Overcomers Christian Center

Overcomers Outreach Center is a safe haven where the people of God can come and find rest for their souls, as well as healing and deliverance in Christ. We are a Non-Profit Organization.

Mission: Here at Overcomers Christian Center, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision-making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies and data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our high-quality pursuits.

[08/20/17]   Overcomers Outreach Center 5725 South Marsalis Ave. Dallas, TX 75241. Elect Lady Courtney Williams-Burns, will be ministering this morning in our 11:30am service. We will be on our knees and our faces crying out to God If you need prayer stop by if you're ready for a breakthrough if want to be saved, delivered or filled with the holy ghost you Need to be in the Sanctuary. Meet us there! Blessings!!!

[06/26/17]   The word God gave me to minister on today was. The Conspiracy, St. John 10:10 states The thief comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy. Just like there was a conspiracy to take out Samson, and to betray Jesus. There is a conspiracy to destroy us. We must also stop aiding and abetting the enemy , stop assisting him to destroy us by walking in disobedience, and fulfilling the lust of our flesh. Many of the things we are dealing with is because we have sabotaged our own blessings because of disobedience. What a conspiracy! Walk in holiness and live holy, stay in the word and on your face before God. #overcomer

[05/21/17]   My wife and I would like for you to be our special guest at our 11:30 Worship service. We are Real, Transparent, and True Worshipers come worship with us. If you need transportation call 214-923-6950
Whatever you do don't give up!!!
If you cannot attend join us live right here on Facebook. Blessings!!!!

[05/09/17]   It's not our business to know when death is coming. But it is our business to be ready. If death comes for you now are you ready? Have you gotten things right? The bible clearly states death is sure and life is uncertain. What are you going to do when death comes creeping in your room? #Bishopspeaks

[05/09/17]   Please!!! Don't die without getting things right with your neighbor. When death comes it will be too late. Since we don't know when death is coming it's best to get right with people and God now! #BishopSpeaks

[05/07/17]   Join us for worship this morning! If you are ready for something different but REAL!!! Join us this morning at 11:30am. Come hear a Real Word dealing with Real Life!! Then OOC is the place. Service will be live today. Meet us there. Blessings!

[04/20/17]   We must pray and ask God to give us a do right spirit. We can no longer state we are saved/christian and continue to live sinful lives. Tell people when they are wrong, stop going along with wrong because it's your friend. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it. #getrightwithGodNdoitnow

[04/14/17]   Keep in mind your choices will determine where you spend eternity.

[04/13/17]   Overcoming By The Word this evening @ 7pm
Overcomers Outreach Center
5725 South Marsalis Ave.
Dallas 75241
Going live @ 7pm. Blessings

[04/13/17]   Overcoming By The Word, this evening at 7pm. We will be live.
Overcomers Outreach Center
5725 South Marsalis Ave. Dallas 75241

[04/12/17]   Serving the Lord will pay off, Believe I run on see what the end's gonna be. I'm running, running, running, I can't tarry, Put your time in, Pay Day is coming after while.If I labor, God's gonna give me crown. I made a vow to the Lord. Feeling churchy #OLDSCHOOLCOGICSONGS

[04/11/17]   Keep in mind there are some in your audience waiting on you to fail, there not there to applaud you. Know your audience in the spirit. Blessings!

Overcomers Christian Center

We at Overcomers Outreach have begun our Relaunch and we are excited about our new beginning. We are prayerfully seeking volunteers in the Music Dept as well, Outreach Dept. and Ministerial Staff. Please have a heart after God and ministry. if interested please inbox for next meeting. #Amind to serve

[04/09/17]   We at Overcomers Outreach have begun our Relaunch and we are excited about our new beginning. We are prayerfully seeking volunteers in the Music Dept as well, Outreach Dept. and Ministerial Staff. Please have a heart after God and ministry. if interested please inbox for next meeting. #Amind to serve

[04/02/17]   God will let your enemies think your dead or MIA. But God is promoting you at the same time. If you don't believe me ask Joseph. They thought he was dead, But God promoted him so his enemies would have to come back to him as ask for his help. Sometimes success is better than revenge. Blessings!!!

[03/30/17]   There will be no service tonight at Overcomers Christian Center, I'm yet in the hospital. Will see you Sunday morning at 11:30. Blessings

[02/06/17]   The proper way to leave a church is to sit down and converse with your Leader and advise him/her that you are leaving. That is order and respect. Don't ever leave a church by way of text or a phone call, that is so out of order and disrespectful and I promise God will deal with you for functioning out of order. #BishopSpeaks

[02/05/17]   We are all going through something, let us lift one another up in prayer. I just stop by to tell you in my Preacher Voice: I KNOW SOMEHOW AND I KNOW SOMEWAY WE'RE GONNA MAKE IT. I DARE YOU TO TYPE I'M GONNA MAKE IT!!! Now tell the Lord Thank You!!! Now Brother Kirby Harden, Hit them keys for me I feel I dance coming on.

[01/30/17]   Holy Hush!!! Just simply means you believe the scripture. If you hold your peace God will fight for you. Trust me God has never and will never lose a fight. #Uwin

[01/29/17]   We had an awesome worship experience today. Today I ministered on do we know the difference between an attack of the enemy and growing pains, and we need to make sure we don't mishandle people when we are going through attacks. Do you know when you know whatever is in your heart will come out when your going through. Time for us to grow up and be mature men/women of God. #OVERCOMER

[01/27/17]   People let me tell you something we can put on all the fronts we want and talk a good talk. But don't forget God knows your heart. When is the last time you prayed Lord give me a clean heart? Keep in mind God knows your heart and None but the pure in heart shall see God.

[01/23/17]   I don't know who this is for but STOP!!! Allowing people to control you, be the man or woman God intended you to be. STOP!!! Allowing other people or person influence you to be who your not. Let God have control and God is the only voice of authority. The old holiness song we use to sing " Let Jesus lead you, let Jesus lead you, all the way, all the way from earth to heaven, let the Jesus lead you all the way. #Glory! #2017 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TIME TO BE FREE!! #OVERCOMER

[01/22/17]   Today I ministered on "It's time to recover" We must understand that we can only recover what the enemy has taken. We can never recover what God has taken, so stop trying to recover people and stuff that God removed. Remember any time God removes something or someone it's because he has better for us.

[01/20/17]   Last evening I ministered on " What's in your heart?" First of all we must understand God knows what's in our heart, Then we must understand God examines the mind and then he rewards us for our conduct and God is going to give us what we deserve. Remember the heart is deceitful and none but the pure in heart shall see God! Time to get our hearts right with God and keep in mind no matter what comes out of our lips God knows what's really in our hearts. God is exposing people's hearts everyday. What's in your heart???#overcomers

[01/15/17]   This morning I ministered "I'm determined" Life is full of uncertainties and many time we get tired and dishearted and feel like giving up. We have to keep pressing and keep it moving in order to reach our expected end. It's so easy to quit BUT DON'T YOU DARE QUIT!!! My Mother use to say when the devil and people are trying to stop you be that more determined to please God and reach your expected end. WE WIN!!! #OVERCOMERS

[01/15/17]   It just amazes me that we can do all this good and give and give and do and do and the moment we mess up or someone tell a lie on us all the good we have done is thrown out the window. People will lie and talk about you like a dog, slander your name, mainly the ones you did for and defended and stood up and gave your money not the church's money but your money. I know what it's like to mess up and have the people who say they love you, and care about you and they your friend and were just like family and the ones you sacrificed to help do everything they can to destroy you. BUT GOD!!! I don't who this is for but I hope it blesses someone. I already know some of you gonna start telling lies now GUESS WHAT i DON'T CARE!!! NOW WHAT!!!! #BOOM

[01/15/17]   Trust me on this. When you get rid of toxic people you will be healthier physically, mentally,and emotionally. Sometimes it hard to accept that some of the people we love are toxic and are not good for us including family and so called friends. #overcomer

[01/13/17]   Last evening I ministered on " Do you have Flood Assurance. The bible states when the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him. Some people don't have flood insurance because they don't they think they need it, or because they don't live in the flood zone. Then some people just elect not to take it although they live in the flood zone. but since the bible advised me of the possibility of a flood I went ahead and obtained flood assurance so if the enemy decides he wants to flood my life, with trouble, trials, and tribulations, afflictions and even sickness I can rest because I have flood assurance JESUS!!! Will begin the lift up the standard of HOLINESS!!! GLORY! SOMEONE SHOUT HOLINESS! AGAINST THE ENEMY. Now I need you to like and comment I got it. #floodassurance

[01/12/17]   The only time it's too late to say I'm sorry is when death comes. Get it right go back and say I'm sorry or Forgive me. Trust me you will have to righten every wrong one day. Tomorrow is not promised. Get right with your Brother/Sister and with God. #overcomer

[01/08/17]   I want to thank my friends in Texas, I recently posted a post asking for prayer for my family and OCC and my friends here in Texas said enough is enough and they are coming to OCC to join us in prayer at 6:30PM. Just to name a few Bishop Robert Carey, Bishop Hollie Mayes Mayes. Minister Robin Gray, Brother Kirby Harden, Elder & Mrs. Jimmie Bradford, Brother Roger Grant, Lady Tina Nichols and others. Thank you for showing your love and support to me and my family and OCC. Blessings!

[01/08/17]   Today I ministered on "Fulfilling Your Purpose" In order to fulfill your purpose you must understand that it's God's plan for your life not yours. When you were created God had a plan for you, While in your Mother's womb he loved you and ordained you and even anointed you. So we must also understand that everyone in our lives God did not intend for them to be in our lives and sometimes this is why we experience pain in our lives, which means we have to begin to show people the Exit sign out of our lives, then we must also understand that God did not intend for us to be apart of some people lives. Finally don't allow anything or anyone to frustrate your purpose by attempting to intimidate you or frustrate your purpose. When your frustrated you say and do things you would not normally do. So for me personally I had to make a decision that enough is enough and 2017. I will do the will of God and I will be happy and enjoy life. I will not tolerated fake/phony people. I will no longer be apart of one sided relationships. I will not allow anyone to use me, play me or take advantage of me or control me. I am a whole, complete man of God and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!BLESSINGS#OVERCOMER

[01/06/17]   When you are building you must inspect your material that you intend to you. All 2x4's are not good for use, so you have to inspect those who claim to be there to help you build and when you discover they don't meet the requirements to be apart of what your building you have to discard them and find the material that is worthy to be apart of what your building. Keep in mind it's no harm to discard people who will cause harm to your project. #workingonabuilding


[01/05/17]   When your purpose it to build your life, home, marriage and family or finances or even ministry, and you have people that are attempting to tear down or even destroy what your are building.then it's timse to wave goodby. #BYEBYE

[12/27/16]   I have gotten so much positive feed back from the word I brought about having Healthy Relationships. It' time to be honest with yourself about the people your connected to, many times we don't want to face the truth about the people in our lives. We must admit that there are people who actually hate us and some our jealous of us. We have family who are doing everything they can to tear us down, we have people who are smiling in our face and tearing us down behind our back. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Time to say good bye. Blessings! #overcomers

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5725 S Marsalis Ave
Dallas, TX
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