LeTourneau University Center for Faith and Work, Longview, TX Video February 27, 2018, 9:30pm

Videos by LeTourneau University Center for Faith and Work in Longview. Closing the Gap between Sunday and Monday

Faith & Work Promo Video

We still have a few spots left in the Faith & Work Conference with lectures from Dr. Bill Peel . Check out this preview and register at this link-


Other LeTourneau University Center for Faith and Work videos

Living Miraculously- Greg Poelman '09
"Just buy a Ticket." That's what Greg's wife told him as he prayed about flying halfway around the world for an unconfirmed job interview. Greg is a financial consultant for Slalom Consulting and a LeTourneau University Alumni. Listen as he describes how he uses service, prayer, and a whole lot of faith to represent Christ in his work. Here what happened after he bought his ticket here --> http://centerforfaithandwork.com/article/living-miraculously-greg-poelman-09 #FaithAndWork #CarpeMondays #FinancialConsulting #Miracles #LeTuAlumniSpotlight

Dr. Bill Peel tells R.G.’s story at the CCCU Technology Conference hosted by @letourneauuniversity! We love hearing about our founder!

Living With Grace- Karisa Kaye '09
"If you're sitting with someone who is operating in pretty intense sexual addiction, and they are acting out, seeking prostitutes, looking for anonymous sex on the internet, or they are having an affair on their spouse.... They want to stop, but they cant... How does one offer God's grace in the middle of trying to help them get back on the right track?" Karisa Kaye is a 2009 LeTourneau University Alumni and is a Marriage & Sex Therapist in her private practice located in Chattanooga, TN. She has been a pioneer for #HealthySexuality in both her practice and in her everyday conversations. Thank you for being a #ServantLeader and making LeTourneau University proud, Karisa! #LetuAlumniSpotlight #Real #Authentic #ZoomWithUs

Living With Strength- Hannah Beets '13
"Whereas previously I thought I would go to LA to do a gym for kids or New York or Dallas and then this year it really hit me that we have kids hurting right here.... My school district has 70% low-economic kids... And so I decided it's time to focus in on Kilgore." Hannah Grace is a LeTourneau University Alumni of 2013 and runs her gym Ignition Station WHILE teaching fulltime at Chandler Elementary. She also trains CrossFit Kilgore so she can be on American Ninja Warrior Nation. Hear her LeTourneau University Alumni Story here! Like her page and share! #LETUAlumniSpotlight #Real #Authentic #OnTheSpot #LeTourneauBuilt

Living With Integrity- Brady Steed '14
"Whenever I go to meetings or talk to customers, I just have to rely on what I know about the Bible and on God's help to give me strength to go throughout the day to live with integrity and to show people mercy and grace. Those are things that are very rare in the secular world. When people see that, they notice that I'm different." Brady Steed graduated from LeTourneau University in December of 2014. He is now a software developer for Deloitte & Touche Consulting. After getting his calling from God telling him to move from Longview to Orlando, he has found more blessings and fulfillment than he could have ever imagined. Hear his LeTourneau University Alumni Spotlight! #LETUAlumniSpotlight #CarpeMondays #SoftwareDevelopment #ZoomWithUs

Living With Passion: Regina Myrick '13- Alumni Spotlight
"If you're truly designing a life you love, retirement is not your goal. Your goal should be waking up every day inspired, motivated, and ready to live with passion and fervor like the first day you got your job." @Regina Myrick graduated from LeTourneau University in 2013 and is an actress and Health & Wellness Representative for the company LeVel and Thrive Products. Hear what she has to say about living with Passion with your God-given talents. #CarpeMondays #LETUAlumniSpotlight #Real #Authentic #LeTourneauBuilt #SkypeGoals

Erik Franks- Alumni Spotlight
"People always ask, 'Why are you so happy all the time?' You need to understand that that's not normal. It's sad that it's not normal. It SHOULD be normal. It is our job as Christians to MAKE that normal. Because that is the love of Christ." Erik Franks graduated in 2009 from LeTourneau University and works for Hong Kong Airlines. He is one of our featured LeTourneau University Alumni in our new Alumni Spotlight. We hope this encourages you and lets you know- you are NOT alone! #CarpeMondays #LETUAlumniSpotlight #Real #Authentic #SkypeAcrossOceans

This mug is a really great reminder that “Whatever You Do...” #CarpeMondays

Come see me at the Belcher Center for your FREE coffee mug at the Center for Faith and Work table at Homecoming @letufuturealumni registration! #CarpeMondays #letuhomecoming2018

What encourages LeTu Alumni?
We love hearing from our @lLeTourneau University Alumni, and Brady Steed tells us how we can encourage and support other alumni. He also gives a compelling reasons why YOU should register for Homecoming TODAY. T-Minus two weeks!! Register at - www.letu.edu/alumni

Coming April 2018- Are You Ready?
You've asked for it- we're delivering! Who is excited to hear from LeTourneau University Alumni on their faith in the workplace? Thanks Karisa Kaye for providing inspiration! #Real #Authentic #Inspiration #CFWAlumniSpotlight #CarpeMondays

Faith & Work Promo Video
We still have a few spots left in the Faith & Work Conference with lectures from Dr. Bill Peel . Check out this preview and register at this link- http://gracebiblelv.com/?calendar=faith-and-work-conference-2018

You might recognize these specs as those of R.G.LeTourneau- our inspiration for the Faith & Work movement! We just passed out 100 of these to the freshmen class at LeTourneau University to inspire them that they are called and #Created2Work! Now we are inviting YOU to join the fun with your own RG glasses- message us your address, we send you the glasses, and you take a selfie at your work and post it using #Created2Work. We will put all the pictures together to show you that many who are seeing Work through RG's glasses as a holy calling. Won't you join us today?

Encouraging word about your work. Breakfast with Fred mentors on campus today.

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