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We are a bible base, holy ghost filled,on fire for the Lord church. Where we stand on the promises of God and lead by his example. REAL CHURCH...GOD'S WAY

we are a non-denominational church teaching and believing in the true word of God

Mission: Our purpose is to take a stand in the warfare of sin, as we stand strong on the promises of God; to give to others true hope true faith and true peace of mind. As we set the example by living up to our calling, by walking in a worthy manner, by being gentle, by being patient. As we bear with one another in love, while speaking the truth in love, as we keep the unity of the Holy Spirit through the bond of peace, as we lead the unsaved to the kingdom of God.

What Can Happen When We Praise

Your deliverance and your breakthroughs are in your praises

Don't Count Me Out 2 Corinthians 4:8

We all have things that we must go through. But as we're going through, we should always have hope that this to shall pass.

God's New Covenant

God's Sure Promise 2 Samuel 7:1-17

What do you do when God says NO?

The Battle You Were Born To Win ( 1John 4:3-4)

Know That You Are A Winner


It's almost time for school to let out and your about to have one of the fights of your life as soon as that bell rings. For the first time you stood up to a bull and beat them to the punch line. As the clock gets closer, you become more fidgety in your seat hoping that you can make a clean getaway. It's now 3:30 the bell is ringing and you didn't get away from the fight. As the crowd grows around you and the other person is coming at you, you close your eyes and just take a big and heard swing. Smack... the crowd is at aaww because the other guy is down with a broken nose as your standing in disbelief. You quickly grab your bag and run away crying in a state of panic. Because you can't believe that you just did that to another person.

As a child we would call each other names and say things like, I'm like rubber your like glue, what bounces off me, sticks on you. Are we would say things like sticks and stones may break my bones the words will never hurt me . But to only find out that some words do hurt. So why is it that when we get mad at one another, we say things to try to hurt the other person whom we say that we love? To only say that you didn't mean it later. Some people are good cover ups when it comes down to their true feelings. Because in the heat of an argument some truth comes out. Not realizing what was said until the fight was over, and now your relationship is over. All because you both didn't stop to think about what was going down while being stuck on self. For every action there's a reaction which can cause confusion in a relationship. When I know that God is not the arthur of confusion. Yet we say that God is in it. Look people God doesn't bring you to no mess, you are the ones who created the mess by leaning toward your own understanding and by not egknolaging God as part of the relationship.

So many people think by saying I'm sorry or but I love you is a get out of jail free card knowing that they never realy ment it. Because if they did it wouldn't be so easy for them to go and do it again. The word of God says, be not entangled by the yoke of bondage again. But because we have a forgiving nature some try to play on that. As mama would say, if a dog bites you once then that's the dogs fault. But if the same dog bites you again then that's your fault. I'm saying this to say stop thinking that you're getting over on God simply because you say that you love him and that you say that you're sorry for what you've done. You can't say that you love God and don't keep his Commandments. You can't say that you have a relationship with God yet you still straddling the fence. You can't say that you're following God and still neither hot or cold but lukewarm. We say some thing simply because they sound good coming out of our mouths. But understand this if you dont get anything else. YOU ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS. SO IF YOU SAY, MEAN IT. just as the word tells us to do.... mean what you say and say what you mean.


Have you ever just gotten on the road and just drove with no destination in mind. Just driving looking around at the land and the little hillsides which eventually turn into the foot hills of the Rockies. With every city that you pass through, you find something interesting about it. The bigger the city, the bigger the interest become. The more stimulating to the eyes and brain it becomes. Places like Atlantic City, Los Vegas and others like them are the type of places that are designed to drow you into that lifestyle. Some people will sell their soul trying to make it big. Not knowing that at the end of the day, you still don't have anything.

For some of us its about being excepted as one of the in crowd. Just as it was when you were in school, you needed other people's validation to define whom you are. But trying to be with the in crowd comes with a price. Meaning that now your no longer you but whom they say you can be. As they begain yo dictate your actions because you so desperately want there approval. While your thinking that you've mad it, you just became an out cast in your own world. For the word of God says what should it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet still lose his soul.

The word of God tells us that we need to be transformed and not conformed to this world. Meaning we can live in it but dont let it live in you. The word says blessed is the man who walketh not in the ways of the ungodly nor sitteth in the set of the scornful. But we all have been thought to chase after the American dream, which is full of emptiness and disappointments. Because it's man's dream for your life not God's. For God says that he wish that we all prosper as our souls prosper. But how do you expect for your soul to prosper if you never invest in it. We take out the time to invest in everything else except what's really important. Because we are so easily manipulated by the things we desire. What's more important than knowing that you have a relationship with Christ than a relationship with this world?


Have you ever just sat and watched your small children while being in the midst of there craftiness. Yesterday as I was sitting on my couch, I got the show of my life. On my coffee table I have a fish bowl full of sea shells that I picked up from the different beaches I've gone. Well it's also where I put the remotes to the TV to keep my grandbaby from getting a hold to them. For some reason she just like pushing the buttons. She will find anything that has a button to be pushed and push it. But anyway I had a box of candy in that bowl and she wanted it. So she comes up to me and starts playing with me grasping my lips then kisses me. Then she got down a d went to the fish bowl and grabbed my candy and took off running. I guess she was buttering me up so that I wouldn't say anything when she got the candy. Boy was she wrong, before she could get out of the room I had taken it and put it back. But the look on her face was why you do that?

When you have children you get to know their sneaky little ways. You get to know when they're up to no good, that's if you actually observe what they do and whom they hang around. As the old saying says, actions speak louder than words. Well those same children grow up to become sneaky adults wrather you fell that way or not. Well let's see, when there's something that you want from your spouse you change your behavior. Some of you pore on the extra charm, along with the physical contact and will go out of our way just to get the things that you want. As if by getting the other person to do whatever is showing that they love you or you loving them. That's not love, that's manipulation. We manipulate each other into doing different acts to get the thing we want and call it love.

Real love is giving without receiving anything in return. For God so loved this world that he gave his only begotten son; that's love. But just as You see your children's ways, don't you think that God sees yours as well? Yes, you try to duck and hide and do things in the dark but God still sees it all. Even when your trying to cut deals with God, he already knows your intentions. It's funny how so may people try to pimp God and windup pimping themselves.
People look, we are Gods children and he has had his eyes on us from before time. He knows if your up to something before you can even plain it. So why try to pull the wool over his eyes when you can't? Doing good deeds, reading your bible, praying and fasting doesn't impress God when you should be doing those things anyway. That's why he sees the heart of a man and not just his works. Cause you can fool man all of the time and fool God none of the time.


Life is funny at time's because of the choices that we make. Some turn out good while others, well they just come out as we try to make the best of the situation. When we look around us we have people in our lives like that. No matter what you do it just seems like the world is against everything that you do. Every corner you try to turn, its always something going on. To the point where you just wont to throw up both of your hands and give up. But God told us that we have trouble on every side. And because of it, it seems like it's not worth it anymore or your not making a difference cause you dont see changes. So the sample choice is to give up or is it?

The word of God says that he who puts his hands to the plow and then turns back, is not fit for the kingdom of God. Many of times we have been face with this decision to keep going or giving in. Although some of you will never admit it, but you're wondering about something right now. If this is you, first you must ask yourself why are you doing what your doing? Is it something that you were forced into, or was it something that you chose to do? A lot of times those things that we are forced into never have big endings, they just end. But if its something that you chose to do, you'll put more of you into it. Because you wont to see it work. Yet at the same time it seems as if your just spinning your wheels. So let me remind you of this, the word of God says that this race is not given to the swift nor to the strong, but unto those who can endure to the end.

When you find yourself at the turning point of life, before you throw in the towel. Stop and check your endurance level. Ask yourself am I praying enough? Am I fasting enough? Am I in the word enough? And you'll see that your not where you need to be, that's why it's so easy to give up. But when you are in it to win it. It will make you pray even more. It will make you fast even more. It will bring you before the Lord more. Be for you know it you have built up your endurance level. And now you have found the Inner strength from your weakness. Just like that old gospel 100 says, serving the Lord will pay off after while.


Given up is always the easy way out of any situation that you may have to face. But there comes a time when we all must realize that giving up is not an option at any cost. As I always say, (where there's a will to do,there's a way to get it done). Life is full of ups and downs so we all need someone to lean on even if it's just for a little while. Someone that will help give that extra push to make it through our darkest days. Someone who can enjoy the pleasures as well as the pains that life can bring. Someone who no matter how tuff life gets, always help you to find a way to make it through to the next. Some of you think that these are your friends or family members, but its not them per day. It's the spirit that dwells in them.

God uses the people that he placed around you as your garden angles. And we will never see it as that until we get connected and get closer to God. When you read your bible you will see that used many types of people to do his will. Even now he uses all types of people to do his will. You are a key element in his plains for your life as well as the life of others. When we come in contact with other people it set off a chain reaction that will ripple through time and space. That's why we must be mindful about what we say or do as children of God. As the word says, Let not your good be evil spoken of. God has changed us to be helpers one to another. Because he knew that we can't make it through this life on our own. That's why we sing the song I need you.

Just as we need the air to breathe, the tree's need us to live. Every one of us need each other for our survival on this planet, and we all need God to maintain the balance in order for us to live. So don't get it twisted about how you got to be where you are. Because if it had not been for the Lord on your side, you wouldn't know where you would be or even who you are.

So Lord I take this time to thank you for being who you are. I understand that it was you who brought me through my good, my bad, and my ugly days. I understand that I've gotten this far in life because you have plains for my life. God help me to follow your ways and not my own. I ask that you forgive me of my childishness as well as my lack of understanding. I ask that you redirect my path as you order my steps. Right now I open up my eyes and my heart realizing I can't do this without you. You are my beginning and you are my all. So help me to release all that I am back to you, because I'm nothing without you. God I thank you for your mercy's and your grace in Jesus name Amen.


We all have some expectations of what we'd like to become when we were children. Oh how we planned day in and day out to prepare ourselves for it. Then the big day finally comes, then boooom!!!! Out of nowhere reality begins to set in. Your insides fell like there on fire, anxiety begins to set in and your heart is beating rapidly while your breathing is out of control. You try to open your mouth to speak but there's no sounds as your eyes begin to flutter. You find yourself out cold with people running to your aid trying to see what happened to you. Now the opportunity you've been looking and waiting for is now gone.

Just like that, in an instant God can change everything that you plained for upside down. You see we always have a plain with no purpose but our own agenda. But when we allow God to execute his plains, then he also directs the things that comes our way. He opens the doors that need to be opened and he closes them that need to be closed. We always try to put the cart before the horse. We move without having God in the middle of it all. Then wonder why things aren't working out like they should. We are always asking God for things he know that we can't handle or dont need at the moment. We try to gain everything that will keep our focus off of him and wind-up loosing everything.

God has always been the most important part of planning anything. It is through his planning that he shows us the out come befor it happens. But so may of us are so hell bent on doing things our own way just to say I did it. Not that it was by the grace of God that guided me through it all. This is why we can't see the new things that God is leading us to. Because we are so focused on our selfish goals and acomplamshments. When God's plains are worked it is to benefit the same people that he placed in your path as well as the ones who you haven't even met yet. Whenever God's plains are worked, he gets the glory in it all.


So many people that I have had the privilege to meet have one thing that's in common with one another, they have a lot of unfinished projects going on at the same time. As my mother would say, you have to many irons in the fire. Just as many of us have done, we stared school to further our education but some where down the line life happened. So it went to the back burner. Most men around the house have great intentions on fixing something but something else came up and now iys on the back burner. So may of us have had some great ideas about something but never followed through. Even on our jobs we've fallen short with getting the promotion because we fell short on getting our prodjects done. It all boils down to procrastination, which will kill any deal.

We all at some point procrastinat over doing something as simple as trying to choose what to eat for lunch when you know you have only 30min. Or having plains to do something and getting off course because the phone rings, then say I'll take care of it later and later never comes. Wow, right. This has happened to you or your doing this a lot right now. The word of God says dont put off today for tomorrow for tomorrow is not promised to you. But we love to say I'll do it or I'll finish it tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. God says to all things there is a time a d a season, for time waits on no one. It has no respect of person, yet we act like we have all the time in the word. My friends I'm sorry to tell you, but that's not so. Our time is limited by every breath that we take. We must take advantage of it while we still can.

My question is, what if God said to you I'll do it tomorrow and tomorrow never came? We all would be in a fickle situation with no way out of it. Yet this is the same thing we do to God. We make promises that we don't intend on keeping. We start out working and doing for him then we put him on the back burner because life happened. Or we can start reading and spending time with God, then the phone rings or you get sleepy and say I'll do it or finish it tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Galatians 5:7 ask the question of who behooved you? For you did run well. Just as always we all start out with good intentions but some where down the line we get side track and get of course. But no matter how far off course you get, God keeps on trying to get you back on track. So that he can perfect you in being your best you. Just as God keeps working on you from the inside out. You need to do your part by staying in this will by reading, studying, and meditating on his word daily. And I promise you that y'all both make it to the finish line together.

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What Can Happen When We Praise
Don't Count Me Out 2 Corinthians 4:8
God's New Covenant
God's Sure Promise 2 Samuel 7:1-17
The Battle You Were Born To Win ( 1John 4:3-4)




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