Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration


Can't figure out how to watch.
First day of home-school!
This is very touching
Getting ready for Morning Prayer.
Had the honor of meeting Bishop Gene Robinson following this morning’s worship service at The Chautauqua Institution in NY where he serves as the Vice President of Religion and Senior Pastor.
First time visitor today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to returning again.
Thank you for making First Informed Communion so special. It was a beautiful and moving event for Elise and for us as cradle Episcopalian parents.
The DEE-lighful group of First Informed Communion class of 2018. The world doesn't seem so bad when you see these wondrous faces ready to live their faith (from Gabby) love love love love.....
I have my baptism records from there from 1959.
I was adopted in 1959. I cannot remember the Reverends name anymore. He was an important person in my life. He was a friend of a doctor in Houston who needed a family to adopt a baby soon to be born. This one act gave me the best possible life. I believe my parents are part of the original congregation. Joe and Betty Thurman. It’s truly a profound moment one person changed the direction of my life with help from God. Amen 🙏
I'm so thankful to all who shared in the retreat to Camp Allen this past weekend. It had everything I hoped for: nature, friends, play, laughter, learning, quiet, worship, and prayer. We're already looking forward to next year!

To bring you the best quality video and audio for Sunday worship, starting tomorrow, a pre-recorded Sunday service will be posted here at 7 a.m. to watch anytime. It will also be posted to our website at the same time (www.transfiguration.net).
Many churches across the country are experiencing difficulty with quality and other issues with Facebook Live and other live platforms. After several attempts to resolve the issue and after feedback from parishioners, we have made this decision to pre-record services.

Today's moment of joy comes from New York City:

Mt. Sinai Morningside Hospital, located next to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, has accepted the church's offer to use their nave for a 385-bed "non-COVID-19" pop-up hospital.

This is the church at work in the world.

Throwback Thursday to the Church's first Maundy Thursday dinner committee meeting.

Morning Prayer for Friday in the Fifth Week of Lent

Pray the Office here:

Sing the hymn here:

Morning Prayer for Thursday in 5 Lent

Morning Prayer for Thursday in 5 Lent is available here:


Our hymn today will be "O beautiful for spacious skies", # 719 in the Episcopal Hymnal. Here's a link to the text and tune:


Today's moment of joy came from Wendy:

"A gorgeous heron spotted on a socially distanced hike on in Dallas"

If you have a moment of joy you want to share, message it to us with a photo and a brief description.

Our videos of formation classes will now be available for you to watch each Sunday morning. You can access them at www.transfiguration.net/watch.

[04/01/20]   We are having technical difficulties with Facebook when it comes to our morning prayer live broadcast. This seems to be a nationwide issue among churches and other organizations. We are working on resolving the issue and hope to resume morning prayer soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Today's moment of joy came from Jonathan:

"Nothing beats spending some time in the yard with shaving cream."

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Today's moment of joy came from Wendy:

"She is using this time to improve her baking skills!"

If you have a moment of joy you want to share, message it to us with a photo and a brief description.

Morning Prayer - Monday in the Fifth Week in Lent


Hymn 7 - Christ Whose Glory

Today's moment of joy came from Lara:

" I just took this pic yesterday of my son and one of my dogs. We were all hanging out in the living room talking, which we do a lot more of now that we are all at home. I was chatting with my son when one of our dogs climbed up for a cuddle. Sparked a lot of joy ❤️"

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Today's moment of joy comes from Andrew, the dad of Harrison, for whom the bone marrow donor drive was held earlier this year.

“The last few weeks have felt like months. We’ve measured success hour-by-hour in some cases, but I can confidently say that Harrison is looking and feeling stronger every day now. His own bone marrow is producing healthy white blood cells in sustainable amounts. We have effectively pushed the reset button.

Harrison’s post-transplant recovery will be measured initially over 100 days (T+100). Harrison has very specific restrictions on his diet and general environmental exposure. He has a few months of work to get back his physical strength. His immune system is essentially brand new, so he’ll start over acquiring antibodies to basic germs and building up his infection-fighting ability over the course of the next 6-12 months. He’ll start off with semi-weekly, weekly and ultimately monthly ongoing testing and check-ups. The hope is we’ll be looking in the rearview mirror before too long, but it will be a progressive process.

We feel so blessed and you are a huge part of our success. At our lowest moment’s encouragement in the form of notes, texts, calls, prayers, Valentines, and posts have lifted us up. You have cried with us and cheered us on. You’ve supported drives, connected us to resources, delivered homework, taken trash cans to the curb, made cookies for the nursing staff, brought us groceries, NYC bagels, and dinner, sent care packages and listened. You (and so many people we don’t even know personally) have made a difference for us and thousands of others in this fight. After drives in Dallas, Boston, New York, Houston, San Antonio and Texas A&M, nearly 3,000 new donors have been registered and over $75,000 has been raised for DKMS, which will cover the cost of more than 1,700 test kits. Amazing! Thank you for being part of Team Harrison.

I’m not sure it’s even possible to appropriately convey the gratitude and thanks we feel. On behalf of the Marcus family, please know how much we appreciate you, your love and support. We are here because of you.”

Holy Eucharist on the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Access the bulletin here:

Today's moment of joy came from E.T. and Sally:

"One of our joys in (and now, especially, during the age of coronavirus) has been the joy of waking every morning, Monday thru Friday, to Lent Madness by Forward Movement!! It’s made us happy, joyous, and thankful that we are “playing." With basketball’s March Madness falling by the wayside, this delightful Episcopal Lenten daily event is a blessings more than ever! We’re all going to get a Golden Halo this year!"

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Morning Prayer for Friday in 4 Lent

Morning Prayer for Friday in 4 Lent can be found here:


Today we'll sign "Praise to the Lord", #390 in the Hymnal. The text and tune can be found here:


Today's moment of joy came from Wendy:

"Family game time! I’ve been playing Rummycube for 39 years. It began with my grandparents and now with my girls."

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Today's moment of joy came from Mary:

"Enjoying finally being able to hike after my broken leg healed. From the other side of the globe in India, where I am ministering to people."

If you have a moment of joy you want to share, message it to us with a photo and a brief description.

Compline for the 4th Wednesday in Lent

We will pray together from the Forward Movement site at :


We will sing "All Praise to Thee My God, This Night.", #43 in the Hymnal 1982. If you don't have your hymnal with you, you can find the text and tune here:


The Episcopal Church

Friends, join us in praying with Bishop Curry this noon.

In response to a call from both Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be praying the Lord’s Prayer Wednesday, March 25, at noon Eastern Time. He invites you to join with Christians around the world to offer this prayer in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Select "Get Reminder" below to be notified when this stream is live.

Morning Prayer for The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ To the Blessed Virgin Mary

The prayers are here


We'll sing "The Angel Gabriel" You'll find the closest version to what I'll sing (#265 in the Episcopal Hymnal) if you scroll to the Page Scans at the bottom of the page and select the one there numbered 513.


Today's moment of joy comes from Lacey:

"She misses Transfiguration so she built this replica out of Duplo blocks. There are even 'flowers' around the building."

If you have a moment of joy you would like to share, send us a message with a photo and a brief description.

At this very moment your Vestry and staff are meeting digitally, continuing their leadership in the church.

Morning Prayer - Tuesday in the Fourth Week of Lent

Here is the link to today's liturgy: https://prayer.forwardmovement.org/daily_prayer.php?d=24&m=3&y=2020&office=MP

Here is the link to today's hymn:

Today's moment of joy came from Laura:

"I can’t remember the last time I’ve sat down and eaten a bowl of cereal and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee! I’m not rushing off anywhere this morning, so cereal it is!"

If you have a moment of joy you want to share, message it to us with a photo and a brief description.

Today's moment of joy: parishioner Deb takes "allowed to walk in your neighborhood" to a whole new level.

"Taking a walk around the neighborhood in my Dino costume - affectionately called “Social Distancing Dino” - has been a lot of fun and it is just the silliness we all need. Kids and grownups giggle and laugh from afar, and even though my own kids think it is super 'cringe-y,' they secretly enjoy it."

If you have a moment of joy to share, send us a message with a photo and a brief description.

In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing moments of joy from our parishioners and viewers. First up is Max, who has been an immense help in running reports while Mark works from home.
If you have a moment of joy, snap a picture and message it to us with a brief description.

This Sunday's bulletin can be found at http://www.transfiguration.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/bu_2020_03_22_Lent-4_900.pdf.
Welcome to worship.

Even in trying times, the beautiful mystery of life goes on. Welcome to the world, Georgia Claire Baker, born on Thursday morning to parishioners Cassie and Steve Baker. May God bless and preserve the Baker family, and all others who celebrate new arrivals in these difficult days, that their joy may be undiminished, they may live together in love, and they may have strength for the days ahead.

Morning Prayer - Friday in Third Week of Lent
Access the liturgy here:

Access the hymn here:

Giving to Transfiguration is now easier than ever! If you have a smart phone, you can simply text “Transfiguration” to 73256. It is easy, secure, and extremely helpful. This is a great way to fulfill your pledge commitment and make other offerings to the church.

Morning Prayer for St. Joseph's Day from Transfiguration

We pray from


Text and tune for our hymn can be found at


[Behind the Scenes]
Thank you to everyone who (digitally) attended this evenings Stations of the Cross, Tidying Up program, and compline. We know it is out of the norm, but seeing everyone's comments and participation is inspiring. We'll see you again tomorrow at 9 a.m. for morning prayer.

The Life Changing Blessing of Tidying Up - Third Week in Lent

Our Lenten series, The Life Changing Blessing of Tidying Up, continues tonight with an exploration of tidying up our stuff. We welcome Allison Venuto, founder of Ducks in a Row Personal Organizing, and an educator pursuing her doctorate in educational leadership.

Stations of the Cross on the Third Wednesday in Lent. Access the bulletin at www.transfiguration.net/stations

Join us tonight on Facebook Live at 5:00 p.m. for Stations of the cross, 7:00 p.m. for Tidying up Our Interpersonal Relationships, and 8:00 p.m. for Compline.

Our website now has our weekly formation opportunities posted at www.transfiguration.net/watch. These include "Enneagram" with Pastor Nancy, "Godly Play" with Cindy Hauser, and youth formation with Dana Jean.

Morning Prayer - Wednesday in Third Week of Lent

Here is the link to follow along:

Here is the link to the hymn:

Morning Prayer Tuesday After Third Sunday in Lent

Our liturgy will be from Forward Movement:


Our hymn is "Morning Has Broken", and you can find lyrics here or turn to #8 in your Hymnal 1982.


Join the staff and clergy today for a sabbath. Today's sabbath practices are:

1) Mark the Sabbath by lighting a candle(s) and saying a prayer(s).

2) Turn off noisy and visually-stimulating electronics. Dim lights.

You can find more sabbath practices, reflections, and prayers at www.transfiguration.net/sabbath.

Morning Prayer - Monday in the Third Week of Lent

Morning Prayer - Monday in the Third Week of Lent - Follow along using this link to Forward Movement, which has a page with the readings, canticles, and prayers for the day:


Here is the hymn we'll sing at the end, Lord of all hopefulness, H482:


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Morning Prayer for Thursday in 5 Lent
Morning Prayer for Friday in 4 Lent
Morning Prayer for The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ To the Blessed Virgin Mary




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The mission of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration is to seek and to serve Christ in all persons. By our Anglican heritage and our community life, we strive to present Jesus Christ as Saviour through worship, education, evangelism, pastoral care and outreach. The mission of each member is to support this parish with time, talent, money and be: • faithful in worship, • dedicated to the study of scripture and to a life of prayer, • open to the power of the Holy Spirit, and • active in spreading Christ’s love and reconciliation.

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