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Hello morning
Urgent Alert. Please Help Us!! This happened yesterday **june 29th** at 2pm!! In parking lot of the Admiral Tag Agency.. Please spread the word!! This was my husband's work truck and MANY Tools, orange metal tool granger box that says GRIND on it, along with his gun and his army DD214, a LOT of KEYS and personal papers that got stolen @ the Admiral Tag agency!! Admiral and sheridan!!
Dear Servants of God, Greetings in Jesus Might name! I am blessed and drilled to read your wonderful and touching website which has touched my heart so much and I am feeling to work with you hand in hand to build the kingdom of God and to SET the captives free and free in Jesus name as the book of Isaiah 42:7 states! Our prayers to you as a young church down here in Eastern part of Kenya is to welcome you to feel free to come over here and hold a crusade/conference/Revival meetings and minister to us,teach, baptize us, ordain pastors and establish your work here since we are working independently without a good foundation ground of God's word. As a young church worshiping under shade! We request for your love, prayers and support to : 1.To get Tin Sheets needed to weather proof our church shade to avoid much rain hindering our church meetings. 2.To get Bibles in our local language EKEGUSII to help us grow and understand His word better as we hunger and thirst of His word brethren please. 3.To get musical instruments for preaching that would produce sounds when preaching the message to reach everyone by His grace. 4.Our poor church members and widows to get Toilets to use at their homes since they don't have as they are poor! They go in the forests for longcal and others use politins papers at home when it reaches night they draw away road side. 5.To get a polytechnic school which teaches and trains on Tailoring, mansions,carpentry, driving, wiring etc for our hopeless and innocent orphans after who server a lot after schools to make their lives easier by His grace! In the book of DETRONOMY 23:12-14. -You shall have a place also outside the compound where you shall go forth abroad. -And you shall have a paddle upon your weapons and it shall be when you will ease yourself abroad. You shall dig therewith and shall turn back and cover that which comes from you. -For the lord your God walks in the midst of your compound to deliver you, and to give up your ene
Keep your head up it's me Lil Sandy miss you guys
The most beautiful church family. Although time to say goodbye in flesh forever in heart soul and spirit. Love you and blessings to the most beautiful church family I've ever been blessed with. Pastor Leon you are truly an angel an inspiration and gift from God along with your beautiful wife n your beautiful congregation. love you all. Thank you for welcoming my little family into your hearts.
Brent is a friend of Pastor Leon's from downtown, please help if you can. Jesus Squeezes!
Prepare For Cold Weather SOUL Church is in need of some practical donations as the seasons change in Dallas. While some church members do have apartments and can handle regular sized hygiene items, there is a great need for travel sized items that can fit into a backpack. Please email [email protected] for more information.

We have no roof We have no walls But under HIS wings We have refuge Helping the homeless one S.O.U.L. at a time. Ministering to homeless men, women and children who live on the streets and in shelters near Downtown Dallas since 1995.

Each and every Sunday morning the "Servants Of oUr Lord" do God's bidding, feeding the minds, bodies, and souls of the homeless community in Downtown Dallas. What sets S.O.U.L. Church apart is the radiance of CHRIST's love that isexpressed by God's people. Everybody needs a JESUS SQUEEZE!

Mission: S.O.U.L. exists for the primary purpose of Feeding the MINDS, BODIES, and SOULS on the streets of downtown Dallas.

Operating as usual

Hey EVERYBODY! Good News!!!
Sunday, January 24th, 8:30AM, 828 4th Avenue, Dallas...SOUL CHURCH.

Pastor Jerry Minx from Lakepointe will be giving the Word, and Bobby and Hannah Morrison of BOHA Tribe will be leading us in worship.

Let's GATHER, Let's LOVE, Let's WORSHIP!

King Jesus is our guest of HONOR!

Pastor Leon and Jennifer will be at the Dallas location this Sunday, December 27th, along with Pastor Gary to wish our downtown brothers and sister a Merry Christmas! Come on down and let's spread some Christ(mas) cheer!

Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my meditation. Give heed to the voice of my cry, my King and my God, for unto You will I pray. My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; in the morning, I will direct my prayer unto you and will look up!

Here is a glimpse of what the Lord has done in the last ten days. We want to thank you all for your faithfulness and generosity in helping this community, and you did it on short notice double time! AMEN, thank you, Father!

The first load left on Wednesday and was distributed to the RICE ISD families yesterday. Tomorrow we will be going to Chatfield to have a small Christmas party for the remaining families within Pastor John's community. If you would like to join us and love this community, we will be in Chatfield from 2pm to 6pm. We will be at the community center located at:

4808 FM 1603 Chatfield, TX 75105

Call me if you have questions 214-407-2888 Debee

Christmas Miracle 2020

This is the heart of God and the generosity of His people.

[12/18/20]   Pastor Leon out of surgery and relieved from pain.

Ay God!

He still has a couple of procedures but that rude kidney stone is goin' down!

[12/17/20]   A note from LadyBirdd:

Pastor Leon is in a room now and going into surgery in about 2 hours. He has a large kidney stone, along with a kidney infection. They are putting a stint in from kidney to bladder to allow for flow. Once they have the infection under control, they will remove it if it has not passed. We are good!
Yesterday all of the gifts and food left our property and headed to Navarro County for the chosen families, and Saturday, JR and Debee will take the remaining gifts and food to the families in Chatfield. Lots of shopping, tons of wrapping, but God provided for all!

We covet your prayers,

[12/17/20]   *****THIRD SUNDAY*****
Pastor Leon will NOT be in Ft. Worth this weekend. He is in the hospital and may be there for a few days. I will keep you up to date for any other changes as I find out. Jesus Squeezes!

[12/15/20]   Soooo I know this is super late there any one who would absolutely love to come to the barn and wrap presents with us on Tuesday? Call or text me please if you do

Here is what is going on at SOUL CHURCH. We have found a home to volunteer with, under the leadership of Pastor Gary Mitchell from Ft. Worth on a property in Dallas. Living Word Harvest of Dallas' Men's Home has graciously opened up a large field to Pastor Gary to meet weekly.

This Sunday, December 13th, Pastor Leon will be in Dallas to love and minister to our beloved downtown family.
828 4th Ave., Dallas, TX 75226

Next Sunday, December 20th, Pastor will be doing third Sunday with Open Door Church's Homeless Outreach in Ft. Worth.

As I get information, I will pass it on.

A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle about to happen! Dear SOUL Family, I want to make this short and sweet; unfortunately, there is an urgent call to action, and we need your assistance immediately; and you need to hear the narrat

The Kings Closet needs gently used clothing


I want to make this short and sweet; unfortunately, there is an urgent call to action, and we need your assistance immediately; and you need to hear the narrative of this story and these circumstances.

We reached out via email to communicate that we have a small rural community that needs a Christmas miracle and a short time to plan this. Friday, I received the detailed list of the families and the heart-wrenching back-ground stories. It's been a tough year for everyone, but this community was already dealing with poverty before a worldwide pandemic. There is a fifteen-year-old girl who suffered the loss of her father through suicide this year, and very recently, her home burnt down, killing her mother, and a total loss of all belongings. There is a grandmother on a fixed income, taking care of thirteen grandchildren due to parental drug addiction. Saturday, the local Pastor called and asked to add another family to this list; a mother threw some clothes in a bag and took her two children to her parent's home and said she did not want them any longer. The grandparents were only looking for food, not even thinking ahead to Christmas. Some hard-working people lost their homes due to the pandemic and loss of work. The stories go on and on.

Will you help us share the love of Jesus with these families?
Can you adopt a child or a family to provide gifts for?
We need canned and/or non-perishable foods, along with turkey(s) or ham(s), for a food basket.

I am so sorry that this is so quick, and our time frame is about ten days to get this together.

If you can help, please call or text Debra at 214-407-2888; or email [email protected].

You can donate the money at; however, please contact me and tell me how you would like the funds designated, whether to purchase gifts or food - I will gladly do any shopping!

Servants Of oUr Lord - S.O.U.L Open Air Ministries's cover photo

Servants Of oUr Lord - S.O.U.L Open Air Ministries's cover photo

December News, Updates and Call To Action

December News, Updates and Call To Action Wishing you peace and joy throughout the season. If you are able to donate please email Debra at [email protected] or text 214-407-2888 to arrange pick-up or delivery of items. ‘TIS THE SEASON it's


Let's face it; statistically, people do not like being asked for money, and yet here I am. I do this because I am passionate about SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY and the outreach that they serve.

Many of you know my story and that I came to SOUL CHURCH just having been released from incarceration and living in the shelter downtown. Eight years ago, Pastor Leon and Jennifer took a chance and hired me to work full time for the church. Trust me when I say that never in my life would I have thought that I would ever profess to be the secretary for a church. Yet, through the grace of God, I have learned He is a God of second chances, and I am so thankful for that, and to Pastor and Jennifer for being open to the Holy Spirit's direction. SOUL CHURCH is about reaching in and touching the lives of the lost and broken, and that was me.

Many changes have taken place this past year; with the parking lot sold, we lost our place of worship, the pandemic hit, and we were directed to shelter in place and social distance. We now face many new challenges and changes to our daily lives, and in this, our communities face drastic food shortages. Last year, in Texas alone, one in seven people experience food insecurity daily; I'm sure those numbers are staggering now! The community demand has grown aggressively this year, and SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY has been there to feed the need. The USDA defines food insecurity as limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate food or uncertain ability to acquire these foods in a socially acceptable way. Hunger is a reality and primarily a symptom of economic uncertainty. A household income that cannot keep pace with the cost of living combined with the unexpected, such as a world pandemic, can force families to make impossible choices between food and other basic needs. Our most vulnerable populations, such as children and seniors, bear some of the most significant consequences.

Food security is built on three sources:

-Food availability: enough, consistently
-Food access: adequate resources for a nutritious diet
-Food use: appropriate use to sustain nutrition and care

Many of us budget for our groceries and take the local grocery store's mere existence for granted. Food availability and access are a problem in many of our neighboring communities, where people struggle to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options. A new catchphrase is "Food deserts"; they exist within our more impoverished and rural communities. Many people lack personal transportation or have limited or no access to public transit, or travel long distances to get to a store. The only food sources within these communities are convenience stores where higher prices and the low nutrition grab-and-go seem to be the most common choice. SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY seeks to eliminate food insecurity that our communities face and break down the barriers to access to healthier, nutritious food by improving access and availability. We have a free food source, and in turn, the only requirement in receiving food is to be hungry. However, most people do not consider the cost and maintenance of the equipment and facility to get the food to the hungry. In all transparency, when SOUL CHURCh was put on hold, as with most ministries, tithes and offerings went down. Generally, these are the funds that keep a ministry going. God is in control, Hallelujah, SOUL CHURCH, and SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY are still out there being the hands and feet of Jesus.

We are passionate about serving those in need, and we would love for you to be passionate with us because WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!

I want to thank you in advance for your support and prayers. It is a fact that we could not do this without you. SOUL CHURCH has the most amazing people to work with, and we love you so much!

Will you join me in supporting a good cause? Today, #GivingTuesday, we are raising money for SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY, and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $1 or $500. Please remember every little bit helps.

Every week, SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY touches the lives of thousands of people in need by providing free food and is such a great joy to receive letters from the families and their children.

You can make a difference today by partnering with SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY.

This year has challenged us to turn our homes into offices and reimagine how we provide our services while keeping physically distant. It's called upon us to be resilient because our communities need us now more than ever.

It's time to unleash generosity, to help our neighbors, inspire more giving, and create access to healthy, nutritious food for those in need.


Servants Of oUr Lord - S.O.U.L Open Air Ministries's cover photo

Thanksgiving Outreach

Thanksgiving Outreach God is still in control 2020 has brought about many new challenges and changes for SOUL CHURCH, but one tradition remained the same - our friends from WACO showed up just as they have for the past sev

[11/11/20]   SOUL Family!


Pastor Troy has announced this to Open Door and wants to be on the parking lot to celebrate with everyone. They will be opening the gates on the parking lot at 1PM so that the people in church services can arrive in time to join in the celebration.

**********CHANGES CHANGES CHANGES**********

Gates open at 1PM

Sunday, November 15th, Pastor Leon and LadyBirdd will be going to the Open Door Homeless Outreach Ministry in Fort Worth to distribute clothing and hygiene. If you are interested, we could use some help....all hands on deck, we have more ICE CREAM TO SCOOP!!

***Tarrant County has a masked required policy***

For the past 7 years, our beautiful WACO friends have provided the Thanksgiving meal, and they will be with us again this year with a beautiful Thanksgiving spread!

This is Open Doors Ministry, and we abide by their rules; we are there to serve.

We arrive at 12:30. The gates to let the people in will open at 1:00. The address is:

1701 E Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Hope to see you there!!!!

Jesus Squeezes

A Call to Service: My Journey to the Ministry

Hey Everyone!
Many of you who have come and visited or worked with us in the barn on food distribution day might have met Pastor John Ellington. He and his wife Victoria have an amazing ministry in the Rice City area; it is growing by leaps and bounds! Well, Pastor John's personal testimony hit the Amazon bookshelf yesterday, and we wanted to pass the link on to you to support our brother and check it out. We want to give God all the glory for allowing Pastor John to share his story of God's grace with the world! Praise the Lord! A Call to Service: My Journey to the Ministry

The King's Closet Needs All Things Warm!

The King's Closet is running low on winter clothes! It's time to head to the back of your closets and get rid of those things you have not worn for a while!
😀 Our brothers and sisters need your help! THE CLOSET IS EMPTY We need your gently used cold-weather donations. The temperatures have dropped, and our brothers and sisters on the streets need our help n

The King's Closet Needs All Things Warm!

Have you checked this out? Our brothers and sisters need your help! THE CLOSET IS EMPTY We need your gently used cold-weather donations. The temperatures have dropped, and our brothers and sisters on the streets need our help n

[10/12/20]   Just a heads up pastor Leon will be going live in about 10 to 15 minutes

[10/11/20]   There has been so much going on here today! The men got here early and put a full day in on the expansion to SOUL SHARED FOOD MINISTRY...and end of the day..bay doors up, hallelujah praise Jesus! Then in the afternoon brother Raymond Bailey and friend showed up to work on the refrigeration's 9:30 PM and Pastor Leon just sent these videos of them still there....but the end result is always Jehovah Jireh is in control....thank you, Father!

it's poppin over here

WOW, what a beautiful sight! End of day, bay doors are up!
This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it❣

[10/10/20]   Saturday, bay doors going up

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Christmas Miracle 2020



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We believe the strongest message you can give to a dying world is that of a living Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. That message is proclaimed every Sunday morning, as the Lord's servants do what they can to show the love of Christ. Many of the servants of S.O.U.L. Church have come from a rough background. Then they were touched with the grace and forgiveness that is found in Jesus. Therefore we love with no strings attached, just as our Lord has loved us.
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