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We invite y'all to join with us on facebook for a Wed evening prayers and devotional time at 7:00pm: Hope to "see" you there! Stay safe!
Romans 8:38 (modified!) Nothing can separate us from the Love of God! Neither death nor life.... nor Covid-19! We invite you to join us for on-line worship. Come "join" us in worship at 10:30 on Facebook! (Wed evening at 7pm, too!). The bulletin for this morning can be found here:
Y'all are invited to join us in supporting this important neighborhood ministry! Tickets are available at the church office M-F, 8am-noon or before and after our 10:30 worship service. Contact the office or PM us here and we can hold them at the door for you! $10 per ticket
If you like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Nat King Cole don't miss this incredible jazz blues show of Neal McCoy's presentation of the Great American Standards! this Thursday Night 7:30 pm at the Grand Historic Greenville Municipal Auditorium! For Tickets: Sample Song:

Since 1923. We are centrally located on Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, TX. We hold services every Sunday at 10:30 am. Visitors are welcome.

Time to don those masks when leaving the house, folks!

Minister and hymn writer Martin Rinkart (April 23, 1586 - December 8, 1649) lived roughly half of his life in the German town of Eilenburg. Known as the year of the Great Pestilence, 1637 was especially difficult for the town’s residents. In the midst of such devastation, Martin wrote the poem, “Now thank we all our God.” He penned the text around 1636 as a table grace for his children to pray at mealtime-- which became our hymn #533:
“And now bless the God of all things,
the doer of great deeds everywhere,
who has exalted our days from the womb
and acted toward us in his mercy.
May he grant us cheerful hearts
and bring peace in our time,
in Israel for ages on ages.
May his mercy be faithfully with us,
may he redeem us in our time.”

From the Pastor: As the statistics grow and the restrictions and suggestions increase, we find the Psalms a comfort. They encourage us to enjoy God’s creation (but at a safe distance). They assure us of God’s love (even as so many focus on science alone). They remind us of at least one constant in our lives (even as so much seems to change randomly). They encourage us to care for the community around us (and also allow us to bring personal concerns directly to God). They remind us of the joy of community (even when others seem far off, even when God seems far off). Today, we embrace the Lord’s promise as we take a deep dive into the longest Psalm (119) and come up to breathe the comfort and steadfast love of God once again!

As we near the end of the Lenten Season, we might remember back to its beginning – before the coronavirus situation entered the scene: giving things up for Lent, or taking on new challenges, and planning joint midweek services with other area churches.

And then things changed. So much more has been asked of us by our nation and community; so many limits have been imposed from outside our control. The key thing remains that God is in charge as Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday loom ahead. Let us close out this Lentiest Lent We Ever Lented and head into Holy Week and then… remember the Jesus journey and see what God has in store for the Lenten journeyers.

From the Pastor: Thanks to a member for pointing me to a fictional written account “The Plague” by Albert Camus, remembered recently in a New York Times article. Written at the time when the world recovered from World War II, Camus attempted to make sense of the devastated world and eventually embraced a kind of philosophy that stated that no explanation of human action satisfies, no explanation for suffering or survival satisfies, that all is random. Even Christians cannot “explain” away suffering or survival solely on God’s preference, actions, or inactions. We humans live in a flawed world, a world tainted by sin and the threat of death, a world that needs both the assurances of God’s love and care as well as the good advice of human specialists and care-givers. Ultimately, when no explanation offered him satisfactory resolution of the question for why suffering and even death existed, Camus stated that humans existed to love and to care for one another. What a modern Christian perspective – love and compassion for neighbors, even as we leave the whys to God, the future to God. No fooling, God loves. God invites you into that love each day through prayer and meditation as well as love and service of others, even when limited by staying at home!

From the Pastor: One gift the church offers to the world comes in that very short word – hope. And at times when the world’s efforts seem too much, we cling to hope, we seek endurance, we trust the character of God and the community of the baptized, and we live; we love; we hope.

From the Pastor: We are not on this journey alone. Our hope is in the Lord who promises to deliver promise and care. Our hope is in the Lord who gathers children of faith in communities – communities that reach out to one another through old fashioned mail and phone calls, as well as through modern electronic communication. We connect because we hope – hope not to face days ahead alone, hope to experience healing (personally as well as within this world in pain), hope even in what we cannot yet put our finger on, hope for our neighbors as well as hope that our neighbors will contribute to the healing and restoration. Luther said it best for us as we make our may into the unknown events of the days ahead – “everything that is done in this world is done by hope.”

Gathering for worship in a church building can be a traditional anchor, yet, for generations the ancient people of God wandered and only later built a temple in Jerusalem. Enemies eventually destroyed that temple, but no one can destroy the promise of the Lord’s presence wherever we are. Places may represent the presence of God, but God is truly everywhere!

"Meine" Gemeinde in Dallas. Bzw eine davon.

For the first time, we're going online for our worship service today. It's a video (but not live) service on Vimeo that we're all joining at 10:30am. Y'all come!

For the first time, we're going online for our worship service today. It's a video (but not live) service on Vimeo that we're all joining at 10:30am. Y'all come!

In John 8:12, Jesus says: “…anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark; he will have the light of life.” Candles, light bulbs, lasers, even the sun itself, may cease to shine, but the light who is Christ will blaze and provide true life for all eternity.

From the Pastor: Luther understood that signs of God’s love, care, and promise come not only through the Bible and worship. but in this great creation that offers glimpses of beauty, grace, and love. But this same nature can turn on us in storms, disasters, and previously unknown viruses, so we do not worship the creation even in its full beauty. Rather, we see God at work offering us signs of divine presence in spring flowers, rain, and sunshine; God at work answering our needs for health and recovery; God at work providing other people to help in treatments and care. God’s love overpowers even death with the promise of eternal life, when this world’s beauty fades and even fails. He is always with us.

From the Pastor: As we look out our windows, as we open our doors and go to the mailbox or take a walk; as we look around our homes, we can see that God has provided so much. When life returns to more regular routines, we shall experience all the activities of God in process now that will be known in those days ahead--all the preparations the Lord still makes for us even now!

From the Pastor: Today we can celebrate faith, not just as a Lutheran slogan, but as a living relationship with God, as assurance that God will not leave us alone in the midst of everyday life and in the middle of a life which can seem turned upside down. We can claim the promise that faith means we do not face this alone, rather God keeps creating new opportunities for us to express care for others, to find moments of hope and insight. The saving Son provides examples of sacrifice as we watch medical professionals put their lives on the line for those sick and suffering, offering us assurance that if we or loved ones face illness similar caregivers will be there. The Holy Spirit moves in unexpected ways as we find comfort in approaching the Lord in prayer, as we find ways to witness to hope and comfort for those around us through safe contacts and moments of concern.

“the faith that saves is never alone” and neither are we!

Join with Christians worldwide in saying the Lord's Prayer together at noon today

A helpful reminder

From the Pastor: Times like these can send us looking for a source of comfort and dependability. For me, for so many, that source can be the Lord God Almighty. In my own life I have experienced healing from a skull fracture and broken bones. I survived my teen years, emerging closer to faith. I have witnessed close family members recover from fearful health concerns. I have stood beside death beds when God’s eternal promise alone gave hope. I have faced threats and celebrated great joys. I have been hurt, found comfort, and now live to share such a promise with others. We can journey through these last days of Lent, knowing that God is greater, that New Life emerges from God’s compassion, comfort, and care.

From the Pastor: For people of faith who also call their congregation a "church family," the prospect of more time apart poses a challenge. Practical suggestions can help – stay connected by email, text, social media, mail, or phone. They may not meet all our needs but offer a beneficial substitution. At the same time, the reminder for people of faith comes-– we are never truly alone. God remains with us, whatever we face, wherever we find ourselves. Whatever restrictions you are living with, you can know that God is there and the prayers of God’s people are there. If you need reassurance, reach out. Contact me. Contact a family member. Contact a church friend. For this coming week, send in prayer requests by Wednesday so that our practice of remembering needs in prayer as a community of faith will continue even if we do not have a service on Sunday morning. And we can know that every one of us can claim that encouraging word: “Yet I am not alone, because God is with me.”

From a congregation member: Happy birthday, Johann Sebastian Bach (JSB), a devout Lutheran and composer of many favorite hymns and cantatas, including "Come with us, O blessed Jesus" (#219) which ends with the words, “Come, bring peace, good will to all.” Indeed, God alone can give true peace and good will to our world. Lean on him.

From the Pastor: On this first real weekend of Spring 2020, may we people of faith rest on the Word that gives us hope and build each other up with hopeful words in notes, letters, cards, phone calls, texts, and responses to online posts-- all sweet as a honeycomb!

From the Pastor: I believe that this word from Luther reminds us that by staying connected to God through prayer we can enter into whatever this day and the next ones hold. Such prayer can be free form -- offering up our thoughts and concerns of the moment, or formal -- using the Lord’s Prayer perhaps with the sign of the cross, or simply stopping and thanking God for the food we eat, the relationships we have, the folks we care about near and far away. So, we share in prayer with God so we can bear what each day brings, celebrate our blessings, and remember the connections we have.

From the Pastor: This Psalm from some 3000 years ago reminds us that we can walk through this life with God’s promise and better handle what life puts before us-- even unknown viruses and social distancing. God brings comfort in distress, joy in celebration, protection in fear, hope in the face of unrelenting questions. That is indeed the promise that gives us life.

From the Pastor: “Be still.” So much of the news and social media comes at us, as if we need not just to be preparing for this virus but also we should be anxious, worried, fearful, doing something – buying, hoarding, …. "Be still" reminds us to stop and catch our breath. To remember God’s presence in every moment, in this moment. Starting from a stillness that trusts in God, we can make better decisions and choices; we can still have time to reflect on our place in the middle of this life challenge and respond, knowing that God walks with us, moves with us whatever the circumstance.

FROM THE PASTOR: For those tuned in to the constant news bombardment, it can seem like modern scientists, reporters, and other prophets for our future are challenging us with messages about staying home, avoiding crowds, limiting our exposure to others. These are necessary words for the health and safety of us all. Comfort is ours in the best intentions of local health officials; comfort can come from those around us: friends, fellow church members, neighbors, family, and from God.

Based on the recommendations of the Dallas County Health Department, we will not be holding services on Sunday, March 15 or Lenten services on Wednesday, March 18. Please take care of yourselves and stay healthy! Prayers go out for all who are facing illness or difficulties.

More parallels between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Martin Luther

Honoring MLK and ML with messages of love

What a beautiful way to begin the service this morning with harp music!

Our Advent Event in collaboration with Central, Bethany, and Emmanuel Lutheran Churches was a success! We filled 106 "go" bags for people in need, wrote advocacy letters to city officials, created special christmons, and sang and snacked together.

10,000 fruitcakes!

Daytrippers got a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana TX where they make 10,000 fruitcakes EVERY DAY!

Wonderful to welcome new members to our church family: Bette, Suzan, Eric, Alyssa, & Debbie!

Our parking lot sale is in full swing! Come check out our deals and meet our friendly folks! Till 3pm today.

So fun to welcome our pets to our Sunday service this week!

It's time again to assemble school kits for Lutheran World Relief from the mountains of donated school supplies that came in all summer. Here's our hardworking group of assembly line workers! #GodsworkOurHands #LakewoodLutheran

School Kit Assembly Line

Here we are in our School Kit assembly line! In the end, we put together 132 kits for kids around the world via Lutheran World Relief. #GodsworkOurhands #LakewoodLutheran

Daytrippers had a blast in Waxahachie-- touring the Ellis County Museum, seeing the beautiful courthouse and rows and rows of Victoria homes, checking out the recreated "Munster" home, and seeing an actual $10,000 bill!

First United Lutheran Church

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Come join our Second Sunday Summer Breakfast crew! We're meeting again this (fifth) Sunday (June 30) across the street at Luby's at 9:15am. Call us Luby Lutherans! ;-)

Pentecost is a wonderful time to celebrate our connections with each other around the globe through the Holy Spirit!

It's time again for the semi-annual Clothing Exchange! Sat., June 8, noon-5pm. Bring your unwanted gently used clothes and exchange them for "new" gently used clothes-- all FREE. See you at church-- in the big back building [6202 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas TX]

Wonderful to welcome Katharina and Michael Behrens from Germany to worship with us once again!

So wonderful to welcome our favorite German vicars--now pastors-- back to Dallas for a visit!

The House of God sits on a Throne of Love!

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10,000 fruitcakes!
School Kit Assembly Line
We're excited that our choir scholars, Lizzy and Austin, will be back to share their gifts with us in song!
95th Anniversary Greeting from Pr Katharina
Luther words
Luther Gallery at First United in Dallas




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