Blank Space Branding, Oak Brook, IL Video January 14, 2020, 10:34pm

Videos by Blank Space Branding in Oak Brook. Blank Space is a marketing company that works with start up brands to fortune 500 companies. Every brand has a unique story to tell and journey to take. Check out our Instagram: Twitter: @blank_branding


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SPRING IS COMING! Phil the ground hog did not see his shadow! #warmerdays #yes #springflowers

We are VERY excited about some of the new things we have coming in the next couple of weeks/ months! Stay tuned in to see what is going on! 😎

All it takes is one positive thought!

Everyone has the key to their success already, it is just a matter of using it! #whatareyouwaitingfor #goafterit

Wanna know what the 😝 look like? Check out Sammy’s face in this video! 🤣

Eating pizza and enjoying time together as a team! #whatwedobest

Look what we’ve uncovered! A slideshow of our Christmas party! We know it’s almost February but we had so much fun we just couldn’t keep from sharing! #untilnextyear

You don’t always need a reason to celebrate! Just decide that you are! #happysaturday



We work hard for our clients everyday! We are so thankful for their partnerships, and the value they add to our business everyday!

Drum roll!!!!!!! Who will our Leader Highlight be?!? We can assure you it is someone who has definitely impressed us lately!

Our white elephant gift exchange last night at our Christmas party got a little out of hand!

If you’re looking for a change, ready to set some New Years Resolutions? We are excited to continue our growth into next year! We have an open position, check it out!

Our amazing decorators are at it again!! 😍😍

Almost to single digits!!!

12 Days left!! Are you ready??

Who knew, we had all the dance moves?! #chistmas #littleelves #dancethroughthenight

Rise and shine!!! HAPPY THURSDAY!!

Anyone else dreaming of a white Christmas?

Keep calm! Only 15 days until Christmas!!!

We are so thankful for everything we have learned this year, we can’t wait to see what the last couple of weeks have in store for us!

19 days until Christmas!!

This bird is ready for take off!! We’re ready to launch some new clients at the start of the year! If you’re looking to be apart of our growing company check out our open position!

Winter or fall? We’re ready for whatever Chicago gives us for the day! 😍😍

Another skill that we offer is mastering the stacker game in all arcade venues! 🤣 It leads to great prizes and snacks! #yourwelcome

We had some fun for a team night this weekend! It’s always going down when we all get together! #literally

If you’re looking for growth we’ve got you covered! We were having some pre-Halloween fun in the office this morning! We’ve got crash test dummies, T-Rexs, football players and even some normal humans running around the office today! What will you be for Halloween tomorrow?? We want to see your costumes!

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