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BaRuch HaShem to a very long time and true friend.
Back in Malaysia now and trying to get all accounting caught up, procedures and guidelines book completed for the networking seminars that are now rolling forward. Took a lunch break to visit with my very good friend Lee Chu and her daughter visiting from Australia. (Who I knew when she was only knee-high... now she’s way taller than I am!)
We can be bright lights in the world without leaving our high beams on and annoying everybody. ~ Bob Goff

Encourages the vital work of indigenous pastors;proclaims a challenging message of unity transcending denominations & facilitates networking for evangelism

Encourages the vital work of indigenous pastors; proclaims a challenging message of unity transcending denominations; and actively facilitates—through its Networking for Revival outreach—the creation of regional alliances to empower the Body of Christ for dynamic faith and service.

[05/07/20]   Hi Partners!
I pray you are standing strong in the Lord and daily being encouraged as you read the Word and pray!
As of now, Dutch's Daughter will not be open for the partner meeting we had scheduled for Saturday May 9.
If something comes up and we can get together this month, we will try to make that happen. I will post something here if we can!
I truly miss seeing you all, but rest assured we are still praying for you and all that concerns you!
Eph. 3:14-21

Potomac Believers Fellowship Guest Speaker Marie Brown

Here's my recent ministry @ Potomac Believers Fellowship

25 plus years in ministry in over 35 nations, Marie Brown Ministries has evolved through obedience into a powerful nation-impacting ministry to unify and mob...

[04/12/20]   HE IS RISEN! JESUS IS ALIVE!!
Happy Resurrection Day to all!

[04/10/20]   Partners continue to pray for the developing nations of the world during this time. We understand from our friends in Kenya that markets are closed ... no food. People are going hungry. Few have electronic devices to connect them to their church families. Pray for encouragement.
Also orphanages in Bulgaria a friend has shared are suffering the loss of food to where in some locations the children are eating grass. Pray for miraculous intervention! Bless you!

[04/02/20]   Dear friends and partners,
Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. (Heb. 13:8) Continue to pray for wisdom for our leaders as they work hard to make the right decisions to help people. Pray for all those who are sick and their hurting families. Pray for the health care workers giving their all on the front lines--pray for miracles!
I read where doctors and nurses were becoming alarmed over the depleted supply of protective gear that they need to help their patients. Pray that as Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish that He would multiply the protective gear. As one is taken from a closet may 2 be added and so forth.
We as the church must step in and believe for the miraculous!
Keep your faith alive. Stay in the Word and stay prayerful. Be sensitive to the needs of others.
We pray for you our partners daily.

[03/26/20]   Question: If you are a Believer and have said, "I am just so busy and I never have time to read, pray, and study the Bible," what are you doing now with your time, if you are at home? You bored? This time is critical...don't miss God by having your eyes in the wrong place. He is calling to you. Answer.

[03/24/20]   Part 4 : the wrap up of our lesson from Matthew 8

Jesus addressed the disciples’ real issue directly that day in the boat: fear. Many times, the first response that we have in an uncontrollable storm is fear! Jesus asked His disciples,
1. “Why are you so afraid?”
2. Then He described them as having little faith. (He did not say they had no faith.) Vs. 26. They DID HAVE some faith--they followed Him into the boat and preceded across the sea at night! But they needed to be able to trust Jesus when they had no control in the natural. Jesus’ goal is to help them understand that faith is trusting Him because He loves them. Trust is based in love. For Jesus to ask them why they were afraid, meant they did not have to be in fear!
The remedy for their “little faith” and fear was their continuing to watch and listen to what Jesus was saying and doing. The same is true for us. We must spend time with Him in the Word. Hear His Words and see His compassion for hurting people: us! Only then can faith that comes from believing the Word become alive in our hearts by love. God is love. If He said He would never leave us, then love is always with us!
If you follow Matthew’s account, Jesus continued to heal and deliver people for a few days. Matt. 8: 28-9:38. The disciples saw Him moved with compassion as He looked at the multitudes around Him. At the end of this time, He called His disciples and sent them out. Matt. 10: 1-5.. They finally connected that His love for them empowered them to do His work of delivering people from the enemy’s destruction. They did not have to be afraid.

THINK ABOUT: How much time do we spend in the Word getting to know Him? Jesus labored in teaching and preaching to give people a foundation of faith. He wanted them to trust Him because He loved them.
God’s Word must be put daily in our hearts. It is from the Word, that we learn about His love for us! Jesus’ final words to these same disciples in Matt. 28:18-20: “I give you power and authority” … “now you go … and I will be with you till the end of the age.” If they believed His Word, they could trust Him. After He ascended, they knew He would be with them, and they could speak with the authority destroying the works of the enemy like He had done. They never needed to fear again because Love was with them.
SO, when uncontrollable storms blow up in our lives, we can be at peace and in faith because we know Jesus loves us and is with us! (Read Rom. 8) Trusting Him, our response can be, “No devil, I will not be afraid, Jesus is with me.”

[03/23/20]   Part 3
(I did not mean for this to go so long!) But apply and be inspired.
(If you missed parts 1 & 2 scroll down and catch them.) Remember we are in Matthew 8 and we are asking, as Believers in Jesus Christ, how do we respond during a storm that we cannot control.
During any storm we as Jesus-followers must first and foremost trust God’s love for us.
After hearing the Word expounded for days, Jesus spent a full day demonstrating His Word by healing. Then it was now time for Jesus to engage His disciples. Had they been paying attention? Again, let’s look at the sequence.
1. Jesus gets in a boat. The disciples follow Him. They had their directions to go to the other side. Vs. 18, 23
2. Jesus goes to sleep. Vs. 23
3. The disciples are doing their thing of rowing to the other side. (Which by the way, with fishing as their primary profession was a "no-brainer.") They must have been thinking, “We got this.” They were not concerned as they started, so the weather was obviously OK. They got far enough away from land that what was about to happen was significant to them.
4. A great storm arose out of nowhere. The boat was covered with huge waves of water. Vs. 24
5. The disciples came frantically to Jesus waking Him up saying, “save us, we are perishing!” Vs. 25 (Mark tells the same story in MK 5:38 penning that they said, “Teacher don’t you care that we are perishing?”)
6. Jesus response is important. “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” Vs. 26
7. He then got up and rebuked the winds and the sea and there was a great calm. Vs. 26
8. The men said among themselves, “Who can this be that even the winds and sea obey Him?” Vs. 27.

• First, the disciples made the mistake of thinking they could fulfill His command on their own because everything looked OK when they began. (That is an important first!)
• Second, even though they were aware that diseases and demons obeyed Jesus and left their hosts, somehow dealing with this storm seemed different to them. They had compartmentalized Jesus’ miraculous abilities.
• It seemed they failed to see Jesus’ compassion and love connected to the miracles before. So, when they were in trouble and needed help they were afraid and in a panic. Their demeanor and words truly revealed that they did not comprehend the connection between His love for the people and His doing miracles to help them.

THINK ABOUT: Have you ever compartmentalized miracles so that some seemed harder for God to perform than others? Jesus was with the disciples…He loved them! He had proven His passion to help people as they came to Him. He loves you and has promised to always be with you! What does that mean for you in a storm?

[03/21/20]   Part 2 of a lesson to encourage your faith.

In part 1, (read below) we first established the connection between Jesus, the Word made flesh, and the love of God. (Jn. 1:1; 1 Jn. 4:8,16) I want us now to look at a Biblical passage that addresses what we are sharing. Please read Matthew 8. It is very exciting! (You can google the chapter and read it online if you don’t have a Bible handy.)
(There are many ways to look at these events. We are merely looking at one aspect of Jesus’ life as He teaches His disciples.)
In this part, I want to set up the events that lead to the disciples’ revelation of how much (or how little) they are trusting Jesus and His Word.
After finishing some days teaching on how we are to relate to God and each other, (Matt. 5-7). Jesus ends His discourse by reinforcing the importance of His followers believing His Word and doing what He says, enabling them to stand through any storm that life throws at them. Then we flow into our text.
Let’s look at the following sequence of events.
1. Jesus comes down the mountain and is first confronted by a leper who asks Jesus if He was willing to heal him. Jesus said, “I am willing, and healed him.” Vs. 1-3
2. A Roman army officer came to Jesus as He entered Capernaum pleading with the Lord concerning His paralyzed and tormented servant who was back at home. Jesus immediately responded with I will come, to which the Centurion said, that Jesus only needed to speak a word and his servant would be healed. Vs. 5-13
3. Jesus marveled at His great faith. The soldier believed the power and authority of Jesus’ Words alone would heal his servant. Vs. 10
4. Jesus went into Peter’s home and healed His sick Mother-in-law. Vs. 14-15
5. At the end of that day at sunset many demon-possessed who were brought to Him as well as all who were sick were healed. He cast out the spirits with a word. All was done to fulfill the Prophet Isaiah’s words. Vs. 16-17
6. Jesus concluded the evening speaking about what it means to be His disciple. Vs. 20-22
7. Lastly, He commanded His disciples to leave their location and go to the other side of the sea. He got in the boat and the disciples followed Him on board. Vs. 20, 23.

THINK ABOUT the specific sequence: Jesus taught for days … then demonstrated His Word and love another full day. Were the disciples paying attention, really? We should ask ourselves: do I give my undivided attention to the Word? Am I quick to say, “I already know that or have heard that before?” Do I listen to the Word with a distracted mind? If faith begins with the hearing of the Word, (Rom. 10:17) then works through love, (Gal. 5:6) how I hear it and believe it is vital!

[03/21/20]   I hope this 4-part short lesson will encourage and inspire you.
Part 1
As Believers in Jesus Christ, how do we respond during a storm that we cannot control? During any storm we as Jesus-followers must first and foremost trust God’s love for us. God’s love can never fail (1 Cor. 13:8) and is revealed in His Word to us through Jesus.
Jesus and His Word are inseparable. (1:1,14; Rev. 19:13) So, in the middle of any difficulty, we should yearn for more of Him, His Word, and allow the Scriptures to reveal our loving God yet again to us! (Rom. 8:28-39) The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who gives us this experience of God’s love. (Rom. 5:5)
Experiencing and understanding His love leads us into a deeper relationship of trust and confidence in Him as His child. (Gal. 4:4-7) Once we have become secure in His Word, we can enjoy His goodness and care for us. We are meant to possess peace and joy. (Jn.14:27; Eph. 2:14) Knowing love—JESUS—the Word secures us from within no matter the storm raging around us. (Matt. 7:24-29)
By watching His actions and hearing His Words, Jesus’ disciples would eventually come to know how much He loved them because all He said and did came to pass fulfilling Scripture. (Lk. 24:36-53) Even though they walked with and watched Him daily, they still had to learn to trust Him. So do we!
ASK YOURSELF: As a Believer, am I trusting His Word above all else in the middle of my storm? Am I experiencing peace within that He promised me?

[03/20/20]   To the Partners and friends of this ministry,
I want you to know that we pray for you daily. Please don’t be freaked out by all the reports. Keep your focus on Jesus and His Word! Pour more Scripture into your heart than the news of the day! Remember that whatever you put in your heart through your eyes and ears will produce either faith or fear. Guard your heart. God’s love is in you and it is powerful to expel all fear. The key is to ignite that love through believing God’s Word to you.
Therefore, His Word must remain your priority; it is the source of your strength. Pray. Declare your immune system strong. The Spirit of God lives in you. Greater is He in you than this virus in the world.
Go to church online with your church family if the physical location is closed. Be encouraged and encourage others. Stay connected! Remember we ARE the Church –not the building. God is building His Church and the gates of hell cannot prevail against her.
May our unity of faith and love (THE CHURCH) become a canopy of hope for this nation and others. Love your neighbor as yourself! Share the love of Jesus! Be smart and wash your hands often, too!
Lastly, partners remember to keep our friends in Asia in your prayers. These countries are struggling … the people are struggling. I have assured them we are praying for them. They appreciate it! They are praying for us! We appreciate it. May the love and faith of God’s family standing together against this virus bring this disease to its end soon. Having done all to stand—we stand strong!

[03/19/20]   To MD area partners, our yearly partner meeting scheduled for April 4 at Dutch's Daughter is postponed for now. Stay in the Word and KEEP your FOCUS on Jesus, and not on what's going on around us. Be wise, be being filled with His Spirit, and help those around you who are struggling. Time to be the salt and light!
IF the restaurant should reopen by then ... I am here already and ready to roll!!

[02/07/20]   1 Cor. 10:31:
"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

All that we do for God matters and is important. What is more important, however, is who are we doing the work for and why are we doing it. Jesus is the focus always. Otherwise we are just doing works for our own glory?

Happy New Year to all of our friends and partners.
May 2020 be a blessed year with God’s presence more real in your life than ever before and renewed hope and passion as you serve Him.

It’s all about Jesus! Keep it simple.

Cambodian Network leader sharing how they work together in his province to plant churches with the leaders of the Myanmar network.

Our training continues ...

Watching traffic in Mandalay....a new way to play “chicken.” No traffic lights!

Ongoing ... getting the leaders in place to begin the next phase of Networking for Revival!

Landing in Myanmar! Oh, the adventure! After 20 years it is still a joy!

The strategies are in place for Churches planting churches together! God is awesome. 300 and counting! God bless the Church in Cambodia!
Thanks to all the praying partners. Your faith is at work with them!

Cambodians advancing in their training!

Just completed a specific class teaching a wonderful hungry group of folks here in Malaysia who wanted to grasp more of what Jesus’ completed work at the cross did for them...revelation was happening. They are eager to live by faith demonstrating His life through them. Thanks for praying and believing that all that God has begun in them, He will bring in to a complete work.

On the road... well in the sky again...heading to S E Asia. Always remember the key to keeping a joyful heart is your perspective. Keep seeing like you are seated with Him in Heavenly places looking down on the junk. Keep the devil under your feet!

He’s alive!! May your day be blessed and your life be long and satisfied in and by His presence!

When Jesus says it is finished, it is!! He paid the price fully for our redemption ... free from all the effects of sin and all the works of the devil... come resurrection morning we will be able to live in His victory forever through His indwelling Spirit.

[04/15/19]   A big "thank-you" to all who were able to come. I enjoy our face-to-face time together.

We had a great time of fellowship and shared lots of victories as the Lord His building His Church around the world!

Updating you on the great time we had at our recent Partner Meeting here in Frederick

God’s love in us never fails. Always lean in to Him and not react from without. Thus hurting world needs to see REAL love.

So good to see my dear friend of almost 30 years at Poplar Grove Baptist Church yesterday. We had a great time together. Love you Alise. You have been a faithful partner to this ministry too! Continue to shine brightly!!

Stand strong and tough in your faith if you are in a battle today. The Lord loves you and will never leave you. Trust Him.

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