New Beginnings at Mt. View Community Church, Dallas, TX Video January 5, 2020, 6:03pm

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Homer Thomas III Philippians 4:8-9

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Join us for morning worship at New Beginnings!

Morning Praise and Worship

Homer Thomas III Philippians 4:8-9

Good News That You Can Use! Luke 2:15-20

Minister Nathaniel Harper.... Galatians 4:1-6, A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Pastor Homer Thomas III Daniel 3:21 ESV “How to get through a fiery situation” 🔥🔥

“God Offers Human Beings the Deal of a Lifetime!” Pastor H.L. Thomas III

"I Am Glad HE Knows" Jeremiah 29:8-11 * HE knows when I need HIM most * HE knows when I can handle my blessing * HE knows when I need restoration We have to know...when God is with us we won't get burned as we go through the fire. You must go through the test. God already knows when the end of the test will come. If God shorts you on the process, you will short him on the praise.

Better Days are Coming

This is how I fight my battles....Youth Praise Team

Part Two!!

Part 1...youth choir

NBMCC Youth starting service off with Praise and Worship!!

Friends & Family Reunion 2019... you still have time to join us. We’re having lunch and fun on the grounds after church.

Today is the day YOUTH RAFFLE‼️ Who getting these the Mavs Tickets

Singing at apologies for the side viewing

Free Toy and Christmas Dinner Giveaway! Share...Share...Share

Join us as we give Christmas Joy tomorrow, December 22 from noon til 4 pm

Playing Silent Night

You've Been Better Than Good to Me!

The Best Days of My Life Lead by I am Nychelle

Thank you to A.C Sings for blessing us this morning!

NBMVCC Youth Happy in Jesus

#NBMVCC Ladies Day Out

Hold onto The Rock (Matthew 16:15-18) Rev. Homer L. Thomas, III Assistant Pastor #NBMVCC25

Meet #NBMVCC youngest member. Houston Lee Thomas

Something Working on The Inside Shows Up on The Outside (Romans 8:1-13 and Galatians 5:22-23) Minister Vickie Iwegbu

Here's what's happening this week at NBMVCC

Excerpt From Thus Saith The Lord (Jeremiah 9:23 -24) Rev. Ron Jackson #NBMVCC

Here's what's happening at #NBMVCC

Excerpt Marriage Blessed by God but Mocked by Man... Pastor H.L. Thomas Jr. Matthew 19:1-10 & Acts 18:18-19 #MarriagesMatters #Love #NBMVCC

Recognition of Married Couples

Celebrating Marriages (Marriage Ministry Annual Day) #MarriagesMatter #Love #NBMVCC

Here's what's Happening at #NBMVCC

Excerpt from It's Time to Make A Decision About God Matthew 10:34-42 (Pastor Homer L. Thomas) God is in control of everything gain the peace of God!

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