Tangela Freeman Ministries

Prayers up for TI and his family during this time. His sister Precious was in a tragic car accident and is currently on life support. WE BELIEVE GOD!!!

[10/12/18]   Can I prophecy to you, that everywhere there's been FAMINE in your life, has NOW been turned into FAVOR!!!!!

Now accepting bookings for 2018! We can’t wait to come to your city! We’re after SOMETHING! #shakingAnation #impactingAgeneration #TFM🔥🔥🔥🔥

The end of a thing is far greater than the beginning of a thing. I decree on your behalf that it’s getting ready to be GOOD! For MANY of you your GOOD was instantaneously pronounced BETTER. What has been will be NO more. #2017 the year of the GREAT launch and MASS acceleration! #WeAreAfterSOMETHING #Finish💪🏾

Many of you have been searching and seeking but I serve you notice, what you've been looking for is in YOU! Some of you have been in a frustrated place because it seems as if you can NOT find the mentor, leadership, life coach, spiritual mother/father, the church that has the capacity to catapult the baby in you, and/or the business endeavor that you will bring wealth to you. Listen, EVERY gift, every vision, and every dream in you is about to flourish and accelerate you to the forefront. You are a trail blazer and it's your turn to be ALL that you can't find! Someone has been looking for the very same thing but they don't have the power, the noise, the character, the integrity, the consistency, or the energy to move in the direction of the wind. YOU are their answer! Be the impartation, be the voice, be the shine, better yet be the BOSS! Regardless of the feedback, the thoughts, and the opinions of man, JUST DO IT! Rejection, lack, fear, and doubt shall not follow you into this new era of your life. FREEDOM, influence, dominion, and success shall be your portion. You were born to be GREATer! Pursue, overtake, and recover all! Go get it!


When the SUDDENLY of God rescues an atmosphere, immediate resuscitation is produced! #TDF

Tonight's prayer call is going to be AMAZING! The host of VSC (Virgina South Carolina) radio has offered to play the call live via the airways!😄 If you can't call in, you can tune in. Simply go to your play store and download one of the apps below. This clarion call is going to the nations! Father, I thank you for your faithfulness! #ALLtheglorybelongstoGOD #TFM

One of the GREATEST pivotal moments of my life! #WhenWorshippersGather #TheBirthingZone #TFM

IT OFFICIALLY BEGINS TONIGHT!!!! This weekend HISTORY will be made. Registration for Saturday's sessions will be open after tonight's movement. We will also have a LIMITED number of t-shirts available in ALL sizes at our product table. Vendors will be present both days! Come and join an army of leapers on the rise! #WeAreAfterSOMETHING #shakingAnation #impactingAgeneration #TFM

The Lord is so kind! TONIGHT is the night! I have good news to reveal today! Can't wait to see your face in the place! We're going to have some church! #share #ig #tweet #TFM

[05/03/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: EVERY leader needs a friend who doesn't care about their stamina, call, title, wealth, anointing, gifts, abilities, resources, connections, and/or status. It's a MUST that you have one friend who allows you to let your hair down, take the mask off, and just simply be YOU!!!! #TheWar #TheBattle #TheRecovery #TFM

[05/03/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: We as leaders become emotionally overwhelmed at times. We have so much to share but yet NOBODY or not many people to trust. Therefore, many leaders encounter PRIVATE depression while yet having to display a posture of PUBLIC happiness. #TheWar #TheBattle #TheRecovery #TFM

[05/03/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: Although EVERY leader needs ONE true friend. It becomes hard when we allow people inside and they see us (without the walls, the mask, and the facade). They can't handle our PRIVATE warfare and/or our secret struggles. #TheBattle #TheRecovery #TFM

[04/28/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: EVERY leader needs a "safe" haven where they can be open, accountable, transparent, and most of all HEALED. #TheWar #TheBattle #ThePain #TheRecovery #TFM

[04/28/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: A leader is authorized the responsibility of countless souls at one time. Some of the people are genuine while others in the camp are named "Judas." Judas is often the closest, the one you embraced, the one you loved and opened up to, but yet the one who HURT you! If it seems that your leader seems distant at times, it's not personal. Sometimes, it's just best for them to pull away, hear God, and regroup. A wounded heart does NOT make good decisions. Pray for your leaders! They're NOT exempt from betrayal. #TheWar #TheBattle #ThePain #TheRecovery #TFM

[04/28/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: Many leaders are wounded but have to function as if NOTHING is wrong. It becomes hard to trust and frustrating to vent how you desire because of integrity. #TheWar #TheBattle #ThePain #TheRecovery #TFM

[04/28/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: NEVER become to common with those assigned to you. Eventually they will lose RESPECT for you. Remain credible! GREATNESS is keeping honor attached to your name. Trust, love, and loyalty is EVERYTHING! Revealing to much can turn you assignments into assassins. #FruitProducers #NextDimension #TFM

[04/28/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: NEVER preach in PUBLIC what someone just entrusted you with in PRIVATE. #FruitProducers #NextDimension #TFM

[04/28/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: ALWAYS be teachable and lead by example. NEVER expect others to give more than you're willing to. #FruitProducers #NextDimension #TFM

[03/02/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: EVERY leader needs a FRIEND who doesn't care about their title, call, stamina, anointing, wealth, gifts, abilities, resources, and/or status. It's imperative to have that ONE connection who allows you to let your hair down, take the mask off, and simply be you. #TheBattle #TheWar #ThePain #TheRecovery #TFM #TDF

[03/02/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: Although, we need that one real FRIEND, it becomes hard. When we do allow people to see us, they can't handle our private warfare, or our secret struggles. Therefore, our inner frustration makes us moody and hard to understand at times. #TheBattle #TheWar #ThePain #TheRecovery #TFM #TDF

[03/02/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: We as leaders become emotionally overwhelmed at times and we have so much to release but yet NOBODY to trust. Therefore, we secretly encounter private depression while posturing public happiness. #TheBattle #TheWar #ThePain #TheRecovery #TFM #TDF

[03/01/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: Leaders, get healed so you can STOP being the "HELP" that "HURT" them! OUR full duty is to assist in their healing process. Not to hinder them from making progress. People have been damaged enough. As leaders we are to birth VICTORS, not create VICTIMS. Lets kill the AGGRESSOR in us and make it a priority to build an army of effective KINGDOM SUCCESSORS. We're after SOMETHING! #HurtPeopleHurtPeople #HealedPeopleHealPeople #TFM #TDF

[03/01/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: ALWAYS be mindful that your church members, team, staff, disciples (followers), spiritual sons and daughters, mentors, & mentees are ALL human. Don't take them for granted! They're kind enough to sow into your ministry via their time, seeds, resources, assistance, and support. It is your responsibility to genuinely love, cherish, value, and appreciate them just as much as they do you. #TFM #TDF

[03/01/16]   LEADERSHIP GOALS: NEVER become to common with those assigned to you. (Your team,staff, mentees, etc.) Eventually they will lose RESPECT for you. Remain credible! It's better to keep honor attached to your name. Revealing to much will turn your assignments into assassins. Trust, love and loyalty is EVERYTHING! #TFM #TDF

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P.O Box 7413
Dallas, TX
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Pastor-Johnny M Johnson Pianist - Sue Perdue Music - DiAnn Barker Deacons: Jimmy Davidson. Ken Youngblood