Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas

Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas


A high school friend of mine who knew our beloved Mr. English posted this to his page yesterday. It's so beautifully written - I thought it would be enjoyed by our church family ❤️: "Everyone needs a champion, that person who is unfailingly in your corner, always supporting you, always encouraging you, always believing in you, always rooting for you no matter what. When I began my teaching career at Skyline High School in Dallas, Texas 17 years ago, I needed a champion and I found one in Ward English. Ward came to Skyline as the Dean of Instruction at the beginning of my second year of teaching. He began his career in public education as an English teacher in the 1970s and he ultimately moved into administration. But unlike many administrators who seemed to forget their classroom roots, Ward never lost touch with teachers and was in turn revered by most of all of us. Not because he was the always the most pleasant person to deal with. He was not. But because we knew he deeply cared about us and most of all about the children we were entrusted to educate. When I walked into Ward’s office in August 2005 a few days before school started and nervously informed him that I would be leaving at the end of the school year to attend law school, I expected him to tell me not to bother to set up my classroom. But instead he held me in his gaze, a warm smile washing across his bespectacled visage, and gently and sincerely told me: “I’m gonna to miss you Bubba.” Ward unhesitatingly wrote letters of recommendation and encouraged me throughout the application process. After I moved to Oregon and started law school, I did not think I would ever hear from Ward again. But sure enough that first winter in the Northwest brought a Christmas card in the mail from Ward. I knew then that I had made a friend for life. There would be no shaking Ward English. Each subsequent Christmas brought another card from Ward and with it a lengthy, single-spaced letter recapping in sometimes mind-numbing detail just about everything he had done during the previous year. Readers were regaled with tales of the good life he was living now that he had retired -- the Canasta games he played with his closest friends, the Texas Rangers games he attended in the hot summer sun (he was die-hard fan and season-ticket holder), the hearty lunches and dinners at this restaurant or that one with former colleagues (he loved to eat), the Sunday school class he taught at his church (he loved children and was a true Christian), the trips he took here, there and everywhere (he always seemed to be going on or planning his next cruise), the former students, colleagues and otherwise notable people he encountered at the polls each election day (the consummate citizen, he volunteered at polling sites each year), the One-Act Play and Academic Decathlon competitions he judged (he was a staunch supporter of these extra-curricular activities and got me involved as an Academic Decathlon coach when I was at Skyline). Since I joined Facebook nine years ago, I have used it as a venue for my first love – writing. And my favorite subject to write about has always been my dad, the late Paul Diener, who died October 10, 1984 when I was 10. Ward never tired of my stories about my dad, a man he never knew in person, but came to know and revere through my stories. Ever my champion, Ward unfailingly posted thoughtful and encouraging comments about those stories, emboldening me to continue to share them and to not stop believing in my abilities as a writer and storyteller. Two days ago, my champion, who had recently beaten cancer, fell and hit his head. Yesterday, October 10, 2018, he died. In reading the posts on Ward’s page today, a realization hit me. Ward English was not just my champion. He was the champion of each and every one of the thousands of students, teachers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, family members, and Rangers fans whose lives he touched. I'm gonna miss you Bubba, and so is everyone else." -Drew Diener
Kids are working hard!!! Tickets go on sale soon for this years musical!!
So last weekend we had a goal of 50 composition notebooks... WE BLEW IT AWAY!!! We got over 80!!! Thank you so much for your help!!! 4 more days to donate! I am talking to Beaumont ISD on when to donate all these supplies. I am hoping to drive down there next weekend. And we will need to get a TRAILER to deliver!!!
Lip sync contest - Becky Martin Burroughs
Lip sync contest - Happy

Highland Oaks Church of Christ has a vibrant Children's Ministry for babies through 5th grade. All are welcome to join in on the fun and spiritually formative events throughout the year.

Collide 2020 with our 4th-6th graders, teen sponsors and fabulous adult sponsors was our favorite ever. Experiencing community with our church family along with our sister church families in the area is sacred, fun and beautiful—especially when it involves s’mores by the twinkly lit camp fire. 🔥

Collide Retreat Worship was simply fantastic! “At the top of my lungs, I’ll sing! With all of my heart I will praise you!” ❤️🎶

[01/29/20]   Here’s a little sample of the joy in Preschool Praise where adults equip the teens to teach the preschoolers. And some of our volunteers are 1st-6th graders too. I wonder who enjoys it more- the volunteers or the preschoolers?!

Hey, Highland Oaks & Little Acorns families! Save the date for a Mom and Son Day at Obstacle Warrior Kids on Sat, Feb 22 from 3-5pm!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me. Don’t keep them away. The kingdom of heaven belongs to people like them.” Matthew 19:14

Don’t you love this art of realistic children?! Jesus welcomes ALL children no matter their behavior; not just the compliant ones. Art by Hailey Botto https://etsy.me/30j2Apv


Stop and Go

We learned a new song called Stop and Go in Preschool Praise this week. The children really seemed to love it! https://youtu.be/D3q5OQVj0VI


The Busy Bees are walking into Bible class to learn about God's Word!

Ms. Deborah and Ms. Terri adore sharing the love of God with the toddlers. The time spent with these songs and toys are a wonderful spiritual foundation for your child. Classes are for all ages from 9-10am on Sundays. See you then!

The HOCC Nursery kids and volunteers were glad to be back together again. If you know a nursery volunteer, make sure to thank them for the love and joy they bring to these kids who are receiving their first experiences with God and church.

We need you to become a Nursery Superhero!

Here's why volunteering in the Nursery matters according to one of our youngest volunteers!

See you in Worship at 9 am tomorrow for Family Worship in the Fellowship Hall. Busy Bags are available. Nursery, Classes & PSP will resume on Jan. 12.

Busy bags will be available this Sunday morning as we meet at a new time at 9am and in the Fellowship Hall. No Nursery your Bible classes this week. But you are welcome to use the Training Room and Nursing Mothers’ room.

Special Gathering Time on Sunday, January 5, 2020!! Details are on the poster.

Looking Backwards and Forwards
This Sunday morning we take time to look back at the 2019 year and ask, "How have we embodied our vision for loving, growing, and sending?" Join us as we share stories, hear from our shepherds, and pray about our future as we consider our vision for becoming Spirit-led disciples.

See you in Worship at 10 am tomorrow for Family Worship. Nursery is open & Busy Bags are available. Classes & Preschool Praise will resume on January 12.

Just a reminder that there are No Bible Classes tomorrow, Sunday, January 29. The Well will be open at 9am and we will begin worship at 10am. See you tomorrow morning!

Thanks for joining us in the special, interactive prayer experience in the Kids Wing today.

The prayer walk hosts are ready to receive you and help you know how to best experience this morning. 🙏🏻🎄

The HOCC Nursery will be open this holiday on December 29 from 9:45-11:30am and then resume as usual on January 12. The Training Room and Nursing Mom’s Rooms will be available throughout the holidays. Busy Bags are also available. 🎄 Thanks for understanding.

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Acts of Kindness by the Musical Cast 2019

Our children have been putting into practice the theme for the musical this Fall. It was a Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment. CAKE! Check out this montage of their various projects.

Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas's cover photo

We are so proud of these kids and their families for the many ways they have demonstrated acts of kindness this fall concluding in sharing the message of Jesus in the show! It’s been a special season with you all. And thank you to those who attended the shows in support as well!

The kindergarten and first graders did a live nativity during Bible class today!

Thanks for coming out to the show tonight! These kids sure appreciate your support. They did a fantastic job and we hope that each one of you get to be blessed by them in tomorrow night’s last show at 5pm. HOCCkids.com

Spread the word! You can purchase encouragement cards for $1 before both of the musical shows this weekend to be delivered to your favorite people in the cast.

Busy Bags are back! We understand it’s challenging to teach kids about Family Worship but it’s worth it. Check out this link for tips for your child’s age range.  http://www.hocc.org/childrensministry/children-in-worship/

This precious musical cast and their families are doing a CAKE project today (Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment) by Christmas caroling at a nursing home and bringing joy. Come out to one of their shows this coming Saturday and Sunday to see what they have been up to and you’re sure to have your spirits lifted. HOCCkids.com

[11/29/19]   Make sure to grab your Children’s Christmas Musical tickets for the December 7 & 8 weekend! You’ll come away from the show smiling and inspired. It’s guaranteed. 🎄😁❤️ hocckids.com

A big shout out to the Burns, Mejorado’s, Rowes, Ayson’s, Kahindo’s, Sutterfield /Pendergrace fam and the Finleys for decking the halls of the Kids Wing. It looks so fantastic. What a de-LIGHT-ful act of kindness! 🎄😁

Go tell it on the mountain! The children of Highland Oaks invite you to the Christmas musical. 🎄🎶 Grab your ticket to HOCC kids.com for December 7th & 8th. You’ll be uplifted and be inspired by all the ways they have been serving this semester during their CAKE project (Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment).

An integral part of our church vision is "Growing" and a wonderful way to grow in our communication with our children and our students is by asking gentler questions to difficult behavior. In what ways have you noticed that these alternative ways of communicating can help build relationships?

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[11/04/19]   Thank you so much for coming out to volunteer at Trunk or Treat this year at Thurgood Marshall Elementary. Our church family and the TME family is so creative, friendly and hospitable. What a terrific day it was!

Highland Oaks Church of Christ Children's Ministry - Dallas's cover photo

Have you saved the date for Camp 2020?! You don’t want to miss it. July 13-17

Trunk or Treat 2019 was a blast! We love partnering with Thurgood Marshall Elementary for a fun day with family. 🎃🍭🍁

As we enter the season for sickness, please be reminded of these guidelines for when to keep you child home from Bible Class & Nursery. Thanks for being considerate of other families. Hope you all are well! See you tomorrow if so.

When was the last time you thanked your child's Bible class volunteers?

The 2nd and 3rd graders made a dove craft that balanced on their fingertip (or nose)! Learning about how doves represent the Holy Spirit that appeared at Jesus’ baptism becomes memorable and fun! Our teachers are the best! 🕊 ✝️

[09/22/19]   Preschool Praise and our Pre-K Bible classes this month are learning about God’s amazing creations. 🦋 🐶 🐱 🐠 🐵 🐋 🐛 🐊 🦅 🐻 🐘 🧒 👦🏻 👶🏿 🌲 🌳 🌸 🌺

The Preschool Praise Team Page got off to a fabulous start today. Thanks for serving so well, volunteers! We sure appreciate each one of you.

Several of our elementary Bible classes took “field trips” to our baptistry as they were learning about Jesus’ baptism. Pictured here are our fourth and fifth graders and their fabulous teachers Ms. Karen and Ms. Ann.


Christmas Musical Auditions 2019

Saturday is the deadline to let us know that your 3rd, 4th or 5th grade child would like to audition for a speaking part &/or solo for this year's Christmas Musical. The last auditions will be this Sunday morning, so make sure to reserve a spot here.

signupgenius.com Your child is invited to participate in this year's Highland Oaks Children's Christmas Musical. Kindergarten through 5th graders are all welcome to participate in the choir.   The upper grades (3rd-5th) are invited to audition for a part in the HOCC Christmas Musical.  Auditions are not a require...

Do you have a child age 3 or younger who has not yet participated in a baby blessing day? RSVP to this year's Baby Dedication at Highland Oaks by this Sunday, September 8 and email your three photos (newborn, current and family) to [email protected]. https://blessing2019.pushpayevents.com/booking/attendees/new


O Começo da Vida, Série | Netflix

Your role as caregivers for a tiny humans is so very important. We just came across this new Netflix show that reminds us of all the ways that we can pour into our children from a very young age. “The Beginning of Life: The Series”

netflix.com Baseada em avanços na tecnologia e na neurociência, esta série avalia como o ambiente afeta as crianças e como elas podem afetar o nosso futuro.

What a special Sunday to lean into equipping and layers of discipleship. And so cool that our children and teens prayed over US. Thank you all of you who responded to the call to become trained Preschool Praise volunteers! Our teams are almost set to go. Now we just need a few more people to help out in the Nursery on a monthly rotation.


PSP Volunteer Training Lunch

There is important training for all 2019/20 Preschool Praise volunteers on Sunday, 8/25 right after worship. Lunch is provided! If you’ve served before, we want you there. If you’re wanting to serve, we want you there. If you’re unsure about what it means to serve in Preschool Praise, we want you there. Reserve your seat here. https://psptraining.pushpayevents.com/booking/attendees/new

psptraining.pushpayevents.com We invite experienced and potential Preschool Praise volunteers to attend this fun training lunch. NO cost. RSVP is required. Pizza will be provided. Please let us know if you can bring a side or salad, fruit or dessert. RSVP by August 22 below.

Our Kids Wing volunteers are superheroes! 🦸‍♀️ 🦸‍♂️ On Sunday we got to dote on our volunteers who have served on Sunday mornings this Summer, and it was a hit. They are soda da bomb. They are mint to be here. They are extra awesome. Hands down they are the best around!

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The Busy Bees are walking into Bible class to learn about God's Word!
We need you to become a Nursery Superhero!
Acts of Kindness by the Musical Cast 2019
Two's Bible Class Songs




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