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We're bringing a new life-giving church to South/Southeast Dallas.

Why Another Church In The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW) Saltmakers Church, formerly Kingdom Word International Church, is a new gathering of authentic Christ followers who are passionate to see everyone know, love, follow and share Jesus. This passion arises from the life changing experience Jesus caused in our lives and the joy and purpose He brought us. We have answered the call gladly, therefore, to help others in DFW know, love, follow and share Jesus. We know there are already many large and established churches in DFW. This area hosts some of the largest mega-churches in America. DFW also has thousands of smaller churches seemingly on every corner. So, why has God called us to plant another church in DFW? There are three reasons. 25% OF DFW IS UNCHURCHED The number of unchurched people living in DFW is the first and most important reason God called us to plant another church here. By definition, unchurched people do not follow Jesus or attend church consistently. And according to the Barna Group, 1.75 million (25%) of the approximate 8 million people living in DFW are unchurched. Other research groups believe the number of unchurched people in DFW is much higher. Whatever the correct number, God loves unchurched people. He wants them to become His disciples, and He has called us to accomplish this for Him. MANY TRADITIONAL CHURCHES The number of traditional churches in DFW is the second reason God called us to plant another church here. A traditional church is one that’s more committed to worn out irrelevant customs than reaching the unchurched. We are not criticizing our fellow churches, but traditionalism will not reach the unchurched. God has given us some new and improved methods to reach this tech savvy, easily distracted generation without changing the core message of the Kingdom. COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION Lastly, we have a heart to transform the inner cities in DFW. Communities like South Dallas in Dallas and Stop Six in Fort Worth are infamous for poverty, crime and drugs largely because churches failed to infiltrate, occupy and transform them with the Kingdom of God. Consequently, satan took over these communities. We, on the other hand, embrace our mandate of infiltrating, occupying and transforming South Dallas, Stop Six and other inner-city communities in DFW. We welcome the challenge!

Mission: We exist to make authentic, fully devoted Christ followers who salt the earth.

Catching A Spouse - Pt2 In this podcast episode, Augustus and Toni use fishing to discuss how to catch a spouse.

Christian Dating and How Our Journey Started In this humorous episode, Pastors Augustus and Toni Corbett discuss Christian dating and how their beautiful journey began in June of 1987.

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

Benjamin L. Hooks | American jurist, minister and government official

Today we feature the late Rev. Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks, a famed minister, lawyer, government official and executive director of the NAACP. Learn more about this civil rights giant. Benjamin L. Hooks: Benjamin L. Hooks, American jurist, minister, and government official who was executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) from 1977 to 1993. Hooks attended Le Moyne College in Memphis (1941–43) and Howard University, Washington, D...

Charlotte E. Ray (1850-1911) • BlackPast

Read about Charlotte Ray, the first black female lawyer in America. Drawing of Charlotte Ray Image Ownership: Public Domain Charlotte E. Ray, the first African American woman to practice law in the United States, was born on January 13, 1850 in New York City, New York. Her father, Reverend Charles Bennett Ray, was a prominent New … Read MoreCharlotte E. Ray (1850-...

Scipio Africanus Jones (1863–1943) • BlackPast

This African American lawyer did lots of pro bono work for poor blacks. Check him out. Scipio Africanus Jones was a prominent Arkansas African American defense attorney in the late 19th and early 20th century. He opposed Arkansas’s Jim Crow laws and successfully argued cases before the United States Supreme Court between 1913 and 1925. Known for his pro bono work for impoverished Af...

Jane Bolin - Wikipedia

Meet Jane Bolin, the first black female judge in the United States of America. Ms. Bolin was the first black in other ways. Jane Matilda Bolin, LL.B. (April 11, 1908 – January 8, 2007) was the first black woman to graduate from Yale Law School, the first to join the New York City Bar Association and the first to join the New York City Law Department. She became the first black woman to serve as a judge in the United St...

Restoring The Emasculated Black Male

NEW PODCAST EPISODE: RESTORING THE EMASCULATED BLACK MAIL - PART ONE This episode is part one of a teaching series entitled Restoring The Emasculated Black Man. It talks about ways to begin restoring black men who have been left behind in society by taking him the Kingdom of God.

Episode 24 - Would Dr. King Be Pleased

In invite you to listen to our latest podcast episode that examines the question of whether Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be pleased with the progress African Americans have made following his death. This podcast episode asks the question of whether Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be pleased with the progress African Americans have made following his death.

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

Saltmakers Church - Making Difference

Please join me today for a Back To School event where I'll be speaking about my book Education Injustice: How Public School Fail African American Males.

WHERE: Pan African Bookstore located at 4466 S Marsalis Ave, Dallas, TX 75216.

TIME: 2:00 PM

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

The Fundamentals of Faith

MOST PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND FAITH: But to live the victorious life you must understand and live by the faith. Enjoy this short video that introduces the subject of faith.

Breakthrough Faith for Breakthrough Victories - Saltmakers Church

Sometimes regular faith isn't enough. You need breakthrough faith to get pass that struggle or situation that's been dogging you for years. Learn more in this article! When doctors diagnosed the HIV/AIDS disease in the 1980s people were in horrible fear.  And for a good reason, the condition became a scourge. Some even considered it a curse from God. Since then it has devastated many lives. Today people don’t fear the disease as much. That’s because of the ad...


LEARN THE BIGGEST MISTAKE MOST FATHERS MAKE AND HOW TO CORRECT IT: In an earlier video, I said what a man is not. In this short snippet, I taught what a man is according to the Bible. I hope you enjoy.

[06/15/18]   In an earlier video, I said what a man is not. In this short snippet, I taught what a man is according to the Bible. I hope you enjoy.


Godly manhood is critical to society, family, marriages and children. The Bible informs all what godly manhood is and isn't. Enjoy this short video as I explain what it isn't. In part 2, I'll tell you what manhood is from a biblical perspective.

God Needs A Man - Part 1

Take a listen to my latest podcast entitled - God Needs A Man: The Crisis and Correction of Black Manhood. In Part 1, I review over 2000 years of history and show the listener why many black men are broken. Just click the image to listen.

[06/08/18]   THERE’S ALWAYS HOPE IN CHRIST: I didn’t know Anthony Bourdain but I loved his show on CNN. I watched it weekly. You couldn’t tell that he was suffering.

I’ve dealt with suicide in my family and it’s painful for those left behind. So, if you have thoughts of suicide please, I beg you, do these things:

1. Accept Christ if you haven’t. With Christ it’s very hard to be hopeless regardless of your challenges. 1 Timothy 1:1
2. Reject suicide thoughts. If there’s no mental illness, demons are the source of the suicide thoughts. You must diligently reject their thoughts. It’s called spiritual warfare. 2 Cor. 10:4-5
3. Please please talk to someone (spouse, friends, children, pastor, coworkers, etc.) Don’t suffer silently. Don’t isolate yourself. You’re loved and needed.
4. And always get professional help. You may be suffering with undiagnosed mental illness. If so, there’s no shame no more than if you are dealing with a physical illness. Just please get help! Proverbs 11:14.

The National Suicide Hotline is 800-273-8255

[05/26/18]   Black men need to love Christ, live holy and lead their families. Many fail at this due to an unprecedented and historical satanic attack on black masculinity for 4 centuries. The solution is rearing black boys to be strong Kingdom men. This is part of the vision of SALTMAKERS CHURCH!

Join us tomorrow for Church in the Park at 10:30 am as we hold church service at the Mildred Dunn Park in South Dallas. We’re taking the kingdom of God to the streets!

[05/17/18]   I bless everyone who reads this post! I bless you, your family, career, business, body, mind, church, and all that concerns you. BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME! Receive it!

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

THE WORK CONTINUES: This picture is of me preaching 21 years ago after my wife and I moved back to my home town and started a church. Some folks thought I was crazy. Our children were toddlers. Our focus was unchurched/street people like it is today.

Many unchurched came and got saved, white and black. Most were uneducated and even some dropouts like me. But they received the Kingdom Word of Faith message.

To help them in the practical matters, we also started a GED program, voter registration, after school, prison ministry and so on. God blessed those same people to return to school and get degrees. One is even getting a PhD. They are now leaders in church administration, college administration, pastor/bishop, business owners, etc.

As Paul said of the Corinthian church, these people are proof of my apostleship. I love them dearly. I could’ve gotten much, much more people saved and on the right path but like Jesus some of my family and hometown people couldn't see the anointing on my life and they missed their blessing. Nevertheless, now God is doing the same life-changing work in Dallas.

THE BIBLE ISN'T A RELIGIOUS BOOK: Instead, it contains God's solutions for sin, sickness, poverty, fear, marital problems, wayward children, mental illness, racism, etc. Come learn it's contents at Saltmakers Church. Learn more at

Saltmakers Church

Saltmakers Church's cover photo

Understanding The Kingdom Of God

This is the teaching series I started last week. I hope you enjoy it! In this powerful episode, Pastor Corbett teaches about the Kingdom of God. You’ll learn, among other things, what the Kingdom of God is and what privileges you possess as a Kingdom citizen.

Breaking The Curse: Lifting Black Men in South Dallas

BREAKING THE CURSE: Lifting Black Men in South Dallas is our new documentary and you can watch it below.

The name of this documentary is Breaking The Curse: Lifting Black Men In South Dallas. It describes some challenges black men face in South Dallas, TX, the n...

[04/02/18]   HERE'S WHAT I SEE: I see Saltmakers Church where every chair is filled, the lines are outside the door, hundreds are getting saved weekly, God is healing people from all manner of sickness and diseases, the spirit of poverty is being broken from people's lives, divorces are being cancelled, the youth are turning to Christ like crazy, we're having multiple services, and we're planting multiple life-changing churches.

Thankful to our launch team members who worked hard and sacrificed to make our launch service a success. Thankful too to those locally and around the world who prayed, promoted, and partnered with us financially. I'm even thankful for the naysayers because you made us work and pray even harder. We love you all!

Should Christians Tithe - Saltmakers Church There’s so much confusion about tithing. Opinions abound about whether Christians should tithe. Some say Christians shouldn’t tithe because God implemented it under the law. Others argue preachers teach tithing to swindle folks out of their money. Both are wrong. I struggled with tithing for yea...

[03/15/18]   Jesus followers, the Lord desires and promises to bless households not just individuals. Claim His blessings for all the members of your household. It’s their birthright.

[03/10/18]   SOUL WINNING IS THE PRIORITY: Here in DFW it's sunny and warm, a great day for street preaching and soul winning. So, we're headed to the streets to fish for men. The mall, work, car washing, haircuts, etc. can wait. We have work to do. We're three weeks away from our launch service and Jesus could return any second! Please pray for us.

Please Help Us Save and Change Lives

Please Help Us Save and Change Lives - Saltmakers Church is a radical and dynamic new church made up of believers who hate religion.  Let that sink in.  We don’t prescribe to religion.  Did I lose you? Are you asking yourself how a Christian church can claim to be non-religious? 

Want your place of worship to be the top-listed Place Of Worship in Dallas?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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