street now, somebody who had never known me will hardly believe, when told that I am the Brother (Leader) Olumba Olumba Obu. Yes, because with my small short - sleeve shirt and short nobody would like to believe. That is why with all your flowing gowns, three piece suits with ties and shoes to match, the moment you sense the presence of the Father you painstakingly go on your knees, indicating the condemnation of yourself. Wear whatever pleases you I am not bothered. What do you think will happen if I appear on the street or field with my white short and shirt? The world would bum you to ashes because of your unbelief. Brethren, all these things are not pleasing unto God because everything had been said and done but nobody was prepared to believe in God. I have now come to put those words into practice to the letter. Exactly what is written in the Bible about Jehovah God and His Christ is what I do, without adding or subtracting anything. You are living witnesses to the fact that if I were like any of the worldly and carnally minded leaders, the nature of the house I would have lived in, my type of car I would have driven, the calibre of aides I would have had and the type of food I would have been eating would be exceptional and for the most part imported. But now here I am having no such problem. I wear a very simple type of dress. Initially people used to think, through ignorance that the Leader is never seen by His members, and the face is always masked or veiled. But when the people started seeing things for themselves, they became overwhelmed with the simple life the Holy Father lives.


I am doing the will of my Father, anyway and not that of man or myself. And so I do not even care for anybody's compliment and love. When I was young I used to think why, should I wear a red garment? But what is happening now? Has the garment not become my daily official dress, which I am obliged to wear so that the glory of God will fulfill? I do not seek for my own glory but for the glory of Him that sent me. I have no choice of mine. I have not come to please any body, not even myself. I always ask you to focus your attention on me because if you do, you will be able to please God. You all are in a fix. This is because despite your big shoes and flowing gowns, except I sign a document, your signature, no matter how nice and expensive cannot be honoured. Unless I recognise you, nobody recognises you. Have you people heard me add my knowledge into the gospel of God? I neither add nor subtract because I seek not for my own will and glory. I pursue only the will of Him who sent me, to reveal the glory of God. I do not seek for the glory of mine. Of all the millions of people who are gathered here and beyond, is there any person who will say that the Holy Father has ever collected their money from them? Instead when you come here I give you food, cloth you, accommodate and then heal your sickness and discharge any problem you have come with. I need nothing from anybody. That is the will of God. It has to be fulfilled. If you render any services and demand for money or any cooperation whatsoever, you are working for the flesh. I have never asked God to forbid anything. Where will He take them? Eventually I have never asked God to bring or do anything. No. All I do is to ask His will alone to be done and use me for His services. I always follow Him like a blind man. It has been a long time since I went to Biakpan and indeed any other place physically. It does not take much time to get to Biakpan, but I have not come to seek for my own glory. I move from 34 Ambo Street to 26 Mbukpa Street and back every day. I am not here to please any man but God. Before this time I used to go to Biakpan frequently. I am like salt whose absence in the food makes it unpalatable. If I tell you tortures I have under gone you will marvel. I started fasting when I was three. I have no father or mother, no brother or relation: Just nobody except the Father alone. And it is His will I have come to do. I have no business with any other thing carnal except to serve God and please Him alone. I decided to undertake such a risk because I imagined if my parents happen to pass away what will I do? So I started to train myself, to cease living a parasitic life or to be a burden unto anybody. I did not complain either because I come not to serve my own purpose. I ate nobody's food. I drank from nobody's house and did not request anything from anybody. But you take delight in going around to collect one thing or the other from people and having a field day. That is why your soul shall be requested for. The lesson, which I give to you, is perfect.

All that I speak are not spoken by me and I am ignorant. I cannot do anything by myself but what I hear I give you without adding or subtracting. I cannot hide anything from you. I do not claim to be anything. Anybody who receives a letter from the Leader will rejoice for one month, and any sick man who sees the Leader will be healed instantaneously, because of unspeakable joy. It is my wish that everybody should be like myself but people are differently gifted so they should be allowed to follow their own course. I have all powers to reveal all mystery because this is the dispensation of the fullness of time. Whatever name you ascribe to Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, whether you call it church, prayer house or school, I must tell you the truth and lead you to know God. The Leader is now trying to mitigate the judgment, which Christ had delivered against the world. Now all that the Leader speaks are fulfilled. Brotherhood is the word of God and is God.

Thank You Father

To be continue...


BCS World Headquarters

Breaking News.

Heavenly Father Unveils the Event Logo of the 2019 Celebration of the Divine Manifestation of the Ancient of Days, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

Thank You Heavenly Father.

Photos from BCS USA MEDIA's post

Photos from BCS USA MEDIA's post

Photos from BCS USA MEDIA's post

Photos from BCS USA MEDIA's post

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