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Videos by Hope City Dallas in Dallas. To bring HOPE to the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, empower people to live a Spirit led life, & lead & inspire people to change their world.

Watch Sunday's sermon right here.

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As we ended our “Heart For The House” series, Pastor Jen’s message opened our hearts and eyes to what giving can do in our lives, and the lives of others! * * If you missed it, watch NOW on YouTube(link in bio) * * #church #god #jesus #holyspirit #community #change #heartforthehouse

“Giving is in God’s DNA” * * What a powerful message from Pastor Matt as we continued our Heart For The House Series!! * * Missed last week? No worries! Click the Link below! 👇 * * https://youtu.be/2Lo3xM0Lk2M

1st Wednesday
Join us TONIGHT @ 7PM for Our First Wednesday Service!! You don't want to miss out on this awesome night of Worship! * * * * #god #jesus #church #worship #holyspirit #community

"If you’re open, the Lord will change you!" Pastor Derek brought TRUTH and LIFE to begin our Heart For the House Series. You DONT want to miss out!! Come join us next week for part 2 of this impactful series! * * Want more? Click below! 👇 * * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB9i_IWqHWY * * #god #jesus #church #heartforthehouse #holyspirit #community

Vision Sunday
God has given us a plan. And because of your yes to partner with HIM, we are growing. North Dallas here we come. #DearDallasHaveHope

God believes in you! Trust in that alone and this will be the year you move forward like never before! * * Check out the full sermon and more below! 👇🏻 * * https://youtu.be/dLS7eHyDoBc * * #god #church #holyspirit #jesus #newbeginnings

2020 is THE year. This is the year where lives begin to change! Listen to God and uncover ALL the things he has planned for you. * * Full Sermon is in the link below! 👇🏻 * * https://youtu.be/31jS6wMOlE8 * * #god #jesus #church #holyspirit #life #community

2 DAYS UNTIL SUNDAY!! 🙌🏻 * * We can’t wait to see you! * * More information is below! 👇🏻 * * Service Times: 9:45AM & 11:30AM * * Location: 2760 Emmett St, Dallas TX 75211 * * #jesus #god #family #community #hope

The power of hope through God’s prophetic word is amazing! Join us at Hope City Dallas Sundays at 9:45 & 11:30AM! (*Pastor Jen meant to reference 2 Chr 20:20!)

Speak life to the negativity and watch it change! Like what you heard? Check out the FULL sermon in the link below! 👇🏻 * * * https://youtu.be/7BOmqMqim2s

2020 Is your breakout year! Pastor Shane Burke from Resonate Kids, Inc. encourages you to dream wildly this year and believe for God to do amazing things in your life!

Join us tonight at 7 pm for our first Wednesday of 2020. Tonight we will be writing down our dreams and visions for this new year. We are so excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of each one of you!

It’s always great to have our very own Dr. Terry Sparks. Thank you for reminding us that it doesn’t matter how old we are, or where we are in life, we can make a difference in this world!

God's perfect timing!
Pastor Cat with an inspirational story of God's goodness coming full circle and His provision manifesting at just the right time!

Tanya spent 2019 believing for a smooth time of transition in her life. She saw God move on her behalf and ended the year strong in her faith! Ask God for a vision, dream, or idea in 2020 and see Him come through for you! Become a flourishing garden grown by God’s amazing love. #growth

Bethany and Orion from our leadership team had some beautiful financial miracles last year! They live a lifestyle of giving and are constantly seeing God show His faithfulness! Accept the challenge this year to become part of the giving family at Hope City Dallas. #faithfulness

Our Worship Pastor Kayla and her husband Joel saw miraculous provision in the finances in 2019! They are expectant for more in 2020! #provision

It’s not over yet! This is your year! Trust that God is who He says He is and that He will do what He says He can do. #overcomer

Pastor Jen experienced some rewarding personal growth in 2019. She is believing for great expansion in all areas in 2020. Dare to believe that God is who He says He is and that He will do what He says He can do in your life! #expansion

Rachel from our leadership team is pumped about 2020! She saw foundational growth in her life in 2019 and can’t wait for this year as we continue to minister to our community and our city! #foundation

Stephen and Carrie from our leadership team saw huge changes in 2019 and expect new growth in their family, church, jobs, and finances! Declare God’s Word over each area of your life in 2020 and see things change! #growth

Our Hope City Dream Center Director Allison encourages you to live a lifestyle of thankfulness! Thank God for every little good thing that comes into your life. That lifestyle will begin to shift your thoughts and actions to positivity every single day! #thankful

Our Young Adults Pastors Isaì and Misha are believing for clarity and perfect vision in their lives and the lives of those at Hope City! Agree with them and believe that you’ll hear from God in your own life! Plug into the house of God regularly and see your life flourish. #clarity

Our Kids Pastors James and Chelsea saw God’s promise of provision in action in their lives in 2019! Be encouraged this year and believe for the same for yourself! Our kids ministry is a fun, powerful, vibrant place for children to learn about who God has made them to be. Make sure YOUR KID BRINGS YOU to church this Sunday to check it out! #excitement

Pastor Olivia is expecting to see great things in our youth group this year! She is focusing on building intentional, lasting relationships with your young people, so get ready. Get your youth to our youth events and see their lives change! FSY (First Sunday Youth) services, TEC groups (small bible studies), Encounter Fall Retreat, Summer Camp....so many ways for them to get involved and make new friends!

Pastors Matt & Cat had an amazing year in 2019 as they saw God change their lives for the better! They’re believing for a wonderful 2020 for you and your family as well!

Happy Digital New Year, Hope City Dallas!!! We wanted to do something different today in lieu of our 1st Wednesday service. We will be posting many inspirational, uplifting, and encouraging words from our leadership team throughout the day to kick off your 2020! We know you will enjoy these short videos and we also want to hear all about your testimonies from 2019/2020. Leave a comment with a short word if you have something amazing that you saw God do in 2019 or with something you’re believing for in 2020. See you Sunday @ 9:45AM or 11:30AM. ❤️ Pastors Derek & Jen

As 2019 ends and we go into a new year, a new season, change is coming, let’s remember that God will always remain God. He will always remain faithful, he will always be by your side. Pray for BIGGER. Pray BOLDER. 2020 is going to be THE year. Don’t do it alone. Do it with a community of believers who will stand with you. Do it with family. Remember one thing God will always remain God. Happy new year!


Join us on 24th at 4:00 pm as we celebrate Christmas and remember the birth of our King. Can’t wait to see you there!

Jesus loves YOU so much that he laid down his life for you to give you HOPE. Take that hope and promise into the new year. 2020 is YOUR year.

Listen to last weeks sermon as Pastor Derek closes out on our "Telephone" series.

“Keep your focus on Jesus. He is your source” It’s time to connect your situation to who God REALLY is! He is a God of Love. He is a God of mercy and comfort. He is your source of FREEDOM!

Wow. What a great reminder from our great Pastor Jen that There are NO qualifications to be accepted by Jesus. Because of what he did on the cross, you’re already IN relationship with him. It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, today or tomorrow. He loves you and has accepted you into his family and has covered you with his love. We encourage you to hold onto this promise throughout this week and beyond, and see your life begin to change forever.

Check out last Sunday's sermon right here!

“On Behalf of the Hope City Family, Our Pastors Jen and Derek and their family want to wish YOU a very Happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for you!”

Watch Sunday's sermon right here.

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