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We are a bible base, holy ghost filled,on fire for the Lord church. Where we stand on the promises of God and lead by his example. REAL CHURCH...GOD'S WAY

we are a non-denominational church teaching and believing in the true word of God

Mission: Our purpose is to take a stand in the warfare of sin, as we stand strong on the promises of God; to give to others true hope true faith and true peace of mind. As we set the example by living up to our calling, by walking in a worthy manner, by being gentle, by being patient. As we bear with one another in love, while speaking the truth in love, as we keep the unity of the Holy Spirit through the bond of peace, as we lead the unsaved to the kingdom of God.

Operating as usual

WILL YOU COMMIT? /Proverbs 16: 1-9

If you need God to fix it, you fist got to commit to his plans.


Wow how my mind is racing with thought of how to handle this subject to where we all will later learn the difference between what we say and what we do. We all like to here those three little word no matter the age or race. Some time they are so magical that they can change a bad situation into a good on. At times it can be the breaking point of winning or losing something or someone close to you. But never the less these three little word doesn't have the same affect on people as it use to. Because we learned to use it so loosely, to the point where it has no meaning anymore.

When we say I LOVE YOU, why are you really saying it? Is it because you think that it's the appropriate thing to say? Or has it been implemented in to your way of life because you've heard your parents or their parents say it? But if you really ask yourself why do yo say it, it just might frighten you to see the truth about you and the way you call love love.

When we read the scriptures of John 3:16, it says that God so loved this word that he GAVE his only begotten son. The key word here is gave.why? Because he loved use so that he gave of himself to show just how much he ment it. Some of us have become so selfish to the point that if it's not about me, then who cares. At this point you have forgotten about how the other person is feeling or how your making them feel. Some of the love that is expressed is for self gratification more so than confirmation. It's like trying to put a small bandaid on an large open wound.

Love isn't something you can buy, but it's something that you can earn. Love is easily to be lost just as fast as it can be found. Love is full of joy and sometimes filled with pain. Love isn't the words that you say to me, but it's the way you make me feel when you say them to me. Love isn't how you say it to me, but the way that you treat me. We all want to be loved by someone, but you have to understand that you cannot get what your not willing to give. For this you must first know how to love yourself.


Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Every thing that we do have meaning and purpose

Its ok to hit the reset /Ephesians 4:17-29

Now is the time to do a reset to make the necessary changes in life

Lets be real

Closing out the year with our heads held high

Breaking Barriers pt2 Acts 11

We must push past our barriers to do what God needs us to do.,

Breaking Barriers

We all have to move passed the obstacles in life to reach others

Reaching out to everyone pt2 / Acts 11:19-26

Its time to do your part

Reaching out to everyone/Acts 11:19-26

We all need to be telling God's story

Just be thankfull -Psalm 107:1-6

We all should be grateful for what God has spared us from.

God's Precepts & Examples Ministries

We must be prepared to move beyond what is ordinary to do extraordinary things as we reach out to others

Reaching beyond our comfort zones

We must be prepared to move beyond what is ordinary to do extraordinary things as we reach out to others


Are you constructive or are you destructive when you speak?


Can you feel the change in the seasons as the northern winds begin to blow more swiftly through the planes. Can you smell the freshness that the winds bring as it pushes out all the dust in the air. Can you hear the sound of the brook as the cool chilled waters filters itself over the stretch of rocks that lines its bed. Can you see as every leaf changes its colors before it falls, how it slowly dances through the air as it falls from the tree's. In some places around the world you'll find beavers and otters who during this time build up there homes in the creeks and rivers. They restrict the flow of water from the other side of the home that they built for themselves.

Just as the flow of water is reduced, it makes me think about how we have things that restricts our ability and capabilities in life. We all go through life as things begin to build up around us. To the point where the pressures of life becomes so overwhelming tell it consumes all that we are. Pushing back all that we are dealing with to the back burner of our minds. Now the way we comprehend certain things are clouded with the negativity of what we feel other than what we know. We all have these moment in life, that's why we have get aways. Because we're trying to run away from the situation instead of facing it. Look at it like this, we all have two types of energy that we produce which is negative and positive. Which ever one you feed into the most will reflect what's in your surroundings. Yes even the people you call family and friends.

So may of us block ourselves out of certain places, things, and situations because we don't know how to go with the flow. I'm not saying that you should go along with every thing, but sometimes it's just best to do so. When we allow God to direct our path, we can never go wrong. So often we forget that God said that all, not some. But all things work for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. We get cought up in self to the point where we block out what God is trying to accomplish in our lives. Yet we have the nerve to ask God why? when we already know the answer. It is the acceptance of one's own self destruction that blinds us from the reality of our hope. When we begin to recognize that we are blocking the flow of blessings that God has for us, only then is when we will see more, feel more, and hear more what God has instore for us. As he said "eyes have not seen, nor have ears heard or interred into the hearts of man, what the Lord has instore.


So what ever it is that has you blocked up, let it go and let God deal with it. Because like I've said before, while your trying to figure it out, God has already worked it out.


Over the years I've learned that no matter how much we think that we know a person, we are far from knowing the half of it all. Every day we go through this life without the slightest idea of what's going to happen in the next moments. To this we never second guess our everyday routine to the point that some would say that we are predictable. You here this a lot with couples who have been married are together for years. But if you would ask them this question(how much do you know about your spouse),you will get the same answer from both sides.
We can spend a lifetime with an individual and still learn something new about them if we would take the time to actually talk, listen and examine one another. These three factors are not defined by what we see of ourselves and others from the out side but from what's on the inside. Like a book, you can't judge it by it's cover. But every day we do this without blinking an eye.

To search for something means to look deeper into or to look vigorously. Most of the time this is where a lot of us get lost, because to have God to serch us means to totally submit unto him. We get lost because, of the true exposure of what we have hidden in our dark places. So we live a lifestyle with the shallowness of that which is almost transparent. But when we read our word and as God help us apply it to our lives, his light begins to over power the darkness. Look everyone of us have things we wish we could go back and change if we could, but unfortunately we can't. So that's why God gives us do overs, new days with new beginnings.

Mother would always tell us that you never know a man untell you walk a mile in his shoes. So the next time your asked do you know someone, pause and take the time to find out something new about them. Because like I always say, God gives us a new day so that we can have a new beginning.

Change your approach

For years we have been thought that if at first we don't seceded try,try again. But what dose that realy mean? To many of use it means to never give up or never stop trying, keep pushing until you get it. Sounds about right wouldn't you say? But have you ever thought that if you can't get it down, that you just might be going about it the wrong way? Life is funny that way because you can learn how to do a thing only to find out that it was wrong. Most of use will go a life time not knowing that there's a better way. This is were our complacency kicks in, because we have grown to doing things one way. Which makes change that more complicated. This is where the praise stuck in there ways comes from.When it comes down to this word change, some people lose there minds in fear of the unknown. Why? Because it's not the end of the word. Change is new beginnings to new opportunities to explore ways beyond what has been tought to us.
But we are so reluctant to grasp the beauty of what God has placed in our paths.

The word of God says that if we change the way we approach a situation,we will have a better outcome. Rule of thumb that is always good to follow is to take a moment to breathe before we speek. For the word of God says to be slow to speak and eager to hear. 95% of the time when we argue with one another, we forget that we are talking to another person. And wonder why every thing went south real fast. Just like you that individual doesn't wont to be your dumping ground. We go through our day picking up trash from all the mishaps that comes our way. Only to store this buildup and release it at the wrong time. Then wonder why things are the they are in your life, relationships and family matters.

The approach to a situation can mean life or it can continue to cause death and destruction. So before you blow your top, stop and ask yourself is it really necessary to get pulled out of caracter and lose out on an opportunity for change and groth.

It will be worth the wait/1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Do be in a rush and miss out on a blessing

Perfect Peace

They say that a man's home is his castle, and that a happy wife you have a happy life. So why is there so much hell going on in our homes? Day in and day out I hear about how some people don't want to go back to their own homes after a long days work. Some have actually found ways to leave their spouses at home while they go out. Some began to do other things to get away from it all, yet at the same time causing other problems in the home. We all have our own ways of trying to cope with life. But we must stop and ask ourselves WHY?

Let me share this with you and I pray that you will take to heart. Many of the so called problems that we face or have are self inflicted. Yes,self inflicted because of the choices we make. We have forgotten that for every action, there's a reaction. And most of the time we dont see that we caused this problem with what we say,(how we said it,when we said it,and the way we said it)and what we do(how we did it,why we did it, and the way it was done). One of the hardest things for some people to do is admit that they are wrong and to say I'm sorry and mean it. The word of God says "let every man search his own heart". This means that we should take a long look at ourselves in the mirror before we say it was the other person's fault.

It is when we let go of certain things and re examine ourselves we can find that inner peace. As God has said that if we abide in him, he shall abide in us. Which means that as long as we allow God to be in the mist of what we do and what we say, we will always have perfect peace

Timeless Love

There was as a song from back in the day that had a lot of people reevaluating their love lives. It was a #1 hit on the billboard for many months and still to this day you can find it in the top 20 hits. The title of the song was what love got to do with it by Tina Turner. She expresses how her heart was the object of abuse let alone the lack of the true love she wanted so bad.
Some times we all find ourselves looking for love in all the wrong places and looking for love in all the wrong faces. But when the day is done and the dust has settled what we have been looking for sometims is right in front of us.

So many times I have seen people get into relationship after relationship looking at the greener grass when all the have to do is water and take care of the grass they have. Yes there's many reasons why people do the things that they do. But ask yourself was it really them or was it me. (Baggage) Some of use dont know how to move past the hurt from the previous relationship to where now they are having problems in the new relationship. Let me drop this on you. Everyone of use have issues, but it is how we come to relate to those issues. No mater how you look at it it takes two to have a good relationship. Just as it takes two to destroy a relationship. As the word of God speaks in Amos 3:3 how can two walk together unless they agree.

Gods greatest commandment was for us love each other as he loved us (John 3:16). If we can move past our shallow minds when it comes to loving each other's, only then can we truly see that love dose cover a multitude of faults. So before you start to blame the other person for the troubles in your relationship stop and take a long look at yourself. If you do this then you finally see what God sees.

Gods love has always stood the test of time because it has always been true and genuine. That's the kind of timeless love that we all shall express in our relationships and towards one another.

Don't Just Hang In It, Stand In It! /Isaiah 41:10

We need to know the difference in what we speck

Obey God and Share Your Faith

You Need to Tell Somebody Just How Good God is

Lord Thank You For The Leftovers / Exodus 16: 1-36

We should always be grateful for what we do have.

part 2

Wisdom For Daily Living/Proverbs 1:7, 2:1-22

understand why you do the things that you do.

Which Transformer Are You/ Romans 12:1-2

When we change, what is it that we change in to?


We at times have days where we are tried and tested. where others are just a repeat of what we didn't get right the first time

Gods servant, Our savior

God show just how much he loves his people.

What are you really looking for Psamls 27:4

We all have something in witch wee seek, but to what lengths will we go to get it? And once you have it what are you going to do with it?

Never Forget That God Delivers

Oh how we forget that we serve an on time God.

Hold your head up & walk like a warrior

There are many ways to loose the bonds that we put on ourselves, but the quickest way of getting and staying free of them is through Christ Jesus.

What Can Happen When We Praise

Your deliverance and your breakthroughs are in your praises

Don't Count Me Out 2 Corinthians 4:8

We all have things that we must go through. But as we're going through, we should always have hope that this to shall pass.

God's New Covenant

God's Sure Promise 2 Samuel 7:1-17

What do you do when God says NO?

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WILL YOU COMMIT? /Proverbs 16: 1-9
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11
Its ok to hit the reset /Ephesians 4:17-29
Lets  be real
Breaking Barriers pt2 Acts 11
Breaking Barriers
Reaching out to everyone pt2 / Acts 11:19-26
Reaching out to everyone/Acts 11:19-26
Just be thankfull -Psalm 107:1-6
Reaching beyond our comfort zones
It will be worth the wait/1 Thessalonians 1:1-10



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