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I purchased the 4 day Boot Camp. I'm not able to get into my account. It says my email isn't correct. I'm hoping you can help me. Thank you!
Hello! I’ve heard that the Enneagram and Relationships in Little Rock has been rescheduled from April to October. Is this news being spread via word of mouth or is it posted officially somewhere? 🥰
I have 2 tickets to the Enneagram Bootcamp Aug. 1-4. Please message me if you are interested.
I've been listening to the 4,5,9 WITHDRAWING Stance CDs. Holy Cow!! worth EVERY DIME! I can tell it is going to be life changing information for me. The sentence that NAILED me: "4s waste their time doing things that make them feel good." I started DOING yesterday and actually DO have more energy today! thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
Can we post questions here? if not, where can I send questions?
Friends, I was with you last night, thought I'd registered for tonight's # in Security live stream, but must not have done so. Can you tell me how I can register for tonight? All links take me to last night's video.
I'm looking at the teaching series on the website. How is the Heart Triad teaching, for example, different from the Know Your Number teaching for 2, 3, and 4?
I am not able to access the live event happening right now. I bought a ticket a while back and had them send the receipt a couple of days ago. At one point tonight I could see the event but there was no sound. Then I lost access. I am disappointed that I a missing it. Please help!
Picked up The Path Between Us plus Study Guide, and The Road Back To You from the books shop this afternoon. Very excited!

A place for solitary work that cannot be done alone. LTM uses Christian principles to encourage civility, to foster personal growth, and to work toward the creation of community among all peoples.

LTM offers a variety of workshops throughout the year designed to assist adults in furthering and deepening their spiritual journey. Much of the teaching in the ministry is centered around the Enneagram. The Enneagram is an ancient, newly discovered tool that is beneficial for people in the personal, interpersonal and social spheres of human existence. It is extraordinarily useful because it works. Each of us has life experience that has given us a degree of self-knowledge; however there is always a deepening clarity we discover through our Enneagram type. The awareness that comes is like a light shining in one's closet. In interpersonal relationships the Enneagram enables us to emerge with a new appreciation and acceptance of others. People begin to see how different others really are. There are nine different personality types, with their motivations and affective flavor that confront us in the persons of our world. Thus we discover why of a common experience, some persons are easier for us to understand and accept while others present a more difficult challenge. The Enneagram is primarily a spiritual tool and as such is one of the clearest and most accurate methods available for understanding ourselves and those who are important to us. The insight that it gives can change our lives. Life is simply never the same.

Life in the Trinity Ministry is built on the following basic foundational values: •Micah 6:8 •Simplicity of life and integrity of creation •Listening: Discerning God's self-disclosure individually and collectively •Ministry of Hospitality "What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God." - Micah 6:8

Mission: Drawing on timeless wisdom and the Living Word, we are a community serving the Triune God and our brothers and sisters through study dedicated to encouraging self-knowledge and fostering spiritual maturity.

Suzanne Stabile

1. Sign up today!
2. Watch the Week 1 video on Sunday
3. Check in with Joe and Suz on Wednesday
4. Experience Advent in a new way this year!

The season of Advent is almost here!

If you are looking for someone to walk through this liturgical season with, Joseph Stabile and I would love to!

#advent #christmas #holidayseason #holiday #spirituality #spiritualgrowth

Coming Soon!

There are a lot of great Advent offerings out there. If you’re unsure where to start, you won’t go wrong with this series with @suzannestabile and @revstabile

Whether individually or with a small group, this Advent series has a lot to teach!

You’ll be able to find the series on the LTM website on the 25th!

#advent #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #christmas #holidays

24 hours away!


#theenneagramjourney #podcast
#enneagram #stories #conversation #community

Yessssssss 🙌🏽

November 25th!
2020 has taken so much this year, but this is one gift it is giving back!

#spirituality #spiritualgrowth

“We get in the business of picking and choosing what we’ll surrender to. We pick up our cross and immediately begin to put padding on it.” - @revstabile

If you’re feeling a bit called out, you’re not alone! So, what are we going to do moving forward to surrender more?

#contemplative #contemplativecohort #spirituality #transformation #spiritualpractice #closertogod

“The reality is that TV and Prayer Space don’t happen together.”
- @revstabile

Learning about the importance of silence this morning with Joe and @enneagramhunter

How well do you handle silence? How much time in a week do you spend in silence?

What has silence taught you?

#contemplative #contemplativecohort #spirituality #spiritualawakening #prayer #silence

The first day of Cohort weekend with @revstabile and @enneagramhunter is in the books.

Checking in ☑️
Sharing our journeys with Centering Prayer ☑️
Vespers in the chapel ☑️
Ready for tomorrow ☑️

#spirituality #contemplative #prayer #centeringprayer #contemplativecohort #enneagram #theenneagramjourney #spiritualpractice

Suzanne Stabile

@kahall930 and @aaron.sondays joined us this past Saturday, and were just phenomenal! This quote from Aaron really stuck with me.

Both #enneagram FOURs doing incredible work in the world out at @therenewalcenter !

#theenneagramjourney #enneagram4 #spirituality #pathwork #recovery

@seanisaacpalmer and @suzannestabile talking about that #enneagram 3 life for The Enneagram Journey #podcast during LTM ALL DAY!

Sean Palmer bringing the vulnerable truth!
Sean Isaac Palmer, #enneagram 3, is coming to The Micah Center Saturday to sit down for a couple of hours on The Enneagram Journey Podcast!

You can sign up to join Sean and Suzanne Stabile in person or join them on the Life In The Trinity page.

What questions do you have for Sean and Suzanne, or topics you want to hear discussed?


#theenneagramjourney #podcast #enneagramdailyreflections #enneagram3 #relationships #thepathbetweenus #spirituality #soulwork

Did you know that vinyl sold more than CDs last year?!
Did you also know that there is a new series of books edited by Suzanne Stabile, Enneagram Daily Reflections, being released over the upcoming months?!

To make room for those books (and maybe score some new records), LTM is selling off our CD collection. All spiritual practice and enneagram workshops on audio CD are on sale for $10!

#spirituality #enneagram #audioworkshop #theenneagram #theenneagramjourney #centeringprayer #knowyournumber

Weeelllllllll, what have we here?!
Keep flipping in the most recent issue of @enneagrammagazine and you’ll find LTM’s very own @enneagramparents !

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #parenting #parenthood #spirituality #relationships

Look who you’ll find in the latest issue of @enneagrammagazine !

@suzannestabile @revstabile
#enneagram #theenneagramjourney

Color us excited!!!
We are gearing up for LTM ALL DAY November 7th, and these boxes arrived today!

Thank you Hunter Mobley, Sean Palmer and InterVarsity Press!

You’ll be able to watch the live podcast recording with Sean and Suzanne Stabile on the 7th, just check out the link below and join in

#ltmallday #enneagram #theenneagramjourney #enneagramdailyreflections #spirituality #soulwork #community

Saturday, November 7th
10A - 10P CST

Teaching, conversations, Q&A, interviews, music, fun, and community!
Join us at The Micah Center or Live on Facebook for the entire day!

- spiritual practices
- music
- spirituality and recovery
- parenting
- The Enneagram Journey interview
- body image and our relationship with food
- more!!

#community #fundraiser #fundraising #spirituality #spiritualawakening #facebooklive #enneagram #theenneagramjourney #recovery #edrecovery #parenting #parenthood #relationships #thepathbetweenus #theroadbacktoyou

Look what arrived today!!
Super comfortable, super nice, super important.

Save 20% through tomorrow!
Vote Micah6:8 !
In the

#justice #kindness #vote #vote2020 #micah68

Please join us in wishing Suzanne Stabile the Enneagram godmother, the person who brought you The Road Back to You, The Path Between Us, The Enneagram Journey Podcast, The Enneagram Journey Curriculum, mother of 4, Grams of 9, pastor’s wife extraordinaire, and overall incredible human being a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎊🎉🎈!!

1- Anger
2- Pride
3- Deceit
4- Envy
5- Avarice
6- Fear
7- Gluttony
8- Lust
9- Sloth

We had our 5th Curriculum Zoom meeting this great!

You probably have a question or comment (or 2 or 3!) so, for a short period of time, the 5th Milestone video teaching with Suzanne Stabile is available to watch at the link below!
After that, go ahead and call up your friends and family and start a group!

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #curriculum #community #passions #spirituality #soulwork #theroadbacktoyou #thepathbetweenus #relationships #relationshipgoals

Vote Justice!
Vote Kindness!

Life in the Trinity Ministry was founded and built on these principles. We hope these shirts serve as a reminder for all of us these days.

Congratulations @mcaibio and Erin Stinson Bielby ! And thanks J-man for your assistance!

We will have more prayer beads in stock soon, and you can find Morgan Harper Nichols' All Along You Were Blooming pretty much anywhere. And if you missed episode 92 of The Enneagram Journey where they talked about these two spiritual practice tools, go give it a listen!

#spirituality #spiritualgrowth #prayer #spiritualpractice #theenneagramjourney #podcast

Who is ready to Stance Dance?!
It's corny, but it works, and makes sense!

Thinking 🤔 Feeling ♥️ Doing 💪🏽
Which center of intelligence do you under value or under use?

I hope you can join me for an online workshop on Enneagram Stances October 16-17!

Register before October 8 with the code STANCEDANCE and save 25% (be sure and get ‘all events’ so you’ll have access to both nights, and you can rewatch the teaching through October!)

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #theroadbacktoyou #thepathbetweenus #enneagramstances #community #relationships

Another weekend, and another month!

We loved hearing Andrew Bowles share what spiritual practices are working for him in episode 92 of @theenneagramjourney podcast. A contemplative sit focused on his reading from Morgan Harper Nichols book of poetry and prayer beads is a great combination!

So let’s give some away!
Comment with what spiritual practices are working, or not working, for you and tag someone. Monday we’ll pick a couple of names to send a copy of All Along You Were Blooming and a set of of prayer beads with the LTM sterling silver cross made by William Sheahan Designs

#podcast #theenneagramjourney #enneagram #spirituality #spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowth #spiritualpractice

Suzanne Stabile

Opportunities to be in community with Eleven:28 Ministries are always life giving! Be sure to follow them and what they are doing, and get your PBU Journal today!

Thank you 🙏 Eleven:28 Ministries for a wonderful evening!
How do you feel about journaling? For some numbers, what do you THINK about journaling? 😉

Is the reason you aren’t journaling yet because you don’t have a wonderful hardback Path Between Us Journal?

October 1-3 get yours on the Life in the Trinity Ministry website for $7 with the code ELEVENTWENTYEIGHT

#enneagram #relationships #thepathbetweenus #spirituality #spiritualdirection

Join Our North Texas Giving Day Campaign to Bring Soul Care to Women in Ministry

Soul Care to Women in Ministry... we're in!

LTM hopes you will support Eleven:28 Ministries and WOMEN in any way you can! And, its awesome that Suzanne Stabile will do some teaching for us as well!

If nothing else, support, join eleven:28 and LTM on Wednesday, and hear the backstory of Life in the Trinity Ministry, and the vital role of women in our ministry's history.

#enneagram #spirituality #spiritualdirector #women #enneagramandstress Church leaders who are women face higher expectations with fewer resources than their male counterparts. Then the pandemic hit. Last year, Suzanne Stabile, the Enneagram Godmother, joined a select few donors for dinner and conversation around the enneagram and our experience in following the journey...

Suzanne Stabile joined The Adoptive Mom Podcast and it’s sooooooo good!
#enneagram #podcast #theadoptivemompodcast #theadoptivemom #trauma #parenting #theenneagramjourney

🎉Exciting news!🎊

LTM will be facilitating 2 Enneagram Journey Curriculum groups beginning in September!

Joel Stabile will be leading a Monday group and Laura Addis will be leading a Wednesday group

No matter where you live, if you’re ready to add a new tool to your spiritual development, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Space is limited

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #curriculum #podcast #smallgroup #community #spirituality #soulwork #zoom #vimeo

Face Masks are in!

1 day left to save 20%

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #facemask #socialdistancing #inthistogether #community

A Contemplative Cohort weekend in the books!

Our first “hybrid” meeting of sorts, included a Zoom call with remote participants, group discussion online and in person, and time shared in the chapel.

Thank you to everyone who participated and @enneagramhunter and @revstabile for sharing what we hope to be transformative knowledge and wisdom.

#ltmcohort #contemplative #spirituality #spiritualtransformation #enneagram #theenneagramjourney #prayer @ Life in the Trinity Ministry

“The choice between your passion or virtue lies in contemplative intervention.”
- Hunter Mobley

“The goal of centering prayer is not to stop your thoughts, it is to detach from them.”
- Joseph Stabile

2020 Contemplative Cohort
#contemplative #spirituality #prayer #spiritualpractice #enneagram #theenneagramjourney

All Enneagram ONEs and Enneagram ONE lovers! Have you heard the latest episode of The Enneagram Journey #podcast ?

Enneagram ONEs from all over share what the inner critic is like for them.

You can find the podcast almost anywhere, including @spotify and @itunes and @applepodcasts

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #theroadbacktoyou #thepathbetweenus #enneagram1 #relationships

The Enneagram Godmother is on the mic 🎤 this afternoon at #2020ebc !

Talking Triads and Managing our Dominant Center of Intelligence

#theenneagramjourney #enneagram #spirituality #theroadbacktoyou #thepathbetweenus

Enneagram Bootcamp Day 3 is here!

Talking about the two main concepts of differentiation, how we can better manage our dominant center of intelligence, and use all of that to better cope with and heal from traumas.

It’s gonna be good.

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #familysystems #family #therapy #healing #community

Enneagram ONEs, we want to hear from you!
Tag an enneagram one you want to hear from too!

Visit the link below and share what your experience of your inner critic is like. Have you named it? How is it different from the self talk the rest of the world experiences?

Share as much as you want (in 90 seconds) for the upcoming Enneagram Journey podcast episode of Others On The Journey.

And RELAX! You'll do it right, and it'll be great! 😉

#enneagram #theenneagramjourney #theroadbacktoyou #thepathbetweenus #relationships #spirituality #enneagram1 #podcast

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