Son of man bible study

Son of man bible study


Thankful for all the blessings
if the son of man came before you all today how would you know it was him? I want everyone's version of what they expect to see to confirm to them that the person is the son of man not just a project blue beam fake hologram or just a nut saying just the words I am him without anything but his mouths claim to fame. would he have something others dont? please feel free and give your version of what you will confirm him as the son of man.. remember he is human with a divine connection direct to God beyond our usual woman or man.. he would im guessing have many things showing that he is the only one who has the son of mans stuff right?

welcome to Son OF MAN BIBLE STUDY. we accept Jesus Christ as our lord and Savior.

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Catholic News Agency

📹VIDEO: These are the last images we have of Saint John Paul II on earth. We saw him give himself as a shepherd until his last breath. 16 years after his departure to eternal life, we ask for his intercession for all who suffer in body and soul.


Ben Shapiro

Pastor stops police from shutting down church on Easter weekend.


Catholic News Agency

📹HIGHLIGHTS | Pope Francis celebrated on Holy Thursday the Chrism Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. He blessed the Oil of the Sick, the Oil of Catechumens, and the Chrism Oil, which will be used throughout the diocese of Rome over the coming year. #HolyWeek2021


Jerusalem Dateline

Join CBN News on the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Old City where thousands of Christians will commemorate Good Friday and when Jesus was lead to Calvary.


Catholic News Agency

LIVE | Join us for the Easter Sunday Mass and Urbi et Orbi Blessing with Pope Francis from St. Peter’s Basilica.

Tell us what country you are writing from and what your prayer intentions are.

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Vatican News

LIVE: Join Pope Francis as he celebrates Mass on Easter Sunday in St. Peter's Basilica. (English-language commentary is provided.)

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Jerusalem Dateline

After two thousand years, do people really know where Jesus was born? We take you to this important site to investigate that claim.

#Bible #Jerusalem #israel #prophecy #virtualtour #tourisrael #visitisrael #olives #Jesus #HolyLand 04/01/2021

Historic Jewish Temple is located 'stone's throw away' from Dome of The Rock: 'Temple Revealed' author Contrary to the prevailing view, groundbreaking new research argues that the Dome of the Rock Islamic shrine, which sits atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, is not the location of the historic Jewish temple.


Jerusalem Dateline

Join CBN News on the eve of Passover on Mt Zion in Jerusalem, the traditional site where Jesus celebrated the Passover in the Upper Room and read scriptures about the Passover. 03/31/2021

Court docs show slain pastor’s widow slept with alleged killer while he was on mission trip Harmony Free Will Baptist Church in Ada, Oklahoma, grieved in fresh shock Friday as investigators alleged their late pastor, David Charles Evans, was a swinger and his widow confessed to plotting his murder with a man she spent three nights with while he was in Mexico on a mission trip.


Jerusalem Dateline

The Matzo (Matzah) is compared to a data drive...passing along information from generation to generation during #Passover. מצות אביב Matzot Aviv.

#Bible #Passover #Jewish #Seder #Matzah #Matzo #Egypt #Israel


Is Genesis History

Scientific discovery is revealing what we've known all along: An intelligent mind is behind everything we see. "Is Genesis History?" is a must-see film for the thinking Christian. Join Del Tackett and a group of world-class scientists as they take a deep dive into the amazing and irrefutable evidence for the Biblical creation.

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Set Apart and Chosen

🗣Sing Ya’ll!!!
Veronica Yocom


Mike Pence

To our fellow Christians in America and around the world, Karen Pence and I wish a blessed Palm Sunday. “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” #PalmSunday


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Your value is not tied to what you do, your value comes from being a child of God. You can be secure in knowing you don't have to compete with anyone else.


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Jerusalem Dateline

Join CBN News on the Mount of Olives for the Palm Sunday processional down to the city of Jerusalem!

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#PalmSunday #Bible #HolyLand #Israel #Jerusalem #Olives #palm #Peace #hope #Jesus 03/28/2021

Equipped in the Bible Teach Truth. Love Well


My Mother Mary

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Catholic News Agency

LIVE | Don't miss Pope Francis' Holy Mass followed by the recitation of the Angelus on Palm Sunday from St. Peter's Basilica. Write your prayer intentions in the comments. Credit: Vatican Media
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Mike Pence

Karen Pence and I wish everyone celebrating around America and the world a blessed and happy #Passover! Chag Sameach!


Franklin Graham

It was a great honor to host former Vice President Mike Pence and former Second Lady Karen Pence at Samaritan's Purse today. They visited our North Wilkesboro Campus, toured one of our Emergency Field Hospitals and our U.S. disaster relief units. He also took time to address the Samaritan’s Purse staff—we are deeply grateful. He and Karen have been in the field with us in the past, and Vice President Pence shared with the staff, “We are here to volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse because we believe in this ministry.” Our country is forever indebted to Vice President Pence for his tireless efforts for our nation, for peace, and on behalf of freedom of religion. God bless them in this new chapter of their lives. 03/28/2021

Family of beloved Deep Ellum figure who died during winter storms sues ERCOT, Oncor The family of a man who died during the winter storm in February, has sued ERCOT and Oncor Energy Delivery for $1 million, accusing the agency and the...


Steven Furtick

Stop living by feelings. Start living by faith.



Meditate, pray, and draw closer to the Lord with Hallow, the #1 Catholic app. 03/14/2021 03/14/2021

12 Prophecies That Will be Fulfilled before Christ Return This world can often feel like a dark place. Sometimes it’s hard to see light and hope in the midst of all the suffering and pain we see around us. Constant media headlines reveal the deep struggle, the pain, and brokenness so many have known. God's promises are true and He is faithful to bring… 03/12/2021

Teaching Kids The Bible Isn't Always Easy... Bible Belles books make it fun!


Franklin Graham

We were saddened to hear that Luis Palau passed away this morning at the age of 86 after a three-year bout with lung cancer. Luis was a passionate evangelist who faithfully preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ—His birth, His sacrificial death on the cross, His burial, and His resurrection. Millions have heard this truth, and untold men and women have trusted Christ, as a result of Luis Palau’s ministry. I thank God for his life and the example he set. Luis was a close friend of my father Billy Graham’s throughout the years, and he was my friend as well. His voice will be greatly missed, but his life should inspire each of us to focus even more intensely on warning people of the consequences of dying without repenting of their sins and turning to Christ in faith. Please join me in lifting his family up in prayer during this time.


Franklin Graham

Three years ago today we held my father Billy Graham’s funeral at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC, inside an enormous tent that was reminiscent of the tent referred to as the “Canvas Cathedral” that held his first large evangelistic Crusade in Los Angeles, California, in 1949.

My father once said, “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”


Franklin Graham

During this #BlackHistoryMonth, I wanted to share about some of the wonderful African American members of my father’s team over the years. I’ll start with a special lady named Ethel Waters. After experiencing many hardships growing up, she turned to Christ later in her life, at one of my father Billy Graham’s Crusades. She was the first African American to star in her own television show and the first African American woman to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. She was also the first African American woman to integrate Broadway. In 1957, Ethel sang in the choir at my father Billy Graham’s Madison Square Garden Crusade and from there performed at Crusades for nearly 20 years with her trademark song, “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” She also starred in a film produced by my father’s organization called “The Heart is a Rebel.”

One time when my father was in England, he was discouraged and concerned that no one might come to the Crusade they were holding there. Ethel told him, “Sonny boy, God don’t sponsor no flops.” Sure enough, she was right. They had a huge crowd and God worked in many lives. My father said that she was one of the “most unforgettable characters [he] ever knew.” Take a minute to listen and be blessed…


Andrew Green

Are you feeling defeated right now? Feeling like the devils got the best of you? We are not loosers in Christ! It’s time to fortify your faith right now! Join me for a few -
- Pastor Andrew Green


Andrew Green

There will always be mean people in this world’ people that will say hurtful things.. treat you unfairly and even some that will hurt you just to see you broken. While that’s the unfortunate truth’ it’s important to remember who you are and who you belong to. You are a child of the living God and your worth is more valuable than the finest gold or jewels. Life alone can be brutal’ but the love of Jesus is a constant reassurance that life and all it’s hardships are but temporary. I want to encourage you to focus on Jesus and drown out the noose of vicious people.. cling to the Lord and let the God of love and peace comfort you every minute of every day. You are His! If someone is being mean to you’ remember it may just be that they have yet to encounter the God you know and belong to. Pray for them’ love can and will change things.
- Pastor Andrew Green


Missing Black

I sadly present to you this perplexity. Black kids make up 14% of the US population but account for more than a third of all kids that GO MISSING. what unique or designed inequities are part of the equation? This group will start a national discussion about missing kids in general and the MISSING BLACK in particular.

Barry Curtis




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