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Hope and prayers today for the United States and the World.
We will celebrate the legacies as we continue and recommit ourselves to this work for social justice, racial equity, & human rights. Senior Pastor Virzola Law will be speaking and sharing her wisdom. Cannot wait! Comment if you need further info!
Hey, Northway friends! I am missing you all during this time of social distancing. I am keeping you in my prayers. There’s been so much talking and activity around the death of George Floyd, racism, police violence, and social justice I began to wonder how everyone is reacting to this. How are you feeling? How are you reacting? As Pastor Law noted many of us are having emotional and physical reactions to these topics and all the news/videos that go with them. I am. Are you? Maybe we could start a supportive conversation here... Will you join me in this? I hope that you will write something and not just “like” this post...Let’s really talk. I’ll start. What am I feeling emotionally? Overwhelmed Deeply sad Deeply troubled Horror Scared Intense empathy for the family members of those killed or injured — I can’t stop imagining how I would feel if something like this happened to Jake or Joe (my adult children). What am I feeling physically? My stomach is in turmoil. I want to stay in bed and hide. I am so tired. I want to yell scream and never stop!!!!
Tie a white ribbon on your tree!
Whorshipping online this glorious Easter morning! #EasterSundaySelfies
Thank you for the Good Friday video! Very meaningful. It was especially meaningful hearing the music from Dale wood. Was that our choir, from a previous year? Peace of Christ be with you!
worship streaming delayed a few minutes due to technical issues. there will be a 10 minute alert before it starts . This per Rev. Meghan Turner.
does anyone have the link to todays live steam
Very disappointed that we were unable to open the live stream for worship this morning. Fran and Charlie
Wow, you guys did amazing work streaming today's Church Service! Thank you so much. Not only was it beautifully done, I felt all of you and God in my heart. Love, Lisa
Hello all. I got plugged into The Village Church FM in about 2007. I later became a member at the Denton campus when it opened. Matt Chandler’s (MC) preaching was spot-on, he’s got a gift of persuasion and expository of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as outlined in the bible. I served in the kids’ ministry, I served and sowed into the church back when I was in college. Jesus is LORD, I thank the church for helping me understand His Word and for the Spirit to light me up, so to speak. I invited people to TVC whenever possible. By 2014, I got married and my wife and I began to attend the Dallas campus. The initial startup of marriage was extremely challenging, fortunately, pastor CP was there to help and offer godly advice. His pastoral care was loving, straight-forward, on task, and firm about God’s Word. He’s clearly gifted and God has favor on him and his family, I believe. He had to pick up and leave for church planting. Another young pastor took over, I’ll name him YP hereafter. Strife developed in my marriage but I had confidence that the church would help. To make it concise, I began to doubt the pastoral care YP and the church were administrating. I greatly thank the church for paying for us to see a professional biblical counselor. But really, I think that’s the best YP, et al, could do. Eventually, the spouse began to talk a lot of allegations. No problem, these guys at the church know The Truth and I was certain they would help us; after all, Proverbs 18:17. It seems to me that YP believed my spouse’s alleged case against me. YP suggested that I meet a particular group and to also get advice with two other, older, experienced biblical counselors. I’ve met with a total of three professional biblical counselors that disagreed with YP’s considerations about me. I believe that YP introduced some bad advice about us separating (“bad grace”). Once, I tried going into evening service when YP confronted me and said “what are you doing here, Tony? Don’t come here, your wife comes here. Go to the Plano campus!” How is that biblical? Where in the Holy Bible did Jesus turn away a hurting brother/sister in need of His saving grace from the family of faith? Eventually, I got the lead pastor involved...but then he eventually ignored me and then I lost track of what happened to him. I made my concerns known to YP, I wanted to speak to someone else, not him. Personally, I think it is alarming when you cannot easily speak with another older brother in charge. Pastor “S” at another campus says: YP’s door is always open, go back to him. I spoke with “H” at another campus, he says to me: Well, if you were a member here, I’d pick up the phone and call YP. Wow, it all felt like “church politics” to me. Back at another campus, one older group leader finally meets with me and says: Let me take a look at this, also I’ll look up your spouse, and see what we can do. No one does anything. Time passed, I meet up with YP and the new campus lead pastor in the same room. “Yes!” I thought, Titus 2, an older experienced brother weighing in on this situation of mine and eventually subsequent pastoral care. No, all he did was sit in the room to listen. (2 Timothy 3:16-17). I spoke candidly about my concerns and pains. I felt that YP did not want to help, I felt that he didn’t care. I mean, these are peoples’ lives. In summation, I believe he didn’t do a great job at pastoral care. I thought that YP could relay and speak God’s truth about things to the spouse...what God put together let no man separate, etc. I believe that they were going against their own covenant member rules/regulations. That relationship I had was on spiritual life support. Toward the end, I was left with no choice to defend myself. I often wondered, if there was robust pastoral care, (like we had before), things would be completely different today. I do not know. But what I do know is that over the years the church had some serious cases on their hands, such as: an alleged 2012 Kids ministry incident involving a former group leader, and something with a young family “R”. I wonder if that’s why some of these campuses became autonomous/different church names? I wonder if MC was like: Ya’ll (other campuses) are having too many things come up. We are breaking up, you do you while I handle my church and cook some steaks. Today, I’m part of another Christ-centered church, I’m good...I don’t ever see myself returning to TVC/NC anytime soon. The mystery of inequity here in my case. We will one day all have to give an account to Him. Do not misunderstand me! If you are being spiritually fed, if you’re being taught about the only one true God, Jesus Christ—then continue attending or being a member of that church. Friend, I do not know your heart (you don’t know mine) ...if you’re getting closer to Jesus while being there, keep at it! Personally, for me, I just feel hurt and unhappy with that church...Galatians 4:20. Thank you for your prayers, consideration, have a blessed life in Jesus’ name from now until eternity. My name is Tony Torres.
Photos taken after the Christmas Lighting celebration.

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Hidden Blessings

Pastor Law and Fabiana Rey sharing blessings.

It's almost time for our first noon-day Check-In! Are you ready? Watch for us to join you right here on Northway's page at 12:00 pm today! See you soon!

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Vespers is at 6:00 tonight! It's going to be a nice evening on the lawn!

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What to expect when you return to worship at Northway Christian Church

How does your light shine? Ours will be shining bright as we join Northway's Family Ministry in lighting up the church campus this Sunday. Meet us in the North Lot at 6:00 pm. We'll have carhops ready to bring you hot chocolate as you watch the lights come on from the comfort of your own vehicle. You may want to wear something festive, we'll have a photographer on site taking photos.

We're excited to begin a new worship series this Sunday! Whether you've signed up to join us in-person or you're planning to join us online (, we're looking forward to discovering Hidden Blessings with you. See you Sunday at 10:00 am!

Northway Worship Service

There's still time to RSVP for the in-person worship service in the Sanctuary this Sunday, November 8 at 10:00 am. Sign up ends tomorrow on Friday, so be sure to let us know if you're planning to attend. We will also continue to share the service online at, as well as right here on Facebook. We'll see you Sunday! Northway is preparing for an in-person worship service on Sunday, November 8, at 10 am. This worship service will be limited to 35 attendees. We will continue to host online worship service, but if you are planning on attending the in-person service, please see the available slots below and let us...

Election Day Prayer Vigil

Northway is hosting an Election Day Prayer Vigil today. If you would like to join us as we pray for peace, we have prepared the following meditative video to help guide you through a 30 minute time of reflection and prayer.

A virtual Election Day Prayer Vigil, sponsored by the Elders of Northway Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), in Dallas, Texas.

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Hidden Blessings
COVID-19 Task Force Update
Celebrating Edward Pena - Facilities Director
October 21, 2020 Vespers at Northway




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