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Give me a 100 men who hate sin and fear God and we will shake the doors of hell.

Operating as usual

[06/24/19]   The christian is held to a higher moral standard. Church leaders are condemned and condoned for adultery, fornication, pedophilia and gay/lesbian practice etc.etc. and rightly so. And Christians don't hate any of these people who live that way. But they should not hold any position or high office in any church. Thus saith the Lord, not me...the Lord said it.


Sunday's Sermon "A Holy God"... I must be regarded as holy. Lev. 10:3c

[03/07/19]   Meeting with board members on how to continue to ride this momentum...

[03/07/19]   Were you Jesus to the least of them today?


[03/01/19]   La carga hace andar al burro.

[02/24/19]   Were we Jesus to least of them yesterday, today or tomorrow?


Love of my life, Liz Trevino. God has joined us 36 years ago, I Love You, tu esposo. happy anniversary.

[02/23/19]   James 3:1, ESV
Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater judgement.

[02/23/19]   James 2:19 (NIRV) You believe there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that. And they tremble!


Great success

[02/21/19]   Here at H.B.Gonzalez Elementary, to presnt C.L.A.Y Mentoring and golf lessons....yeah!!!

[02/15/19]   Do you go to God's house in shorts and flip flops? Would you go to the white house dressed that way? Stop and think about it, let that sink in, really sink in. Would you really? Remember you're appearing before the king of kings and Lord of Lord's.


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Bone of my Bone, flesh of my truly are. I Love you Liz Trevino. 36 years strong... God bless us and our familia always.

[02/10/19]   Sexual relations outside of marriage is a sin. Homosexual sexual relations is a si. Watching pornography is a sin. The words repentance and holiness are rarely discussed today. Flee from sexual immorality. Strive for sexual purity, even if you have struggled and made mistakes in the past. God will give you new desires when you seek Him and ask for help!

[02/07/19]   Second year, meeting with D.I.S.D. board members to enroll students to C.L.A.Y. monitoring leadership development and golf lessons. Successful meet.

[02/06/19]   Does your life story give God all the glory?


I was about to aborted at delivery during my moms dilating and birth pains, I was a breached baby. Dr. Suggested abort baby and save your life, you are young and you can have more babies. Dr. went to get paper work for my mom to sign.... lo and behold, my mother said somehow I turned and shot out! and here I am. By God's mercy, purpose and grace

[02/02/19]   Before you can understand and appreciate the good news "the Gospel" you have to understand what the bad news is


[01/20/19]   Does your lifestyle, actions and decisions gratify and please God? Or does it gratify and please You? Or do you even care?

[01/17/19]   Go Mavs....

[01/12/19]   God will break you in ways you would have never imagined, before He uses you! Have you been broken yet?!

[01/12/19]   God is angry every day against the wicked.


Had a blessed 2018, looking forward to new challenges in 2019. About my Fathers business... Proclaiming a crucified Christ, proclaiming a resurrected our saviour honor and glory.

[12/18/18]   Emmanuel: God Is With Us; If God be for us, who cn be against us?!

[12/18/18]   For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given.

[12/12/18]   My/our sin was imputed (assigned) to Christ Jesus and His righteousness was/is imputed to me/us. Stop for a while and let that sink in. Glorify Him and No one else.


Guess who? My mother and I .... I ❤


Love my mother.

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