RRDT Racial Reconciliation Design Team

This task force referred to here forth as The Racial Reconciliation Design Team (RRDT) will seek to respond to Racism in the SC Annual Conference.

Racial Reconciliation Design Team: I am welcoming you to the Task Force on Racial Reconciliation in the South Carolina Annual Conference. No committee could address the entire sweep of what might fall under the rubric "racism," but focus on one small subset of the problem that has a peculiar bearing on United Methodist in South Carolina. It has been argued that in America the most segregated hour of the week is 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. I am not sure if that is true, but it may well be. This claim results in repeated calls for reconciliation, repentance, hard love, forgiveness, forbearance, sacrificial love, renouncing the past, and much more. This task force/committee/team referred to here forth as The Racial Reconciliation Design Team (RRDT) will seek to respond to the will of the Conference Connectional Ministry Leadership Team and the Advocacy Areas ministry. The purpose of the task force is as following: 1. Identifying the persons and groups they need to hear from (for example, the colleges mentioned in the motion, BMCR, local church laity, etc.) 2. Propose a plan that will help congregations to work together around the issues of racism in their own communities 3. Develop this plan and report back to the Connectional Ministries leadership team by Nov 15th 4. Pilot this plan during the Spring (Lent) 5. Report the results to 2015 AC with a plan for implementation in the following year The RRDT Racial Reconciliation Design Team members at current include: Rev. Amiri Hooker Rev. Bernie Maczyk Mr. Doug Markham Rev. Tiffany Knowlin Rev. Paul Harmon Mrs. Joanna Donegan Mrs. Frances Hill Rev. Ryan Spurrier Rev. Genova McFadden

South Carolina Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival

As the world watches and waits for the potential consequences in Iran of U.S. militarism and imperialism, the South Carolina Poor People's Campaign is organizing and mobilizing this weekend around the interconnected issues of systemic racism, poverty, environmental degradation, the war economy, and the nation's distorted moral narrative.

Join us on Monday, January 13 as we join the National We Must Do MORE Tour to build power in SC and continue to Mobilize, Organize, Register, and Educate our community and build this movement throughout the state!

RSVP here, and share and invite your friends: https://www.facebook.com/events/2503673483194777/

South Carolina Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival


General Commission on Religion and Race

It's time we change our default.


Button Poetry

"It must be nice to feel so safe you have to invent new ways to put yourself in danger."

ICYMI: From Rudy Francisco's book, Helium: http://bit.ly/rudyfhelium


Love is colour blind.
Via Channel 4

MTV Decoded

On the season premiere of MTV Decoded, we ponder: why are people who say “Ax” instead of “Ask” frequently stigmatized as unintelligent and unsophisticated? It actually has a long tradition in the English language that goes back over a thousand years.

Franchesca Ramsey: https://twitter.com/chescaleigh
Produced by: http://www.kornhaberbrown.com
Episode Written By: Zeba Blay (https://twitter.com/zblay)
Directed by: Andrew Kornhaber
GFX By: Matthew Rainkin & Sarah Van Hoove
Editing By: Linda Huang
Make Up By: Delina Medhin (www.instagram.com/delinamedhin)

Wanna Learn More? Check out our sources:

MTV Decoded

Out of 536 billionaires in the USA, only 3 are black. Why the stark racial divide? Well it's complicated, but it turns out our history of racism has a lot to do with it. From segregated schools that receive less funding in property taxes, to the history of redlining black homeowners, to the long history of slavery, oppression, and segregation, white families were accumulating wealth. That "old money" has provided the capital for the modern-day billionaires, and even average-income white families, to stay significantly ahead of black Americans. So how can we fix the wealth divide in America? Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey addresses this in this week's Season 2 throwback episode of MTV Decoded.


Written by Ben O'Keefe @benjaminokeefe


America is the richest, and most unequal, country

Bernie Sanders, in Madison, claims top 0.1% of Americans have almost as much wealth as bottom 90%

Here Are The States With The Most Billionaires

U.S. Education: Still Separate and Unequal

How Do We Fund Our Schools?

The Racial Wealth Gap: Why A Typical White Household Has 16 Times The Wealth Of A Black One

General Commission on Religion and Race

Join Rev. Michelle Ledder in a set of interactive learning engagements on recognizing, questioning, and transforming #ImplicitBias.


Anderson Cooper 360


“The race question in America was for centuries... a species question. Actually scientists and doctors went to great lengths to try to prove that black people were in fact a subspecies... closer to apes or monkeys,” columnist Charles M. Blow https://cnnmon.ie/2kCZ9pU

BuzzFeed FYI

"I had to teach myself about myself"


This is what we need to do to have a real conversation on race https://www.facebook.com/moveon/videos/10155462979400493/

"We don't have a Roseanne Barr problem, we have a Donald Trump problem." Moveon's Karine Jean-Pierre guides us to the conversation we should be having.

General Board of Church and Society

Powerful Word from Bishop LaTrelle Miller Easterling is the first woman bishop to lead the 233-year-old Baltimore-Washington Conference.

Happening now at the United Methodist Building in Washington D.C.: Prayerful Witness to End Racism. #Act2EndRacism #MLK50FORWARD


That Time White People Burned and Pillaged a Black Community on Election Day

vice.com The 1920 massacre in Ocoee, Florida, involved whites lynching, castrating, and removing hundreds of blacks from their land in retaliation for them trying to exercise their right to vote.

United Methodist News

Twenty people share their deeply personal accounts in “Stories of Racial Awakening,” a book published by the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate.

We can still stop the #GOPTaxBil #TaxCutsandJobsAct.
Make your voice heard by calling your representatives at 202.224.3121. Ask them to oppose this regressive & irresponsible tax cut. Urge them to find bipartisan solutions to reform the tax code. #TaxPolicy

Queen Yonasda LoneWolf

“There is a difference between race and culture” as we are coming up on Halloween please don’t go running to party city to get a native or Mexican or any race costume. Now for the record, I specifically wanted Nicki Banks to explain what the details of the handmade beaded headdress crown that she had me wear prior to coming on @breakfastclubam I knew what I was wearing lol 😂 but might as well have the creator explain it. #notculturalappropriation #proudlakota #proudblackwoman #blackgirlmagic #nativepride #breakfastclub #wearenotacostume

SC Advocacy Ministry Area

Today we celebrate #IndigenousPeoplesDay! Check out this resource for your faith communities: umcjustice.org/documents/23

Voices of the Civil Rights Movement

Today in 1963, four black girls, aged 11 to 14, were killed when white supremacists bombed Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church.

Truth and Edutainment

Black people grow up in a world where we are taught to honor the people that enslaved us. Who does that?
We are taught to look at Slave Masters as heros. In school we are indoctrinated into looking at George Washington as a "Hero." Even though I now know he owned MANY Slaves. We are taught to look at Slave Masters and Pledge Allegiance to the "Fathers" of this country and a Flag that never included me. We are taught that White men invented this and that, but never taught that It was illegal for a Black person to obtain a patent because of legal racism, so White people would take the idea register it, and keep the profits. We are taught that Hitler was the biggest terrorist known to mankind for what he supposedly did to the Jew-ish people from 1939 until 1945 (6 years). But we were never told that Germany was doing the SAME thing to Black people from 1890 until 1945 (55 years) and to add to that, how can we be taught to look past the 100 million Black People exterminated by American Plantation Owners in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to focus on Hitler? Jew-ish People call us the "N" word yet we are forced to mourn for them over our OWN ancestors? We have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray, run amuck...

Every group that has been through an atrocity has been compensated with Land, Money, etc... while we recieve nothing to help repair the structure THEY destroyed. Black People were on this soil first, but you were taught it was the Natives... WE are the Natives, do the research. Black people were exterminated in the German Holocaust for 49 years longer than the White Germans, yet the White Germans get 5 Billion per year...

All I can do is shake my head because we still have Black people that will defend these people tooth and nail because they have NO idea how indoctrinated they are. Do you realize all the stuff you had to deprogram out of your head to finally get to the level of consciousness you are at now? It's not easy is it? Then why do we send our children to the same schools to get programmed the same BS we were fed? They are in school learning that colonizers and murderers are heros. We can never change the future if we keep repeating the mistakes of the past. We need to pull ourselves and our money out of this system and fast.

This video will show you yet a spineless coward murderer that exterminated 10 Million Black people between 1880 and 1920 in the congo. So while we were being railroaded back into Slavery by Peonage, Sharecropping and the Black Codes in the U.S., simultaneously this is what was happening in Africa. Nobody cares about our Tragedies, so we'd better start.

Wake up, and then stand up. What are we waiting for?

I left some links below for you as well for further research.
Watch the Full Length Documentary on King Leopold (*Graphic, with Actual Footage of his camps!)

The Butcher of the Congo:

When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’

African holocaust – King Leopold’s Belgian Congo

'King Leopold's Ghost': Genocide With Spin Control

When George Washington Williams went and visited King Leopold's Labor Camps, he couldn't believe what he saw. This is the ACTUAL letter he wrote afterwards:

King Leopold's Oppression of the Congo:

#TNEhistory #HiddenHistory


So sad we miss this key information

What too few textbooks tell you about the Atlantic Slave Trade -- a look at the global scale and lasting legacy of this massive historical injustice:

Revolution News

Meanwhile, in post-racial America...


Steve Bannon To Help Trump Bring White Nationalism, Misogyny and Anti-Semitism To The White House | Right Wing Watch


Steve Bannon To Help Trump Bring White Nationalism, Misogyny and Anti-Semitism To The White House

By Brian Tashman | November 14, 2016 5:01 pm

Donald Trump sent a strong signal this weekend when he decided to tap Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart chairman who bragged about turning the ultraconservative outlet into “the platform for the alt-right,” to serve as his chief strategist in the White House, a move that has caused white nationalists and neo-Nazis to celebrate.

Bannon, when he was serving as CEO of Trump’s campaign, helped develop the candidate’s message about a world struggle between “nationalists” and “globalists,” and a fight between “real Americans” and the evil anti-sovereignty schemes of cosmopolitan elites, international financiers, the media, immigrants, minorities and progressives. Such views, which Bannon describes as “populist-nationalist,” have been typical of fascist movements throughout history, and Bannon has even reached out to neo-Fascist parties like France’s National Front and favorably compared himself to Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl.

While providing glowing coverage of Trump’s presidential bid, Breitbart has also continued to focus on “black crime,” the supposed link between immigration and security risks, criticism of “political correctness,” and anti-Semitic hit pieces against Jewish members of the media.
In divorce proceedings, Bannon’s ex-wife described him as a raving anti-Semite who didn’t want his daughters “going to school with Jews.” She also accused him of domestic abuse.

Misogyny has been a driving force behind Breitbart under Bannon’s leadership. Breitbart regularly posts articles such as “Why Equality and Diversity Departments Should Only Hire Rich, Straight White Men“; “Does Feminism Make Women Ugly?“; “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy“; “The Solution to Online ‘Harassment’ Is Simple: Women Should Log Off“; “Teenage Boys With Tits: Here’s My Problem with Ghostbusters” and “Science Proves It: Fat-Shaming Works.”

These articles were all written by Milo Yiannopoulos, the site’s most well-known author and chief provocateur, who was recently banned from Twitter “after he incited his followers to bombard Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones with racist and demeaning tweets.”

Following a mass shooting in Oregon, Yiannopoulos said that men are behind the majority of such shootings because feminism is “creating killers by suppressing” male urges “to fight” and “shoot things.” (In the aftermath of the mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, another Breitbart writer defended the Confederate flag in an article titled “Hoist it High and Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims A Glorious Heritage,” touting the Confederacy as “a patriotic and idealistic cause” that had a right to secede from the union.)

Yiannopoulos also praised Trump as “the real first black president,” in part because he would side with African Americans in the “minority war brewing between blacks and Latinos.”

When House Speaker Paul Ryan criticized the alt-right during his primary campaign against a Bannon-backed candidate, Yiannopoulos joined Bannon on the latter’s radio program to attack Ryan.

Now, Ryan is refusing to criticize Trump’s selection of the alt-right’s champion, Bannon, to fill one of the top roles in the White House.

Maybe it’s because Bannon isn’t the only person bringing white nationalism, misogyny and anti-Semitism to the White House.

That person, of course, would be Donald Trump.

www.rightwingwatch.org Donald Trump sent a strong signal this weekend when he decided to tap Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart chairman who bragged about turning the ultraconservative outlet into

The Power of Working Together:
Real Talk about Race Community Relations
Saturday, August 6, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
St. Paul United Methodist Church
511 Knights Hill Road Camden, SC
Resident Bishop: Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, South Carolina Annual Conference

Schedule for the Day
Guest Speaker: Bishop Gary Rivas Bishop of the Central District of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in 2015.

9:00 a.m.
9:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m. 11:45 a.m. 12:15 p.m. 12:45 p.m.
1:45 p.m.
Gathering and Devotion
Plenary Session with Bishop Rivas with 15-20 minutes question and answer
Round Table Discussion with Community Leaders (with questions from larger group) Report of Groups
What Might God Be Speaking to Us? Next Step(s)
Closing Worship with Bishop Jonathan Holston
You are invited to hear Bishop Rivas Preach at St. Paul United Methodist Church, Camden, Sunday morning August 7 at 10:00 a.m.
Please register to attend by August 1.
To register, contact the church office: (803) 432-6649 or Email: [email protected]

Young People's Ministries

A prayer for young people in light of recent tragedies:

Young people have the spiritual gift of hope, and optimism that grows from our faith when it is planted in community. We are part of a community in pain. Young people have the spiritual gift of resiliency, shown in the ability to get up and say “Let’s try again” after falling short of living in God’s household, God’s Kingdom. We are part of that falling short. Young people have the spiritual gift of clarity and justice, easily seeing when something is right and when something is wrong. We are part of both seeing and not seeing. Young people have the spiritual gift of agitation, able to encourage and be a part of change when change is needed. We are part of what needs changing.

In our world connected by the internet, young people are the first to know about trending news. There is no filter for what we see, save what we create for ourselves. It is sad and alarming that shooting incidents and violence are increasingly becoming the kinds of trends that young people see and read about. This can lead to fear and agitation. This can lead to anger. This can lead to more violence, and the cycle continues. Incidents of violence like those most recently in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas create opportunities to continue living in a shattered, divided, and reclusive manner.

But these incidents call us to hope. Hope that the love of Chris can transcend boundaries—racial, economic, and class. Whatever divides, Christ calls us to engage and come together.

Black lives matter. Your life matters. Our lives matter. The simple existence of our lives matters, yes – but the way in which we live our lives matters too. We are called to help young people understand that the way we live our lives matters. Having a faith life means being called to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. Young people are making their voices heard on the streets and online, and we have to be there with them. To provide the gift of tongues so that others may hear and understand. We must be the hands and feet of Christ, seeking justice in community. We must not recoil from the difficult things. “We can say, God, why this cup? Couldn’t this be someone else’s cup?” We must say “not my will, but yours”

And so we pray that the we may all see the face of Christ in each other. We pray that through the noisiness of this world, the we can discern and share God’s just response to senseless killing and violence. We pray that young people engage otherness, and come to understand truth. We pray for strength and unity in the valuing of human life.

We pray that the God of peace will rule in the hearts of young people, police officers, legislators, community leaders—regardless of race. We pray that communities unite together in these difficult times. And we pray that, as the church—in various communities in the US, and around the world where violence is a present reality—may we become the peacemakers that help others see the face of God in every human being. Amen.

#YoungPeople #youth #YoungAdults #umc #BlackLivesMatter #YourLifeMatters #OurLivesMatter

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4908 Colonial Dr
Columbia, SC

General information

South Carolina Annual Conference Advocacy Ministry Area The South Carolina Advocacy Ministry Area is leading the theological work that arises from human experience of the reign of God in contention to the sufferings of the human condition. “Of crucial importance are concerns generated by great human struggles for dignity, liberation, and fulfillment aspirations that are inherent elements in God’s design for creation”. The Advocacy Ministry speaks for biblical values: peacemaking, racial harmonies, hospitality to strangers, care for creation, and concern for people living in poverty and struggling with hunger and disease. These concerns are borne by theologies “that express the heart cries of the downtrodden and the aroused indignation of the compassionate” (Book of Discipline ¶104). We believe that salvation entails renewal of both individuals and the world. Our faithful response to God’s saving grace has both a personal and social dimension as we grow in “holiness of heart and life.” By practicing spiritual disciplines — “works of piety” such as prayer, Bible study, participation in corporate worship and communion — we grow and mature in our love for God. By engaging in acts of compassion and justice — “works of mercy” such as visiting the sick and those in prison, feeding the hungry, advocating for the poor and marginalized — we live out our love for God through service to our neighbor. “Our love of God is always linked with love of our neighbor, a passion for justice and renewal in the life of the world” (Book of Discipline 2012, p. 51).
Other Columbia places of worship (show all)
Perpetual Praise Ministries Perpetual Praise Ministries
1831 Superior Street
Columbia, 29205

Worship Services at 5:00 pm every Sunday and Empowerment Hour every Wednesday at 6 pm A ministry focused on "Building people of Purpose, Power, & PRAISE!"

Chosen Generaion Apostolic Church Chosen Generaion Apostolic Church
446 Lykesland Trl
Columbia, 29209

Saving souls

Midlands Church Midlands Church
301 Greystone Blvd
Columbia, 29210

Midlands Church exists to reach people with the gospel, build them as the church, and send them into the world, for the glory of God. We are a reformed SBC church.

Sandhills Student Ministry Sandhills Student Ministry
3513 Hard Scrabble Rd
Columbia, 29223

Vertical 612 is the student ministry of Sandhills Community Church, led by Pastor Chris Ledley & Pastor Erich Wiegner. Follow on Instagram: sandhillsyouth.

Live on the Rock Church Live on the Rock Church
225 Sweet Gum Rd
Columbia, 29223

A house church involved in a number of active ministries to equip the saints. www.liveontherockchurch.com

Translation Church Translation Church
1551 Barbara Dr
Columbia, 29223

The vision of Translation Church is that the Word of God will be taught with simplicity and in the way people will live in the highest reality of God.

Unity of Columbia Unity of Columbia
1801 Legrand Rd
Columbia, 29223

Unity of Columbia is a vibrant source for inspired living in Columbia, SC. Please check out our website at http://unitycolumbia.org

Victorious Believers Ministries of Columbia Victorious Believers Ministries of Columbia
201 Columbia Mall Blvd, Ste 129
Columbia, 29223

Welcome to the OFFICIAL page of Victorious Believers Ministries. Derrick W. Hutchins II, Senior Pastor

The Alliance SC The Alliance SC
523 Superior St
Columbia, 29205

The Alliance is a network of a Christian Leaders who have come together to advance and defend the cause of family, faith, and freedom throughout our state.

Jones Memorial A M E Zion Church Jones Memorial A M E Zion Church
2400 Barhamville Rd.
Columbia, 29204

“Each one reach and teach one for Christ" Rev. Thelma D. Gordon, Pastor [email protected]

SC Deaf Christian Network SC Deaf Christian Network
1306 Hampton St.
Columbia, 29201