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[04/02/21]   Zion House Intl Camp Meeting 2021.

Day 2.Evening Session!
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Camp Meeting 2021 tagged “Move of The Spirit” kicks off tomorrow in the beautiful city of Enugu, Nigeria.

This meeting has in the part recorded so many mind blowing testimonies and we are certain that there are more for you in this year of Spirit Manifestations!

While you hookup online, feel free to send us your testimonies via our email [email protected] and it will documented. Feel free to post your experiences as well and share with us using the hashtag #MOTS2021

God’s Spirit is ready!
The Man of God, Pst Chinedum Ilechukwu is ready!
Enugu is set for the Move of the Spirit!

God bless you

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Happy birthday to our Man of God, president Zion House Intl, Pst Chinedum Ilechukwu. A great blessing and gift to our generation,Full of the Holy Spirit, ardent lover of God and passionate soul winner. Deeply committed to taking the world for Jesus with the message of life.


My Life And My Cash flow Affirmation
December, 2020

Hallelujah ! I am reigning through life with the perpetual consciousness of my ageless and deadless life. Eternity is mightily at work in me so I don't just get defeated. Full of riches, joy, grace and reality.

Failure, sickness, poverty and death are all under my feet. Everything in life is subject to me because I am seated with Christ in heavenly places.
I have conquered defeat, failure, fear, greed and timidity. Having mastered lack, money responds to me ceaselessly and am laying up cash as dust. Ready to shake the world with the message of life and by the Power of the Holy Ghost.

I produce fruits of righteousness because am spotlessly created in righteousness and pure holiness. This is just me folks!

I live in the name of Jesus every elements of this world are naturally submitting to me.
I reign and subdue circumstances in this Name. I have the authority in this Name to reject anything that’s not of God and I endorse only that which is consistent with God's perfect will for me.

With my eyes fixed on 2021 and the New Decade, my year is crowned with goodness and my path drops fatness. Am so oooo blessed and my paths are flooded with ceaseless cashflow. What a life !! Hallelujah! Speak in other tongues!


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Spirit Experience with Pst. Chinedum Ilechukwu - Sunday (1st Service Live)


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Though it's 2days gone, we can't but take a moment to wish this beauty here a happy belated birthday. A silent strong pillar, never saying much but dependable, you are such a great encouragement that can always be counted on. Zion House USA join the angels and all the saints in Zion to wish you a happy birthday beautiful soul. Your part will ever continue to blaze and may God increase you more and more, and make you a formidable force in His kingdom and the vision. More grace.


Come worship with us @ Zion House USA church.
Your life will never be the same.



Online Sunday Service
With : Pastor Chinedum


Zionhouse USA


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#Still celebrating an Icon
Every fifth of february reminds us of what a special gift God has given us in you. His prophet and mouthpiece for this generation, an epitome of God's love and compassion for mankind. Your commitment and obedience to the vision is the reason so many are here today.Your matchless love and care for the brethren have raised so many,your indepth of revelation for God's word rare in generations and your display of His power and might reveals how great and awesome He is. You are indeed a demonstration of what God can do through us.
Zion House USA joins the angels in heaven, the entire world to celebrate you our Man of God,Pastor Chinedum Ilechukwu ,the President of Zion House Int'l. Thank you for yeilding yourself to the Holy Spirit for the vision, thank you for your commitment to the growth of His church, thank you for all you do.
7 happy cheers for one in a generation!
Happy birthday Pastor.


Zion House aka Zion Lifeworld Church International

Rich in revelation

BELIEF is the most fundamental word in creation and ironically, every man believes in something whether negative or positive. This is the reason why there are actually no UNBELIEVERS; rather there are WRONG BELIEVERS.

We are in the ”Year Of The Spirit” and it is your responsibility as a believer to perfect/enhance your belief over everything that fights it because where there is no belief, there is no foundation and nothing motivates like belief. Whatever you do not believe in, cannot grow in your hands!

Cc: Pst Chinedum Ilechukwu
Extract: General Leaders’ Training 2020



Awesome meeting! Being part of Zion House is being part of a life. It is more than a church


Death is Unnecessary! No one has a slight headache and is afraid of dying. It is always ignored and that is because there is a consciousness that the headache though present, is insignificant. That is how death should be looked at.

What is Spirit Life?
Spirit Life is the God life and that God life is Supernatural. You will discover that the same thing that brought sickness, poverty, frustration, stagnation etc. is the same thing that brought death. So if you can walk away from sicknesses, accidents and diseases, then you can walk away from death.
The most fearful thing on earth is death but the ministry of Zion House has existed for 11 years and there has been no single death in any campus, state or country we are represented in. Why is it so? It is because death is a corruption. It is unnecessary and powerless!

How Did Death Come Into The World?
When God created man, God did not want man to see physical death. God had two kingdoms: the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the earth. God made man to rule the kingdom of the earth while he controls the kingdom of heaven and there was a fellowship that went on between God and man. According to the Bible in Genesis, God comes down to fellowship with Adam in the cool of the evening. This was a normal thing and one day God called Adam and Eve telling them what to eat and what not to eat (i.e the tree in the midst of the garden) because the day they will eat of it, they will surely die.

Adam was a Godman. He was not made to die. Eve was deceived by the serpent that was possessed by Satan. Adam was not deceived; he was beyond deception. Satan knows that trying to deceive Adam was trying to deceive God so he deceived Eve. Eve did not deceive Adam; Adam consciously ate the fruit because he wanted to keep Eve on earth. If Adam didn’t eat that fruit from Eve, womanhood would have been wiped away from the earth. Imagine the world without women! Boring isn’t it?

📷: ZMedia Photography

Get full message via this link - https://audiomack.com/song/zionhouse/the-supernatural-life-slc-2019-day-1



Happy birthday to my beautiful Chyo. A woman with a lovely heart indeed, God's very best. A great giver,a pray-er, full of the Holy Ghost,lover of the gospel,passionate for the kingdom ,so kind,so sweet, so humble. I love you so much Chyo. You're such an asset to the vision. God will never forget your labor of love and your outstanding contribution to buiding His work.God be with you till the end of time. 7 well deserved gbosaas to a great Zioner..


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