Wives Redeemed Hearts

A caring, safe community for women of all ages who may have experienced sexual betrayal from a loved one and/or struggle with your own sexual brokenness.

Mission: To offer group recovery and supportive counsel to help you discover God’s greater plan for your life. Our purpose is to provide love, hope, resources and empathy. Discover how to live in freedom from the bondage of sexual brokenness and display the great works of God in our lives. The women in our groups have taken courageous steps in receiving healing for themselves and supporting one another through this journey. When your world is turned upside down and all hope seems lost, this is the place where restoration and strength can be found.

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Is Facing Our Trauma Biblical?

puredesire.org At Pure Desire, one of the primary tenets of the healing approach is the necessity of understanding and healing from our past trauma. Along with family of origin issues and an individual’s arousal template, these three core concepts have become crucial to the recovery journey from sex, love, and p...

Pure Desire Ministries International

Coming soon to Trinity Church!

Have you ever wondered why relationships are so hard? Why you’ve never had the relationship you’ve always dreamed about?

Whether we know it or not, our negative sexual experiences and mistakes are holding us hostage and keeping us stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns.


Pure Desire’s newest Women’s Resource.

Through personal stories, strategic tools, weekly self-care lessons, and so much more––Unraveled will become your guide to managing love, sex, and relationships!

Pre-order now and start to see how God wants to transform your relationships and redeem your story.


Episode 090 - I Caught My Spouse, Now What?

Grateful that I get the opportunity to share my testimony and to help others on their journey of healing and restoration.

puredesire.org What do we do if we catch our spouse in a porn/sex addiction? What's the first thing we should do? What are some major pitfalls in how to respond? These are just some of the questions we address in today's episode. RESOURCES Episode 047 - Ernie & Jackie's Story Betrayal & Beyond Group Resour...

Henry Cloud

Wives Redeemed Hearts

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Pure Desire Ministries International

Help is available for hope!

Pure Desire is Your Safe Place to Find Hope and Healing from the Effects of Sexual Addiction.

Pure Desire Ministries International

There is hope!

#PDPodcast Ep. 47 – We hear Ernie and Jackie's story of healing and redemption of their marriage. They talk through their marital tension caused by Ernie's sexual addiction and how they began their healing journey. They also share with us how their relationships with each other and their community changed through the process of healing.

Pure Desire Ministries International

Very important topic.

"As the mother of four kids, I recognize the fear and hesitation that exists when talking to your kids about sex. But here’s the truth: one way or another, your kids WILL learn about sex."

Covenant Eyes

There is a large pink elephant (sin) in the church that wives want pastors and leadership to talk about–pornography. It’s the pachyderm that gets tiptoed around and most often completely ignored. But men, women, marriages, and families are dying in the silence.https://cvnteyes.co/2qBRVpu

Lisa Bevere

Listen and be encouraged!

I no longer needed espresso after hearing this... #AdamantBook #IAmAdamant

Henry Cloud

Why do we go back to the wrong partners, toxic friendships or bad bosses? There’s nothing wrong with reconciling a relationship, but when we’re repeating patterns that bring us grief and leave us exhausted, there may be a bigger issue to address. Let’s go further into that.


Walmart Does Clean Up

"I care, and I believe you should care, because this represents a shift in our thinking as a society."

puredesire.org Last week, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) reported that mega-giant retailer Walmart would be making a change to their check-out aisles. This minor change went virtually unnoticed by nearly every news outlet in the world; yet culturally, this move was deeply significant. What was....


Sexual Addiction May be Preventing Real Church Revival

"In the church’s present condition of sexual bondage, there is no way real revival could ever take place."

addictionhope.com The Church can't have real revival with sex addiction holding so many in bondage. Up to 72% of men, 35% of women, and 58% of pastors held in sexual bondage.


Christian Relationship Devotional: Gaslighting | Change My Relationship

A must read article! Please add comments or tips of your own experiences.

changemyrelationship.com This Christian relationship devotional explains what gaslighting is and how to respond to it.

Please listen!

We talk about Love Addiction. We talk through how it differs from sex addiction and also discuss causes and factors that cater to a love addiction. We also talk about if it is just a women's issue, or if men can struggle with it as well. #PDPodcast


10 Ways You Can Help Your Husband Leave Porn Behind

covenanteyes.com Boundaries must have consequences and consequences must be followed through with. So, do not set boundaries you are not prepared to enforce.


Including Wives in Accountability Relationships - Covenant Eyes

covenanteyes.com Who protects the wife when a man protects his secrets? by Dr. Doug Weiss After his wife had caught him for the third time, Steve came into Heart to Heart C

Pure Desire Ministries International

The road to recovery is not a straight line. It’s not a super highway where we can cover miles of ground in a short time. The road to recovery is a winding, twisting track towards freedom. Don’t give up, keep moving forward!

Pure Desire Ministries International

We must face the past in order to re-define our future #GetConnected


What’s Your Question About Being in Recovery?

menofredemption.wordpress.com MY QUESTION ABOUT BEING IN RECOVERY . . . . When do I know that I’ve been healed and delivered of my sexual addiction? This is a seldom asked question because most guys are more concerned ab…

Henry Cloud

People who apologize quickly may act like they are sorry or as if they are interested in change, but they are really leading someone on. They may say all the words, and some are taken in by their tears and "sorrow." But in reality, they are more sorry about getting caught. They do not change, and the future will be exactly like the past.

The prognosis for change is always better when it is not motivated by a "getting caught" episode, but by real confession and coming to the light about what is wrong. Sometimes, when someone is "caught," he will repent and change, but that repentance can only be tested over time.

The general principle is to look for whether the "repentance" is motivated from outside pressure or from true internal desire to change. Getting caught or adapting to someone's anger is not a long lasting motivator. Eventually, the motivations must be a hunger and thirst for love for the injured.

Follow link to get registered for FREE! Conference is December 10-19, register now!


Dr. Ted Roberts and Nick Stumbo speaking at the #BreakingFreeSummit - such a blessing to be able to be a part of this conference! Follow link to get registered for FREE! Conference is December 10-19, register now!


Pure Desire Ministries International

We talk about what it looks like when a betrayed spouse sees the need for healing but their addicted spouse isn't willing to work for freedom. We give encouragement and steps for the betrayed spouse on how to begin healing and some things they should avoid when trying to initiate change in their marriage, family, and home. We also talk through available resources for betrayed spouses.


Pure Desire Ministries International

"Owning our story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky, but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love, belonging, and joy -- the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light." Brené Brown

Starts the last Sunday in October.


This Is The Reason Strong Girls Still Feel A Sense Of Brokenness

She doesn’t understand the value of having to drag other people into her own misery.

relrules.com She is a poster girl for what it means to be strong.She is as tough as nails. She has the strength a…

Pure Desire Ministries International

Sharing your life and your mess with others is what allows you to be truly known and truly accepted. Withholding who you are from others is never beneficial, but it is detrimental. Find your tribe, be known, and grow together.

Karla Downing

Which will you be? Or which have you become?

You own your power in a relationship by stating your truth, feeling your emotions, setting boundaries, validating your perceptions, feelings, and beliefs, and by exercising your right to be yourself. You give up your power by denying your truth, stuffing your emotions, refusing to set boundaries, invalidating your perceptions, feelings, and beliefs, and by being afraid to be yourself. You can choose to own your power or to give it up. Which will it be?

Conquer Series

The wife of a husband struggling with porn usually experiences the pain of his addiction long before he ever will.

Karla Downing

You own your power in a relationship by stating your truth, feeling your emotions, setting boundaries, validating your perceptions, feelings, and beliefs, and by exercising your right to be yourself. You give up your power by denying your truth, stuffing your emotions, refusing to set boundaries, invalidating your perceptions, feelings, and beliefs, and by being afraid to be yourself. You can choose to own your power or to give it up. Which will it be?

Reconciled Relationships

Essential for betrayal trauma to be heard in order for it to be healed! Find a safe place for your story to be shared.

[10/24/17]   Your thoughts are powerful, but they are not all-powerful. We usually place too little emphasis on our thoughts. Taking control of your thoughts will, over time, change your feelings and even your circumstances.

[10/20/17]   For God has said, "I will never fail you. I will never abandon you." So we can say with confidence. "The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?"
Hebrews 13:5b-6 NLT

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