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8 Minutes and 46 Seconds - Prayer & Encouragement

In light of everything that is going on in the world today, I wanted to share a prayer and word of encouragement to the families who have suffered loss through the hands of evil and hate.

I know there are many pauses throughout this video, but I wanted to extend it to 8 minutes and 46 seconds. In doing so I realized, there is a lot of time to fill and that's how long it took for a life to be taken.

In light of everything that is going on in the world today, I wanted to share a prayer and word of encouragement to the families who have suffered loss throu...

[06/06/20]   Listen for the voice, not the sound!
The voice produces words.
Sound produces noise.
You can't find peace with noise.
You CAN find peace with words (His voice).

Real Talk Ministry

My website has been updated!

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Being truthful can sometimes lead to division, but don't let it cause chaos in your life! Keep your peace and stand on God's word. Amen and God bless. Real Talk Ministry is a place to come and be inspired, uplifted and encouraged. Stop by to read and hear words or songs that can change in your life.

Real Talk Ministry

Real Talk Ministry

[05/31/20]   I started a post yesterday and deleted it. My reason is that, it is important, FOR ME, to only post what I feel the Lord is leading me to say on this page; but I am also human, and feel what everyone is feeling around the world. So, I decided to post what is needed.

In the midst of everything that is taking place right now, I ask that everyone, in your prayer time, to pray for #GeorgeFloyd family. I can't imagine the pain they are feeling. Handling the media and dealing with loss, I'm sure it's hard. Please do the same for #AhmaudArbery and others who have been affected by all of this.

Also, while remembering everyone who have lost lives this way, please pray for their families too! When the world goes quiet again, and new media information takes over our TV's and social media, and people return back to their normal lives, the family will still need your prayers. Thank you, and God bless.

[05/19/20]   I encourage you today, to stay in the word of God and continue to listen as He speaks. So when you are allowed to come together again as one, it is not just a 'praise break', but a worship! Don't be fooled and be moved through the feeling of emotions through the wrong sound, but prepare yourself to rebuild, re-establish, and refresh the people.

[05/02/20]   I felt I had to share this information by Dr. Myles Monroe! This has been re-released in April 2019. Even though Dr. Monroe is no longer with us, his words are still true and on time for our life today.

The Secret to Thriving In Times of Crisis | Dr. Myles Munroe (find this title on YouTube) - 7 Steps

1. Determine what you need, not what you want. Most of what you want, you don’t need.
2. Acquire what you need. Anything extra that you don't need is bad management.
3. Decide NOT to live above your means. This is not the time to waste any resources.
4. Withdraw the unnecessary. Withdraw from purchases, people (you have been supporting) or places that is not necessary for you to live.
5. Delay major projects.
6. Value your possessions. Example: Don’t buy the car now, wait. No new clothes.
7. SAVE! Change your lifestyle to save money.

Start your harvest today, so you can reap it later. God bless, Miss Neci.

[04/29/20]   🎤(singing) 🎶
After while, it will all be over
After while, the sun going shine
After while, dark clouds will pass over
And we'll shout hallelujah, after while.🎶

[04/17/20]   When you hear, "God is in control", please know it is HIS control, not ours. Keep praying and believing. What God is doing, no man/woman, no matter how they may try, will be able to take the credit for it. Yes, God! Be blessed.

The Church Is a Mess, But I Can't Leave

During these times of staying at home, I hope you would like to enjoy some good reading. You can purchase my book on Kindle for $2.99! Be a blessing and enjoy some great reading! The Church Is a Mess, But I Can't Leave

[04/04/20]   Don't pray that God comes through and make things normal again; instead, pray that God helps you to accept the changes He's making.

[03/30/20]   The world is in chaos, but God is in control! Let's get into another week of encouraging each other! Please share below what you think of our God!

Whether it is long or short, let's tell of God's goodness. My God is...

[03/23/20]   Let's start this week by sharing the word of God. So, drop a scripture below and let's encourage each other. Even if it is a scripture shared, if you love that scripture, share it again.

Proverbs 18: 10, KJV, The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

[03/19/20]   While we are praying over the turmoil and chaos taking place in this world, please pray for those who have lost loved ones during this time. To some, they will only be remembered as a number that died from this disease, but regardless of age or reason that this virus may have taken their lives, they were someone's family, friend, and neighbor.

And those who are reaching out to God right now, pray that when this passes, they find a new found faith and love in him so deep that they will continue to move forward in Him even when this crisis is over. God bless, Miss Neci

[03/15/20]   My website has been updated! And although I am not talking about the virus, but I pray you are safe and taking precautions. Remember to be the light, don’t dim your light due to your own fears or feelings towards this virus outbreak. God bless.

[03/09/20]   If you feel like your dreams, your inner spirit, or connection with Christ has died, remember that Christ didn’t save Lazarus before he died, but He raised him from the grave. That means you still have a chance to rise up and guess who is doing the rising? Live my brother and sisters, LIVE!

[03/09/20]   They didn’t move you or replace you, God did! Sometimes, you must do things on your own, so God can show you the good work He is working in you. Let God lead your next steps, so you can be the leader and not the follower.

Lift Every Voice and Sing by: The Wardlaw Brothers

I do not own the rights to this song or video. Even though others may forget, always remember. Even if it is for a month, we must always reflect and keep our history fresh! Black History Month, website updated,

[01/30/20]   God is great ya'll and whatever you are feeling or going through, I believe these testimonies will lift your spirit and give you hope. One more day until this month is over and we can finish it with great words from some dynamic men and women in Christ. Visit for the great testimonies shared on my website for the month of January. Thanks again to the wonderful souls who shared their words of hope, love and faith in Christ with us this month. God bless.

Are you ready?? Let's get ready together! Visit my website all month to hear great testimonies on transitioning in the spirit. If you have fears, if you have medical issues, you will want to visit this website! God bless.

These men and women of God has taken the time to share on my page the blessing you can receive while transitioning in Christ. Visit and enjoy this months reading.

[12/29/19]   In 2020, churches, please show more worship and preaching videos, then praise breaks! Thank you.

*Transitioning in the Spirit 2020

[12/28/19]   As we transition into 2020, in the month of January, I will be sharing words of testimonies and words of encouragement on transitioning in the spirit. You don't want to miss it! Don't go into the new year without great words of inspiration!

[12/17/19]   Coming January 2020 to! Click the link for more information!

Transitioning in the Spirit - Miss Neci - Real Talk Ministry (.com)

Coming January 2020 to!

Please visit my website,, to hear and read the dynamic word of God being taught and spoken as you are encouraged on transitioning in...

[11/26/19]   This was a statement I shared in 2013:

A church with a weak structure is a like a building with termites. #heardGodsword

Real Talk Ministry

My website has been updated. Looking forward to sharing something inspiring and encouraging to your spiritual and natural life as we head into a new year. I will keep you posted!😇 Real Talk Ministry is a place to come and be inspired, uplifted and encouraged. Stop by to read and hear words or songs that can change in your life.

Last chance! Winner will be drawn this weekend! The instructions are in the picture. Good luck! :)

[09/22/19]   Don't wear the uniform. I said Lord, what do you mean by that? He said when you wear a uniform, you look like everybody else. How are you being different if everyone is the same?

When you go into a restaurant they are wearing the same clothes, offering the same meal suggestion and saying the same greeting.

When you don't wear the uniform, you are not going through the same routine. Stand out and be who you are called to be! *

Today I learned that Lucifer did not blow into sound, but was sound. This is why it is so important that when you go into trouble, you are blowing the right sound. Lucifer was his own instrument. So be careful how you speak when you going through a difficult situation. Because the sound you feel inside, will speak out of your mouth and become your music. You will begin singing that sound. Find a new sound. A sound of peace, a sound of break through, a sound of coming out. I was taught that if you blow a flute standing wrong you can pass out. Learn how to stand when you are blowing your tunes of encouragement through hard times. Endure in hard times and faint not!

The caption under the number 85 says, "Congrats! You're one of the top-performing faith and religion sites"!

If you haven't visited my website, please stop by. I am still sharing my video on forgiveness. Please listen, read and receive encouragement from visiting my website at

Thank you and God bless!

[09/06/19]   When you pray, "Lord have your way", don't be mad because he did it his way, and not yours!

God bless,
Miss Neci

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