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He who believeth in me will live for eternity.

But what does it mean to believe in the Almighty?

Are you a true believer if you attend church?

Giving ten pieces of silver from your purse.

If I give twenty will my chances be greater than yours?

If I have none to give will they allow me through their doors?

Am I giving to the true needy, be it enemy or friend?

Or do I think that I am paying off my earthly sins?

Do I give a hundred pieces of gold to help build a large church?

But not throw down one piece of silver to the poor or the hurt.

Jew, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Pentecostal, Evangel, all

Religions of now, and those of which to come.

Tell me, do I allow religion to separate me, but preach that we are all one.

If we believe that GOD made us all then let not man keep us apart.

For the true meaning of GOD is not in a synagogue, church, or temple,

but only in the heart.

Be his words spoken in the forest, on the mountain, river, house, fortress or in

a prison cell.

It does not matter where they are spoken as long as they are spoken well.

Be it from a Rabbi, Priest, Preacher, Monk, or from a mere child.
Be it spoken to just a few for it does not have to be a crowd.

If it spoken in the lowest valley it will ring out on the highest mountain top.

God’s voice will be that of the flood of rivers not that of morning dewdrops.

The cup that the Lord holdeth is filleth to the brim.

One must not believe partially, but only totally to the Lord within.

One who goes to church every day but still does wrong.

Has wasted time and money that could had been better spent at home.

Do not waste money on building temples with large golden doors.

But gather your tithes together to feed GOD’s hunger and poor.

You will not go to heaven for being the one who wears the most

beautiful dress.

For it is only he who gives to GOD’s needy is the one who will be blessed.

- taken from the book “I LOVE GOD by Gregory St. James Mundy” -
Enjoy this reflection my Anna for The Feast Congregation Devotional. Be Blessed.
A great story about one of our own.
To those of you out of town, hello from FUMC Dallas! Believe it or not, my son Adler is (I believe?) in the first class of third-generation Variations this year! And in his first year, they're taking their first overseas tour in June (not first international trip, I know some of you most senior variations took a roadtrip to Mexico City back in the day!).
This year's group will fly to England for their tour in June, and we are reaching out to see if you'd consider donating to this amazing group! As you can imagine, this is a huge financial undertaking. The singers will host their annual fundraiser show in the spring, but for those of you who can't make it... would you consider donating at the link below? No donation is too big or small! Please consider supporting this amazing group of Variations, and if you prefer to pay via check, you can contact me at [email protected] and we'll arrange for that so that you can avoid the online payment transaction fee. Thanks in advance for your support!!!
Lastly, please forward this link to any other Variations alumni you may be connected with, or invite them to like this page. If everyone donated just $25 - $50 each, and invited three of your alumni friends to do it as well, we'd reach out goal before the holidays. Merry Christmas and happy early New Year! -Kevin Wortley, Variations '89 - '95

37 seats still available for tonight! For same-day tickets, please purchase at the door (not online).
Neil Simon's Broadway Bound at FUMC! Please mark your calendars and purchase tickets now! It's going to be a great show. May 10, 11, 16, 17, & 18 at 7:30 pm. You can get them online here:
In May 2019, the Rotunda Theatre at FUMC Dallas will present Neil Simon's Broadway Bound, the 3rd in his semi-autobiographical BB trilogy. Rehearsals begin April 1st, 2019. Non-paid/non-equity roles are available for 4 men and 2 women. Auditions are Monday, December 3rd, 2018, at 6:30 PM in the Wortley-Peabody Theatre at FUMC (1928 Ross). If interested, please sign up below or e-mail [email protected] with questions:
My name is Evangelist Ifeanyichukwu Ota. I distribute gospel tracts in hospitals, markets, schools, orphanage Homes, as well as on the streets. There are many lost souls and people eager to read the gospel tracts that they receive.
Please buy me a vehicle to enable the gospel tracts reach families living in the rural communities far from my house. God bless you as you help me take the Good News to lost souls.
Hello Dallas, Grapevine here. Just letting you know that the church family is an exciting one and it is good to know we have a 'location' in downtown Dallas.' Live in Bedford at the Tarrant County Parc Place.
I truly enjoyed sharing with the First United Methodist Church, Dallas family last week at the Americana Concert! Many of you asked about my next appearance, so I want to invite you to my upcoming concert #themusicstandrevue on July 15. Click link for details and ticket info
Presented by The Music Stand

Hello, If you or anyone you know is having a gathering or parties and have food left over, please post it here for those who are in need. Many people struggle everyday. Please don't waste food. May GOD reward you for your kindness. Please share so people know. I am working with agencies who support people in need. They will have access to this page as well. Please share and spread the word for this amazing act of kindness.

Just a couple of suggestions. Please mention to the folks who are picking up about
1.Where it came from
2. How old it is.
3. allergy safety ( Nuts, Milk, Soy, Etc )
4. Religious preference ( Halal, Vegan, Non Veg, Eggs Etc )

This is just so the person who is picking it up knows. Its always good to make sure you are helping someone and not causing more issues for them. May all of you be blessed with lots of happiness for participating in such a movement. Thank you.

We are an inclusive church, welcoming people from all walks of life to show and share God's love since 1926.

Operating as usual


Leah Bailey did a great job sharing a learning/teaching moment with our DLC kids...perfect orientation to Palm Sunday. 🌱 Plan to join us for worship this Sunday as we make our way through the final days of Lent!


Holy Week is just a few days away! We have opportunities for virtual daily devotions, worship services and a couple on in-person opportunities to observe Good Friday and celebrate Easter. Learn more at


Just two more weeks to go in this year's Lent Food Drive! Donate today at and make sure to designate FUMC Dallas Dollar Drive in the comments!


Quincy Roberts: The People Who Walked in Darkness

Enjoy this beautiful piece, The People Who Walked in Darkness from Messiah, that Quincy Roberts sang for last week's worship!


Dr. Andy Stoker: Light Exposure

In thinking about our focus word, Light, Dr. Stoker gave this call to us at this time in Lent - see the entire sermon here!

"It seems that there are three steps, given our story with Nicodemus, of opening ourselves to the Light of Christ in our life: ARISE. ARRIVE.

First, arise to welcome whatever is welling up in you. Some of my thoughts and feelings were difficult for me to face, but inviting the Light of Christ to shine in those places of ignorance, willfulness, and reaction enabled me to come in contact with what was arising in me.

Second, arrive with the Light. For so many members that I have talked to over the last several weeks and months, part of their health and recovery is to realize the places where Light was shining in unforgiving and unforgivable places. Are there places of forgiveness that need to be attended to?

"Awaken to the Light of Christ! Our healing is at hand. Our recovery as individual disciples of Jesus Christ and the world’s recovery does not depend on WHAT WE DO, but rather WHO BECOME as Light-bearers for a world needing you, your gifts, your attention, your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness to the Light!"


Already four weeks into Lent! Enjoy this prayer from Rev. JoNell for your prayer time today.


Tomorrow at noon! Senior adults, join us for the midweek check in!


This week's Lenten reflection from Dr. Andy Stoker: Halfway through the Lenten season, light is our spiritual focus. God’s light through Jesus Christ is a mirror on our lives reflecting the healing needed for individuals and the world. So, we turn our attention to the dark places in our lives and invite the light in; we must open ourselves to the possibility of our aliveness in reflecting God’s light for ourselves and the world.


Dana and Tim Effler: How Beautiful

So grateful for Dana and Tim offering this beautiful duet from last Sunday's service! Enjoy!


Another great day of filming 🤗 We’re excited to worship with you this weekend at!


Excited to welcome Rev. Holly Bandel into the role of Executive Associate Minister, and Angie Connelly into the role of Director of Missions, beginning on Monday. These are clearly pivotal roles as we move through (what we hope is) the tail end of COVID and figure out what this next season looks like. We are already grateful for the leadership both of them will provide!


Dr. Andy Stoker: Let Be

A reminder from Dr. Stoker's sermon last Sunday - watch the clip below for the entire message!
"Why can't we better trust God to care for us in any and every situation? Maybe it's all of those stories and narratives about how things should be or shouldn't be, or what we could or couldn't do? This is an energy we expend that God does not expect from us. Paul's pastoral advice was to take life as it is - no matter how much we tinker, God is actively shaping us just as we are. This is the wisdom of the cross."


This week's Lenten reflection from Dr. Andy Stoker:
What if we could take scripture’s advice as it is?
The apostle Paul gave all kinds of advice - this came at the very beginning of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Oh sure, there was a greeting and a pastoral admonition, but Paul got right to it: the evidence of Jesus Christ turned everything upside down. So, all of this meaning-making about how things should and should not be, or what we could or could not do, is an energy God does not expect from you. His pastoral advice was to simply take life as it is. No matter how much we tinker God has already accepted us just as we are. What is keeping you from receiving God’s acceptance?


FirstChurch is participating in an online food drive during Lent with Crossroads Community Services (CCS). Your generous gifts will provide ample amounts of wholesome food to needy individuals and families. Every $1 donation puts four meals on the table. Use this link to donate, and put First United Methodist Church of Dallas Dollar $ Drive in the comments section of the form.


So excited about this Easter offering!
From Dorian:

“A HUGE thanks to all of the students who were able to be a part of our Easter recording last night! They did such an incredible job designing & recording this one of a kind worship service. We’re so excited to edit this video and we can’t wait to share it with you on Easter morning! 🌅”


Volunteer opportunity! Faith Forward Dallas is hosting a COVID-19 Vaccine registration drive in conjunction with Councilman Jaime Resendez from 10am-4pm Saturday, March 6th, at the A+ Academy. English and Spanish speakers needed! Register here:


Sorry you had to work on your birthday, Dorian Albert! Hope it’s a great day!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂


We had some special guests today! We’re so glad to have them in worship this coming Sunday...make sure to watch the stream or on demand!


Grateful for Will and Elise Whitmire's lovely contribution to worship on Sunday. Enjoy Great Is Thy Faithfulness!


FirstChurch will continue to operate under all COVID protocols currently in place after March 10. See note below from Dr. Stoker.


Enjoy this prayer from Rev. JoNell for your prayer and reflection time tonight...a lovely reminder that God is love and God is with us.


A little Lenten food for thought from Dr. Stoker's sermon last Sunday. Watch it here!

"So often, especially these days with levels of stress and strain in our world and on our relationships with others, we become disconnected to the Source, God’s unconditioned acceptance. I wonder what it may be like for you to restore relationship with yourself. I believe we are the hardest on ourselves. We are quick to judge and we are slow to forgive. We are fast with critique and we are slow to apologize. It all starts with loving ourselves, having the kind of faith in ourselves that God has for us. God already has faith in you, can you have faith in yourself?"


Our FUMC Chancel Choir has been chosen to perform at the 2021 national conference of the American Choral Directors Association. The Chancel Choir will be featured as part of the Music in Worship concert on Thursday, March 18th. Hundreds of choirs, both nationally and internationally, apply/audition to perform at the ACDA national conferences, which are held every two years. Since this year’s convention is virtual, the choir will be seen in videos from some of our past live worship services. While only attendees of the conference will be able to see this concert, we congratulate our Chancel Choir for this great honor and know they’ll represent us well!


This week's Lenten food for thought from Dr. Andy Stoker:
Elementally, the human story is linked to water.
The flow of God’s grace from Abraham and Sarah to the liberation of the Hebrew people from Egypt. On this second Sunday in Lent, we find our ancestors, Abraham and Sarah, in the wilderness, in the desert. God’s claim on their lives is like a flowing spring, especially with God’s promise to make Sarah a mother to nations - the household of God arises from her lineage. God meets Abraham and Sarah in their lives’ circumstances. Our faithful ancestors continue to teach us about our own faith in life’s ebbs and flows.
What are the blockages in your life that are keeping you from being in the flow of God?


TODAY AT 5 p.m.! Don't miss Variations Got Talent - come see the skills of our youth! See the stream at


We're in the Upper Room this morning! Come join us for the second Sunday in Lent - now on demand or streaming at 11 a.m. 02/27/2021

End of Shingle Mountain in Dallas’ southeast Oak Cliff neighborhood brings music to residents’ ears

Awesome work, Quincy Roberts! A pop-up classical concert marked the end of more than 3 years of roofing debris looming over this Dallas neighborhood.


We're proud to partner with the DMA on this exciting virtual event with Anne Lamott. Watch live on March 3 or access the recording through March 17. Get your tickets now!


We’re back on location! Worship with us from the Upper Room on Sunday!


Our own Quincy Roberts was featured today by The Dallas Opera!

Named one of D CEO’s “Top 500 Most Influential Leaders,” Dallas-native Quincy Roberts seems to be everywhere at once. Highly regarded for his smart and energetic approach to every problem, Roberts went into high gear during February’s mega-storm, clearing snow-covered roads and parking lots at Paul Quinn College and delivering more than 127,000 bottles of donated water for distribution to water-deprived Dallas residents.

A distinctive bass voice in The Dallas Opera Chorus since 2008, this alumnus of Booker T. Washington High School and Indiana University recently wrote, “Throughout my life, I have seen that music and the arts open doors for young students, and I attribute much of my success as a business leader to the skills and lessons I learned while studying music. Music re-enforces the importance of teamwork – listening, interpreting and building on each other’s contributions.”

Quincy Roberts heads Roberts Trucking, the largest African American-owned construction hauler in Dallas and a company constantly engaged in efforts to improve our daily lives. Current projects include removing “Shingle Mountain,” 150,000 tons of toxic building materials impacting the health of an adjacent South Dallas neighborhood. As Roberts explained, “Clean air is a basic necessity.” Mr. Roberts is a member of the Dallas Opera Board of Trustees, the Nominating and Governance Committee, the Education Committee and The Dallas Opera Foundation Board of Trustees.

Onstage and off, Quincy Roberts is definitely a man to be celebrated.
#QuincyRoberts #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistory #BlackLeaders #BlackArtists #BlackExcellence #BlackLivesMatter #TheDallasOpera #TDO


You've never seen Variations like this before! Variations Got Talent shows our kids can do way more than sing and dance. This won't be shown on demand, so be sure to watch online this Sunday at 5 p.m.!


Our church-wide Lent Study kicked off Monday, and throughout Lent, we'll post excerpts from the featured book, The Walk, which author Adam Hamilton has previously shared on his blog. Here's this week's share!

And this study is self-led, so pick up the book and find the info on the events page of our website!


This beautiful prayer by Rev. JoNell covers all of the things occupying our hearts and minds right now. Enjoy it during your prayer and reflection time tonight!


Dr. Andy Stoker: Start With Why

Reflecting on Psalm 25, Dr. Andy Stoker gives us this thought: "What will it take for you to be comfortable in your life just as it is? I believe the liberating truth of this psalm is also the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: accept yourself as God accepts you. When this truth becomes your WHY, you begin to see your neighbors differently, your enemies in a new way, and, ultimately, the judgement, shame and guilt that you have been fighting can be released!" Watch now!


Want to learn more about Allyship? The ABCs of LGBTQ+: Becoming a Better Ally is an interactive learning session focusing on understanding gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, statistics and more about the LGBTQ+ community.
Stephanie K. Dement (she/her/hers), founder of Ally Culture Consulting, LLC, will facilitate. Sign up now and join us Feb. 25 at 7 p.m.

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DLC Palms
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Capital Campaign: DLC & The Renovation




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Defining The Relationship!