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In bringing the week of Yom HaShoah to an end today (the commemoration of the Holocaust) and looking to Israel’s Memorial Day tomorrow, I wanted to share an incredible story I have studied for 25 years, and published a book about in 2016, called: “The Rabbi Saved by Hitler’s Soldiers: Rebbe Joseph Isaac Schneersohn and His Astonishing Rescue.” I started the study under former head of Jewish Studies at Yale University, Paula Hyman, back in 1994 and still cannot believe it. In 1939, one of the most prominent rabbis in the world, Rebbe Schneersohn, was stuck in Warsaw under the Nazis (a Rebbe, unlike a rabbi, is like a “Jewish Pope”). Through an incredible network in the U.S., people like Senator Robert Wagner, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, FDR’s “Braintrust” lawyer Benjamin Cohen and Foreign Affairs officer Robert T. Pell in the State Department actually pushed people like the Secretary of State Cordell Hull and FDR to act on a request to save the Lubavitcher Rebbe from being killed by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler’s SS. So, the U.S. State Department and White House actually contacted Reichsmarshall Herman Göring’s chief of his organization “The Four-Year-Plan,” Helmuth Wohlthat, and the head of the German Military Secret Service (the Abwehr), Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. They both agreed to help!!!! Both men wanted to keep the U.S. out of the war and also wanted to gain some good will in Washington D.C. Wohlthat turned the operation over to Canaris, and then the admiral picked his trusted officer and head of his organization’s Department for Economic Espionage, then Major Ernst Bloch, to conduct the mission. Bloch, strangely, was a “half-Jew” and had been “aryanized” by Hitler to remain in the army (this whole chapter of how such a thing happened is documented in my book “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”). Bloch then went to Warsaw with a group of Wehrmacht soldiers and, not only convinced the Rebbe he was there to rescue him (hard to do when bedecked with a uniform covered in Iron Crosses and Swastikas), but also, Bloch actually succeeded in getting Rebbe Schneersohn to America!! Now the largest Hasidic Community in the world (Chabad) is based out of Crown Heights (a section of Brooklyn), New York. The next year, Chabad and the Rebbe were able to rescue his son-in-law Menachem Mendel Schneerson from Vichy France and bring him to New York in 1941 (he would become the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe). I wanted to share this story to inspire others. Think about it. If an anti-Jewish and anti-immigrant oriented U.S. government of that time could work with the Nazi government and military to rescue one of the most Orthodox and fundamentalist Jewish leaders in the world using a “half-Jewish” Nazi officer, then a question that could be asked of many of us is: “What can we not accomplish today for the betterment of mankind if we decided to put away our petty differences of politics and religion and perform actions that help our fellow man?” One person can make a difference. Tikkun Olam—let’s try to make the world a little better today than it was yesterday. If you want to know more about the rescue of Rebbe Schneersohn, please see:
Foreign investors from Israel looking for a part time project manager for SH flip in DFW. Responsibilities: ✔️ Responsible for the property and due diligence; help finding the project team by setting up meetings that include the architect / designer, professionals ,inspector and any necessary suppliers and creating a schedule and budget. ✔️ Buying products and reduce costs. ✔️ Monitor the permitting and inspection process. ✔️ Develop a punch list of all items that must be completed by the contractors prior to receive final payment. ✔️ Ensure the successful completion of the project is on time and within budget. ✔️ Update on renovation progress (2-3 times a week) including sending photos and videos. ✔️Availability. Email - [email protected]
hello, we are looking for an apartment for a married couple in north dallas close to synagogue, please send me a message if you know of a good apartment, thank you
Is there a Chanukah with the Mavs event this year?

A Home away from Home for every Jew, no matter background or affiliation!

Chabad of Dallas is dedicated to providing an open door environment for strengthening and enhancing Jewish values and identity to all people, regardless of background, philosophy or level of commitment.

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom and a Gut Chodesh!

This month is the month of Iyar. In the month of Iyar, every single day is used to refine ourselves in order to receive the Torah next month!
Iyar is also known as the month of healing, each letter representing the sentence Ani Hashem Refoecha.
May we receive the ultimate healing by eradicating this virus and being reunited with our loved ones and dance in the streets of Jerusalem with Moshiach!

Candle Lighting is at 7:47 PM

Hope to see you all tomorrow night on our weekly Zoom Havdalah Ceremony, together with all of Bnei Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel!

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̶u̶n̶orthodox: Unpacking Stereotypes in Hollywood's Depiction of Chassidim

Mark your calendars for this great event! Netflix' newest show "Unorthodox" has been making waves in the wider Jewish community, generating critique of and confusion about the private lives of modern day Chassidim. Unsurprisingly, we have something to say. Join us for a candid discussion about the show's strengths and weaknesses, as we unpa...

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A huge Yasher koach to Rabbi Dubrawsky for his unwavering commitment to hosting daily classes for the very young and adults alike. Coming up with inspiring content to keep our kids having fun and adults remaining upbeat, inspired, and prepared for the holiday is no small feat.

To our dear friends, we look forward to seeing you all face to face very soon, but in the meantime wish you all the best health and joy in upcoming holiday. Though we may be “socially distant” we are united in heart and soul.

Join us tonight for a Q&A!

13 Ways the Lubavitcher Rebbe Changed the World Forever How one man in Brooklyn. N.Y., shattered misconceptions and predispositions about Judaism—and forever changed the world.

Anniversary of the Rebbe’s Birth - Celebrating the birth of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Today we celebrate the Lubavitcher Rebbe's birthday.

Today let us celebrate the way a chossid does, by adding more good deeds, learning, and light into the world!

How has the Lubavitcher Rebbe impacted your life? Throughout his leadership, the Rebbe marked his birthday by redoubling his efforts to reach out to Jews in every corner of the world.

Tzvi Freeman

live from the Kotel and the Rebbe’s Ohel

Join a Tefila Event From the Kosel, the Ohel, and Your Home. Join us at 11:00

Worldwide VIRAL PSALMS Event Join tens of thousands around the world to storm the heavens with our prayers · Live Tehillim (Psalms) said with you from the Ko...

Shema Time with Rabbi D

Throughout the week, children have been joining together every night at 7:30 for Shema. How sweet does it sound?!

During this hectic time, it is wonderful to pause and connect with others throughout the community with this special prayer.

Tonight, take the time to think about Shema and what it means to you.

Just a little bit of light dispels a whole lot of darkness.

At 7:21 join Jewish Women across the globe as we bring in some much-needed light into the world.

For thousands of years, Jewish women have been lighting Shabbat candles, uniting women of all generations.

During this time of social-distancing and uncertainty, take the time for this timeless mitzvah, and unite with Jewish women throughout the world.

We hope that you all have a peaceful enjoyable Shabbos, and may we rejoice together on the streets of Jerusalem very soon.

As always, if you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out, we are here if you need us.

Shabbat Shalom!

Join Chabad for a Community Family Havdalah Service!

3/21 at 8:30PM

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See y'all in 15 minutes! 🤩

Join us Sunday - Thursday at 7:30 pm with Mendel Dubrawsky

In conjunction with all of the Chabad's in North Texas we have put together a full schedule of virtual classes on the zoom virtual meeting platform. Please see the chart below with the schedule for the next few days. More classes will be announced in the next few days.

See y’all soon!! Here is the link to join

Join us Sunday - Thursday at 7:30 pm with Mendel Dubrawsky

Join us Sunday - Thursday at 7:30 pm with Mendel Dubrawsky

Join Rabbi Baruch Hecht from The intown chabad for a virtual class: How do we keep a positive outlook/mindset in these trying times? Join at 2pm EST

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now

Live class with Rabbi Mendel Dubrawsky on prayer happening now! Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

JLI - The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

Starting tomorrow night!

As hundreds of thousands of people enter quarantine in the U.S., Israel, and around the world, JLI is offering one of its most popular courses online, free of charge.

Wrestling with Faith—a six-part series that tackles the fears and doubts that challenge us—will be broadcasted LIVE on Facebook. The lectures will be accompanied by multimedia slides and video, as well as a downloadable student textbook for a complete multisensory learning experience.

Beginning March 16, the lessons will be broadcasted on Monday and Thursday for three weeks at 8:00 p.m. EST.

The course will be taught by one of JLI’s celebrated instructors, Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein, rabbi of The Shul at Newtown and Director of the Jay Michael Swartz Jewish Learning Academy in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Follow the link to register for the series

As hundreds of thousands of people enter quarantine in the U.S., Israel, and around the world, JLI is offering one of its most popular courses online, free of charge.

Wrestling with Faith—a six-part series that tackles the fears and doubts that challenge us—will be broadcasted LIVE on Facebook. The lectures will be accompanied by multimedia slides and video, as well as a downloadable student textbook for a complete multisensory learning experience.

Beginning March 16, the lessons will be broadcasted on Monday and Thursday for three weeks at 8:00 p.m. EST.

The course will be taught by one of JLI’s celebrated instructors, Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein, rabbi of The Shul at Newtown and Director of the Jay Michael Swartz Jewish Learning Academy in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Follow the link to register for the series

Thank you to our EUROPEAN couture event designers. What a fun night! Céline et Madeleine.

[03/10/20]   Happy Purim!! There will be a Megillah reading at Chabad at 3:00pm and again at 5:00pm!!

Mi Keamcha Yisrael!
Purim Sameach!

We're there for every Jew!

A man reads megillah for a person in quarantine.

In Israel, far-reaching restrictions have been put in place. Up to an estimated 100,000 will be quarantined in the coming days, with around 80,000 already in self-quarantine.

At Tzeirei Agudat Chabad (Chabad Youth Organization), the umbrella organization for Chabad outreach activity in Israel, a hotline is being set up enabling people confined to their homes to call and request a volunteer to read the Megillah for them. To prevent transmission of the disease, volunteers will read the Megillah from outside the home, with the listener hearing through a door or window. In multi-level apartment buildings, volunteers have been instructed to read from the stairwell while maintaining a two-meter (approximately 6.5 feet) distance from the quarantined individual.

“ ... While following health guidelines, every effort must be made to ensure that the joy and mitzvot of Purim reach every Jew ... ,” wrote Rabbi Yosef Aharonov, chairman of Tzeirei Agudat Chabad, in a message to Chabad emissaries and activists in Israel.

Nothing quite like Camp Gan Izzy! Join us for another summer of fun, fun, FUN!

Give your child the summer of a lifetime.
Registration is open for all!

Purim is next week! Have you signed up yet?

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Akiba Yavneh Academy

Mazal tov to the Yavneh bulldogs on their most recent victory! What a beautiful Kiddush HaShem to see the players proudly sporting their yarmulkas on the court! #amyisraelchai

The Bulldogs are State Basketball Champs for TAPPS 3A! Go Bulldogs! These amazing scholars, mensches and athletes represented our school and Jewish community in the BEST possible way. Go Bulldogs, Go!

We did it!
A BIG BIG BIG BIG Yasher Koyach to all our donors, matchers and volunteers, we could NOT have done it without you!

Shoutout to all our donors who helped push us over the finish line!
Beth Berk, Ari and Dana Morris Feinstein, Hedley Rakusin, Avi Collins, Ani Pancer Nosnik and Pedro Nosnik, Ryan Milstein and Shauna Milstein, Yisroel Schwartz, Reid Heller, Summer Pailet and Jeff Pailet, Myra and Bill Fox, Avi Niv, David Kugel, Ricki and Roni Arad, Michelle Lechtman-Katz, Aaron Handler, Joey Ohayon and Tara Ohayon, Rachel and Matthew Berke, Ronald Rakoover, Guobin Wang, Linda Fluxman Johnson and Murray Johnson, Alyssa Gruen, Zev Shulkin, Joy Luque, Henry and Carole Srock, David and Reesa Feinstein, Howard Wolk, Yalovsky Family, Avi Grossman, Martin Berk, Benjamin Klein, Brett Diamond, Ayelet Elle Nesher-Haviv and Liran Haviv, Ariel Hess and Sara Hess, Eitan Podgaetz, Aryeh Lipsker, Havy Rosenstock Friedman and Max Friedman, Daniel Frid.

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Just 20% to go! Will YOU bring us to the finish line?!

Just 2 hours left at 77%.

Juan the Sushi man wants YOU to donate!

Spread the Simcha! Donate now!

We're at 70%! Just 4 hours left for the last 30% and we couldn't have done it without our generous donors:
Reinaldo Kibel, Yochua Arrouas, Sharon adn Steve Schwartz, Harold Wolf, Sue Fox Schwartz and Greg Schwartz, Ariel and Andrea Modrykamien, B and C Feldman, Charles Barnes, Anita and Mark Lester, Dov Mandel and CT Mandel, Dani Meyerovitz and Adriana Meyerovitz, Ben and Itai Levi, Aliza and Reid Stein, Anatole Levant, Benjamin Blumenthal, Hanik Avshman, Bryan Lurie, Adam and Tammy D Davis and Associates, Rikki Rutchik, Ronen Sharvit and Shiri Honig- Sharvit, Jeremie Braoude, Tzvi Dubrawsky, Levi Dubrawsky and Leah Dubrawsky, Block Lipsitz Family, Danny Fishman, Barry Frankel, Shelley Elisse Fastow, Levik Naparstek.

Mark Spalding is spending his ANNIVERSARY day helping out Chabad. Thanks Mark and all our volunteers, and happy anniversary! #2020vision #bestanniversaryexperience

Oh we’re halfway there!

Mr. Mash wants YOU to dig a little deep!

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from the man himself; Mr. Shawn Mash!

We're halfway there! BIG TIME SHKOYACH to our mitzvah mensches:
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We can see it! Can you?

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Shema Time with Rabbi D
Mr. Mash wants YOU to dig a little deep!




6710 Levelland Rd
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General information

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:30AM-4:30PM Friday's: 8:30AM - 2:00PM **Office hours on holiday's vary.
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