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Young Israel of Dallas Synagogue


I am trying to reach you regarding hospitality for Shabbat Parashat Vayishlach. I am traveling to Ft Worth on business and need a place for Shabbat before my flight back to Israel. My email address: [email protected] Thank you.
As I was sitting on the plane”, said a man, “I could not help but notice the man on my left. He was consuming a treife (unkosher) cutlet. As I settled back to wait until he finished eating his meal, I noticed the name on the wrapping covering his treif-as-treif-can-be meal. It was a Jewish one. “Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude or offend you, but may I ask you a question?" The man asked. "Sure." He replied.”You know that you have the option to order kosher meals on this airline?" He then stared at the man and replied, "I don't eat Kosher." “What do you mean you don't eat Kosher? Do you mean that in the house yes and out of the house no, or is it just not a big deal to you, or what?" “None of the above. I don't eat kosher and I don't eat it because G-d said that we SHOULD eat it, and anything G-d says, well, I just do the complete OPPOSITE." As if that had not shocked me enough, I then saw a number tattooed in blue ink on his arm as he rolled up his sleeves. “You really want to know?" he asked me. I said “yes” and he continued. The funny thing was that he was speaking to me as if there had been a conversation going on in his head all along and he was just turning up the volume. “It was my son," he said. "That was the final straw.I endured everything with equanimity until finally, one day I broke. The entire time in the camps, I had one goal, to see the liberation with my son. His mother was long gone, as were his brother and sisters, but we were going to survive, I was sure of it. One day, the entire prisoner population was summoned to the assembly area for a special roll call. There was number of trapdoors on the platform to accommodate several simultaneous hangings. During this tirade, my son's hand was squeezing my arm so hard that he almost cut off my circulation. We all stampeded to get out of the line of fire, and my son and I were separated in the frenzy. I never saw his again. Later, I heard from others who knew us, that he had been pulled aside by a soldier and shot." Brushing the tears from his eyes, he continued, "G-d says 'Have children.' I did, and they were taken away. So now whatever G-d tells me to do, I do the opposite. He says 'Keep kosher'-I eat treife. He says, 'Honor the Sabbath'-I go out in my car. Whatever He says, I do the opposite." I could not say anything. Six hours later, we landed and went our separate ways. I never dreamed that I would see this man again. Four years later, I decided to take my family to Eretz Yisrael for the Yamim Tovim. We went from place to place visiting the whole country. Then Yom Kippur came. I attended a Yom Kippur service in The Great Synagogue.I walked outside for some fresh air. I then saw something out of the corner of my eye that shocked me. An elderly man was sitting at the bus stop, and smoking! As I stood there in shock, I suddenly realized that the old man sitting and smoking was my old acquaintance that I met on the plane and told me how he lost his son. I realized I was being given another chance. I approached him and told him, "Isn't it funny how life will sometime throw two people together and they can't even imagine why? Then years later they cross paths once again, and this time they are able to get a little bit of an idea why they had to meet.I'm sure you know that today is Yom Kippur and they are about to say Yizkor (mention the names of those who have passed away). Come with me so you can mention your son's name, who died for the sake of Kiddush Hashem (for the sake of sanctifying Hashem's name), to the Chazzan. This might be your only chance for your son's name to be remembered. Don't you think that it's time for his soul to be mentioned in the Heavenly court?" Tears gathered in the corners of his eyes, just waiting to spill over onto his shirt. Clasping his arm in mine, I led him through and up to where the Chazzan stood. I approached him and asked if he would say a special Hashkava, Blessing. He leaned over and whispered his son's name. Binyomin Zelig Ben eliezer. The chazzan's face turned a chalky white, and beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. His eyes looked like they would pop out of his head, and he swayed for a second where he stood. He reached out toward the man standing next to me and called out in a strangled voice, "Father!"-and then he fainted. Father and son were reunited once again. All because one man from a plane ride 4 years earlier took the initiative to REACH OUT that one more time! How many people how many links in the chain are waiting for us to reach out and do that one more act of kindness and goodness. Just one more time one more stretch to reach out to that person that you long gave up on. Let’s pick up the phone and try one more time to reach out to that Neshama that we gave up on or have forgotten about. They’re waiting for our call. Let’s make that difference NOW. Today
My name is Dovid Nissan Roetter, and I invite you to learn about the King David Network, LLC - KDNRadio, an online radio network promoting Jewish ideals and music to make the world a better and holier place. KDNRadio debuted in November 2018. The network runs all day, except for the holy day of Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Our goal is to provide something for everyone, regardless of age, background, and affiliation. The network is named in honor of King David of Israel, who teaches us that one must acknowledge that their talents come from G-d Above and utilize them to make this world a place where G-d could call home. The network is dedicated in everlasting memory of my dear sister, Pesha Leah (bas Chaim Leibel) Azoulay-Roetter, who taught me, and so many others, how to always share what we can with others to make this world even a little brighter. Having launched the network six and a half months ago, we are pleased to say that it already has maintained a large global audience. You can view our monthly statistics easily on our website. The network has won the Best Pitch Award at Central Michigan University's 2019 New Venture Competition and has over 130 downloads of our free mobile app available for Android & iOS. Due to the quick growth of interest, we have decided to speed up the timeline and implement a new broadcast software and certain programming, G-d willing, later this summer. One of the programs would be a “Daily Torah Study” that would include a Hebrew/English translated show on Chumash with Rashi, Psalms, Tanya, Daf Yomi, Sefer Hamitzvos, Hayom Yom, and Chofetz Chaim Companion. This program would air twice a day, in the early morning and late evening, for those who would like to tune in. Other programs we hope to implement include “Soul Sisters”, a twice daily hour segment of female vocalists for the pleasure of Jewish women everywhere; as well as “Poetry Power”, where listeners can submit their original Jewish-themed poems for airing. We also stream a daily Children’s Hour and an Erev Shabbos Clockwheel playlist. These are just several of the incredible shows King David Network will be airing. We currently air “Go Simcha! The Podcast” which is created in Jerusalem, Israel. The show interviews various members of the Jewish entertainment industry. As a special birthday present to our dear listeners, KDNRadio offers a FREE Birthday Shoutout to those interested. The shoutout would air for three days prior to the birthday, the day of, and three days following the special day. This is a beautiful way to celebrate your, or a friend’s, special day. To sign up for a Birthday Shoutout, simply fill out the form on our website or mobile app. I am writing to you today, to ask for your support in this matter. KDNRadio wants to be more than just a company. We desire to partner together with our listeners, enabling them to sponsor/dedicate time, programming, software, music, and equipment in honor or memory of a loved one. This is a beautiful way to honor a life milestone or commemorate the yartzeit of a loved one. For as low as $20 a day, sponsoring a part of KDNRadio is not just an investment in this world, but in your loved one’s soul in the World To Come. As a company, you can advertise with the network on our website or mobile app on a weekly or monthly basis. Take advantage of the concept that as an online network, we reach a global audience. This is a perfect way to expand your clientele. I invite you to tune in and give a listen for yourself; and to visit our website and download our free mobile app. Please let us know if you have any questions at, or by emailing us at [email protected], or you can give us a call at (248) 897-6822. Wishing you all the best, Dovid Nissan Roetter Founder & Executive Director King David Network “Judaism For Your Ears, Heart, Soul”
My sister makes these wonderful "[email protected]". Please take a look and see that you think. Her name is Carol Claassen. has a section called Guest Friendly Shuls. We looked at your website but you didn't have much information there. Could you contact us at [email protected] OR send us your e-mail & we'll send you what information we'd need to make a page for your shul. Thank you.
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By the Grace of G-d The Auspicious Day of 28 Sivan 5777 6/22/17 AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP Honorable President Trump, This letter is to petition you for righteous judgement in your treatment of the Arab-Israeli conflict as it relates to the Jews of the Holy Land who reside in Judea and Samaria. For eight years, Barack Obama and Mahmoud Abbas – a modern-day iteration of the Hitler-Mufti alliance – collaborated to effect a freeze on Jewish settlement while unregulated, illegal Arab construction continued at an alarming clip in these reclaimed territories that have constituted the heart of Biblical Israel and the hub of Jewish sovereignty since the Holy Land was bequeathed by G-d to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants over 3,000 years ago. Needless to say, Obama and Abbas could not have succeeded without their “Baby” – a gutless traitor who routinely blindsides the Israeli public and manipulates them with lies, spins and underhanded maneuvers as he sails them down the river in the best tradition of his pre-statehood Zionist forebears who, like him, consorted with Hitler, the Mufti and One World Government gangbanksters. In the short space of time since you were elected president, you’ve proven yourself a noble and courageous public servant in your pursuit of justice both for the citizens of America and those in countries across the globe. With single-minded determination you’ve countered Obama’s sick, radical left agenda by, among other things, advancing legislation that would trash and replace its various components. The struggle with Obama and his globalist cabal is not a tango-like game of compromise – it’s an arm wrestling match where victory and defeat are a binary choice that is raw, absolute and unforgiving in its finality. Your success as a statesman and as a warrior hinges on an awareness of this fact which, judging by the character of your leadership thus far, you obviously possess. What must be equally clear, is that a major component of Obama’s Old World Order agenda is the plan for Israel’s destruction, G-d forbid, premised on disenfranchising its Jewish citizens by stripping them of their land, giving it to the Arab enemy within and herding them into cities, ghetto-style. As the history of the Jews in Nazi Europe has taught us, that’s the last stop before annihilation. Make no mistake: The global arm wrestling match spans the seven continents, but its fulcrum rests smack center in Israel. Attempting to ignore this fact and address the Arab-Israeli conflict with devious aphorisms and platitudes, as your predecessors did, would be like confronting fake news or any other tentacle of the radical left medusa with an arsenal of petunias in a flower basket. When Obama took office, he ramped up the war on Israel and set a deadly trend into motion that banned Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria while giving the Arabs a free pass to build wherever they wanted. Eight years later, the back of Israel’s hand is almost on the table. A little more pressure – nay, no pressure, just time and a steady grip on Baby’s atrophied hand – and the Jewish state will be nothing but a memory. Baby’s favorite book is Henry Kissinger’s World Order; Kissinger has stated: “In ten years, there will be no more Israel” (quote publicized in 2012). For these wicked men Israel’s carefully crafted doom is non-negotiable. To grab the nail and put it in their own coffin, it’s necessary not just to arrest the trend of land concession in Israel but adhere to the muscle matrix and REVERSE THE TREND by following the path of Obama’s own trajectory IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, measure for measure. Obama’s plan banned Jewish settlement construction in Judea and Samaria; President Trump’s plan will give carte blanche for unlimited Jewish construction in Judea and Samaria. Obama’s plan gave carte blanche for unlimited Arab construction in Judea and Samaria; President Trump’s plan will ban Arab construction in Judea and Samaria and take all the government funding earmarked for leftist watchdog groups to purchase jeeps, binoculars and hidden cameras to monitor settlement activity, and give it to conservative, nationalist entities to monitor illegal Arab construction. The radical left has to feel the squeeze that the settlers have felt for eight years. It’s the only language they understand. *** The numerical value of the Hebrew letters that comprise the name “D J Trump” (ד ג' טראמפ) is equal to that of the word “Purim” (פורים) – the holiday that commemorates the defeat of the wicked Persian minister, Haman who had enacted a decree to annihilate the Jewish people which culminated in his own execution and the Jewish people’s triumph over their enemies. What’s more, the numerical value of the Hebrew letters that comprise the name “Donald Trump” (דונלד טראמפ) is equal to the name “Messiah Son of David” (משיח בן דוד). Our Sages of blessed memory teach that a spark of the Messiah resides in every Jew and in every Righteous Gentile who seeks truth and justice for the Jewish people; that the harder one works for their benefit, the greater the intensity with which that spark glows and is revealed. The fact that your name is tied to Purim and the Messiah in such a rare and unique way means that you have enormous potential to help the Jewish people. It means that you’re a Divinely-empowered figure in the Purim story playing out in Israel, which now, as in Biblical times, turns on the theme of REVERSAL in ways wondrous and profound. It means that you have the capacity to shield the Jewish people from harm, protect their land and safeguard their Torah observance upon which the entire world stands and is sustained – and, in so doing, lead the world into the Era of Messiah and Redemption in the most literal, actual sense. Every action you take towards the welfare of the Jewish people reveals the spark of Messiah within you and defines with increasing clarity the Divine mission that G-d has chosen you to carry out. Of the Messiah the Bible states: “And with righteousness shall he judge the poor.” In 2005, the Israeli government dismantled twenty-one settlements and expelled 8,600 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif so that Gaza could arm itself with long-range ballistic missiles and advanced weaponry, and become the militarily independent Iranian terrorist base that it is today. In Judea and Samaria too, settlements or parts of them have been evacuated and bulldozed, such as Amona, Migron and the Ulpena buildings in Beit El, all on Baby’s watch. The victims of these expulsions and those whose homes are on the butcher block are poor not just in the sense of having been used as political bargaining chips in backroom deals, but in that they have no lobby anywhere in the world to protest their abuse and demand that it is not repeated, except for opportunists and self-interest groups that use the settlement cause to advance themselves politically. Their political isolation has made them especially vulnerable non-entities in the One World hierarchy which has marked them as an easy target and persecutes them relentlessly. Indeed, the settlers of Judea and Samaria are poor in every respect except one: they have an advocate for fairness, justice and freedom who occupies the highest office in America, for whom governance is not the goal but the means towards an end that benefits everyone; for whom the presidency is not a cash cow but a vehicle to ensure that democratic values are held sacred and every constitutional right enforced for the citizens of America and beyond. In you, President Trump, the settlers have a judge whose absolute, unwavering commitment to justice will reach them. In that sense they’re rich and the future is bright, for them and for all of us. Long live our Master, the Great Rebbe of Lubavitch King Messiah, forever! Rabbi Shaul Elkeslasi Chabad House of Pike County, Port Jervis & Deerpark

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[12/29/19]   Hello friends
Unfortunately we cannot ignore the fact that there is a rise of anti-semitism against the Jews in America.
The attacks are mostly seen to be happening at shuls and Jewish places.

It is important that we are alert and careful and report anything that seems suspicious.

Whoever has a gun would be wise to have it on them when going to such places.
With that said, may we all have ave a good week, a good month, and happy chanukkah.

שלום חברים
לצערינו מדד האנטישמיות באמריקה עולה יהודים נמצאים בסכנה בעיקר לבתי כנסת ומוסדות יהודיים אי לכך יש להיות ערניים להיזהר ולדווח על כל דבר חשוד הנראה לכם.
למי שיש נשק נא לדאוג לך שיהיה בקרבת מקום על כל צרה שלא תבוא.
שבוע טוב
חודש טוב
וחנוכה שמח.

[10/06/19]   ********כפרות*******
חברים יקרים
חשוב מאד....
יום כיפור בפתח
זמן כפרות הגיע
למעוניינים בפרטים איך למה ומתי ?
אפשר לעשות כפרות כבר ממחר יום ראשון
הרב רונן שמעון מחכה לטלפון או לטקסט מכם כבר מהערב
נא לפנות לרב בפרטי
שבוע טוב
וגמר חתימה טובה
For Kaparot Before Yom Kippur
Please don't wait till it's too late call or Text to Rabbi Shimon directly for the meter of kapparot 469-682-0052

[10/06/19]   ********כפרות*******
חברים יקרים
חשוב מאד....
יום כיפור בפתח
זמן כפרות הגיע
למעוניינים בפרטים איך למה ומתי ?
אפשר לעשות כפרות כבר ממחר יום ראשון
הרב רונן שמעון מחכה לטלפון או לטקסט מכם כבר מהערב
נא לפנות לרב בפרטי
שבוע טוב
וגמר חתימה טובה

[09/01/19]   שלום חברים
8:15 שיעור מחר בערב
אצל משפחת גולדשטיין
"עם הארץ"
מי זה? להתחבר או להתרחק?
רווח והפסד...
כל זאת ועוד הערב בשיעור תנ"ך השבועי

[03/11/19]   הערב ב 8
"שחצן קטן"
"שוויץ בלי מיץ
והתרופה לגאווה

[12/07/18]   Shabbat Shalom &
Happy Hanukkah! Hevreh

[12/07/18]   חנוכה שמח לכולם!

[09/14/18]   שבת שובה: פרשת וילך
ערב שבת
7:16 הדלקת נרות
6:35 שיר השירים / מנחה / קבלת-שבת
8:15 (בבוקר) שחרית
5:45 שיעורי תורה
(בעברית: עם הרב נקש / באנגלית: עם מר' אלישמע מדינה)
6:45 תהילים
7:00 מנחה / סעודה שלישית / ארביט
8:10 הבדלה
סיפור לשבת:
יש סיבה – אוריאל לוף
גדי העביר את שנות ילדותו כיתום מאם, אבל מלבד אימא שתגדל אותו מעולם לא חסר לו דבר: סבא שלו היה סוחר נדל'ן מצליח וכלכל את משפחתם בשפע כך שגדי ניהל את חייו עד כמה שאפשר במסלול רגיל עד שגדל והפך לעלם צעיר.
ביום אחד בהיר קיבל גדי טלפון במפתיע מאביו שסבו נפטר ושמחר תתקיים ההלוויה. גדי הצטער מאוד על פטירתו של סבו האהוב, הייתה לו הרגשה שהוא הנכד שסבא חיבב יותר מכל שאר הנכדים ושהכיר אותו יותר טוב מכולם.
כשתמו ימי האבל התכנסו בני המשפחה אצל עורך הדין והמתינו לשמוע את הצוואה. האח הבכור קיבל את העסק ואחיו קיבלו בתים וקרקעות. אבא של גדי קיבל וילה גדולה באזור יוקרתי, רק גדי ישב על כסאו וראה בעיניים כלות כיצד כל בני המשפחה יוצאים בזה אחר זה עם בקשות להגשת צו ירושה ואילו הוא לא הוזכר כלל. כשכולם יצאו וגדי נותר אחרון, נעל עורך הדין את הדלת והפעיל את המקרן ואז עלתה על המסך תמונתו של סבו האהוב: 'גדי נכדי היקר! כשתצפה בסרטון הזה , אני כבר לא אהיה בין החיים. אני יודע שמותי גורם לך צער רב ומקווה שתמצא נחמה. אם עקבת אחרי חלוקת הירושה ודאי הבחנת שאת רוב הכסף הנזיל – המזומן שישב בבנקים, לא הענקתי לאף אחד וזאת, משום שלכסף הזה יש מטרה שונה. אני צריך אותך עבור המטרה הזאת וברור לי שתהיה מוכן לעשות הכול בשבילי, לכן כעת יאמר לך עורך הדין בדיוק מה לעשות...'
עורך הדין הגיש לגדי כרטיס נסיעה ברכבת והסביר לו שעליו להגיע לדרום, לבצע שם משימה וצירף שם וכתובת של האיש שאליו הוא אמור להגיע. גדי שהיה בטוח שלא מדובר בעבודה קשה, ארגן לעצמו תיק עם בגדים ונסע מיד. הוא הגיע בשעת לילה מאוחרת ושם קיבל אותו תושב האזור, ארגן לו מיטה לשינה וגדי הלך לישון. בזריחה העיר אותו האיש ושניהם יצאו לשדה על מנת לבנות גדר סביב שדה העומדת לזריעה. גדי היה עייף, חסר ניסיון כלשהו בעבודה פיזית וניסה להתחמק. אבל האיש, לא נתן לו להתבטל. הוא הביא מעדר וביקש מגדי לחפור בורות ולתקוע היטב באדמה את מקלות הגדר, גדי הזיע וטרח ולבסוף סיים להקים את הגדר. יעקב הגיע לבחון את התוצאה, הזיז מקל אחד וכל הגדר קרסה ברעש. גדי הביט בו המום: הם חזרו הביתה, אבל למחרת הורה לו יעקב להקים את הגדר מחדש. רק אחרי שבועיים של עבודה מאומצת, הביט גדי בסיפוק בגדר שבנה, שעמדה כמו שצריך. יעקב חייך ואמר לו לנסוע בחזרה לעורך הדין.
כשהגיע חזרה למשרדו של עורך הדין, הלה הושיב את גדי והפעיל קובץ חדש וגדי מצא את עצמו מקשיב להוראה הבאה: 'עליך למצוא עבודה' הוא התחיל לחשוב שאולי סבא סתם עושה ממנו צחוק אבל השתיק את המחשבה הזו והלך לחפש עבודה. בסוף החודש, כשמצא את עצמו עדיין מובטל, התקשר לאביו וביקש ממנו שיעביר לו כסף לחשבון, אבל לתדהמתו אביו סירב: 'סבא אסר עלי לתת לך כסף. אני ממש מצטער!' וניתק את השיחה.
הימים עברו והחיים נעשו קשים. האשראי נבלע בכספומט והיו ימים שגדי הסתובב רעב, כי לא הצליח להשיג אפילו כמה שקלים ללחמנייה במכולת. השמועות על מצבו הכלכלי של גדי הגיעו לאזני חבריו וכולם נטשו אותו, הוא מצא את עצמו חי על השקל ומחפש עבודות מזדמנות. גדי חש נבגד ומרומה וביום בהיר אחד – הוא החליט שנמאס לו מהכול: אין חברים, אין כסף, אין עבודה, סבא השתגע והחליט להרוס לו את החיים... איזה מן חיים אלו?
פתאום נחה יד על כתפו. עורך הדין של סבו עמד שם מאחוריו – ולצדו אביו של גדי, הם התיישבו לידו על החוף ועורך הדין פתח את המחשב הנייד שהחזיק בידו. 'זאת ההסרטה האחרונה' אמר עורך הדין והפעיל את הקובץ: 'גדי יקירי! כנראה שעמדת בכל הקשיים שהצבתי בפניך, ולכן אני רוצה להיפרד ממך. השארתי לך בצוואה נוספת את כל שארית כספי, אבל ידעתי שעליך ללמוד כמה דברים על החיים. אני מתנצל שהקשיתי עליך - אבל שמח שגילית את הסיפוק שבעבודה ואיך זה לחיות בלי עזרה. כעת תוכל להשתמש בכסף שיעביר לך עורך הדין בצורה חיובית שלא תשחית אותך. אני בטוח בכך! היה שלום גדי יקירי, אוהב אותך!' ובדמעות בעיניו נפרד ממנו סבא, לעולמים...
גם אנחנו עוברים בחיים קשיים והרבה פעמים לא מבינים מה המטרה של כל מה שעובר עלינו. מה שמנחם זה, לדעת שיש בורא שמכוון הכול ומכין לנו את מה שהכי טוב ומתאים עבורנו- במדויק. אם נתפלל חזק בראש השנה ונבקש על השנה הבאה שתהיה כולה לטובה, בטוח שהיא תיראה אחרת.

[09/14/18]   Shabbat Shuva: Parashat VaYelech
Erev Shabbat
7:16PM Candle lighting
6:35PM Shir Ha'Shirim/Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat

8:15AM Shabbat Shachrit
Torah classes
5:45PM בעברית עם הרב נקש
In English with Mr. Elishama Medina
6:45PM Finishing all together the book of Tehilim
7:00PM Mincha/Seudah Shelish*t/Arvit
8:10PM Shabbat end

[09/12/18]   Erev Rosh HaShana 5779
Selichot will begin: 7:00 a.m.
(After Shacharit, Hatarat Nedarim)
5:45 a.m.
1:45 p.m.
Candle lighting**:
7:11 p.m.
6:45 p.m.
Kol Nidre:
7:20 p.m.
** Don’t say the Shehecheyanu Bracha at candlelighting

High Holiday schedule 5779.docx

High Holiday Schedule 2018 / 5779
Rosh HaShana ~ Shemini Atzeret
click link below to view

[09/07/18]   Shabbat Update: Parashat Nitzavim
(Sept. 7-8 / Elul 27-28)
Candlelighting 7:25 PM
Shir HaShirim/Kabbalat Shabbat 6:40 PM
Shachrit 8:15 AM
Torah classes 5:50 PM
Tehillim 6:50 PM
Mincha/Arvit 7:05 PM
(Seudat Shelish*t) ^^
Havdalah/Shabbat Ends 8:20 PM

Selichot 6:00 PM

[09/07/18]   Sept.9: UPDATE!!!
Site is back up and running and has been updated with High Holiday Schedule & Customs, new Shabbat times, and Lulav order flyer

Sept. 7:
Editors side of our website is temporarily under maintenance. Currently cannot display this weeks Shabbat times on site. We will post them here on Facebook, as well as the Upcoming Holiday schedule. So check back on our page for updates.

הלכה: (על)
תפילת ערב ראש השנה
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi Shimon)
"Prayers for the night/(Erev) Rosh HaShana"

הלכה: (על)
הדלקת נרות יום טוב
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi Shimon)
"Kindling Yom Tov lights"

הלכה: (על)
ערב ראש השנה-הכנות וקברות צדיקים
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi Shimon)
"Preparations and cemetery visits on eve of / Erev Rosh HaShana"

הלכה: (על)
התרת נדרים בסוף חודש אלול
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi Shimon)
"Hatart Nedarim on 29 Elul"

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הלכה: (על)
תפילה, צדקה, ותשובה
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi Shimon)
"Prayer, Charity, and Repentance"
#tefillah #tzedaka #teshuva #Elul #Halacha #jewishlaw #prayer #charity #repentance #askingforgiveness #judgement
#הלכה #תפילה #צדקה #תשובה

הלכה: (על)
תקיעות שופר בחודש אלול
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi Shimon)
"Blowing the shofar during month of Elul"
#shofar #elul #halacha #jewishlaw #ramshorn

הלכה לשבת:
האכלת עופות בתולעים והחובל בחברו
עם הרב רונן שמעון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Feeding worms to birds -and- injuring people on Shabbat"
#shabbatlaws #halacha #halachot #torah #shabbathalacha #jewishlaw

[08/11/18]   *Notice*
website under maintenance (temporarily) sorry for any inconvenience. Will update once issues are fixed
For those who want to know time for Havdallah:
Shabbat ends 8:56pm

וְהָיָה בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא יִתָּקַע בְּשׁוֹפָר גָּדוֹל
(ישעיה כז.יג)
"...And it shall come to pass on that day, that a great shofar shall be sounded" - (Yeshiyahu; Isaiah 27:13)

🙏B'zrt H" 🚨🔔NEXT WEEK⚠📢
🔜 We begin reciting Selichot‼
click link below,🔽 check out the schedule for or Visit our website anytime to view upcoming holidays and Shabbat Updates every week (find under 'Event Calendar' Tab)

הלכה של שבת: (על)
סימן שטז דיני צידה בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Hunting on Shabbat"
#shabbatlaws #halacha #halachot #torah #shabbathalacha #jewishlaw

הלכה של שבת: (על)
פרוכת ומטריה בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Curtains and umbrellas on Shabbat"
(Torah curtain/covering)
#halacha #halachot #shabbatlaws #shabbathalachot #torah #jewishlaw #umbrellas #curtains #coverings

הלכה של שבת: (על)
נתינת מפה על שולחן שנראה כמו אוהל בשבת -עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: w/Rabbi Ronen Shimon
"using folding tables, draping table-cloths and bed spreads on Shabbat"
#shabbatlaws #halacha #halachot #shabbathalacha #torah #jewishlaw

הלכה של שבת: (על)
פתיחת גגון בעגלת תינוק בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon
(Spreading canopy pt.2)
"Stroller sun-cover on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaws #ShabbatHalacha #Halacha #halachot #torah #jewishlaw

הלכה של שבת: (על)
תליית וילון בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Hanging curtain on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaws #ShabbatHalacha #Halacha #Halachot #Torah #jewishlaw

הלכה של שבת: (על)
בניית אוהל בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon
(Spreading a canopy pt.1)
"Forming a tent on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaws #ShabbatHalacha #halacha #halachot #torah

הלכה של שבת: (על)
הברגת כוס קידוש בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Construction on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaws #ShabbatHalacha #Halachot

הלכה של שבת: (על)
הכנת מי סודה בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Using soda machine on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaws #ShabbatHalacha #Halacha #Halachot

הלכה של שבת : (על)
הפרדת יוגורט והדבקת מיתלה
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Yogurt and hooks on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaw #ShabbatHalacha #Halacha #Halachot

הלכה של שבת : (על)
פתיחת קופסת שימורים בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Opening metal cans on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaws #ShabbatHalacha #Halacha #Halachot

הלכה של שבת: (על)
הכנת קרח בשבת
עם הרב רונן שימון
Halacha: (w/Rabbi @Ronen Shimon)
"Making ice on Shabbat"
#ShabbatLaws #ShabbatHalacha #halacha #halachot

Tisha B'Av 2018

Tisha (9th) B'Av Reading at Young Israel (Dallas TX)

[08/08/18]   Halacha videos: (continued)
...with that, we will start by sharing the most recent videos from July (after Tisha B'Av) and (August) this month. Please note that the dates will be as follows (day/month/year) NOT U.S. order

B'zrt. H" eventually we'll also post ones from this past year (2018)

[08/08/18]   Bzrt. H" we will be sharing the videos (in Hebrew / b'ivrit) of halachot recorded at shul, here on our page soon! (some may be from past year or older)

[03/27/18]   For viewing the Passover schedule / Pesach times visit our website. (Find it in the 'Event Calendar' tab under 'Menu')
לוח זמנים לפסח⬇

Passover Guide

Clink link below for: (Sephardic) Guidelines about Hametz of Pesach/Passover
Para Espanol oprima el segundo link


[01/17/18]   Shalom everyone
Wishing you all CHODESH TOV.
a Great and a blessed month


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