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Hey, guys! Tomorrow at 11am, we are going live on this page to help bring the Word, while everyone is quarantined at home. Afterwards, we will hosting a Zoom call so everyone can fellowship with each other. Hope to see you then!
My name is Evangelist Ifeanyichukwu Ota. I distribute gospel tracts in hospitals, markets, schools, orphanage Homes, as well as on the streets. There are many lost souls and people eager to read the gospel tracts that they receive.
Please buy me a vehicle to enable the gospel tracts reach families living in the rural communities far from my house. God bless you as you help me take the Good News to lost souls.

We are a close-knit church, that gathers together with a common goal, to meet the needs of the people of Downtown Dallas both physical and spiritual.

Why West End? If you take a look at West End or simply walk through it, you'll feel tension. It's interesting. You feel people's uneasiness in response to their surroundings: poverty, drug addictions, prostitution, all enclosed by the contrasting wealth of the skyscrapers that surround it. That's why we chose to start here. People here are longing for something: love, a feeling of knowing that someone cares for them and hasn't forgotten them, a hope that despite their present condition, they are going to be okay and are not alone. We understand the solution is to be radical, unprecedented love. Love so unexpected it is not understood. We have come to see that acts of kindness carry a vast impact, but in due time, they too are forgotten. There is, however, a distinct kind of love, a love that lasts forever, a love, which man alone cannot give because this love is unconditional, and though he cannot give it, he cannot live without because he was born to be embraced by it. The Bible tells us God is everlasting. The Bible tells us God is love.

Operating as usual


Mark 9: The Question of Greatness

Today, we are looking at how Jesus' mission should effect our search for value.


First Corinthians 15: The Importance of the Resurrection

Happy Easter! Today, we are examining the Resurrection, its reality, reprecussions, and the response it demands!


Mark 9b: Victory through Defeat

After the transfiguration in Mark, one sees a story about a demon possessed boy. Why is it there? Today, we are looking at what this story tells us about Jesus' mission.


Mark 9a: The Transfiguration

Today, we look at how the transfiguration shows us Jesus' superiority, his willingness to serve, and how we should respond.


Mark 8b: Devotion to the Truth

Today, we are looking at the second part of Mark 8, where he discusses the purpose of Jesus' coming and how we should react.


Mark 8a: Hardened or Receptive

Hey, guys! Today, we are looking at how Mark shows Jesus is divine and then explores the reason inside people why they react differently


We love Scott Workman!!

Join us in welcoming Scott Workman as he transitions full-time at Story as our Connections Coordinator! Scott loves Jesus, the Arkansas Razorbacks, and Waffle House. Scott has been instrumental in coordinating volunteers and making outdoor services happen this past year. We are super grateful for him. Shoot him an email and let him know you're glad he's here! #ourstorychurch


Mark 7: Emphasis on the Inward

Here, Jesus confronts the Pharisees to make the point that a person is judged by the inside not the outside. What does that mean for us today?

[02/21/21]   “But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law”
(Galatians 5:18).

Being led by the Spirit, and not the letter of the law, is the key to a life of liberty in Christ.


Psalm 23: Shepherd, Provider, and Protector

In our break from Mark, we will take a look at Psalm 23 from the eyes of an ancient shepherd and see what it tells us about God.


Mark 6: The Divine Servant

Today, we are examining how Mark shows Jesus is God and encourages us to serve other by His example.


Mark 6: The Responsibilities of the Kingdom

Hey guys! We are in Mark 6 today where we see that, as Christians, Jesus has a mission for us, one that is both rewarding and dangerous.


A worship clip from this past Wednesday. Thank you Quan N for taking on this role, and leading everyone in a blessed time of worship! Looking forward to seeing how God will continue to use you at this ministry.
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A great West End Wednesday Night! To God be all the glory. Thank you to: Quan N, Holly T, Kate F, Guillermo, DBU student volunteers, and all other volunteers for helping out tonight.
We were blessed to serve 75 meals thanks to Filling The Void Ministry.

Spread the word and invite a friend to come help serve! Every Wednesday night at 6:45pm!
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“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses”
(1 Timothy 6:12).

The fight of faith is a good fight because we win. Our profession of, and belief in, Jesus Christ is the key to our victory.


Mark 5: Faith's Importance and Limits

We are continuing our study of Mark's gospel examining what chapter 5 says about faith, both its necessity and limits.


Mark 4 & 5: The Expanding Kingdom of God

Hey, guys! This time in Mark we are study how God can be depended on to accomplish His work and how He offers salvation to everyone!

[01/24/21]   “And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me” (Luke 7:23).

Offense can hinder our growth in Christ. God doesn’t want us to miss out on all He has planned for us; therefore, we must not allow offense to take root in our hearts.

[01/20/21]   “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children” (Isaiah 54:13).

God has made promises concerning our children. Declaring they are blessed and whole in every area of their lives puts them under His protection and gives them peace.

[01/19/21]   “The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself ” (Proverbs 11:25).

When we are givers, we position ourselves to be blessed. By being the person with the full pitcher, who is looking for someone into whom we can pour our resources, we actually empower ourselves.

[01/18/21]   “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

When we pray for God’s will to be done on earth, we pray an accurate prayer. God is faithful to bring His Word to pass.

[01/17/21]   “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1).

God is the creator of the universe, and everything in it. He is the power responsible for everything that exists.


Mark 4.1: A Message to the Earth

It is the parable of the sower, and Jesus has a message for everyone in it


Mark 3: Divine Dilemma and Response

Hey, guys! Today, we are looking at the third chapter of Mark where Jesus responds to believers and unbelievers.


Hey, guys! Exciting news! West End now has a new, easier way to donate to God's work through us! With the new give button on the website, you can set up a one time or recurring gift with any card. Just fill out the little pop up form, and technology will take care of the rest. Plus, it is easier to keep track of everything than going through another app. Thanks to everyone who has been faithful throughout the years, and I hope this is a sign of wonderful things to come!


Gospel of Mark 2: The Mistakes of the Pharisees

Hey, guys! Today, we are continuing our series on Mark by looking at how the Pharisees give us a negative example by ignoring others, dismissing the heart, and rejecting Jesus.


Praise Report:
Thanks to God's blessing and the generousty of everyone at West Fest, we were able to put together and pass out 50 Christmas gift bags full of needed socks, gloves, and toiletries to the homeless (not to mention some Christmas sweets and gospel tracts). Thanks to everyone for donating, constructing, and passing out the bags! I pray that we will have opportunities to do even bigger things in 2021!


Gospel of Mark 1: The Who, What, and Why of Christ

Yeah, guys! Today, we are beginning a series on Mark by examining chapter 1 where Mark speaks to Christ's person, work, and intentions.


Christmas 3: Matthew and Christ's Identity

Hey guys! Today, we are going to finish our Christmas series by reading Matthew 1&2 to see what he says about Jesus and His purpose.


Christmas Series 2: Luke and Love

Hey, guys! We are continuing our Christmas series by examing Luke 2 and the love of God we find there.


Christmas Highlights: Isaiah 9

Merry Christmas, guys! We are starting off the season with a sermon on Isaiah 8-9 on the hope!


Christmas Highlights: Isaiah 9

Merry Christmas, guys! We are starting off the season with a sermon on Isaiah 8-9 on the hope!


Titus 3: The Power of Good Teaching

Hey guys! Today, we are finishing our study on Titus by examining chapter 3 where Paul discusses the doctrinal foundation of his missionary vision.


Titus 3: The Power of Good Teaching

Hey guys! Today, we are finishing our study on Titus by examining chapter 3 where Paul discusses the doctrinal foundation of his missionary vision.


Titus 2: The Power of Good Living

Hey, guys! We are looking at Titus chapter 2 today, where Paul shows us the link between salvation, good living, and culture transformation.

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Mark 10b: Jesus Loves the Least
Mark 10: Service in Marriage
Mark 9d: Cut it OUT!
Mark 9: The Question of Greatness
First Corinthians 15: The Importance of the Resurrection
Mark 9b: Victory through Defeat
Mark 9a: The Transfiguration
Mark 8b: Devotion to the Truth
Mark 8a: Hardened or Receptive
Mark 7: Emphasis on the Inward
Psalm 23: Shepherd, Provider, and Protector
Mark 6: The Divine Servant




915 San Jacinto St
Dallas, TX

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If you are looking for somewhere to serve, join us! West End Church | Sundays 11 AM Together we have started a church that meets at the Rosa Parks Plaza (915 San Jacinto Dallas). Streets Weekly Bible Study | Wednesdays 7 PM (915 San Jacinto Dallas) Twitter: http://twitter.com/WestEndStreets
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