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Don’t forget!
Thank you so much to Amber Lauwers and crew for the #IF2021 presentation this weekend! We were all you touched and awed by great messages and worship! We were all blessed! Thank you!!❤️
Make your appt to donate blood at www.redcrossblood.org
Do you have Children’s Ministry right now, or are children in the sanctuary?
To anyone tuning in now there's an unspoken prayer request for a friend.
Do we know if there will be a Back to School Party (or something similar) this year?
Our Missionary of the month of July are Dr. Bernie and Kelly Bledsoe. Their mission agency is Legacy Fellowship and are stationed in Niger, Africa. They have 2 children Isaac and Nathan.

They are evangelists in communities among the unreached Zarma of Nigeria, West Africa. CHE is a holistic approach to communities where spiritual and physical needs are addressed in an integrated way. The end result is people coming to know Jesus and His salvation and integrated into local cell groups and church.

Please pray for the Bledsoe family health, safety and continued success at being a beacon to lost souls.
Those of you that are still up please start praying for my friend, Mary. She is on her way to the hospital. I know God has the power to heal. What I don't know is how He determines the who/how/when/where of it.
Please 🙏pray🙏for Mary.
Can someone post a link to click on to watch the service please?
CHURCH IN CUBA (Communist Country)

The church and staff has an outreach to their community through music school and knitting. They also partner with missionaries throughout the country.

Prayer Requests:

The church and mission

Spiritual life for the missionaries who work with them.

Pastor Marin and his family’s encouragement, safety and financial support.

The economic situation in Cuba

God to continue to give them the words to reach the lost.
Fenel and Mimi Bruna, House of Abraham

HOA is committed to caring for children in Haiti that are socially and physically at risk. Fenel’s vision is to change the future of Haiti through the children. He believes they are Haitian for a reason. HOA now houses 15 children and they have 16 community children coming in for school every week. They reach over 300 kids through their community ministry.

How can I help:

Firstly, through prayer for Fenel and Mimi. You also have the option to financially support a child. Stop by the table in the lobby.

Prayer For:

The children individually
Safety, wisdom& discernment
God’s provisions for the ministry
Last minute FREE offer! 4 tickets to see NEWSBOYS in Effingham tonight at 7. My sister in law is giving them away. Post if you want them.- i just posted a picture/ad in the comments.

Home Church is a group of believers developing fully devoted followers of Jesus. We have Sunday morning services each week at 9am and 11am! We operate on a come-as-you-are mentality, accepting you at the place that you are at right now, just as Jesus would have done.

We welcome you to join us for any of our services and look forward to the chance to get to know you and your family.

Operating as usual


That "IT'S ALMOST SUNDAY" feeling!!

​We can't wait to see you this weekend! Who are you bringing? Tag them below!! ⬇️



The old life has gone ➡️ The new life has come! 🌊

​Baptism Sunday is May 2nd at 10:15! Baptism is a public profession of your surrendering to Jesus Christ. It's a CELEBRATION of the cleansing freedom that Christ brings to our lives. Because of him, we are no longer slaves to sin and can walk freely with the Father. Isn't that worth celebrating?!

​If you're interested in getting baptized, please sign up on the Home Church App no later than Sunday, April 25th. 🌊

​#HomeChurchCharleston #BaptismSunday


We love Sundays 🔥🖤

If you missed this week’s sermon, “The Domino Effect”, make sure to catch up on the Home Church App! 📲

We’ll see you next week for WEEK 2 of The Domino Effect!



We are FOR single moms!

​For the month of April, we are focusing on serving and loving single moms. We encourage you to show them your love & support by serving a single mom you know in some way. You can buy her gas, pick up her groceries, treat her with a spa day, or offer babysitting for an afternoon or evening. Get creative and be sure to let them know how loved and appreciated they are!

​#ForCharleston #homechurchcharleston


"'Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn't here! He is risen from the dead! Remember what he told you back in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be betrayed into the hands of sinful men and be crucified, and that he would rise again on the third day.'" -Luke 24:5-6 🌷👏

We had an amazing weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. Easter weekend is always special, but the celebration doesn't stop there! We encourage you to keep the "He is Risen" mentality ALL YEAR LONG- keep praising, keep posting, and keep celebrating! Jesus' sacrifice is worth sharing every minute of every day. It's truly the Good News!

​We'll see you back here at HC this Sunday for continued celebrations of the Father and His incredible sacrifice! 🤩



Saturday night.

Sunday is coming.


We are less than FOUR HOURS away from our first Easter service! We can't wait to see you! 🙏🙌

​*Reminder- the only Home Kids Programming available tonight is nursery. All Home Kids will be available tomorrow morning!



“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” -Isaiah 53:5

Our Good Friday Event will continue until 6 pm. We hope to see you here 🖤


Easter Weekend @ Home Church

Easter Weekend starts TOMORROW!! 🙌🙌

We’re so excited to celebrate Jesus’ victory over the grave with you. Info for this weekend can be found on the HC App or the video below. 📲

Make sure to share this post to get the word out! We’ll see you soon! 🕊


“You have no rival
You have no equal
Now and forever, God you reign
Yours is the kingdom
Yours is the glory
Yours is the Name above all Names”

“What a Beautiful Name” | @hillsongworship

The name of Jesus is one of power, beauty, redemption, and wonder. His name alone silences the enemy, breaks chains, and frees captives. There is truly NOTHING that can stand against him. In times of hardship, temptation, or fear, speaking the name of Jesus demands a heart posture of faith.

As we approach Easter weekend, we encourage you to lean on and surrender to the majesty of Jesus. He is worthy of all praise, adoration and surrender! 🕊


We had an awesome Sunday this week! Darrell brought it with his sermon "If You Don't Have Nothing Nice to Say..."

​Here's a sermon recap for you:
​🔊 "The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." -Proverbs 18:23
​🔊 Life and death is in the power of the tongue.
​🔊 Your words have the power to build people up and tear people down.
​🔊 Our brains learn by repetition- even a weak message repeated twice is twice as powerful.
​🔊 Out of the heart the mouth speaks (James 1:19)
​🔊 Pride can turn an angel into a devil!

​You can find this week's sermon on the Home Church App. We can't wait to see you This weekend for EASTER CELEBRATIONS! 🕊️🙌


Gooooood morning, HC! We'll see you SOON in person or online!!



Next Saturday, you’ll get EGGED! 🥚🍳⁣

We want to offer an egg-ceptional surprise for your kids next Saturday, April 3rd! Our Home Kids volunteers want to come hide Easter eggs in your front yard for your kids to hunt! We will start hiding at 8:00am Saturday morning and we will send you a text before we arrive. 🐣

Sign your family up on the Home Church App or at the Home Kids Check-in counter on Sunday! Sign ups will end Friday, April 2nd at 12pm.⁣

📢 Volunteers and candy donations needed! For more info, head to the Home Kids Check In Counter this Sunday!

*We are only able to deliver to Charleston addresses. 🏡⁣

**All efforts are being made for sanitary precautions in preparation for this fun event.



This weekend: 🎉🎉⁣

▪️”Raise a Hallelujah” | @bethelmusic ⁣
▪️”Run to the Father” | @codycarnes ⁣
▪️ “What a Beautiful Name” | @hillsongworship ⁣

(Pssst... you can find our full worship playlist on the Home Church App!) 📲⁣



"There's a hallelujah after sweet victory⁣
​and there's no sound louder than a captive set free." - "Let the Redeemed" by @joshbaldwin
The heart of Let the Redeemed stems from Psalm 107, and the power of our testimony. There is so much beauty and power in our stories- what we've walked through, who we've met, and overall, how the Lord has redeemed us. He remains good in all things- even amidst the toughest situations, whether it be addiction, disease, or even death. How can we not share that goodness? Let the Redeemed is a solid reminder of who our Redeemer is, what He's done, and why we should NEVER STOP rejoicing in His goodness! We hope that this song encourages you to share your story and how God has redeemed you- there's no sound louder than a captive set free! 🙌🙌🙌⁣



See you real soon, Home Church! We can't wait to worship with ya!




​▪️ Let the Redeemed- Josh Baldwin
​▪️ Living Hope- Phil Wickham
​▪️ Tremble- Mosaic MSC

​We can't wait to see you!


2021 🆚 2020 #ThrowbackThursday

​Swipe to see where we are now vs. one year ago!

It's crazy to look back and see how far the Lord has brought us in the past year. Even amidst an insane year, He has been so faithful!

​We are so thankful for every staff member + volunteer who has been with us every step of the way. We could not have done it without y'all! 🙏🙏🙏



If you're looking for a great way to serve this Easter, then this post is for you! One of our favorite Easter traditions at Home Church is building Easter baskets for the students at TLC in Kansas, IL!

​These baskets help make Easter a little more special for these students. You can fill the baskets with Easter candy, hygiene products, etc. For more info, you can visit Mindy McKibben at the TLC table in the lobby on Sunday morning! 🕊️🕊️🕊️

​‼️ Baskets are due no later than Sunday March 28th.



“You are the light of the world- like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.” -Matthew 5:14-15 NLT⁣

Culture can keep your faith from blowing up and cause you to burn out. Here’s how to leave your light on:⁣

💡1. Live different (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12) ⁣
💡2. Fan your flame (2 Timothy 1:6)⁣
💡3. Keep a personal praise in your heart (1 Thessalonians 5:18) ⁣
💡4. Get back to what makes you burn (Nehemiah 6:2-3)⁣
💡5. Your deeds make the difference (Matthew 5:16) ⁣

If you missed this message, check it out on the Home Church App! 📲


Rise and shine, HC! We can't wait to see you this morning at 9 or 11 (or both, cuz why not?)

​Who are you bringing to church? Tag them below! ⬇️⬇️⬇️




We are so excited to celebrate our Savior with you over the course of Easter weekend. Here’s everything you need to know: ⁣

Good Friday Experience: Friday, April 2nd from 6 am - 6 pm. During this 12 hour event, you can take a walk in the footsteps of Jesus during His final days, from the Last Supper to the Empty Tomb. We will be holding live worship music at 12 pm. This is a great experience for an individual, your family, or your CREW. Come anytime you can and stay as long as you want between 6 and 6! ⁣

Celebration Services: We will be holding Easter services on Saturday, April 3rd @ 7pm, and Sunday, April 4th at 9 & 11 am. ⁣

Saturday @ 7 (4/3): Nursery ONLY⁣
Sunday @ 9 & 11: Childcare available for all Home Kids (Nursery-5th Grade) ⁣

We can’t wait to see you! ⁣


Don't forget about our #ForCharleston initiative this month- we're calling it "Memorable March"! This month, we want you to go out of your way to do something memorable for someone. If you're having trouble thinking of anything, here are some ideas:

​▪️Buy someone's groceries
​▪️Pay a bill for someone
​▪️Do yard work for a neighbor
​▪️Write someone a nice letter or send a postcard

​This is a fun way to show our community that we love them. Get creative and have fun with it!
​#ForCharleston #homechurchcharleston


Timeline Photos


Aaaand that's a wrap on Relationships by the Book! We hope you enjoyed and learned from this series as much as we did. 🙌

​If you missed any of the messages from this series, you can find ALL of them on the Home Church App! 📱



We'll see you SOON, HC! (9 and 11 to be exact 😉)



That feeling when you get to church 🤩🤩🤩

​See you tomorrow! #homechurchcharleston


Have you checked out our merch wall? We've got tons of styles to pick from!

Church merch is an AWESOME way to start a conversation about your faith and even invite someone to church! The Shop is open on Sundays from 10-10:30 am and 12-12:30 pm 👕👀


"Jesus Your name is power
​breath and living water
​such a marvelous mystery."

​🎼 Revelation Song // Jennie Lee Riddle


Week 3 of Relationships by the Book ✅

​Quick recap on this week's sermon:​
​Love the people you don't like!

​1. Pray for people who persecute you (Romans 12:14)
​2. Do what's right rather than retaliate (Romans 12:17, Proverbs 19:11)
​3. Do everything possible to live at peace with the person (Romans 12:18, Matthew 5:39)
​4. Refuse revenge and leave room for God's wrath (Romans 12:9)
​5. Kill em with kindness (Romans 12:20)
​6. Keep your cool (Romans 12:21)

​ICYMI- you can catch this week's sermon on the Home Church App & YouTube! 👍📱


Good morning church!! Rise and shine! We are ready to worship today!

​Whit is bringing week three of "Relationships by the Book" this morning with a message on loving yourself! Grab your coffee, invite a friend, and get here!

​We can't wait to see you at 9 or 11!


With our #ForCharleston event, Unforgettable, just around the corner, we thought it was fitting to highlight some of the people who have been instrumental in helping us coordinate it.

​Meet Matt Holt! Matt is a group leader at CCAR Industries here in Charleston! He has always stayed close to Charleston because of family and slow pace of life that our town offers. He loves the smaller community of Charleston and how when you meet someone here, it has a lasting impression. "You get to know people on a personal level."

​Matt started out as a substitute at CCAR in 2019 and immediately fell in love with the community. He then got promoted to Job Coach and is now a Full-Time Group Leader! We are thankful for his impact serving this population of our town! Thank you, Matt, for being #ForCharleston! Let's show Matt some love in the comments below!


With our #ForCharleston event, Unforgettable, just around the corner, we thought it was fitting to highlight some of the CCAR employees who have been instrumental in helping us coordinate it!

​This is Chastity Parker! Chastity is the Director of Development for CCAR here in Charleston and we love her heart for this community! She has been working for CCAR for 21 years and has loved every minute of it.

​We asked Chastity what she loves about Charleston and her answer was simple - "I love that small town feeling. The feeling of Home." She went on about how she has enjoyed seeing Charleston develop over the years and how the community is always appreciative for what we have.

​Chastity has a huge heart for the CCAR community here in Charleston and that is evident through her 21 years of service for them. She is #ForCharleston and she deserves some love in the comments below!! Thank you, Chastity!


If you don't know him already, meet Don Schaefer! Don has recently hit the milestone of donating 50 GALLONS of blood!! You read that right, 50 GALLONS!

​Don began giving blood in 1955 in Germany during the Cold War. He would donate his blood for emergency operations in case it was needed during surgery. Since then, he has recognized the world-wide need for blood and seen it as his way to better mankind.

​At 85 years old, Don continues to give around a gallon of blood a year and this weekend will surpass giving a total of 400 units.

We love Don's heart for humanity and his love for our community. He is no doubt #ForCharleston! Let's show Don some love in the comments below!!

**​If you want to give blood and further what Don is doing, there is a blood drive here at Home Church this Sunday from 2p-6p.


Going from two to one takes work! Marriage is a submission completion and every day you need to die to yourself and choose what matters most. ⁣

This weekend was💥⚡️Check out this past Sundays message on Marriage if you haven’t already! You’ll be happy you did!

Videos (show all)

Easter Weekend @ Home Church
"Let Me See Your Feet"
The Shelter In Place / Psalm 91
When Fear Threatens Your Faith




2350 Madison Ave
Charleston, IL
Other Religious Centers in Charleston (show all)
Praise Assembly Praise Assembly
1300 Osage Rd
Charleston, 61920

Family-Friendly, God-Centered, Community-Minded

Newman Catholic Center Newman Catholic Center
500 Roosevelt Ave
Charleston, 61920

Welcome to the Newman Catholic Community at Eastern Illinois University. PRAY, LEARN, & SERVE with us! Visit us www.eiunewman.org

Immanuel Lutheran Youth - Charleston IL Immanuel Lutheran Youth - Charleston IL
902 Cleveland Ave
Charleston, 61920

St Charles Borromeo Church St Charles Borromeo Church
921 Madison Ave
Charleston, 61920

St. Charles Borromeo Roman Catholic Church Office Hours: 8:00-4:00 921 Madison Ave. Charleston, IL 61920 Phone: (217) 345-3332 Fax: (217)348-8449 Moriarty Hall: (217) 345-3066 Luisa DiPietro Memorial Library in Moriarty Hall open by appointment.

Life In Christ Fellowship Life In Christ Fellowship
7700 N County Road 1200E
Charleston, 61920

Mt Tabor Church and Cemetery Mt Tabor Church and Cemetery
South Lincoln Highway Road
Charleston, 61920

The Mount Tabor Methodist Episcopal church was organized in 1858 by Rev. John Adams.

ACTS Campus Ministry at EIU ACTS Campus Ministry at EIU
1920 9th Street
Charleston, 61920

RSO and Campus Ministry at Eastern Illinois University

New Hope Worship Center New Hope Worship Center
2175 Harrison Ave
Charleston, 61920

New Hope Worship Center is a Free Methodist Church established in April 2016. A Fresh Hope. A Fresh Touch.

Charleston First Church of God Charleston First Church of God
1225 Montgomery Dr
Charleston, 61920

Sunday morning Worship is at 10:30 Monthly life groups Wednesday evening education classes (all ages. Children, Youth group and adults) is at 6:30

Old State Road Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Old State Road Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
13982 Old State Rd
Charleston, 61920

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) congregation

Charleston R/C Stone Flyers Charleston R/C Stone Flyers
Lake Charleston
Charleston, 61920

Club-R/C Airplanes

First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, IL First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, IL
311 7th St, PO Box 256
Charleston, 61920

a Christian community welcoming all in Christ's name; serve others & seek justice;nurture transforming relationships in God's name. Worship on Facebook Live at 10:30am Sundays! Call the office for other online opportunities.