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Operating as usual


Praise the Lord

Container 61 left today for Ghana - only 40 more to reach our goal of 2021 tons for the year. Thanks to everyone that has given and prayed for us.


Another container out the door this week. This is number 55 on the year leaving us with 46 containers left to reach our goal for 2021. Today, we shipped to the east coast of India. Please pray as India is having great difficulty.

An interesting statistic is that between our two locations, we have shipped 9 containers in 16 days. This is incredible. Thanks to all who have made it possible. Think of what the Lord is doing with these Words of eternal life…

*Update* Our Illinois location shipped ANOTHER container today, so that makes 10 containers in 17 days.


Annnnddddd another one!!!

Another load out this week, #54 is on its way to Uganda! Only 47 left!


Please remember that if you have old Bibles or Bible study materials - even outdated Sunday School materials, we would be happy to pick them up and take them so that we can spread the good news of the Gospel. Praise the Lord!!!!

Another container leaving today for Ghana! This is number 52 for this year. That leaves us with 49 to go. Thank you to all volunteers, you are a blessing to the Kingdom of God.


What a milestone! We have surpassed the halfway mark to our goal for this year! Container #51 was sent out this morning to South Africa, only 50 left to reach our goal this year! Thank you to each and every one of you that has helped us on this endeavor. The time, resources, and prayer you have given to the Kingdom have helped us be able to accomplish this. All Praise and Glory to Him who provides for every one of our needs!

Photos from Love Packages's post 05/29/2021

Photos from Love Packages's post


The Butler location got out another this morning, that brings us to 49 in total this year! 52 to our goal!


We are back at it with container #47. We had no containers go out last week but we are shooting for getting 4 out this week! This one is on it's way to Ghana! 54 to our goal!


Container #44 was shipped out Wednesday morning, headed out to South Africa! 57 to our goal!


We shipped out #40 Thursday morning to India! 61 to go!


3 loads in one week! Container #39 is on it's way to South Africa! 62 to reach our goal! Please continue to pray for open doors to send more containers!


Shipped out a container this morning, #38 is on it's way to Tanzania! 63 left to our goal!


Super job, guys!!!

Sent out container #23 this morning to Sierra Leone! 78 to our goal!


Woot Woot

Container #20 was sent out from Butler this morning, on it's way to Guyana! 81 to go!


Yea, God!!

Today we shipped out container 19 for the year headed for Zambia! That leaves us with 82 to go for our goal. Special thanks for Summit Crossing Limestone and New Eden church for volunteering.


Praise God!

And another. Also today, we shipped out container 15 for the year leaving us with 86 to meet our goal. This load is bound for Kenya. What will God do with all of this material?!

I hate to rub it in, but it was about 70 and breezy during the load in Alabama. Illinois appeared to be a touch cooler 😂


The show has arrived!

We will be preforming 10:30AM this Sunday at Maranatha Baptist Church. You can see it live or view it on the church YouTube live stream.



Love Packages

Sent out our eighth container for the year! 93 left to our goal of 101! Please pray for this literature heading in to Tanzania, that it may fall on fertile soil, and bring in a large harvest.

"But those that were sown on the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.”
Mark 4:20 ESV


Love Packages

Last container for the year was shipped out this morning. This one is on it's way to Uganda! In total we shipped out 87, 20 ton, containers and a few extra boxes giving us a final ship total of 1,746 tons. A little short of our goal of 2,020 tons, we did however surpass last years total of 1,702 tons! In a year as strange and uncertain as 2020, God has again shown his might! To have been able to send out as much as we did is all due to the power and glory of God. Praise the Lord!


Love Packages

Container #85 is headed to India. 16 left to reach our goal of #2020in2020


Love Packages

We sent out another container this morning! That makes 84 sent out this year in total! only 17 to reach our goal, #2020in2020


Go God!!!

Today we shipped a container for India. This is number 82 on the year which leaves us with 19 to go to reach our goal of #2020in2020


Praise God, He is still moving as He will until the very last minute of this earth.

Container #80 is on its way to Kenya! We are so thankful to everyone who is putting their hand to helping us in our mission; "Keeping people out of Hell!". It's a big mission, but God is bigger. 21 to our goal #2020in2020


Woot. Woot

Another container on it's way to Ghana! 79 containers shipped out so far this year. 22 To our goal #2020in2020


God just keeps going!!

Another container sent out today. Number 77 so far this year. 77 containers of literature. WOW! That leaves us with 24 to reach our goal of #2020in2020. This container is headed for Uganda. Thank you to Eric who spent a couple of days with us this week. He came all the way from central Illinois to volunteer. And for John and Randy who came from Chattanooga to help us. And of course thanks go out to the others who continually help us.


Love Packages

Container #76 was sent out to Ghana this morning! We are now over 3/4ths the way to our goal of 2020 tons of literature! We can still use help, we have lots to pack, and lots to send. We thank everyone for your continued support. #2020in2020


And another one!!!

Container #74 sent out today! We have 27 to go. #2020in2020! This one is on its way to southern India!


Go God - and Love Packages!!!

Good Morning! We sent out container #73 this morning. that brings us even closer to our goal of #2020in2020, only 28 left. On top of that our Butler location has surpassed its totals for 2019! Even with all that has happened this year, even when doubt or uncertainty arises, God remains true and faithful. I encourage you to read 2 Timothy 2 today. Be Blessed!


Love Packages

Container 72 was sent out Friday morning to Zimbabwe! We have just 29 to reach our goal #2020in2020


Love Packages

71 containers shipped this year! That leaves us with 30 left to reach our goal of #2020in2020

Pictured are Anthony and his son Dan. What a special time! Thanks to the others who helped as well who aren’t pictured.

This container is headed for Tanzania.


Praise the Father!!!

70 containers shipped since January 1st! That’s 2,800,000 pounds of gospel literature to the nations. We now have 31 containers to go to reach our goal of #2020in2020

This one is headed for India.


Love Packages

Hello friends! God is good! We sent out another container this morning to Malawi! 69 down, 32 to go! #2020in2020


Love Packages

Container number 65 went out yesterday to Guinea! That leaves us with 36 to go for #2020in2020. Thank you Summit Crossing in Athens, AL for your continued help over the years.


Woot woot

Container 62 was shipped out this morning to Nigeria. Ony 39 to go #2020in2020


Woo Hooo - Go God!!!

Container 56 sent out to Dominican Republic this morning. That leaves us with only 45 to go. #2020in2020

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The show has arrived!
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