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Thanks to Pastor Tom and the staff at Holy Cross for keeping Jesus in front during this crisis. Keep up the good work.
Dear Loved Ones, This is an informal notification to everyone about the condition of our beloved Ruth Segovia Lockett, daughter of the late Rev. Felix Segovia and Elizabeth Escobedo. Throughout the 1980's and into the 90's, most of my family and I attended both church and school at Holy Cross and were very active participants of the various groups and organizations within the congregation. For those of you that knew or might remember my grandmother, Ruth Segovia Lockett, she has recently been in the hospital dealing with health issues. After being provided with all medical support available, the decision has been made to move Ruth back home with her daughter, Mayo Pascoe in Arlington, in order to transition into hospice care beginning today. As of this moment, any and all visitations are being asked to be put on hold until further notice, although all our family and friends will be kept updated on Ruth's condition. Please feel free to share this post with anyone that you feel may need to know about our dear Ruth. And if there are any questions, feel free to contact me via Facebook Messenger. Thank you for your time and attention. Sending love and blessings to all. Sincerely, Jaime de la Parra
Please announce and Post where relevant Estate Sale Of Reverend Tomas and Beverly Sorensen Past Pastor of Holy Cross, Reverend Tomas Sorensen has moved to assisted living His Family is holding an Estate Sale Many Lutheran Books and memerobilia As well as household full of memories and lovely things Friday 9 am - Saturday 9 am - Sunday noon Nov 30 - Dec 1-2 3627 Whitehall Dallas 75229
Enjoying our church choir this morning. So blessed to have such talents in the house!
Did you know you can support the ministries of Holy Cross while you shop online for Cyber Monday? Go to smile.amazon.com/ch/75-1158019 and shop as you normally would. (It may prompt you to agree to select Holy Cross as your charity.) Amazon will then donate a portion of the total sale to Holy Cross at no additional effort or cost to you! Thanks in advance!

Loved by Jesus, we serve our neighbors...

Mission: Loved by Jesus and growing in faith, we serve our neighbors.

Good morning Facebook family and friends! Join Pastor Tom today at noon for our Tuesday edition of Lunchtime Devotions. This week we'll be looking at portions of Matthew 9 and 10. Materials for today posted below. See y'all soon!


An Identity in Christ - Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Where do you struggle for approval and identity? In this week's blog post Pastor Tom shares a practical way for daily affirming an identity in Christ. http://ow.ly/M9Q150zZ6zo

hcdallas.org This past week we’ve seen the idea of identity made raw in our lives. From the death of Mr. George Floyd to the subsequent marches on behalf of black Americans, the idea of identity (among other things) is front and center. And it should be. There are systemic problems in our society and instituti...

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Today, we explore 1 John 3:11-24 and what it means to love one another. Materials posted earlier today. Thanks for joining us!

There is still space to register for Summer Camp 2020! This year will be a "choose your own adventure" style virtual experience including VBS, Grab & Go meals, science, arts and sports content and Book Nook reading program. Learn more or register at https://www.hcdallas.org/summer-camps/

Good morning Facebook Family and Friends! Having looked at this Sunday's gospel lesson on Tuesday, we divert our attention today to 1 John 3 and the apostle's writing on love and hatred. Lunchtime devos begin at noon. Hope you can join me! Materials posted below. --Pastor Tom


Black Clergy Caucus Statement on George Floyd — The Unbroken Cord

Members and friends of Holy Cross, I'd like to draw your attention to a recent release from the Black Clergy Caucus of the LCMS. I encourage you to give it the attention it deserves and say a prayer of thanksgiving for faithful pastors such as these. --Pastor Tom Zucconi

theunbrokencord.com The year was 1967. A few years prior, the last remaining historically Black college and seminary dedicated to training Black Lutheran clergy was closed by the Synod. The nation was in unrest. Racial injustice was being protested in a nation that had long denied its existence. Black men and women wer

Midweek Moment - 6/3/2020

For this week's "Midweek Moment",Haley Davisson is reflecting on the Great Commission. Join us!

[06/02/20]   For this week's "Midweek Moment",Haley Davisson is reflecting on the Great Commission. Join us!

June 2, 2020 Lunchtime Devotion

Today, we look at the Great Commission of Jesus from Matthew 28:16-20. Materials posted below!

Good morning Facebook family and friends! Join Pastor Tom today at noon for our lunchtime devotion. We'll look at Matthew 28:16-20, commonly called the "Great Comission." Materials posted below. See everyone at 12 pm!

[05/31/20]   Here is a list of some of the "in Christ" affirmations I shared in this morning's message. Remember to tell these to yourself everyday! --Pastor Tom

I am enough in Christ
I am whole, complete in Christ
In Jesus, my life is good
I am loved
I am approved
The past, God’s mercy; the future, God’s provision, the present, God’s love
My identity is in Jesus
My credentials, my value is in Jesus
Outcomes do not determine my worth
Accomplishments and failures do not determine my worth
Jesus is everything to me, I am everything to him

From Pastor Tom:

Facebook Family and Friends: We awake to another day in our nation with tensions running high. As if the already present pressures of political division, social media, and COVID-19 sequestration were not enough, there is now the recent murder of Mr. George Floyd and subsequent rioting.

Much has already been written in the last few days about Mr. Floyd as a person, especially his Christian influence on men in Houston’s third ward. Mr. Floyd was a father to the fatherless and an evangelist to the lost. He was a child of God, who, because of someone else’s sinful actions, lost his life. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his arrest, he did not deserve to die.

We know too that the exercise of our rights to peacefully assemble and express our anger and grief in healthy ways are written into the U.S. Constitution and for this we are grateful. Yet, people who take advantage of this to riot and loot do nothing for the cause of justice or race relations in our nation. Their sin is just as blatant as rogue officer.

But what about the Church? What do we say in a time like this? What are we to do besides offer platitudes like “thoughts and prayers” or share memes of outrage on our respective social media platforms? What can the people of God do if joining a peaceful protest is not possible because, well, they don’t exist?

The obvious is to pray. Pray for our leaders in government and those working to heal race relations. Pray for those in the black community who feel marginalized and belittled. Pray for other non-whites in our communities who have felt the sting of prejudice and yet have no voice of defense. Pray for those in law enforcement, those who are faithful and fair in the carrying out of their duties. (Pray for the former police officer who has brought all this pain and suffering!) I know cynical people scoff at the idea of prayer, but it is a valid response by the people of God to any situation; we are privileged to make use of it as often as possible. Entrust this situation to the Lord in prayer, for He is faithful.

The not-so-obvious response, however, and the one which is harder for us to embrace is lamentation. It’s just as powerful as prayer but it’s hard for us because we are not used to lamenting or even admitting that we are part of the reason lamentation is needed. Lamentation by the people of God is a way to express sorrow and grief over situations, but also a means for us to throw ourselves on to the mercy of God in Christ Jesus, asking for forgiveness for ourselves and our nation. We admit guilt, but we also admit that the solution is not to be found in us or our institutions, but found in Jesus and Jesus alone.

As believers, we must be honest about our predicament. We cannot let our pride get in the way and say, “I would never do that!” but instead call one another to grieve together and ask the Spirit to search our hearts to reveal to us where we are contributing to the problem if not the solution. The prophet Jeremiah knew this well about himself and God’s people.

Writing in Lamentations 5, he said:

15 "Joy is gone from our hearts; our dancing has turned to mourning. 16 The crown has fallen from our head. Woe to us, for we have sinned! He goes on to finish:
19 You, LORD, reign forever; your throne endures from generation to generation. 20 Why do you always forget us? Why do you forsake us so long? 21 Restore us to yourself, LORD, that we may return; renew our days as of old 22 unless you have utterly rejected us and are angry with us beyond measure."

To me, the sad part beyond the obvious like Mr. Floyd’s death and the subsequent rioting is that people won’t talk about the real issue—the sin issue. Humankind is sinful by nature and no matter how much hand-wringing or law writing or institution-building we do, it will not address the sinful human heart which struggles to love its neighbor as itself.

Yet, the Lord is not angry beyond measure as Jeremiah worried He might be. Our salvation testifies to this. Jesus’ death and resurrection are evidence that God would not have us lost but instead has sent His only Son to be both the temporal and eternal solution to the sin, pain, and brokenness of the world. As helpless at times as we feel to make a difference, this message of the Gospel is the most powerful thing we have to offer one another and the world.

So, as you pray, as you serve, lament. Lament for ourselves and our nation, grieve for the political divisions and racial problems, cry for the selfishness that tears families and communities apart. Cast all your cares upon the Lord so that one morning when we do awake, there will be joy and dancing and crowns upon our heads.

In Jesus,
--Pastor Tom

The Need to Lament

Pastor Tom addresses the death of George Floyd and the power of lament in our lives.

Spotlight Friday May 29, 2020

Drum roll please! This week’s Spotlight Friday is an exciting announcement from Director Of Community Care, Angie Nitz about Holy Cross Summer Camp 2020!

Thursday, May 28th Lunchtime Devotions

Today, we continue our look at Acts 2 in preparation for Pentecost on May 31st. Materials posted below; thank you for joining us today!

Good morning Facebook family and friends! Join Pastor Tom today at Noon for our lunchtime devotions. We'll be looking at Acts 2 in anticipation of the Celebration of Pentecost on May 31st. Materials posted below. Hope to "see" you soon!

Mercy Wednesday - 5/27/2020

For today's "Mercy Wednesday" we say "until we meet again" to Rachel and her family as she completes her Deaconess Intership at Holy Cross and shares how she will be serving the Lord in the next season of ministry.

[05/27/20]   For today's "Mercy Wednesday" we say "until we meet again" to Rachel and her family as she completes her Deaconess Intership at Holy Cross and shares how she will be serving the Lord in the next season of ministry.

Tuesday Lunchtime Devotions

Today we look at v.1 of Acts 2, discovering background info on the Feast of Firstfruits and the celebration of Pentecost.

Good morning Facebook family and friends! Today is Tuesday and that means Pastor Tom will be hosting lunchtime devotions at 12 pm. We'll look at Acts 2 and the celebration of Pentecost for May 31st. Materials posted below. See you at noon!

Many of you have seen this picture shared on FB. With a bit of humor and irony it describes what churches (not just pastors) are experiencing right now. Your prayers on behalf of the staff and leadership of Holy Cross are greatly appreciated. We are hoping to offer in-person worship on June 7th, but it is contingent upon the successful set-up of our live streaming equipment as well as having the a/c fixed in the sanctuary. Of course, even if we are able to offer in-person worship, no one should feel shame for not attending due to continued personal concerns with COVID-19--that's why having the live streaming operational is so important to us. We will update you as soon as possible. Again, thank you for your continued support!
--Pastor Tom

Spotlight Friday - May 22, 2020

It's Spotlight Friday! Join us at noon as DCE Haley Davisson is challenging us to change the way we pray!

[05/22/20]   It's Spotlight Friday! Join us at noon as DCE Haley Davisson is challenging us to change the way we pray!

Lunchtime Devotion, Thursday, May 21, 2020

Today, we finish up our look at Sunday's assigned reading, the Gospel of John 17:1-12. Materials posted below!


Good Memories of God - Holy Cross Lutheran Church

In today's blog post, Pastor Tom discusses the power of poetry, in particular Psalm 6, and what it means to resurrect the memories that mean so much to us. http://ow.ly/n3qr50zMJJc

hcdallas.org I like poetry. I realize it is not for everyone, especially much of what is offered today as poetry, but because the poet is an artist, he or she provides insight into the world that goes beyond my own shallow interpretations. I think reading poetry is important. My reading habits include the romant...

Good morning Facebook Family and friends! Join Pastor Tom later today at noon for our Lunchtime Devotions. We'll be looking at John 17, wrapping up our introduction to Jesus' "High Priestly Prayer." Material posted below. See you at 12 pm!

It's Mercy Wednesday with an opportunity to serve and support those who are in a season of transition. Haley Davisson

Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Lunchtime Devotions

Today, we look at vv. 1-5 of John 17. This chapter is THE ultimate prayer from Jesus' earthly ministry.

Good Morning Facebook Family and Friends! Don't forget to join Pastor Tom today at noon for another edition of our Lunchtime Devotions. This week we'll be exploring the text of John 17, the appointed Gospel lesson for Sunday, May 24th. See you at 12 pm! Materials posted below.

Sunday Morning Worship May 17, 2020

Due to world-wide ZOOM outage, we'll be "worshiping" on FB Live today and posting on YouTube afterward.

Worship Update 5/17

Worship Update for Sunday 5/17

Spotlight Friday - 5/15/2020

It’s Spotlight Friday and Director of Community Care, Angie Nitz is sharing an update on Friday Foodbaskets and how you can help from home!

May 14, 2020 Lunchtime Devotions

Lunchtime Devotions coming up at noon! Join Pastor Tom for a wrap up of Acts 1 and the Ascension of Christ. Thursday's materials posted below. See you soon!


Calling the Unexpected - Holy Cross Lutheran Church

This week's blog post is all new as Haley reflects on how God calls and equips those we might least expect (including you and me!) http://ow.ly/kC9i50zG6hd

hcdallas.org I got a new app on my phone called “Quiet Time” which offers its users a way to experience daily worship in a way that works for them. Shameless plug, if you want to be consistent about your worship and reflecting on Gods word, get this app. Recently, I did a session on Luke 5:27-32 …

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Midweek Moment - 6/3/2020
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