Ascension Day School - Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Dallas, TX Video March 28, 2013, 8:35pm

Videos by Ascension Day School - Episcopal Church of the Ascension in Dallas. A licensed Christian preschool and parents' day out program for children ages 12 months - 4 years.

I got eggggggggs!!!

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These PreK students have their lunch prayer down!! 🙏

Final post of the day: congrats to Ms. CoCo, our 2nd recipient of the "Kindness in Instruction" award! She works hard to make sure all kids are included in EVERY. THING. and always has something creative in the works for her precious darlings! #ads2017 #goprek #kindnessininstruction

Send your little elves and reindeer to jingle all the way down to ADS drop-in tomorrow from 9am-1pm! Ages 2-8 $40 first child/$20 additional sibs + $5 for pizza lunch! Let us know! *$5 discount for ADS students!

Meet Elizabeth, my own personal monarch! #natgeoinmylivingroom #butterflywatch2k16

The children had a great time rehearsing for Youth Sunday all together in the Sanctuary on Thursday! We hope you'll come to see it LIVE - You won't want to miss their performance this Sunday at 10:15!

knock knock
cutest joke-teller ever! her voice is priceless. here's the script: 1) knock knock. who's there? hooo hooo. do you hear the owl? 2) knock knock. who's there? chloe. chloe who? chloe loves jokes!

lunch time prayer
SO wish i'd started videoing earlier... he said the entire lunchtime prayer by himself!

Toddler Freeze Dance
Toddlers doing the freeze dance. This will make you want to go back to preschool!

Coughs and Sneezes
The Toddler Class learned how to cover their coughs and sneezes today in circle time... I'm getting the play-by-play. LOVE her pretend sneeze!

Nap time helper
I cannot implore you enough to watch this video. It has got to be one of the cutest things ever. Sweet girl would not give up trying to get these kids to go night-night today! LOVE her!

Thanks to all of our amazing parents for making our teachers feel so special this week! Your sweet little ones are definitely the light in our world! (And here are some of them singing this week's Bible verse, "You are the light of the world.")

do the right thing
this week's song in the 2s/3s class... think they love it??!!

ring around the rosy
mrs. ashley and her not-so-sleepy friends decide to sing and dance

princess of the bunch!
she did this with miss yolanda for about 5 minutes... such a cutie!

busy day!
our littlest friends enjoying their afternoon =)

I got eggggggggs!!!

ring around the rosey
turn your sound up and get ready to fall in love with her!

patty cake
it's possible miss leah repeated this song about 17 times. =)

PDO Easter
sweetest kids ever. and a super fun day planned by the best teachers in the universe! :)

PDO Easter
sweetest kids ever. and a super fun day planned by some of the greatest teachers in the city. =)

toddler splash day 2012
splash day 2012... sweet kids =)

splash day 2012... sweet kids =)

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