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A Ministry which understands, we are Forgiven by His Love, so we can truly love You! ******ATTENTION: Its Official! We are doing a "Text-a-Word" service and has launched!

Want a daily word to encourage you and challenge your spirit? Simply Inbox us with your number to be texted at and we will take care of the rest. You will also be able to submit prayer request via text too! *Kept in extreme confidence *****

Operating as usual


I owe everyone an apology. I allowed shame and my own personal shortcomings guilt me into no longer sharing God's Word and inspiration with each of you. Ive used this time to refocus, recalibrate and realign.

I've spent a tremendous amount of time on self growth, personal development and reflection. I am by no means perfect now, nor will ever be, however I feel The LORD has given me a gift of communication, and explanation. And its our gifts He has given to us, which He calls us to give to others.

In so doing Forgiven To Love International Ministries will soon resume their "Text A Word" endeavor. We received many comments, testimonies, and questions igniting deeper exploration and development of individuals, and myself, during the entire time this ministry went forth. I feel its an intrical part of our overall mission and one which should no longer sit by the wayside.

If you would like to begin receiving our text messages again, please comment below or follow the link provided to sign up. We will keep you updated on the restart date, but it is close!


Tiny Testimonial 2019

Be a part of something bigger than yourself! We will be growing like never before this year! God has given me an even broader vision! Our next event is November 29th 9am-2pm. Will you join us? Tiny, thank you for your many years of support and helping me be a better man!

This is "Tiny Testimonial 2019" by Sherrina Peters on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


We need some "Elfs" on Christmas Day from 10am-12pm to help pass out toys and love! Contact me for details.


Forgiven... To Love International Ministries will be collecting new unwrapped toys for boys and girls ages 5-13 and gift cards in $25 increments from Kroger or Tom Thumb to be passed out on Christmas Day 2018. Please purchase a toy for a boy or girl or both, and call us for a drop off or purchase a gift card or two. If you prefer make an online contribution for gift cards please visit All gifts must be collected no later than December 24th. If you would like to assist in delivery please contact Brian Flood at 214.725.9962 04/25/2017

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - TXT THE WORD

Need a Word? Our "TXT THE WORD" free service now goes to over 30,000 subscribers each month World-Wide! It is a fantastic and thought provoking way to start your day! You can even request "more info" if a certain message touches your spirit!



We have a family who's daughter has attempted suicide. We are providing support for the family where we can. We would also like to give both the young girl (age 14) and her parents hand written letters of encouragement and love. Would you consider helping us in this endeavor?

Address letters to "K" or the parents and include your personal story too if you'd like to show them they are not alone.

This is very time urgent and need to deliver the letters ASAP. Please email the letters to [email protected] no later than Saturday April 1st at 10am. please PM me here, text or call me at 214.725.9962 if you have any questions.



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What are you waiting for? He's already called you too!


Something to process!


Forgiven To Love International Ministries - Claire (Love Aspirations)

We have added a new branch of our ministry called "Love Aspirations". Our aim and goal is to show the love of God to children and families wrestling with illness and disease. If you have nominee, visit our website and submit them for consideration. ANd look here to see just how God's love is shown through this ministry! Our goal is to come to the Table of God and break Bread together, growing and feeding upon His way of handling everyday life situations.


You asked to help? Here's your opportunity!

As you know tonight it will drop to around 30 degrees in Dallas, TX. We still have many who live on the streets and are homeless.

Forgiven To Love International Ministries was blessed earlier this year with approximately 500 winter coats. We believe it would be a good time to distribute some of them tonight. We will try to begin around 7 in downtown Dallas. We could also use any blankets you would like to give!

If you would like to help please respond here to this clarion call! We need your help! (But its you who will be blessed!)

Let's meet about 7:30 at 1800 South Blvd Dallas Tx. We will have truck loads and go to some homeless sights from there.

Minister Brian


Suicide Prevention and Recovery Hotline (SPAR)

The holidays can be a tough and seemingly lonely time of the year. If you need to talk to some one, call 214.269.7526 or visit

(please share)


Forgiven To Love International Ministries was pleased to serve yesterday! This is where we started and while they enjoyed a day at The Dallas Children's Aquarium with Scottie Belt as their personal driver. we focused in on bring Claire's Aspirations to life! 11/29/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - DONATE


Today is #GivingTuesday...

We at Forgiven To Love International Ministries have been known for our homeless work in the Dallas area. We have recently launched another division of our ministry, “Love Aspirations”. Here we seek to provide the hopes of a child afflicted with an illness or debilitating disease and grant their hopes locally. We are currently working on fulfilling a local child’s aspirations, and look to do more in the future.
We are also poised to hand out over 500 brand new winter coats this year, and are continuing to spread our reach to help improve our local community every day. As always, your continued support is appreciated. The Supply Store 11/14/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - Love Aspirations

Forgiven To Love International Ministries has launched a new division of ministry in its "Love Aspirations". Designed to provide local children who have a debilitating or terminal illness or disease, an aspiration they may desire.

If you are a relative, friend or physician of a local child who we may be able to help make smile, please refer them to us so we can begin the process of consideration. Details American Webmakers Resources 05 November 2016 Print Email Love Aspirations While we are always looking it helps us to receive a referral from someone in our community. If you know a child who has a life-debilitating condition or disease, and would like us to consider making their aspiratio...


We are seeking local area Carpenters, Home Builders, and general workers to build some "mini houses" for Dallas area Homeless Communities on November 25, 2016. Minister Brian Flood will address the City of Dallas Council on the Homeless on October 18th with the plans. We need your support both at the meeting and prior in the way of supplies. We are asking local home builders to donate their "scrap wood" from their build jobs and for the community as a whole to support with their time and effort. Each house would cost an estimated $45 to assemble with hardware and paint. Would you also help us build a home for a person in need?


Imagine the blessing I received today as I communicated with someone whom I had know idea they had moved out of the USA. When I found this out I decided to send them a copy of my latest daily devotional because I figured they no longer received our TXT-THE-WORD service on a regular basis. This persin then told me, "Actually the only text message I can get are your daily words!" :O Just goes to prove the LORD will make sure He gets His message to you, no matter where you go!
Want the messages too?


Forgiven To Love International Ministries is planning a HUGE event for our annual "Day after Thanksgiving, Day of Empowerment" for the City of Dallas. With the magnitude of the plans, we need to begin gathering volunteer help now to show the City of Dallas we are committed. Minister Brian will be addressing the City of Dallas Homeless Council on October 18th to set before them the final plans. If you can and are willing to volunteer, please contact us here, email @ [email protected] or at 214.725.9962. The time frame will be from 9am-1pm again. We will need servers, builders, ministers, and general love-giving people to pass out supplies, coats, clothes, and HUGS!

Forgiven To Love International Ministries 09/19/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - Books By Brian

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Timeline Photos 07/07/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - Announcements

Our issues are not Black or White, money or poverty, nor social status being high or low, but about issues of our hearts. Once our hearts are returned to Christ, our actions and outcomes will follow. Public Announcement 7-7-16 Details FTLIM Misc 07 July 2016 Print Email As a ministry we are deeply saddened by the events of the past few days. (Both political and police related). As we ponder the issues, actions and events, we understand more fully these are issues of the heart. Jesus clearly st...



Forgiven To Love International Ministries is deeply saddened by the events of the past few days. (Both political and police related). As we ponder the issues, actions and events, we understand more fully these are issues of the heart. Jesus clearly stated this in Matthew 15:19: “For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, all sexual immorality, theft, lying, and slander.”

The answers ultimately will not be obtained in fear, hate, finger pointing or retaliation, but in implementing effectual changes to the heart of man as a whole. As we seek these methods and plans we solicit your prayers, and welcome your ideas to further bring about moral change.

If you desire true heart-felt change, and would like to begin dialogue seeking effective changes of the hearts of men, in a Christ-centered production, please contact us via phone at 214.725.9962 or email [email protected] or here on social media for further information.

Forgiven To Love International Ministries 06/30/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - Books By Brian

Get your copy TODAY!! Books By Brian Flood 06/20/2016

Relationships 101

"It is not good for man to be alone" - Genesis 2:18

God created us to be in relationships! This includes marriage, business, and platonic relations. However navigating and maintaining them is another challenge all together. When faced with everyday situations, its good to have a "road map" to clearly steer through life's curves and maintain the connections we all need! This book was designed just for this purpose!

See a FREE sample here: A Practical Guide To Every Day Situations. 06/20/2016

Daily Words of Inspiration

Are you blessed by our daily text messages? Do they uplift you and give you wisdom for the day? Please consider supporting Brian in his mission to encourage the world by purchasing your very own copy of "Daily Words of Inspiration" today on Amazon and Kindle! Over the past several years, Brian has sent out via text and social media, an encouraging and uplifting word to hundreds of thousands of people around the world! Many often respond with comments such as, 05/13/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - DONATE

We have a person we have seen move from homeless to having their own place! Yet they could use a few kitchen items and some non perishable foods. Does anyone have an item or tow they would like to donate or help with a few groceries? I hate to see them come this far and go backwards simply because of a minor shortage. (Yes they are working and trying hard to be self sufficient)

214.725.9962 05/13/2016

Where did homeless go after Tent City?

The City of Dallas closed Tent City and the inhabitants simply moved out a bit. The disruption of the neighborhood, combined with this area being a gateway to our city, compels us to act on the situation to make our community a better place. We will be pairing with some local government programs, employers for job placement, local ministries to help repair some of the damage, but will still need support from you!

Outline of work:
1. Offer repair help to local homeowners
2. Help individuals with counseling, drug programs, schooling, and jobs
3. Engage local law enforcement and community to help reduce the crime rate
4. Clean up the neighborhood of trash and debris
5. Offer Spiritual guidance, food, and clothing
6. Show Christ' Love to all individuals
7. Engage our city leaders to a proven long-term strategy which we have modeled after another successful operation in South Carolina.

Please contact Forgiven To Love International Ministries with questions or concerns. When Dallas disbanded tent city, more than 200 homeless men and women scattered across the city, and dozens apparently ended up five miles to the east at Interstate 30 and Jim Miller Road.


Giving every person a voice. Our Ministry had the honor of addressing the CDC of Dallas last evening regarding the homeless in our city. 04/28/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - Books By Brian

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Relationships #291

Don’t Allow What’s Behind You To Define You.

As long as you’re worried that you could replicate a hurtful relationship from the past, you won’t be free to create new, healthy bonds. Regardless of what fears you have, work to release them. Start by acknowledging that these fears are present, and then remind yourself that you’re not doomed to any particular fate. You’re the one running your life, and you have the power to create healthy relationships. If you find yourself veering off course, you can correct this. If you’ve made mistakes in your past, you can learn from them. 04/27/2016

Forgiven To Love International Ministries - Books By Brian

Last few days to BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

When you order our Daily Devotional, you will receive the Relationships #101 for FREE! Must be orderd before May 1, 2016!


Relationships #290

Don’t See Your Past As A Failure

Although not all relationships are meant to be, there are no failed relationships, because every person in your life has a lesson to teach. And the lessons you learn make future relationships that much stronger.




Dallas, TX
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