Ridgecrest Baptist Church

Our vision at Mockingbird Community is to love God, love people, and make disciples

Sunday Morning Services:
9:30 Bible Studies
10:45 Worship

We desire to serve this community and be a resource for those that are hurting or desiring spiritual growth. We want everyone to experience the extraordinary joy that can be found through trusting Christ with our lives.

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Mockingbird Community


Mockingbird Community

Our vision at Mockingbird Community is to love God, love ALL people, and make disciples.

Sunday Morning Services:
9:30 Bible Studies
10:45 Worship


Mockingbird Community


Our vision at Mockingbird Community is to love God, love ALL people, and make disciples.

Sunday Morning Services:
9:30 Bible Studies
10:45 Worship

[08/22/18]   Tonight 6:00
Wednesday Night Bible Study
Be Strong Against Evil
Ephesians 6:10–13

[08/20/18]   Okay Mockingbird, great worship today, now let's get out and be JESUS in the community!

[08/18/18]   Join us tomorrow for Worship and a message from
Ephesians 6 dealing with our relationships and allegiances.

[08/18/18]   Ridgecrest is now The Mockingbird Community!

We are working hard to become a place where our community comes to worship, share and love and be loved.

Join us and we pray many will soon say we worship at The Community!

[08/05/18]   Come worship with us tomorrow!
Ephesians 6:1-9
A place where grace is evident and all people come together as equals.


In the Christian life, it is easy to follow certain practices. For example, we may realize that we are talkative and may adopt the practice of limiting our speech. However, we may succeed in restricting our talkativeness and yet fail to live Christ. It is one thing to follow a certain practice; it is another thing to live Christ.

[06/24/18]   Perhaps we would not have so much trouble in finding God’s will for important decisions if we were more accustomed to discerning his will throughout life, making our lives conform to the pattern Jesus has given.
Pastor Greg Live

[06/17/18]   Any consuming passion that defines life is a form of idolatry displacing God’s rightful place.
Pastor Greg Live!

[06/17/18]   Any consuming passion that defines our life is a form of idolatry displacing God’s rightful place. Pastor Greg Live!

[06/17/18]   We cannot be light and have our mouths expressing darkness.
Pastor Greg Live!

[06/13/18]   Join us tonight for Bible Study Ephesians 4:17-24

[06/11/18]   Great Sunday...soooo many on vacation but new friends made with those here for the SBC Annual Convention.

[06/11/18]   Seeking the Best for My City

This is the Message from God-of-the-Angel-Armies, Israel’s God, to all the exiles I’ve taken from Jerusalem to Babylon: “Build houses and make yourselves at home.
“Put in gardens and eat what grows in that country.
“Marry and have children. Encourage your children to marry and have children so that you’ll thrive in that country and not waste away.
“Make yourselves at home there and work for the country’s welfare.
“Pray for Babylons (Your Cities) well-being. If things go well for Babylon (Your City), things will go well for you.”
Jeremiah 29:4-7

When we make conscious and committed decisions-on a daily basis-to seek the best for our neighborhoods and cities, life flourishes not only for us but also for those whose lives we touch. No matter how we reach out, even if it seems small to us, our cumulative actions become proportionately significant.

Pastor Greg

[06/05/18]   Knowing and Loving Our Neighborhoods and Cities

Most of us view our neighborhoods and cities as little more than places where we live. We live out our lives and simply hope for the best….for a safe, peaceful, crime-free community with good schools and nice parks and good job opportunities, and maybe even some good arts and entertainment venues. But I want us at Ridgecrest to see his or her neighborhood differently. And to view our community differently too.

I want Ridgecrest to become a community made up of people who individually and collectively own the responsibility for the welfare of our particular community as a whole. And if our hopes of becoming that community are to ever be realized, we must open our eyes to be people in the very places we live and frequent. This begins with the street we live on, which is our most immediate concern. These pathways then stretch out to our neighborhoods.

Join us in this vision!

Pastor Greg


Untitled Album


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June 3rd, 2018 --Sermon - Ephesians 4/5 Forgiveness. The other golden Rule


[06/04/18]   From Sunday's Message....
Forgiveness does not ignore justice. God certainly did not, and once again the key is in speaking the truth in love. Forgiveness does not necessarily forget the offense—the pain may be too deep to forget—or ignore. The nature of the offense determines the response. But, what forgiveness does accomplish is the rejection of bitterness, hatred, and revenge.

Here is what I mean. We do not control the actions of other people, but in choosing to forgive we establish control over our own responses. We choose to value the other person despite his or her offense and to desire what is good for that person before God.

Forgiveness also restores relations or at least provides a foundation on which they can be restored. But forgiveness is a process and does not necessarily happen immediately. The nature of the offense and the maturity of the one forgiving will determine the length and character of the process. But forgiveness is necessary, and the process cannot allow bitterness to take hold and grow.

[05/26/18]   Pray everyone is having a blessed Memorial weekend!

Join us tomorrow for a message from Pastor Greg, Helpfulness, Not Hostility, from Ephesians Chapter 4

[05/21/18]   Good News for Our Community

Though chance or circumstance may appear to be what brought us to the place we live, as followers of Jesus we can be assured that God sent us on an assignment as a participant in His mission to the world. Our location in this world is no accident. The people in our immediate neighborhood and the community that surrounds us are the ones to whom the Lord has sent us and for whom He has raised up our church. As individuals and as the collective body of Christ, we are called to seek the welfare of the very people we are living among.

Pastor Greg

[05/19/18]   Join us tomorrow as we continue our walk through applying Paul's letter to the Ephesian Church to our lives. Tomorrow we will begin to get more practical. In 4:25 Paul begins to demonstrate specific areas in our life where transformation and change occur. Tomorrow's sermon will concentrate on truth. In a world full of fake news and lies, the Gospel is a refreshing word of truth!
Pastor Greg

[05/19/18]   Tuesday Night Glencoe Park Homeowners Meeting

After many years the Glencoe Park homeowners association is back. I could not be more excited!

I shared with them a story I have shared over the years with our church. As you know one of my passions is community. We at Ridgecrest have done very little to bless our community for the last 20 years. I have prayed to God to help me, to help us, find a way to be a blessing. It seems He is answering.

I asked those in attendance what they would do if the Dallas Parks Department were to announce that Glencoe Park was being sold and a beautiful new Townhome community would be coming soon. I said that everyone would probably line up around it and say...over our dead bodies. They all agreed.

I then said, what about Stonewall Elementary. What if the DISD said the location was being closed but wait...a brand new shopping center full of great restaurants is coming. Same thing I asked, you would protest and defend it with your life. They agreed.

But then I asked, what if the community heard that the church was being torn down and 20 new home sites were opening up. Would not most say...finally they tore down that old church building. They agreed.

I then apologized for the past. I told them I didn't know how yet, but I was here to make sure that in ten or twenty years from now the community said thank God we have the church.
And that if anyone talked about tearing it down, the community, Christian or not, would gather around and say no, not that church, it is too important to our community.

I Pray for that Day!
Pastor Greg


It has been awhile.....
Too Long....

But if you have heard my sermons lately in Ephesians, you would hear me proclaim that I have found my voice again. I will get busy again on our Facebook for those who don't attend Ridgecrest or haven't in awhile!

As I have tried to share with those we only see briefly on Sunday Mornings, much is happening at Ridgecrest. I have been very busy lately. God is answering many prayers about the future of Ridgecrest.

I am more excited than I have been in a few years!

Pastor Greg

[02/17/18]   Tomorrow morning I will be bringing my message from Ephesian 3 1-13. my third message. In this passage I cannot read without being struck both by the emphasis on the unity of the church and the failure of the modern church in precisely this area. We know mostly division, not unity.

We know the answer we are to live unity.

In this specific passage we are not asked to like other Christians, to be like them, or agree with them, but to recognize that we are one with them and share the same Lord and the same inheritance. We are not allowed to write people off any more than one part of the body can dismiss another part.

Speaks to our day! Maybe if we get this right in our churches we can demonstrate it to our communities?

Pastor Greg

[02/16/18]   Join Us Sunday For Worship
This weeks message is Living In Unity

[02/07/18]   From our Bible Study tonight at 6:00 PM. We are in Ephesians Chapter one.

“heavenly realms” does not refer to a physical location but to a spiritual reality—God’s world, in which believers have a share and which evil forces still seek to attack.
…It includes all of the believer’s relation to God and the church’s experience.
...It is a way of saying that this world is not the only reality.

A larger reality exists where Jesus is already exalted as Lord, where believers participate in his victory, and where spiritual forces are opposed. Though believers live physically on this earth, they receive spiritual resources and their identity from a higher dimension.

The spiritual blessings given to Christians are enjoyed in the present life, because they derive from what God has done in Jesus in the heavenlies.

Join Us!

[12/03/17]   Join us tomorrow for Worship at 10:45.

[11/13/17]   Great Day of Worship and Fellowship yesterday at Ridgecrest.

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[05/05/17]   We will be Hanging out on the Lawn this Sunday after church service. Stop by, enjoy some great food and even better company!

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