New Life Bible Fellowship Church, Dallas, TX Video January 19, 2020, 3:36pm

Videos by New Life Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas. Rev. Kedric L. McKnight, Senior Pastor, Founder 921 W. Illinois, Dallas, TX 75224 A church where you'll feel the spiritual warmth of "T.L.C."

Make it count !!!!

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Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!

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If I knew Then, What I know Now!

Make it count !!!!

Being Backstage in Bethlehem Luke 2:12

Honor Him Father
Our Father's Day dedication to the men and members of the church. Enjoy

This is my story... This is my song..... The Voices of Praise... doing what they do! Owww wee, come get you some of this!

Voices of Praise doing what they do! Come get you some of this!!

After a busy day of working at the church, members assembled decided to have a little fun and try its first attempt at the mannequin challenge. Stay tuned for the next one.....

NLBFC Vacation Bible School
You are invited to attend our Annual Vacation Bible School from July 13-15, 2016.

Pastor Kedric McKnight

Pastor Kedric McKnight ... take a listen!

Fan or Follower
Sunday, May 22, 2016 - Pastor McKnight delivered another powerful message entitled "Backsliding Believers". Sample this below but get your full copy by contacting Sis. Pat Tucker at (972) 606-8981 or you can order from our website

Oh How I Love Jesus
New Life Children's Choir - led by Minister Samuel Buhl with Minister Derick Logan on keys and Chazmine Waddell on drums

Sunday, May 15, 2016 - take a listen to a snip from the Empowerment Service! Pastor McKnight ripped it again, or should we say, as usual. I know you want to hear the entire message. Contact Sis. Pat Tucker at (972) 606-8981 or order on our website @ - This is really good stuff!

Guiding Principles for Godly Women......If the Pharaoh had his way, all male children would have been killed - but God had other plans for a baby boy names Moses.. God's plan was and continues to be to grow male babies to become men who become leaders. Hear the whole story..... Its available on CD and DVD by contacting Sis. Pat Tucker at (972) 606-8981 or by ordering on our website, This is good stuff ....don't miss out!

Guiding Principles for Godly Women......This is powerful! Each mother at New Life will receive a DVD of the sermon. ALL women should hear this message.....order copies of this powerful message by contacting Sis. Pat Tucker at (972) 606-8981 or ordering on our website

Natasha Hawley Young is blowing this song! Come listen ... live and in living color each Sunday!

Trouble Don't Last Always! This Praise Team here .... what can we say? Come get you some of this! Rosiland Ivory, Jacque Thomas-Graves, Natasha Hawley Young, Michele Johnson... including Shelia Thompson, the baddest drummer around - Chazmine Waddell and Minister Derek Louis Logan on the keys!

The Lost and Found
Sunday, May 1, 2016 - This is some good stuff... take a listen and if you want to hear the entire sermon, contact Sis. Pat Tucker at (972) 606-8981 or order thru our contact page on our website,

If Only You Knew
Associate Minister Derek Louis Logan ...... "If Only You Knew". Full video or audio available. Contact Sis. Pat Tucker at (972) 606-8981 and place your order.

This Praise Team here!!!!!!!!! Ooooowwww wweeeeee ..... Come get you some!!!

The New Life Bible Fellowship Church has the best Praise Team! So, you don't believe me??? Take a listen!

Our Associate Minister, Samuel Buhl II giving us a little bit of "I Won't Complain". Just a little something something to get us moving!

Sunday, April 24, 2016 - Members and guests of the New Life Bible Fellowship Church were blessed to hear a word from God from one of our Associate Ministers - Derek L. Logan. The sermon was entitled "If Only You Knew." Take a listen and remember - you can get the full DVD or CD by giving us a call at (972) 606-8981. Leave us a message and we will get you taken care of!

This snip from the April 3, 2016 sermon, A Portrait of A Godly Life, is entitled "Spiritual Hypochondriacs!" This is good stuff... don't miss out. Order your Cd or DVD today!

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