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Ridgewood Park Church


Youth Pie Auction & Taco Bar are tomorrow at 11:30ish after our 1 church service (10:30AM)! Don't miss out on the delicious, tasty pies!!! Here are a few pies that will be there just to wet your appetite... pecan pie, candy crunch pie, coconut cream pie, strawberry pie, & sopapilla cheesecake!!! Don't forget that someone will also get to bid on putting a whip cream pie in Sara's face!!!
Ridgewood Park ladies, please join me starting Friday, March 8th for Christine Caine's Unexpected Bible Study. We will meet from 9:30-11:30AM at my house. Please message Jennifer Newman for more information. You will need the Study Guide, your Bible and a pen. Life is an unpredictable journey full of twists and turns. The good news is that while we don't always know what's going to happen, we can always trust that God uses everything in our lives as an invitation to rely on Him more deeply and completely. While most of us have been trained to fear the unexpected and want everything to be "under control," god wants us to anticipate the unexpected with a faith-filled perspective rooted in trust. He has never been taken by surprise. Hope you can join us!
Great service today, Pastor Bill!
Thank you, devoted Choir and Nick La Rocca. Our well-worn hymnals tell a story.

A diverse, loving church community of all ages that worships, studies, serves, & goes through life together committed to Love God & Love One Another! Sunday School Classes @ 9:30 AM Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM

RPUMC!!! What a joy it was to deliver these GIFTS you all gave with your hearts this past Souper Bowl Sunday in Worship in support our friends & neighbors that the Wilkinson Center serves!
If you have not met Maxine, come volunteer & spend time with this beautiful beloved soul!
Wilkinson Center

Happy 75th Birthday Blessings to our very own Jane!! We are so thankful for your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness to Ridgewood Park Church community!

We need you! We are Better Together! Come and be part of a wonderful 4-week worship series as we look at the key elements that make life Better Together. Tomorrow, we consider how ATTITUDE makes us Better Together. There will be lots of celebration and lots of surprises. You do not want to miss this! Come and explore how life is Better Together! Come and see! -Pastor Bill

Bridgeport Camp & Conference Center

Last day to register with early bird!! Our 3rd-5th Graders are going to Children’s Camp 4!!!

⚠️Today is the last day for early bird summer camp rate ⚠️

Today is the final day to register your camper to receive the early rate of $375. If you have already signed up your camper but not paid the $50 deposit, please do so today, otherwise tomorrow your rate will increase to $425.

If you are currently on the Senior High or C3 waiting list, as long as you are on that list by the end of today you will still receive the early rate if/when your camper gets a spot in camp.

Hey Ridgewood Park Church! Are you a Kansas City Chiefs or a San Francisco 49er’s fan? This Sunday, Bring Cans of Soup to place in the collection bins of the team you are cheering for. Let’s Tackle Hunger Together!!!!

Wishing we were back on the slopes than back at school!! #skitrip2020 #rpyouth

Ready for another day of skiing! #skitrip2020#rpyouth @ Copper Mountain, Colorado

Full fun day! Here are a few pics from the afternoon and evening! #skitrip2020 #rpyouth @ Copper Mountain, Colorado

Equipment rented, lift ticket on, boots stored, and off they went! Slopes- here they come! All smiles even behind the goggles and masks! #rpyouth #skitrip2020 @ Copper Mountain, Colorado

It’s a beautiful day to ski- loving seeing God’s amazing creation in the mountains and trees #skitrip2020 #rpyouth

On the plane!!! Here we come- copper Mountain! #skitrip2020 #rpyouth @ Dallas Love Field

Ridgewood Park Church's cover photo

Bridgeport Camp & Conference Center

Hey RP children’s and YOUTH families- Bridgeport camp registration is open!! Children’s camp for us is children’s camp 4 and JR High 1!!

You won’t want to miss out!!

Summer Camp 2020 Registration is LIVE

Louisiana Conference of The United Methodist Church

We all have lots of questions concerning the protocol for separation that has garnered lots of media attention lately. I invite you to watch this short video from Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey, who is the current President of the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church. This will give you some information as we continue our conversation together. As we move forward as a denomination and as Ridgewood Park Church, I invite you to walk this journey together by doing the following:

1. Do not let yourself be dismayed by sensationalist media reporting on this issue. We are God's holy church, birthed by the Holy Spirit. We will continue to be God's holy church.

2. Do not be tempted to spread division or succumb to social media pontifications on this issue. Instead, let's use social media wisely to build one another up and to spread our message of God's grace in the midst of disagreement.

3. In the weeks to come, I will continue to visit Sunday school classes to share concerns, hopes, and to celebrate the positive outlook for our future. Connect with Sunday school!

4. We will have conversation sessions in the very near future so that we may discuss this situation as a family of faith as it unfolds and to help educate and spread truth and love. We will continue these sessions following General Conference 2020.

5. As General Conference 2020 nears, I will call Ridgewood Park Church to a season of prayer. We will pray for our NTC delegation and all those who will represent us at General Conference 2020. We will continue this for a season following General Conference.

I encourage all of you to see the positive and hopeful future the Holy Spirit calls us to by being God's holy church, spread love and not fear, and to show even those we disagree with the utmost love and respect. We are all God's precious and beloved children each bearing the image of God.

If you have questions, fears, or doubts, please know that I am always here for you. We are in this together. I invite you to join me around a common table and let's talk. I look forward to our conversation together!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Bill

The Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation has been in the news lately and Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey would like everyone in the Louisiana Conference to be as informed as possible. We know this video is lengthy (10 minutes), but Bishop Harvey invites us to watch. She says, "I hope it will be helpful and address some of your questions. I also encourage you to read the Protocol, Press Release and FAQ (found in a link below). While neither the video nor printed material will answer all of your questions, it will provide you with accurate information. We will keep you informed as the FAQ is updated and as new information becomes available. All of this is in service to the delegates to General Conference in hopes that it might help them do their best work."

Details of the protocol can be found here: https://www.umnews.org/en/news/diverse-leaders-group-offers-separation-plan

A call to prayer. Our hearts are heavy this morning as we hear news of armed conflict, earthquakes, wildfires in Australia, and precious lives lost. I invite you to join me in a call to prayer. I will pause today at noon and will have a time of prayer in the sanctuary. I invite you to pause where you are at some point in your day and have a time of prayer for God's wonderful and beautiful creation. Let's pray for God's peace and grace to wrap humanity in a loving embrace and to be reflected in the way we live our lives and how we treat one another - God's beautiful creation. -Pastor Bill

We are so excited!! Children's Choir is back tomorrow!!
Rehearsals are on Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm immediately following W.N.L. Community Dinner

Happy New Year Blessings!
Wednesday Night Live! is back tomorrow night - Jan. 8th
Community Dinner served at 6:00 pm in the RPUMC Gym
Hope to see everyone there!!

Come kick the new year off with a little Ellington.
See you at 10:30


Bishop McKee Responds To Protocol Agreement On Separation

Some national and local news outlets have reported that The United Methodist Church has officially split. This is not true. Unofficially, we have been split for decades over theological issues such as the inclusion of LGBTQ persons, interpretation of scripture, etc. To learn more about recent legislation, please see Bishop McKee's response by clicking on the link below. Changes to our denomination like this are only made when the General Conference is in session, which begins on May 5th. I see this recent legislation as a good, productive, and even welcome event. I look forward to a new, improved, and mission focused United Methodist Church where everyone is welcome. If you have questions or want to learn more, I invite you to conversation. Let's continue to pray ceaselessly for our United Methodist Church. We are and will continue to be what we have always been - a light of hope and love in our East Dallas Community. We are Ridgewood Park Church! -Pastor Bill Eason

ntcumc.org A group of 16 United Methodists has unanimously agreed in principle on a proposed separation agreement

[12/25/19]   Merry Christmas to each & everyone! May you all experience God’s Hope in knowing that the wait is over yet not quite finished. Be blessed by & through this poem. 🙏🏻🎁💜

“Wait No More"

The waiting has been a steady bridge
between past, present, and future.
Stars lighting this path
of expectation for the long-ago promised heel.
A heel imagined attached
to conqueror's body,
born on the back of a warhorse.
God among us but not
one of us.
But instead--
this heel is small and wrinkled,
the skin not yet needing to stretch
to hold the Servant King's feet,
born rather in a horse's trough.

What grand reversal is this?
That the One who knit
the elements
neurons, protons, and electrons
forming the backbone to life-created--
is now bound by them.
becomes carbon-bound
for the sake of this
carbon-based world.

For this world, it seems the waiting
is over, and yet, not quite finished--
For now, we wait
with a Hope that
cracks open the stars--
bleeding gold to cover the brokenness.
A Hope that calls
to heaven, to earth,
it's kingdoms, and to us--
and says, God is here. God has become one of us.
The wait for God, at last,
is over.

The wait for redemption
begins anew.

Poem: Alexandra Lane Poetry

North Texas Conference of The United Methodist Church

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas Day, may you experience the hope, love, joy and peace of God that has been brought through the birth of the Christ child.

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Silent, Holy Night! Oh Come Emmanuel, God with us!
Merry Christmas Ridgewood Park UMC family & friends!

What a beautiful day in Worship as we celebrated the last Sunday of Advent with Lessons & Carols!! (End of Worship Service)

What a beautiful day in Worship as we celebrated the last Sunday of Advent with Lessons & Carols!! (Con’t)

What a beautiful day in Worship as we celebrated the last Sunday of Advent with Lessons & Carols!!

Ridgewood Park Church's cover photo

Come celebrate tomorrow - the last Sunday of Advent - with us at 10:30 am Worship Service. Our Ridgewood Park UMC Chancel Choir & Guests will lead us through Song and Scripture, re-telling the great story of the Christ-child entering into the world!
“Look, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
and they shall name him Emmanuel,”
which means, “God is with us.” (Matthew 1:23)


Charles Wesley’s Gift of Music

Did you know that today was Charles Wesley’s 312th Birthday? (John Wesley’s brother) Happy Birthday to the one that wrote over 6000 hymns!

“Our Theology is something we have sung and we’ve sung it in a way to help us understand it and to help us experience & feel it at the same time. So it’s one thing for me to say, for example “incarnational theology” its another thing for me to say “Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Glory to the New Born King”
- The Rev. Alfred T. Day III
General Commission on Archives and History

More at http://umc.org/videos Charles Wesley was born in December, 1707. He is best known for the movement he and his older brother John founded which later ...

A few years ago, we started a Christmas Sweater Sunday to have a Sunday of fun and play. To some, the Christmas season can be dark and difficult. We even offer a prize for the most Christmas spirit. Yes, it appears it has gotten out of control, but for the best! Our winners this year were Adrianna Culton and Joey Guedea. Already, there are secret and covert meetings to plan how to top this next year. The game is definitely on! Christmas Sweater Sunday 2020 coming soon!

SignUpGenius - Mobile

We still need volunteers to serve breakfast at Cathedral of HOPE, this Saturday, and many Saturdays in 2020! Please click on the sign up genius link to volunteer! A great way to give back some joy this time of year!


About 70 coats, hats, gloves, and scarves to be delivered today to children in need at Dan D Rogers Elementary School. Thank you to all who give and love. Ridgewood Park Church loves BIG!

The contest is on! Who will have the best Christmas spirit this coming Sunday? Roz raised the bar last year with this winner! Can you top this? What will Roz wear next? Come and find out this coming Sunday morning at 10:30 am.

☕️☃️🎶"Cocoa and Carols"🎶☃️☕️
A Christmas Musical
presented by our very own
RPUMC Children's Choir
Come join us this Wednesday night @ 6:30 pm in the Ministry Center!!

In continuing a wonderful tradition, The Mary Martha Circle of Ridgewood Park United Methodist Women gathered yesterday to prepare Christmas and Holiday cards for our local veterans to be delivered to the Dallas VA Medical Center.
The cards were lovingly created by the Kindergarten and First Grade Students of Arthur Kramer Elementary School. They will surely bring much joy to the many patients this year!
Thank you Francie Yost for opening your beautiful home & being an amazing host!!!

SMU Choir

SMU Choirs What Was Said to the Rose

SMU Choir

For those of you who are attending our concert this Friday night, please remember that in lieu of admission, we are collecting donations for Phoenix House, a rehab facility for teens from age 13 to 18. Monetary donations can be brought to the concert or made online at www.phoenixhouse.org. If you would like to bring a physical donation to the concert, here's what they need:
Panties, men’s underwear
Body wash
T shirts any size
Sweat pants any size
Jeans any size
Hoodies any size
Tampons or pads
Athletic shorts or clothes
Long sleeve shirts
Tennis shoes
Slides or slip on shoes
Coloring books or puzzle books

Thank you for your support of this wonderful organization!

📣🎄Wednesday Night Live is Tonight!! 🎄📣
Come & bring a neighbor to partake in great fellowship and a delicious Community Meal. Stay for Children's Choir & Chancel Choir afterwards!!

Our YOUTH went shopping last Sunday for our 7 Salvation Army Angels that we adopted this year. I think our youth had as much fun picking out the presents as we hope the children receiving will have playing with them. What a great way to share joy and peace this time of year

Angel tree shopping tonight at Youth!! Bring $10 for dinner and Angel gift shopping at Target. Meet at church at 6:00pm!!

A Thanksgiving Holiday message from our North Texas Conference UMC Bishop McKee.

What “A Beautiful Day in the Ridgewood Park UMC Neighborhood”!!! Thank you to all that came, was able to bring a dish and most especially our very own famous cooks!! Happy Thanksgiving RPUMC!!

Today we delivered 16 Thanksgiving Baskets to Dallas Hope Charities!! Our congregation donated over 450 items, our YOUTH assembled them and shopped for extras, and Deanna and Larry Williams delivered early this morning to Cathedral of Hope. Thank you- Ridgewood Park Family for helping to make this thanksgiving a little brighter for some.

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