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Our discussion forum provides a learning, sharing and caring space for the education and training of seekers of truth. We approach the questions and answers about truth with a Christian Worldview.

What is truth? Does truth really exist? Where can you find it? But equally important are the questions: Why does truth matter? And, are there absolute knowable truths? Discussing how the Bible responds to these questions and more form the basis of our "Truth Works" page.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Mission: Our mission is to provide a learning, sharing and caring forum for the education and training of seekers of truth. We approach the questions and answers about truth with a Christian Worldview.

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Archaeology is confirming Bible Characters and Places

Shahar Shilo speaks with Moira Brown about fascinating archaeological finds that address biblical accounts and events, including Jesus' two miracles in Jerus...

✡ Believe in God in 5 Minutes (Scientific Proof)

MIT Professor explains the reality of God's existence. God

Watch PART 2: Gerald Schroeder is a scientist with over thirty years of experience in research and teaching. He e...

Donald Trump: If Reelected, I will “Terminate” Social Security

Serious Issue: Trump's promise to “terminate” FICA contributions if he is reelected is a full-on declaration of war against Social Security

Tim Wise: How Big Government Gave White America A Head Start

What is the 400 Year Head start in America?

Lessons from history we were never taught in school. Brief clip from a two hour presentation you can find here:

How Could a Slaveholder Write "All Men Are Created Equal"? | Amanpour and Company

How could a slaveholder write "All Men Are Created Equal" in the U.S. Consitution? Why did he write it?

Could a slaveholder also be an advocate for equality for all? That is the riddle left behind by one of America’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. Pulitzer...

The Most Intense Heartfelt Description Of Racism I Ever Filmed

What was it like growing up in America during the civil rights period of American history? The former U.S. Attorney explains what almost all Black men experienced.

As my subscribers know, I have done thousands of interviews in my life. This interview with journalist, civil rights advocate, lawyer Roger Wilkins was one t...

Testimony of Paul Robeson before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, June 12, 1956

Before a Senate Committee, Paul Robeson was asked, "why do you no leave America?" (9min mark). Listen carefully to his response.

Many African-American witnesses subpoenaed to testify at the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) hearings in the 1950s were asked to denounce Pa...

"What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July"

In a Fourth of July holiday special, we hear the words of Frederick Douglass. Born into slavery around 1818, Douglass became a key leader of the abolitionist movement. On July 5, 1852, in Rochester, New York, he gave one of his most famous speeches, “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro.” He was addressing the Rochester Ladies Antislavery Society. Federick Douglas, a former slave was asked to give a speech on the 4th of July. This speech was before the civil war over slavery.

Provided to YouTube by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings "What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July" · Ossie Davis A Voice Ringing O'er the Gale! The Oratory of ...

Here's Over 160 Things Invented By Black People In America And Around The World...

The contribution of African Americans to the quality of life in America. When you really start to think about it, Black People really did invent everything...

As a child, others were responsible for your education.
As an adult, you are responsible for your education and correcting your mis-education.

You were not taught the truth about American history. Its time to do the work.

How the US stole thousands of Native American children

Eradication of Native Americans

The long and brutal history of the US trying to “kill the Indian and save the man”. For more of Vox's reporting on Indigenous Peoples' Day, check out the lat...

Another Wicked Act Hidden from History Books

Systematic racism in the use of the Criminal Justice System

Join us for Discussion:

Jim Crow and America's Racism Explained


The HipHughes Video Index Follow me on Twitter http://twitte...

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow | PBS | ep 1 of 4 Promises Betrayed

True American History

Buy the Book/DVD - - The premiere episode begins with the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction, periods that...

Tuca Fernandes

Life's basic questions are summed in the answers to these questions. Origins, meaning morality and destiny.

Only in the Christian worldview do we find answers to these question that are coherent, cohesive and complete.


Prayer Stop

Truth matters.

Did you know that the Quran talks more about Jesus than it does about Mohammed? #prayerstop #islam #jesus #Quran Full Unedited video here:

What is a Worldview? Ravi Zacharias on Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny

What is a worldview?

I am totally convinced the Christian faith is the most coherent worldview around. Everyone: pantheist, atheist, skeptic, polytheist has to answer these questions:…

Into the Wild - Trailer

Inspirational video worth the time to watch.

into the wild - trailer

You want something. Go get it. Period.

Inspirational videos you have to see!

Buy the DVD from the Pursuit of Happyness Website: You want something. Go get it. Period. Don't e...

Old Covenant vs New Covenant-It's About God's Divorce and Remarriage to Israel

What is God doing with Israel? If you ever wanted to better understand what God is doing in His relationship with Israel and the role that Jesus Christ plays in God's plan - this is a study you will want to listen to fully.

Would you be surprised to discover the Old and New Covenants are actually about God's divorce and remarriage to his wife? In this study we explore the how Go...

Birth of a White Nation

When did being "white" become a privilege in the U.S.? Why and how did this happen?
This PhD researcher and Legal scholar has completed research into the question and has arrived at some very interesting conclusions.

Birth of a White Nation

White People did not exist on planet earth until 1681

Melanated Multiverse

Summed up in a school yard tug of war - what privilege looks like from an early age... why we must teach our children to always be prepared to fight harder and never quit!

When they can’t win they move the finish line or lower the bar So they can jump over it. Pay attention. The one in the orange won when he cross the line but the little black boy didn’t win when he cross the line. This teacher should be ashamed of herself.

Jane Elliott How Can We Not Be Racist? | Sincere Message

Listen to the entire video - it will change you. Then share it with many... this nation needs what it teaches. Jane Elliott is an American former third-grade schoolteacher, anti-racism activist and educator, as well as a feminist and LGBT activist. She is known for he...

I need a WORD

How well do you know your BIBLE??

I need a WORD

Pastor Michael Todd | Sin Control Self Control and Spirit Control

Constantine and the New Testament - To Choose or Not To Choose?

What you think you know, may not be so!

Dr. Michael S. Heiser discusses the role, if any, that Constantine had in the selection of the books of the New Testament, what was included, what was left o...

Honest interview with Jehovahs Witness

When they come to your door... will you be prepared to answer?

Witnesses from the Kingdom Hall are often zealous and sincere... but sincerity without truth is sincerely wrong. Watch carefully and see if they really belie...

The First Word in the Bible says Jesus Will Die on the Cross!!!

YESHUAH IS YHWH! This amazing video shows us that the very FIRST word in the Bible, "Barasheet" (Hebrew for "In the beginning") says that Jesus is God and that He will die on...

The Book of Job, Lecture Excerpt - Hugh Ross

Are the creation Days of the Bible in the correct order?

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Origins of life - the question no Athiest has ever had a valid answer for nor an explanation that is cohesive, coherent and consistent with reality. The more science learns - the more it points to an intelligent designer who exists eternally outside this reality. His greatest creation after the space, time, matter, energy universe is the human being made in his image.

Updated Video: Human Development in The Womb.

Denzel Washington's Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH) Motivational Speech 2018

Ten things .....

A must watch video. Denzel Washington's Life Advice Will Change Your Future. This Epic Motivational Speech for 2018 will inspire you! Subscribe for Motivatio...

How To Answer The Fool (full film)

Presuppositional Apologetics - The choice: God or Absurdity? Two move checkmate.

Presuppositional Apologetics explained and taken to the streets. Film released on April 1st 2013 End Credits Song "Presupp" by Ivey Conerly (who was also the...

Who Are The Gentiles? - Pt 1: Israelites, non-Israelites, or both? (Eph 2:17-18)

Solid teaching.

Who is Paul talking to when he addresses the Gentiles? What does the word "Gentiles" mean? Some see it as only referring to those who are non-Israelites/non-...

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