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Dr. Andy Stoker: Interior Castle

Last Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker used the life of Teresa of Avila and the truth of the transfiguration to remind Enneagram 9s (and all of us) that God chose us, and our presence matters.

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Dr. Andy Stoker: Interior Castle
Last Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker used the life of Teresa of Avila and the truth of the transfiguration to remind Enneagram 9s (and all of us) that God chose us, and our presence matters.

Chancel Choir: My Eternal King
A special midday treat: Last Sunday's Chancel Choir singing "My Eternal King" and lovely organ music leading into the Doxology from our own Tim Effler.

Dr. Andy Stoker: Strength to Love
Dr. Andy Stoker spoke to Enneagram 8s through the story of Mother Teresa, who taught us of "God’s providential care and our need to trust that God will meet your vulnerability with exactly what is needed." We have Enneagram 9s and 7s left. Join us these next two Sundays or livestream with us at

Dr. Andy Stoker: Violence of Love
Last Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker talked about Sixes on the Enneagram through the story of the life and faith of Oscar Romero. "I am convinced that each one of us hold within us sainthood. St. Romero was just like you and me. He was afraid to break out of the ways he’d always done it, to trust the world, others, himself and God to meet his needs. Once timid about social and political changes around him, he discovered an inner knowing where he needed not to rely on others for guidance but only Christ. Rather than just fight off monsters, he took on the monstrous. Rather than complain, he engaged great courage to take action to stand for what was good, just and loving, even for “the least of these.” He was secure within himself, knowing that the Holy Spirit was an ever-present guide for security and peace."

Dr. Andy Stoker: Through the Window
Last Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker used 1 Corinthians 1 and the work of Jane Goodall to tell our Enneagram 5s that "they can be comfortable in the world", and remind all of us that we decide what kind of impact we want to make on the world. "In all of what we do here as a church, we represent the wisdom of the cross which is sacrifice in the face of suffering, which is hope in light of helplessness, which is love overcoming the myth of lovelessness. In all that we do as disciples of Jesus Christ, in every waking moment, we have the choice to represent the wisdom and power of the cross instead of the world’s foolishness. This is what ultimately will save us time and time again."

Chancel Choir: For The Bread
The talents of our Chancel Choir take worship to another level! Here's last Sunday's "For The Bread".

Dr. Andy Stoker: Seeds of Contemplation
In our most recent installment of our Enneagram series, Dr. Andy Stoker focused on the 4s, and used Matthew 18 to remind us that we are beloved and enough. "God wants us to sift through all of the messages and all of the feelings of not having “enoughness” to find that little part of you that you’ve been missing."

Variations Choir: Reckless Love
Our Variations Choir brought us a special treat in worship Sunday with "Reckless Love". We love to have our youth play such a vital role in the service.

Chancel Choir: I'm Gonna Sing When The Spirit Says Sing
What a special treat from our choir this past Sunday. A special thanks to our soloist Veronica Roane and our piano duo Tim Effler and Doug Kinzey!

Todd McCavit: Construction Update
Missed church last Sunday? Hear our Board Chair Todd McCavit give an update on our construction progress. And it's not too late to donate to the Capital Campaign - make an investment in future generations of FirstChurch!

Dr. Andy Stoker: Made For Goodness
On Confirmation Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker recalled one of his own childhood experiences to remind us that God calls us to act as a community of faith and take care of one another.

Dr. Andy Stoker: My Experiments With Love
Last Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker kicked off our new sermon series by looking at perfectionism. John Wesley's work and leadership served as an example of what it means to embrace God's perfection over our own.

Men's Quartet: Mary Did You Know
Our Men's Quartet gave us an early Christmas present with "Mary Did You Know". Take a listen!

Combined Choirs: Lo How a Rose
A choral treat from exactly this time last year - love it when there are beautiful musical moments like this in worship!

Variations Choir: Love Came Down At Christmas
Sundays in Advent are made even more special with our amazing choirs. Listen to our youth choir sing "Love Came Down At Christmas".

Dr. Andy Stoker: A 'Yes' To Belonging.
On Thanksgiving week, Dr. Andy Stoker's focus on love and belonging delivered a powerful message that's important to remember this holiday season. "Connection is belonging to one another. Love brings forth that kind of connection, but it is not a superficial love. Love is the ultimate “Yes” to belonging. We are showing a depth of Love for one another when we decide to stay together, even when things are difficult, even when the path forward is unclear, even when it seems that all hope is lost. No matter how difficult the conflict, how sharp our words become, it is belonging that will get us through."

Children's Choirs: Let Every Heart Prepare a Throne
We loved hearing our littlest voices this past Sunday during Hanging of the Greens!

Dr. Andy Stoker: Vision of Visions
"So, in the breaking bread, in the kneeling at the Table, we discover that there is power in brokenness and strength in fragility. This is a vision of visions that are now dwelling in our own bodies to become God’s miracle grown for the world to see Light and hope in all who come in our midst."

Dr. Andy Stoker: A Call to a Grateful Way
From last Sunday: "The apostle Paul paints the picture of a sure and certain hope for those who clothe themselves in Christ. Paul invites the members of the church at Colossae to 'strip off our old selves' and 'clothe yourself with the new self…that is the image of the Creator.' “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Bear with one another and . . . forgive each other […] Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.' In Paul’s writings, we can see this theme over and over: when we come to believe, Jesus restores us to God’s original blessing. This was and still is God’s hope for you and me in and through the person, work, life, death and resurrection of Jesus."

Chancel Choir: More Love To Thee
Last Sunday was a special treat - this beautiful piece by Howard Helvey was commissioned by the church to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ministries of Dana and Tim Effler. Enjoy!

Dr. Andy Stoker: Surprised by Gratitude
"What if ‘surrender’ was a virtue? What if ‘surrender’ could teach us who we really are and who God is? What if ‘surrender’ was the first step to leading a life filled with gratitude? Teresa of Avila once said: “We can only learn to know ourselves and do what we can—namely, surrender our will and fulfill God’s will in us.” Know Jesus, Know Peace. No Jesus, No Peace."

Chancel Choir: Rejoice, The Lord Is King!
Rejoice, The Lord Is King! was a beautiful addition to worship this past Sunday!

Chancel Choir: Peace Like A River
The Chancel Choir is always such a beautiful addition to worship. Listen to them sing "Peace Like A River".

Dr. Andy Stoker: A Mountaintop Experience
From Dr. Andy Stoker on All Saints Sunday: "To come so close to the sufferings of Christ was to Francis’ followers confirmation of God’s presence in the here and now. This is it! For those of us who have been left behind, our tears, our fear, our doubts, our grief are pointing not to the sufferings of Christ but God’s answer to suffering in this world."

Children's Sermon: Hollis and Brian Owens
We've loved having our members give the children's sermon each week. And in preparation for Halloween, Brian Owens did not disappoint! See "Bob Ross" present our lesson last Sunday.

Dr. Andy Stoker: If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?
"With so much going on in our world, in our denomination, in our lives, we need to be assured of the core message of our faith. God has not left us alone! God in Jesus Christ has brought God’s plan to fruition. Now it is our turn to respond all over again to God’s vision for our lives. I believe God’s vision for us is to be ‘what love looks like in public’." - Dr. Andy Stoker

Chancel Choir: Hymn of Mercy
Midday choral break! We were so glad to have member Lauren Whitney share her talents on the flute. A beautiful selection!

Women's Chorus: O Love
#tbt for your midday choral break today. Our Women's Chorus blew everyone away when they sang O Love last month. Enjoy!

Dr. Andy Stoker: Rooted & Established in Love
Last Sunday, Dr. Stoker used the example of St. Francis to remind us in giving too much voice to our inner critic, we're forgetting that God is already within us, loving us. "God’s en-flesh-ment with humanity means that God is choosing us again and again. So, why don’t you choose yourself? Choose that voice that knows that you are good, that you are wanted, that you are loved, that you are seen, that your needs are not a problem, that you are safe, that you will be cared for, that you will not be betrayed, that your presence matters."

Cantate/Counterpoint Choirs: You Are Welcome Here
Midday choral break! How can you not listen to these cute faces! Such a joy to have them sing You Are Welcome Here in worship this past Sunday!

Dr. Andy Stoker: When Things Fall Apart
Last Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker used the struggles and doubts of St. Francis to remind us that when things fall apart, God is there to pick up the pieces.

No principal for a day would be complete without kids schooling you on dance moves. 🕺🏻

Dr. Andy Stoker: Mirror, Mirror
In this first Sunday of our Franciscan Way of Jesus series, Dr. Andy Stoker used Mark 12 to frame St. Francis' account of spiritual rebirth, and remind us that loving others can teach us so much about loving God and ourselves.

Chancel Choir: Come to Me
The talent in our Chancel Choir is nothing short of amazing. Enjoy "Come to Me".

Handbell Choir: I Will Arise
A little handbell choir for your Monday afternoon viewing. It was a treat to have this in worship on Sunday!

Dr. Andy Stoker: A Bigger Table: The Ingredient
For the final Sunday of our Bigger Table stewardship campaign, Dr. Andy Stoker recalled instances where he wondered if what he had to give was enough, and reminded us that at the Table of faith, there is always enough.

Variations: Show Us How To Love
Last Sunday was a special Sunday, and the beautiful sounds of the Variations choir made it even better. Take a listen to "Show Us How To Love."

Dr. Andy Stoker: True Diversity
This past Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker used ideas of diversity from author John Inazu to frame how we might move forward together with those who are different from us: "We can bridge relational distance even when we cannot bridge ideological distance.” These are outward signs of a Bigger Table. A Bigger Table is diverse. That is, even in the face of difference, we can hold tension long enough to accomplish a shared mission."

Chancel Choir: Psalm 8
The Women's Chorus was a beautiful addition to worship this past Sunday. Listen to them sing Psalm 8!

Dr. Andy Stoker: Total Authenticity
#tbt Last Sunday, Dr. Andy Stoker used the story of Esther to remind us to remember our ‘undisputed origin’ and fully rely on the assurance that God has gifted us for this time and for this place. Check out the entire sermon on our You Tube channel!

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