CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

My vision is to go out and reach lost souls by inspiration. I want people to be bold, deeply rooted in faith, growing to become what God called them to be.

[01/26/18]   GOOD MORNING Family!!
Just a reminder, A person with nothing to lose will help you lose everything you ever worked for!
Watch the company you keep 💯

[01/24/18]   NO NEED to get upset when you feel you've been cut out of someone's life when you gave them the Scissors.

[01/23/18]   Just a reminder, what you going through is only temporary, YOU COMING OUT OF IT!
All it is a test that's BUILDING YOU FOR THE BETTER!
Your TEST will soon become your TESTIMONY! So I say to you WALK IT OUT!!!!!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/21/18]   WORK YOUR FAITH by putting it into ACTION!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/20/18]   THE MORE YOU FIND yourself IN GOD you will find THE WALK to be more FREER!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/19/18]   GOD,
Whatever u DOING N THIS SEASON. Please don't do it without me!!

[01/18/18]   STOP tryna be like other people and BE YOURSELF ‼️
You can do it ✊🏾🙄
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/15/18]   LEADERS want to hid behind a Pulpit and a Title but that's the WRONG PLACE to hid!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/14/18]   I will be PREACHING today at 2pm

Pathway To Righteousness COGIC
6601 Watauga Road Suite 130
Watauga Texas 76148

I promise there's A WORD FROM THE LORD!!!!!

[01/14/18]   GOOD MORNING Family

Just a reminder, Temptation is an invitation or enticement to commit an immoral act.
And right now Satan is raging over the earth, as a roaring lion trying to devour Christians (the saints) through powerful enticement toward immorality.
No one is immune and the closer you get to God, the more Satan will desire to sift you!
ITS TIME to say before our GOD IN HIS FACE!!!

[01/13/18]   Those who can and will Come Join Me!!
I will be PREACHING tomorrow at 2pm

Pathway To Righteousness COGIC
6601 Watauga Road Suite 130
Watauga Texas 76148

[01/13/18]   LISTEN,
My TODAY is proof that my YESTERDAY didn't defeat me!!!

[01/11/18]   GOOD MORNING Family,
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/09/18]   LISTEN,
Don't reject it just because it looks strange!
Stop looking with the Natural Eye but with your Spiritual Eyes!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/09/18]   DONT FIGHT the person,
FIGHT THE SPIRIT that the person dealing with!!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/08/18]   Your Faithfulness is About to Be Rewarded!!! Expect Results!!!

[01/08/18]   GOOD MORNING Family
Just a reminder, we are BLESS TO BE A BLESSING! On today let's find ourselves BEING A BLESSING TO SOMEONE!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/07/18]   No matter how dark it may seem, GOD IS STILL THERE!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/06/18]   Just a reminder, Make sure you NEXT MOVE is GOD'S MOVE!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/05/18]   "You cannot build a church just on prophesy because you leave them vunerable to the enemy not having a full word to fight with. Because prophesy is on condition. And not walking in the full understanding of the conditions (The Bible) the manifestations of A word given (prophesy) will not happen. Amen"
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/05/18]   You cant BUILD THE CHURCH off prophecy!
You cant BUILD THE CHURCH off prophecy!!
You cant BUILD THE CHURCH off prophecy!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/05/18]   The person you took for GRANTED yesterday, may turn out to be the person you NEED TOMORROW.
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/04/18]   If we going to STAND ON THR WORD, then let's STAND ON IT ALL THR WAY!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/03/18]   Listen,
PRAYER WILL TAKE YOU PLACES and reveal somethings just for you, just STAY IN THE MASTER FACE!!!!
-CamRon R. Renfrow Ministries

[01/03/18]   God HEAL OUR SOUL!

We don't want to be SPIRITUAL IN TUNE but our SOULS IS HURTING and we needing repair!!!!

[01/02/18]   GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, just keep HOLDING ON!!!

[01/01/18]   God does not COMFORT us to make us COMFORTABLE, but to make us COMFORTERS.

[12/18/17]   There comes a time where you have to make it up in your mind to PUSH FORWARD no matter what it's looking like around you!!
The biggest mistake is stopping due to the things going on around you!
-C.R. Renfrow

[12/16/17]   Something is wrong when you spend days getting a message together just to shout the people, but no SOULS COMING TO CHRIST after the message is preach!!!!
-C.R. Renfrow

[12/16/17]   Just a reminder, GOD IS BIGGER then the problems you are facing.
-C.R. Renfrow

[12/15/17]   LISTEN,
We have to LEARN HOW TO CUT PEOPLE OFF, why hold on to someone that don't want a part of you!!
I rather CUT YOU OFF then to fall into a whole you dig for me!!!
-C.R. Renfrow

[12/15/17]   CAREFUL the very ones you throw dirt on my be the very one that need to cover you!!!

[12/11/17]   Church Folks is so worry about CRUCIFYING each other, instead of BUILDING and RESTORING!!!!
-C.R. Renfrow

[12/11/17]   You want to WIN SOULS by building Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Book Store in God's House, but you can't even HIT THE STREETS!!!!
What happen to REVEALS and CAMP MEETINGS!!!!
-C.R. Renfrow

[12/08/17]   Elevation requires Separation!!
There are those who you just have to CUT OFF!!!
-C.R. Renfrow

[12/01/17]   LISTEN,
I just heard loud and clear the word "PROMOTION"!!
.....I dont know who this for but LORD COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!
-C.R. Renfrow

[11/30/17]   If you want to go to HEAVEN, living HOLY is a requirement, not an option!!!
-C.R. Renfrow

[11/30/17]   If you don't evangelize and win souls outside of the church, you shouldn't be behind the pulpit preaching!!!

[11/29/17]   You can’t tell everybody everything.
-C.R. Renfrow

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Dallas, TX
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