Son of man bible study

Son of man bible study


Thankful for all the blessings
if the son of man came before you all today how would you know it was him? I want everyone's version of what they expect to see to confirm to them that the person is the son of man not just a project blue beam fake hologram or just a nut saying just the words I am him without anything but his mouths claim to fame. would he have something others dont? please feel free and give your version of what you will confirm him as the son of man.. remember he is human with a divine connection direct to God beyond our usual woman or man.. he would im guessing have many things showing that he is the only one who has the son of mans stuff right?
Father, Who Can I Trust? Father, who on earth can I trust that I can rely on more than anyone else? Can I trust my friend, my brother, my mother, or even trust myself? Who will not betray me during my hour of need? When I am being tortured, will anyone step forward to comfort me? Who will pretend not to know me as my name is being cursed? Who will forsake me, tell me who will be the first? Who should I keep my eyes on, if not my enemies, for surely let it not be a friend? But if it is he, my brother, who cause my death, I will in my heart forgive him. Those who have walked with me, Father, how can you say that they will let me walk alone? Those that I stood with in their darkest hour, when I reach out to them, they will be gone. What have I done to deserve this, this hatred that they feel? To sacrifice one who have saved lives and pardon one who kills. Have I done some wrong...have I hurt anyone? I have only done your bidding spread the word to the old and the young. But you say, my enemy will see no wrong in me, but my friends will use my blood to quench their thirst. That which was once first shall be last and that which was once last, shall be first. Those who said that they would forever love, will they not come to my aid. For those who truly know you Father, nothing on earth should they be afraid. But, if it is better to give than receive, then let me give my blood. In hope, that from this day it will bring about good. - taken from the book "Words and Verses of Gregory St. James- That explains that we must obey the word of God and know that Jesus Is No Excuse to use when we commit sin. Jesus said to see Heaven, We must obey the Ten Commandments and give to the Needy. Please SHARE.

welcome to Son OF MAN BIBLE STUDY. we accept Jesus Christ as our lord and Savior.

Mission: We are committed to defend the christian faith.

God's Not Dead

'You Were Called to Peace': A Life-Saving Reminder in a Chaotic World

Will Witt

Can a non-believer be murdered according to Sharia law? Imam Tawhidi and Candace Owens discuss.

Lila Rose

"I will not accept the proposition that the doctor should relinquish the role of healer to become the new social executioner," said Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard.

Grace wins every time.

Decision Magazine

"God's work within me began in earnest with Billy's outreach. His care and his teachings were the real beginning of my faith walk—and the start of the end of my drinking." —Former President George W. Bush

Derek Utley

Babies lives matter! This incredible scan captured footage of what unborn babies do in the womb. Wow! This is amazing.

Liz Wheeler

Why isn't anyone talking about this?!

Martyn Iles

It's a fight for truth.

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Decision Magazine

"Jesus said it's one or the other. He said if you're not on the narrow road that leads to eternal life, then you must be on the broad road that leads to destruction." —Billy Graham

Love God, Love Others!

God's Not Dead

Is Jesus unique? Learn more with AskDrBrown, go to

LifeNews Pro-Life

Doctor Said “Your Baby is Incompatible With Life” and Suggested Abortion, Her Son is Now 23


Amen. ❤️

LifeNews Pro-Life

VP Mike Pence: President Trump Has Been “The Most Pro-Life President in American History”

God's Not Dead

Grab the popcorn, blankets, and kiddos for a night in with Pure Flix.

God's Not Dead

Are you in love with love? If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’ll love this movie guide made just for you. A perfect stress free way to spend Valentine's Day this year, or any day you are feeling the love.

Decision Magazine

Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg argued before UK Parliament that the "no-platforming" of Franklin Graham in eight venues may be in violation of U.K. religious freedom and freedom of speech laws.

Decision Magazine

Celebrate this Valentine's Day by living in God's love and sharing His love with those around you.

God's Not Dead

Greater is the God in us! Watch more Ben Courson + Hope Generation on Pure Flix

LifeNews Pro-Life

Barry curtis : he’s just sick !

BREAKING NEWS: Pete Buttigieg Defends Abortion Up to Birth and Infanticide: “It Should be Up to the Woman”

Catholic Bishop Slams Democrat Presidential Candidates: “All of Them are Pro-Abortion” Frustration with the Democratic Party's extreme pro-abortion agenda is growing. On Wednesday, Rhode Island Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin joined a crowd of voi

God's Not Dead

Every leader usually experiences this one thing. Here is what God requires of the leader. Subscribe to TGIF, Today God Is First, by Os Hillman. #TGIF

Decision Magazine

A group of companies is pressuring the state of Tennessee on behalf of gay activists because of a new law that protects the rights of faith-based adoption and foster agencies.

God's Not Dead

PureFlix provides safe and inspiring entertainment that reflects your values.

LifeNews Pro-Life

President Trump Celebrates Life of Premature Baby: “Every Child is a Miracle of Life”

God's Not Dead

Can you be critical of Israel without being anti-semetic? Learn more with AskDrBrown, go to

Decision Magazine

South Dakota's House of Representatives passed the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, which, if approved by the state's Senate, would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor for medical professionals to perform sex reassignment surgery on children age 16 and under.

Live Action

“Whether we are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, surely we must all agree that every human life is a sacred gift from God.”

[02/05/20]   Barry Curtis : The best state of the union address since Ronald Reagan.

Matthew West

This was a blast. Thank you guys for letting this song be part of your lives! I’m just blown away!!!

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What Is Your Name? - Apostle Eric Nyamekye

A clarion call by the Chairman of THE CHURCH OF PENTECOST, Apostle Eric Nyamekye, to Christians to live a life of integrity. #PossessingtheNations #AGloriousChurch

Reason Magazine

Deepfakes are just the latest extension of a tradition of manipulation that goes back to the earliest days of captured and recorded media. They not only pose no threat to society—they have many exciting applications that would be stymied by legal restrictions.

Decision Magazine

The Kansas City Chiefs found victory after overcoming a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter to win the nation's biggest annual sporting event, 31-20. But for several Chiefs players, a Super Bowl win pales in comparison to their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Decision Magazine

This year could bring a continued strengthening of religious liberty or a radical deconstruction of American life as we know it. As the leftist-progressive threat looms, will voters rise to stop it?

Decision Magazine

Tonight, The Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, and millions will tune in to watch the big game. Whether or not you're a sports fan, Billy Graham says there's an important life lesson we can learn from sports. Listen to this #DecisionMinute to find out more:

The Epoch Times

"There’s hope. You don’t have to live that life forever."

God's Not Dead

The Bible Has a Lot to Say About Prayer and Confession — Dive In

God's Not Dead

'Love Not the World': 5 Lessons for Resisting Satan and Building Faith

Live Action

In 1973, 60 MILLION children were sentenced to death. This is the true history of Roe v. Wade and its companion cases that legalized the killing of 2,400 children every day, through the moment of birth, for any reason.

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Presiding Bishop Curry wants you!

Timothy Cardinal Dolan

Thanks for tuning in! I'm at St. Patrick's in Washington DC where we just finished our beautiful NY Pilgrim Mass. We will soon join the quarter of a million people marching to Capital Hill in defense of human life for this year's March for Life. We need your prayers, God bless!

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