Temple of Praise Church, Dallas, TX Video March 22, 2020, 7:16pm

Videos by Temple of Praise Church in Dallas. The chief purpose of the Temple of Praise Church is to glorify God, reclaim the drifting and those that don’t have a personal relationship with the Lord for inclusion in the Body of Christ.

“It is written” Part 1

“It is written”
Luke 4:1-4

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"A Prayerful Life is a Powerful Life"
Join us for a Bible study on the Power of Prayer. We will examine Elijah and how his intercessory prayer revealed the Power of God through the prayer of the Man of God! We to can be used by God if we persue a relationship with Him and develop a prayer life we too can ask what we will and God will answer our prayers!

"God Hears Elijah's Prayer"
"God hears our prayers" This lesson is a continuation of last weeks lesson "God Will supply" as Elijah is still with the widow woman and another life altering event is about to happen in her life. The man of God stepped in and God performed a miracle. Isn't it good to have people in your life that you know are praying and can get a prayer through to God! Join us as we start this lesson on "God Hears Elijahs Prayer" You will be blessed by the message today! Dial in at 10:50 am for prayer and 11:00 am Service. (720) 740-9420 Live on Facebook at 11:00 am

God is always on Time!

"God Will Supply"(My every need)
Join us as we examine 1 Kings 17 as Elijah and the widow woman trust God! It's good to know God will supply us everything we need according to His riches in glory!

Jesus has a purpose for your life!
The last message in the Power of Jesus series is a powerful message on Jesus purpose for your life!

Sharing His Mission
Jesus came for the lost! Many of your questions on Jesus mission will be answered and what's He requires of us. Luke 19:1-10

"Power of the Ressurection"
Luke 24:45-47 1Thess 4:14-18

"Power of Jesus Name"
Join us today as we examine the text in the book of Acts 3:1-16 as Peter and John use the Power that only comes from Jesus!

Don't Give Up!!!

Made Free!
John 19:28-30 Romans 6:16-23

Watch & Pray!!!!!!
Join us as we examine the text on "Watch & Pray" from the book of Matthew 26:36-46 5-13-2020

A Mother's Love
Happy Mother's Day!! John 3:16

"In Remembrance of Jesus" (Bible Study)
Join us as we get into the word of God on remembering Jesus. We will study communion instituted by Jesus! Pastor Bobby Williams, II 5/6/2020

"In remembrance of Jesus"
As we embark upon this first Sunday of May a day in which many Christians partake in communion; join us as we breakdown the meaning of communion and why we partake in it as Christians. Everything you do; Do it in Jesus name! 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 05-03-2020

Growing in the Lord!
Growing in the Lord! Let the Lord show you how to grow! Mark 4:13-20 4-29-2020

Good Soil
“Good Soil” Where and how are you sowing? Mark4:3-10,13-20

Jesus is my rock!

Build your house on a solid foundation!
Join us as we examine Matthew 7:24-27 as Jesus uses a parable of the wise and foolish builder.

Hosanna!(Don't hide your praise)
Don't hide your praise! Luke 19:39-40 4-15-2020

Jesus Paid the Price
Join us on this Resurrection Sunday 2020 as we celebrate Jesus and the ultimate price He paid that we might have life and have life more abundantly!

Effective Prayer!
4-8-20 Join us as we continue "How to Pray" with a lesson on "Effective Prayer"

Time to Pray!
Join us as we examine the text How to pray!

Follow Me
Follow Jesus! Forward to 12:50 for message: Thank you in advance.

Tune in for Bible Study!

“It is written” Part 1
“It is written” Luke 4:1-4

Come Praise The Lord With Us🙌🏽😁!

Come Praise The Lord With Us Today🙌🏽🙏🏽!!


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