Herramientas De Dios

¡Si alguno tiene sed, que venga a mí y beba! De aquel que cree en mí, como dice[a] la Escritura, brotarán ríos de agua viva.

Sivarama Swami

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Love you Jesus

This is My God, who is yours and what has he done for you?

Praise his name always; no one can compare.

A cross that only he knew how much it weighted.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

Rafa singing to them while the test mingle with the others

We have been called to look after the old

Our singles at the nursing home

Every party has one of him

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

[11/10/11]   For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them (Matthew 18:20)

[10/26/11]   Earn your success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.

[10/25/11]   The difference btw the impossible and possible lies in a person's determination to include God in his daily living

[10/02/11]   Praise God to petition have been answered: Mario got a job and Juan made it home safely

[09/07/11]   Si quieres ver un cambio en el prójimo, primero debes cambiar tú

[08/31/11]   Liz Gutirrez me pide que porfavor oren por ella porque necesita mucha fuerza.

[08/29/11]   Cambia tu forma de orar, pierde el miedo y dile: “Señor, dame el carácter para afrontar cualquier situación”. Pídele carácter para amarlo y servirle siempre. Eso es lo que espera de nosotros, oraciones con convicción, fidelidad y compromiso para demostrar que nada te separará de Su amor incondicional.

[08/29/11]   Praise GOD, Carlos Toledo has found a job. Thank youall who joined us in prayer for the LORD hears his righteous ppl. I ask that we continue praying for his fellow coworkers who aso lost their job. And please include Alfonso Barrera to that petition

[08/28/11]   Dont worry about tomorrow because God is already there!

[08/13/11]   There is no better way to start ur day besides with prayer n the Word. Im heading to morning prayer n I encourage u guys to go. It makes the difference!

[08/09/11]   Michael Valdez's divorce will finally get finalize today please pray that all goes well. His daugther's custody is also on the line. May God's will be done there.

[08/08/11]   Voddie Baucham will be our guest speaker at our church on Sept 23 and 24. For just 20 dollars u can attend. This is a great deal for an Apologetics Conference that you can't miss out on. Registration start NOW! You can either contact me or registre online at New Life's internet page.

[08/08/11]   Please keep Juanita Garcia in ur prayers as she is to start her chemo today. May the LORD give her the strength to continue fighting thi cancer.

[08/04/11]   I praise God bc he listens to our prayers my aunt has been cancer cleared ;)

[07/29/11]   Gracias por sus oraciones por mi tia Elvia. DLB!

[07/27/11]   Yasmin leaves (Egypt) may be Lord be with her

[07/27/11]   Guys please pray for me, Ive bad ulcer pains

[07/25/11]   Please continue to pray for the mission trip in Peru

[07/21/11]   Your hands made me & fashioned me; Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments. May those who fear You see me & be glad, Bc I wait 4 Your word. I know, O Lord, that Your judgements r righteous, & that in faithfulness You've afflicted me. O may Your lovingkindness comfort me, according 2 Your word 2 Your servent. May Your compassion come 2 me that I may live, 4 Your law is my delight. (Psalm 119:73-77)

[07/20/11]   Praise God our missioner arrived safely to Nicaragua!

[07/19/11]   Please pray as some of our brothers/sisters leave to nicagua for a mission trip

[07/14/11]   What can be said about God's promises to us?

VBS 2011

VBS 2011

[07/11/11]   Good morning lovely family, I just wanted to remind you all that VBS is this week. Our group is scheduled to attend the VBS at 905 E Centerville Rd. in Garland 75041. Please try to be there atleast 10 minutes before 7. Hope all of you can attend. Have a blessed day!

[07/10/11]   I praise God because yesterday we had a scare with my sister in law at the lake...We thought baby was coming...But, praise God baby is fine...Still pray for her Karla bc she is still at hospital for a bad infection n high glucose...

[07/08/11]   Singles Breakfast at 5805 Redwood Ln Rowlett tomorrow at 9am ... (Great fellowship n discussion on spirtual growth)

[07/08/11]   Volleyball n Soccer Tournament today at 7pm as fundraiser for Hildalgo's Mission Trip

[07/07/11]   I encourage everyone to look at the discussion started yesterday n comment on ur believes. May the Lord keep using each and everyone of us to continue being light... God bless everyone!

[07/01/11]   I want to give praise to the Lord bc Juan's doctor's visit went well. Our missioner made it home safely...And because I was able to see another day. Thank you all who prayed...

[06/25/11]   Por favor oren por la familia Herrera. El hermano en Cristo Noe Herrera murio de un ataque al corazón

[06/22/11]   Wisdom is the insight which enables a Christian to understand, practise and advance the religious life that is in keeping with the law of God. If you lack this, pray for it to be given to you and the Lord will grant it.

[06/21/11]   Please continue to have all our missioners in ur prayers for protection n that their work can be done righteously n fall on fertile ground...Also pray for all our other groups as they prepare to leave. Pray for their testimonies to be preserved, health n most important that they evil works of satan can stay away a he trys to prevent hem from going.

[06/21/11]   Oren por Maria Magdalena porque no tiene consuelo a morir sus padre

[06/20/11]   Please pray for the LOPEZ/NAVARRETE FAMILY as they put one of their own to rest. Lets pray for comfort and understanding of God's will. Sorry Maria, I feel for your loss.

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2626 Gus Thomasson Rd
Dallas, TX

General information

Esta página se creó con la intención de crecer como seguidores de Cristo. Es una página dedicada para la discusión sobre temas de nuestros grupos de crecimiento. Es una fuente del mandato de Dios para alcanzar y mantenernos unos a otros en su verdad. Esta página está a la disposicion de cualquier persona con preguntas o dudas. Nuestro objetivo es ampliar nuestras mentes a lo que pensabamos era imposible y ser sal y luz brillante en poder y gloria de Dios. Mi nombre es Cindy, porfavor enviarme un e-mail ([email protected]) si desea visitar nuestra iglesia o grupo de crecimiento. Estoy aquí para servirle! La dirreccion presentada es de la iglesia, pero nuestro grupo se unen en la casa de Frank Agundes, con el leader siendo Juan Gonzalez.

Opening Hours

Wednesday 19:00 - 20:30
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