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Today on our Virtual Trip we are at the Northwest Community Center showing you about all that's going on there. Check out the Virtual Mission Trip to learn more and how to get in on the action.

Are you really wanting to serve right now - and can't figure out how? Well, do we have a treat for you! Here's the best - COVID safe & ready place for you to get involved NEXT WEEK at the NCC! We need your help for Resource Distribution. Visit and sign-up today!

❓What is Resource Distribution?
⭐️ Resource Distribution is our monthly opportunity to aid refugee families with diapers and other hygiene items. Non-profit organization Hope Supply is a valued partner in this program, providing many of the diapers, baby wipes and other items distributed. Items are also donated by our church family and other community supporters.

Distribution days give us opportunity to meet families in the neighborhood, grow friendships and demonstrate that we value and care for refugees. The items provided to families enable them to redirect some spending to a utility bill, prescription or groceries.

❓How many families do you serve?
⭐️ In June 2020, over 30 volunteers served 135 families by appointment. We provided diapers to neighbors on three different weekdays, with two volunteer shifts (two hours per shift) each on these days. Our hope is to grow the number families served to 250 per month. Adoption of our new appointment system is expected to increase and we plan to move back to a monthly Saturday distribution in August.

❓What is the volunteer role?
⭐️ Since COVID-19, volunteer roles have changed. Current roles include: Greeters (welcome families and help to maintain an orderly line and social distancing – we have a limited number of appointments each half hour to assist in this process); Registration Tables (check-in families on our tablet PCs – we have plexiglass screens at our tables to help prevent the spread of germs); Diaper Distributors (fulfill orders and place bags on table for families to pick up); Diaper Runner (restock supply of diapers at outside tables from our Resource Room).

💣: Kids Wrangler, Baby Shower and Clothing Distribution volunteer roles are expected to be reintroduced at a future date.

❓ How do I sign-up to volunteer?
➡️ Check out the 'Get Involved' section at For each of the community center programs, information about volunteering is provided. For Resource Distribution, there is a link to volunteer sign ups from July through November.⬅️


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We can't thank you enough for your impactful response this week during our Food Drive for Refugees! Check out the total numbers from this week to see how God used you to bless our refugee neighbors with food for the summer!

Total donations – 7,101 items
Total families who donated – 194
Total volunteers – 55
Vehicles used to transport food over to Sam Tasby Middle School: 12

Our goal was 2,500 pounds of food and we received over THREE times that goal! Thank you, Northwest family!

If you were hoping to donate food but didn't have a chance, donation bins will be at the front entrance of the Northwest Community Center all summer long. There are also more ways to serve this summer. You can find the list of suggested items and volunteer opportunities at


Food Drive Day 4

TOTALLY TUBULAR THURSDAY!! Today we had a mountain of 1,283 items and 27 volunteers. We are kind of at a loss for words at how great this week has been, all we can think of is WOW and THANK YOU!! 🥳🤯🙌🏽 Totals will be posted tomorrow! ALSO, if you missed out on volunteering at the tent this week (or you did and want to do more), we’ve got one more opportunity for you! Tasby needs help sorting and organizing our behemoth of donations on Monday, June 15 between 8-11am. Go to our Sign Up Genius and look for June 15 at to climb aboard the Tasby sorting train 🚂

#WhereGodHasUs #refugees #fooddrive #vickerymeadow #dallas


Food Drive Day 3

It was an especially b-e-a-utiful day 😍 at the Drop Off today, and you guys really showed up! We had 54 families come by to donate 1388 items PLUS a ton of boxes 📦. Let’s finish strong tomorrow! We’d love more dry rice and dry beans for our collection if you’re in the mood to stop by and see us again. And of course, we can always use some more good strong boxes. See you tomorrow!!! 🤙🏼

#WhereGodHasUs #refugees #fooddrive #vickerymeadow #dallas


Food Drive Day 2

Today we are grateful a few extra hands volunteering because today’s collection towered at 1786 items!!! 🥳😲 We are continually blown away by the generosity of the body at Northwest. Let’s keep it going- see you tomorrow! (And bring a few boxes with you!)

#WhereGodHasUs #refugees #fooddrive #vickerymeadow #dallas


Food Drive Day 1

Our 8 amazing volunteers breezed through a hot Texas morning 🥵 to collect over 1250 items from 34 families today at the drop off for our friends in Vickery Meadow. We loved seeing so many familiar faces again after many months apart (Scroll through to see a few!). We can’t wait to see more of you tomorrow!! 👋🏽

#WhereGodHasUs #refugees #fooddrive #vickerymeadow #dallas


Mark your Calendars! July 20-24, we are taking you around the world 🌍 on a virtual mission trip to Cuba, Guatemala, South Asia, and Uganda. If you've always been curious 🤔 about Northwest's mission trips, this is the perfect opportunity to "see" 👀 it for yourself- you don't even have to wear a mask! 😷 We are so excited to share with you what God is doing #WhereGodHasUs .

#Outreach #missions


That time we accidentally printed our poster a liiiiittle larger than expected 😳, but we kind of LOVE it. 😍😂 Beginning Monday, you can drop off your food drive donations at Northwest OR the NCC (a good option if you can’t get to the church by noon). If you drop off at the NCC, our ginormous poster will show you where to go! Thanks @ruthchalk for being our scale model. We’ll see you soon! 🥫🧃



Thank you to all our friends who sent in images and videos to send to our missionaries. 🥳 They will be happy to get some extra love 💕 from their Northwest family! If you missed it this go around, don’t worry. We’ll do it again another time! 🌍



Photos from Northwest Bible Outreach's post



We are so proud 🏅of our friend Etta using the Spanish skills she’s learning to encourage our missionaries in Mexico and Guatemala, as well as many others that minister to Spanish speakers. ✍🏼 We love the way kiddos use what they know to love others! ❤️Thank you, er, I mean Gracias, Etta! Send your little’s pictures to [email protected].



Outreach At Home- for kids!

It's never too early to teach your kids about missions. Our Missionary Prayer Guide is a great resource to begin. Kids love to flip through it because of all the colors and pictures on each page! Even reading through names and where missionaries live is a great place to start. For older kids, you can challenge them to find all of the May birthdays! If you missed grabbing one during World Passion Week, let us know and we can mail one to you! #WhereGodHasUs #OutreachAtHome


Who are we honoring today on Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you!) and also his eighth anniversary of being on staff at Northwest? It's our favorite character from a galaxy far, far away (Burundi), Jean Congera! 🌌🌠🌟

Jean, you are an indispensable part of our team and we love working with you. Thanks for your role in helping our community and loving them well. Even if you aren't the biggest Star Wars fan. 😉


Jayce, age 10, draws a picture of what it looks like to be a missionary. What does your child think a missionary does? Send your pictures to [email protected]!


Mary, age 9, sent us this amazing drawing of Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia. We love how creative kids are! We can’t wait to share this with our missionaries. Aslan is definitely on the move! 🦁📚
Send your drawings to [email protected] or visit for more details.


We are collecting encouraging words and pictures from kids to share with our missionaries and we need your help! Colson, age 9, answers the question, "How can you be a missionary and share the love of Jesus with others?" This project is a great way to get kids thinking about missions and how they can be missionaries too, while also practicing their writing (and spelling 😝). ✍️📓❤️

We want to hear from your family! Show us how your kids respond to that question (email pictures to [email protected]) or post it and tag us!

#WhereGodHasUs #OutreachAtHome


Need some ideas on how to start #OutreachAtHome? We've got a few! Send your kids' pictures, letters, or videos for our missionaries to [email protected], and we'll take care of the rest. We've already gotten some really cool submissions, check them out!


Outreach at Home- for kids!

Welcome to our first #OutreachatHome! We have a fun way to help you keep missions on your kids' minds, by caring for our 5️⃣0️⃣ missionaries! Join us as we write letters, draw pictures, and make videos to send to each of our Northwest Bible Church supported missionaries. We want to let them know how grateful we are for how they are serving the Lord around the world. Visit for more ideas and instructions on how to send it to us. We'll post pictures this week of examples to help you. #WhereGodHasUs


As we lift up our missionaries today, we want to pray specifically for those that minister to Muslim families as Ramadan begins today, April 23. Pray for our missionaries to have a great sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit and that this time of observation will present natural opportunities for conversations about Jesus. Pray for God to lead their interactions and conversations with their neighbors. Pray also that hearts will be softened and open to the good news of the Gospel. #WhereGodHasUs


Within our partnership of the Northwest Community Center ministering to refugees and displaced people in East Dallas, we want to pray today for the 71 expectant mothers at the Healing Hands Women's Clinic within the NCC that are due or have already given birth during the Shelter-In-Place order during March and April. Pray for safe, uncomplicated deliveries of the babies and quick recoveries for the mothers. While we distribute gift bags to these mothers in lieu of our Resource Distribution Baby Showers, pray for the opportunity for the NCC staff to invite these families to other available resources they can use at the Community Center. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


Today, we want to lift up our missionary friends and partners in our high investment area of South Asia. While there is a country-wide lock-down with limited resources and access to quality health care, we want to pray for God's provision for the supplies they need. Pray for our missionary families that had planned to furlough stateside in the spring. Pray that they would give their disappointment to the Lord and allow Him to comfort them. Pray for wisdom to know how to care for those around them well and bring the light of Jesus to them in a whole new way. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


Today, let's lift up our friends at Hidalgo Ministries, a hispanic ministry by Bachman Lake. We praise God for a Bible distribution they had for the children in the months before the quarantine, so they have access to a kid-friendly Bible they can read at home. Pray that the Lord uses that gift to learn and grow their faith in Jesus! Pray for God's provision for the families as many have lost jobs. Pray for protection of the children from abuse as having family contained in the home for a long amount of time brings a new level of stress for everyone. Lastly, we want to pray for the staff and volunteer at Hidalgo that they would have wisdom, creativity, and new strategy as they continue to minister to this community during this unusual time. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


This past February at World Passion Week, we were thrilled to have the Gasco family join us from Italy. We are glad that they have been able to have extended time with loved ones all around the United States. Right now, we want to lift them up in prayer so they will be able to get back to the comfort of home soon. Pray that God would provide for them so they can care for Peter’s son Caleb and his needs during this time. Pray also for God's protection for their health as they travel that they would stay well for the duration until they are able to reach their home. We are grateful for the ministry of Peter and his heart for Jesus and the people of Italy. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


Remember our homeless neighbors in Dallas while we pray for our ministry partner, OurCalling. We praise the Lord for the good things they are doing to help the city and ask that He would open doors for even more partnerships with local businesses to provide good food and necessities for the growing homeless population during this season. Pray for rest and encouragement for the staff. Pray also for the discovery of a hope and peace that only comes through Jesus for those that depend on their services. If you're interested in volunteering with OurCalling, visit their page to find out more. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


"The Church in Africa has weathered massive storms. Rarely do we encounter embittered believers. Rarely do they blame God. Instead, we've watched them praise God in the worst of the storms and through the most horrific of experiences. Convinced of His goodness, we've watched devastated people worship, sing, and praise a sovereign God." -Mike Congrove, Empower One. From the updates we've received from Uganda and South Sudan, their healthcare is almost non-existent. Both countries have closed the borders in preparation. Pray that God would continue to protect and provide for the needs of these strong and resilient people. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


Today, we want to lift up one of our missionary families that we aren’t able to share details about them without great risk to their safety. Currently, we have one family who has become unexpectedly stateside after evacuating two countries in three days seeking relief for V’s back pain. She is currently scheduled for surgery in the next few weeks. Pray for relief from the pain as she deals with excruciating pain while looking after their young children who miss their home in Central Asia. Pray for wisdom and gentleness for both parents in responding to their children’s needs. They also ask we lift up the people in their country of service where there are no ventilators in the entire country and soap is very hard to find. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


Pray for our Seminary partner in Cuba. The seminary is currently closed although there is no policy of isolation at all, despite having several confirmed cases and likely many more. Pray for the government to recognize COVID-19 as a threat to their country and take appropriate action to contain it. Pray also our team would be able to minister to those around them. #WhereGodHasUs ❤️


An update from Marcelo Berti in Brazil: "Services, small groups, ministry meetings, are now all online. And, we had to learn everything we could on live streaming service Friday to act on it Saturday, so we could have something to offer on Sunday. And I can tell that GOD PROVIDED everything we needed. We don’t have structure to do a online service, but God brought a young man who has. He works in the filming industry and volunteered to produce everything we needed and
to use his equipment for free. The city is stopping, but the church is moving on... I’m emotionally and physically tired. Prayer requests are coming every day. People are in need of guidance. Our leadership is being trained to work together. Our church is facing its first difficult time. And in all of that, as a leader/pastor I’ve been working too many hours not sleeping well. Pray that I find rest in God’s power and presence. Pray that I become a husband my wife needs, a father my kids need, a pastor my church needs." #WhereGodHasUs #NorthwestBibleChurch


Sponsor a face mask! SO many of you have reached out to us about the face mask shortage due to COVID-19. We've got the skill and manpower, but WE NEED YOUR HELP. You can sponsor a mask or donate fabric & elastic. See details below.
1. SPONSOR-$6 will cover the labor cost and processing to get handmade masks into the hands of first responders and medical personnel who need them. This also provides desperately needed income for our refugee Associates while they are not able to come into the office. *Masks will be donated to medical community* SPONSOR A MASK at the link in our profile. *
2. FABRIC & ELASTIC DONATIONS (pre-cut is most helpful!) If you've got scraps, we need them FAST! Dallas, we're about to go into shelter in place orders tonight, so if you're up for a fabric drop-off, we'll be accepting them at 5750 Pineland Dr. There will be a box labeled "VTC Mask Fabric" in the lobby of the Northwest Community Center TODAY ONLY from 10am-5pm. Be sure to use sanitizer before and after entering building!! 100% tight woven cotton only (think quilting fabric - NO flannel, canvas, drapery or upholstery fabric, satin, knit, etc). If you're able to cut it before dropping off, that would help us get masks out sooner. Every mask needs: 1 piece fabric 8"x15", 2 pieces fabric 2"x6" each, 2 pieces elastic 6 1/2" each. Elastic should be 1/8" or 1/4" wide.
Message us with questions and THANK YOU for helping our community fight Coronavirus!! #covid_19 #covıd19 #madebyrefugees

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Outreach At Home- for kids!
Who are we honoring today on Star Wars day (May the Fourth be with you!) and also his eighth anniversary of being on sta...
Outreach at Home- for kids!
As we lift up our missionaries today, we want to pray specifically for those that minister to Muslim families as Ramadan...
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