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Our mission is to glorify God, through mobilizing our body to proclaim the Gospel and demonstrate our love of God through serving others in our city, country, and around the world. Glorify God - Mobilize the Body - Transform our Community


Coronavirus In Texas: Neighborhood Health Clinic Gets Creative To Keep Doors Open

Fun story about @watermarkchurch clinics and SMU friends who 3D printed protective gear!

Coronavirus In Texas: Neighborhood Health Clinic Gets Creative To Keep Doors Open – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth https://cbsloc.al/2X2Mil1

dfw.cbslocal.com With protective gear in short supply, some hospitals have resorted to asking for donations of gowns and masks to keep workers safe.

Here’s a few of the most strategic ways to serve our partners! https://bit.ly/2JanxLE


Iran Releases a Third of Christian Prisoners Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Iran Releases a Third of Christian Prisoners Due to Coronavirus Concerns

christianitytoday.com As COVID-19 halts Nowruz, satellite network encourages Iranian believers to know and assert their rights.


Work in the Midst of Crisis | Watermark Community Church

Did you know that @watermarkchuch has a Faith & Work ministry? Our Team has put together some terrific resources around work in the midst of crisis. Skim through these and be sure to sign up for more of these updates! http://bit.ly/2Um24oa

watermark.org Our Watermark body can serve others in many ways during this COVID-19 crisis. But we don’t want to neglect the service opportunity available to many of us – our workplace and our coworkers. This virus and our nation’s efforts to contain it have obviously affected nearly every place of employme...


Serving with Partners during COVID-19 | Watermark Community Church

We've posted several ways to serve some key partners today! Serving with Partners @WatermarkChurch http://bit.ly/391RzeW

watermark.org We get to partner year-round with numerous local organizations that are making an impact across our city. When crisis hits, these ministries provide a trusted avenue for serving our communities strategically and effectively. In the days to come, our External Focus team plans to keep all of us update...

Faith & Work Lunch: December 11, 2019 | Watermark Community Church

Join me tomorrow over lunch to meet and hear from one of my favorite restauranteurs. Trust me - you will be inspired and encouraged! Register here for Faith & Work Lunch: December 11, 2019 http://bit.ly/359TVHA

watermark.org Join us for a time of equipping and encouragement surrounding the intersection of faith and work. You will receive lunch ($10) and the opportunity to hear from Steve Shin, Founder of BBBop, on "Your Workplace's Missing Ingredient". We hope you will invite your coworkers, community, and friends to be


The Places in America with the Most Cases of Human Trafficking | Suffolk County, Boston, Plymouth, Middlesex, Bristol

Interesting analysis... Dallas made the list...and so did Plano (for different reasons). The Places in America with the Most Cases of Human Trafficking . Want to do something? Go here...http://bit.ly/2WdvIz6

geoffreygnathanlaw.com The Places in America with the Most Cases of Human Trafficking Human trafficking is the crime of transporting a person from one country to another, usually for the purposes of sexual exploitation, and it’s much more common that one would think. Underlying much of the prostitution industry and ille...


This Dallas pastor's ministry to the homeless starts with dignity

dallasnews.com Wayne Walker is one of those people who always gets waylaid by doing favors for strangers. The city of Dallas is lucky that he got sidetracked on...


Don’t Waste a Minute - Watermark

Great story from one of our newest incoming External Focus Fellows next year! "Don’t Waste a Minute"

watermark.org “I knew if I continued to live with one foot in God’s Kingdom and the other one in the world, it was straight-up disobedience. I wanted to build my house on the solid foundation of Christ...

‪One of the great joys is introducing amazing friends to other amazing friends. Tonight our External Focus leaders were inspired and encouraged by Virginia Prodan and her story of courageous faith under a Romanian dictatorship and how it has shaped her life to be bold here! ‬


We’re coming for you, Plano freedom fighters! Join us on March 30 for our first one-day Roots study at Watermark Plano! You’ll learn about a biblical perspective on sex trafficking and how the body of Christ is uniquely equipped to fight it. It’s a great study for individuals, couples, and community groups who want to join the fight or just learn more about trafficking. http://www.watermark.org/events/2686


International Night of Worship

Join us for worship and prayer for the nations! International Night of Worship is Friday, March 29th. For info and to register, click here http://bit.ly/2U0Ookg

watermark.org Join us to sing and pray for the nations! This is a time of fellowship with members of our body who come from cultures all around the world. We will join one another in being reminded of God’s heart for the nations and what He has called our part to be in His greater mission. Through prayer, singi...

So grateful for the privilege of @WatermarkChurch to partner with @ElamMinistries. Would you please stop and pray for our Iranian friends who are being drawn to relationship with Christ and for the leaders there? http://bit.ly/2XS4w6N

How should we respond to the problem of trafficking? How can you be part of the solution? Our first one day class in Plano is on March 30...and there's still time to register! http://bit.ly/2VIxRiq

Great news! Theres's still time to register for our first study in Plano on March 30. This study will help you learn about trafficking and how Christians are called to respond. The one-day class is perfect for men, women, and community groups! It includes an overview on trafficking, biblical take on its root causes, an introduction into ways to combat trafficking in their context, an evaluation of how you are uniquely wired to fight for freedom, and information on serving with Reclaimed. Register at http://www.watermark.org/events/2686.

Watermark School Impact

100+ educators this morning learning about how their faith applies to their classroom. Please pray for us!

Watermark Urgent Care: A Partnership with QuestCare Medical

We have some exciting news for our patients from Collin County! Starting TODAY our Plano Clinic is open Monday-Friday! If you can't afford your insurance and have urgent care needs, we start seeing patients at 9am Monday-Friday in Plano or 9am Monday-Saturday at our Skillman Location.

Come visit our team in Plano today!

Spending time with our prison ministry leadership team. We couldn’t be more excited about 2019!

Watermark Health

Uninsured rates continue to climb in the US. Because of the generosity of those who support our mission, our clinics are privileged to see patients without insurance for nothing more than a $10-$15 donation. Thank you for making this possible!


‪30 folks from Watermark Urgent Care are getting essential dental care this morning...and encouragement! Grateful for the team of Watermark Church volunteers & Dallas Oral Surgery AssocIates that make this happen!‬

Calling all educators! 3.5 Professional Development hours! Check out www.watermark.org/educatorevent


Engaging Hinduism Orientation

Come learn more about our Hindu friends, their faith, and appropriately engaging them. Saturday, January 26 from 9:30-12 @WatermarkChurch Dallas campus

watermark.org Come learn about our Hindu neighbors and what it looks like to best love them. We'll be talking about the Hindu culture, the history of Hinduism, and some best practices when it comes to sharing the gospel with them. This is a great chance for you, your community group, and those you serve with...


Uninsured Texans must cobble together healthcare and it's little wonder when people end up in the ER

This is the reality for millions. Grateful for the resources to provide this for our city via @QuestcareClinic and for the mission of @WatermarkChurch! "Uninsured Texans must cobble together healthcare & it's little wonder when people end up in the ER"

dallasnews.com As an uninsured Texan, I have to cobble together my healthcare.Here's what that looks like for me. I just happen to have a sister-in-law who's an...

Watermark Community Church

We've got 400 kiddos to reach our goal to sponsor 2500 kids in El Salvador with Compassion! Here's a window into what we're doing...

We're seeking to impact the entire nation of El Salvador through Compassion International. Help us sponsor 2500 children by the end of the year!
Learn more at watermark.org/compassion


Watermark in El Salvador - Watermark Dallas

Here's an early Christmas gift..be inspired with how God is working in El Salvador (we've been there!), have an impact in the life of a child there as over 1,000 have already done, & be part of our @watermarkchurch global efforts as we grow this effort! http://bit.ly/2TVUSho.

watermark.org Help us reach our goal and commitment of sponsoring 2500 children by the end of the year! We're seeking to impact an entire nation through Compassion International.


International Christmas Potluck 2018

You will not want to miss this one...they just get better every year. Come fellowship with our friends from all around the globe that call Watermark home. International @watermarkchurch Christmas Potluck 2018 - Sunday night, December 2

watermark.org An evening of fellowship between members and non-members, believers and non-believers where we gather to break bread with one another, to worship and to hear the gospel story. Watermark has representatives from over 70 countries and we encourage those members from other nations to share their cultur...

Want to be on the front lines of bringing light to some darkness? Jump in with Reclaimed!

Today marked a huge milestone for Reclaimed—our first ever one day study! We had multiple speakers, table discussions, two panels, and a prayer tour of North Dallas. If you missed out and want to jump in with us during our next study, subscribe to our mailing list for a monthly newsletter with our upcoming events.



What Should Christians Think of the Honduran Migrant Caravan?

Just returned from El Salvador w/ @WatermarkChurch leadership. These challenges exist but God is at work through his church. Help us make these communities places of peace, rather than places to flee. "What Should Christians Think of the Caravan?" #church #immigration #caravan #peace #asylum

churchleaders.com As a migrant caravan makes its way from Central America toward the U.S. border, what should Christians think of the people headed toward us?


International Night of Worship

Want to join w/ others from all over the world to fellowship, worship, and engage? Then, you won't want to miss this! International Night of Worship http://bit.ly/2R2bKSu

watermark.org Come join us in the LOFT for an evening of fellowship and worship! Invite your friends, family and neighbors to join us as we gather and worship and pray for God's work in our country and countries around the world!

Watermark Urgent Care: A Partnership with QuestCare Medical

It's been a busy year and we wanted to update you on all that's been happening! This quick video will show what we've been up to and how YOU can be a part of it all as we continue to grow!

Also...you may have noticed that we have some BIG NEWS that's gone live this month! Watch to learn more, and jump in with us for North Texas Giving Day!


Loved @wordsfromwags connecting and encouraging the @QuestcareClinic team today. These folks are leading the charge in serving our city and caring for folks way beyond their medical needs!

Loved touring the new Dallas facility for Feed My Starving Children. Great opportunity to meet needs around the world and have some fun with your family/group!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to love kids in the Vickery Community please check this out! You will love it!


Today is World Day Against Human Trafficking in Persons. If you want to learn more about sex trafficking and join the fight, sign up for our one day November study and our newsletter. We will have some unique serving opportunities this fall that you won’t want to miss!

Study Registration: http://www.watermark.org/events/2089
Newsletter: https://www.reclaimed431.org/subscribe

I hope you get to know your External Focus team! These guys pour their hearts and souls into helping mobilize this church and serve our city!

One of the greatest days...reminding friends that God cleans up our mess and makes it our message! GLOW

What are some of the other things we’re doing at GLOW? Well I’m glad you asked!

Don't miss out on this great equipping opportunity!

If you missed out on registering for our July study, have no fear! You can register for our one-day study at Watermark Community Church on November 10 at the link below to learn about sex trafficking, its root causes, and discover ways you were uniquely wired to help fight it.


This class is required if you’d like to serve with us, but the class is open to others who are just interested in learning.

Externally Focused Watermark Community Church


Chalmers Center on Twitter

‪This book, more than any other save the Bible, has guided our perspective and strategy of community and international engagement at Watermark Church.‬

twitter.com “This year, When Helping Hurts is turning 10 years old! We never imagined the ways God would use this book to change the way churches, ministries, and individuals think about poverty. Read more on the history of the book: https://t.co/HuuLZ76jKd”

Join us to sing and pray for the nations!! www.watermark.org/internationalworship

One of our favorite events of the summer is bringing 90 of our friends from ministry partners to @watermarkchurch for a day of pampering, encouragement, worship and equipping. MANY opportunities for you to serve right here: http://bit.ly/2K0rcKE.

Turning an idea into action is always fun...excited to launch our EF101 class tonight. It’s been in the works for a long time. Pray for it please!


World Cup Watch Party

100M tune in for the super bowl. 3.4B (half the world) will tune in for the #WorldCup. Come watch it with our refugee friends and/or invite your neighbors who may not look like you to watch it at your home! Build a bridge! bit.ly/2y9VbP4

watermark.org A great opportunity to connect our Watermark members and International neighbors to a worldwide event! Join us at from 6-9pm on Friday, July 13th at: Northgate Apartments 12303 Plano Rd. Dallas, TX


Questcare Clinic Connecting Team

Over 1,000 patients come through Questcare Clinic every month. Many ask for follow up to learn more about Jesus and how to connect. Come learn more about how you can help reach these folks, on Saturday, June 23. http://bit.ly/2kV8YzE

watermark.org The Questcare Clinic monthly sees around 1,000 patients; sitting down across from our hurting city, looking it in the eyes, and offering both physical treatment and spiritual counsel. We initiate spiritually in every room, and when the opportunity affords itself get to refer our patients to Watermar...


Watermark Urgent Care offers health care to underinsured patients at new Plano location | Community Impact Newspaper

Excited that our newest clinic is up and running. Come see us! Watermark Urgent Care offers health care to underinsured patients at new Plano location | Community Impact Newspaper

communityimpact.com Business and restaurants that are now open, coming soon, expanding and more near you!

[06/06/18]   What better way to spend part of your Saturday, June 9, than to serve alongside our Questcare Clinic Team as we host a school physical day?! You and your family can host games, serve food, pop popcorn, serve drinks. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2Ls2Jyd

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Welcome from the External Focus team at Watermark! Our goal is to mobilize people to share the gospel and demonstrate God’s love by serving others in our city and around the world. At Watermark, we believe that we’re all “on mission,” all the time. You might say that life is a long-term mission trip. So every day and every appointment is a short-term mission opportunity. Since the highest commandments are to love God and love and serve others, it’s our job to share the love of Christ with people we see every day – whether we’re in North Texas or halfway across the globe. Our Vision Our vision is to be a body of Christ-followers who are intentionally and regularly engaged in strategic opportunities to develop relationships and disciple the lost, least, and lonely in our city, country, and around the world.
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