Kingdom Faith Empowerment Center, Cedar Hill, TX Video May 29, 2021, 12:32am

Videos by Kingdom Faith Empowerment Center in Cedar Hill. Kingdom Faith Empowerment Center is a bible based church designed to educate, uplift, and build the kingdom of God.

Today's Discussion: "Service"

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Today's Teaching: "Watch over me O'Lord" 1 Kings 8:28-30, 52-53

Today's Discussion: "It is in His characteristics to do that!" Isaiah 55:6-9

Tonight's Teaching: "Worship is Necessary for Increase" 1 Kings 8:23-30, 52-53

Today's Discussion: "Position vs. Title- Which is more important for growth?"

Message title: “It’s been in you the whole time” Luke 17:11-21

Today's Discussion: "Service"

Spiritual Leadership Training 2021 (continued)

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Kingdom Faith Bible Institute

Tuesday Night Bible Institute

The Origin of Man: Operating in the Image of God

The Timing of God

Series Topic: “What type of church member are you?”

Kingdom Faith Bible Institute LIVEDr. Hollie MayesSeries title: “What type of church member are you?”Cash app:$kfec2020

Kingdom Faith Bible Institute- Topic: “What type of Church member are you?“

Kingdom Faith Bible Institute

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Kingdom Faith Bible Institute Series topic: “What type of church member are you?”Today’s topic: The Unifying Church memb...

Kingdom Faith Bible Institute

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TNT Bible Study- “A Long Anticipated Celebration” 1 Kings 8:1-13

TNT SERVICE LIVE with Dr Hollie Mayes

Welcome to TNT Service- 9 Basic Doctrines of Salvation

TNT Service- 9 Doctrines of Salvation- Tonight’s Teaching: Sanctification

TNT Service: Tonight’s topic: “9 Doctrines of Salvation”