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[04/02/20]   An Issue of Obedience
Recently, the News reported that a Pastor out of Tampa Bay, Florida was arrested for holding Church services, irrespective of the government regulations to stop Churches from congregating in large numbers. The Charges were Unlawful assembly and Violation of Public Health emergency rules.
In line with my recent messages on the present state of affairs, it amazes me to see that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ doesn’t seem to understand who we are or how we ought to conduct ourselves. You see, I’ve heard many Christians say of the times, “It’s time to use Wisdom”. I agree that Wisdom is a principal thing but quite honestly, the issue at hand is not only one of Wisdom but more so, one of Obedience.
According to Romans 13:1 - 2, Christ’s Church is required to Obey Government regulations.
Verse 1 says “Let EVERY Soul be Subject to the Governing Authority.
Verse 2 says “Whoever resists Government resists the Ordinance of God.
It doesn’t get any clearer y’all.
Our honor of God is expressed through Our Obedience to His Word.
James 1:20 tells us that Our zeal does not bring God’s righteous plan (for his Church) to pass. As we Obey the Government as instructed in the Word of God, we honor our God.
Don’t allow your zeal to undermine your Obedience towards God.

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Pst. Paul S. Berry

[03/29/20]   Good morning facebook family. This is just to inform you that as a result of the situation in the country, regarding the Coronavirus, and in adherence to government regulations, we will not be holding our regular Church Services, until the suspension is lifted. We believe that these regulations are in the best interest of everyone and are not unreasonable and unnecessary restrictions. However, we will hold shorter versions of our services of Facebook live every Sunday at 10:30 AM. We're also building a youtube channel to have the messages posted on youtube for all those who may need to follow up later than the broadcast time.
We hope you can join us.
God bless you and do stay safe.

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[03/16/20]   247 Secret Place

Hi there facebook friends, Amidst all the news of insecurity that’s instilling fear in everybody today, I thought to share this very important information with you.
I discovered a huge Property of unlimited acreage with several beautiful homes built on it; located at 247 Secret Place.
The Property was built by God Almighty. He placed an ad in Psalm 91 some time ago and it’s still opened to anyone who needs a secure place to reside in the face of pending danger.
I had the opportunity to move in and experience the beauty and benefits of the property for myself and found it to be all that it was advertised to be.
Let me share my experience of living at this address with you.

At 247 Secret Place, I experienced:
A sense of Safety (Refuge), it’s like living in a Fortress where there are no worries.
Even Hunters (Fowlers) are not allowed in the area. So, there is no noise around here.
We’re covered under the Property Owner’s Insurance Policy, and it covers day and night.
Sometimes I hear the calamity on the other side of the property but it never comes over.
247 Secret Place is shielded from all kinds of Sickness and Viruses, like the CoronaVirus. Isn’t that a blessing?
Massive Guards (Angels) Protect us all year round; No wonder it’s called 24-7
And whenever I call Management for any kind of assistance, they show up immediately.
Amazingly, the Property Owner is such a Loving and Generous person, he gives everyone access to his Personal Resources and Supplies.
Everyone here is considered an Honorable resident, how generous.
I’m told that living here at 247 Secret Place, actually Prolongs one’s life. Isn’t that amazing? I guess it’s because of the Safety, Lack of Stress and all the Many Benefits available. I really appreciate living here, in the “will of God”.
You should research the property for yourself, The ad is in Psalms 91 and the address is:
247 Secret Place
Shadow of the Almighty 12365-0366.

Just Google Psalm 91 and you’ll find the entire Property detail. Let me know if this is something you would like to take advantage of. And if you don’t know the Property Owner personally, just let me know. I’ll put in a good word for you, He's my friend.
God bless you richly and I Look forward to seeing you own a home here at 247 Secret Place, I know you’ll love it.

At Destiny Heights we believe that the time has come for us to make the most important Discovery of our existence. 2020 is our year of “Discovery for Recovery”. It’s a time for us to discover brand New ideas and strategies from the Lord that will put us in the position to Recover losses and everything that the enemy has stolen from us.
As a Church family we’ve come a long way, we’ve had to face many challenges of life and Ministry but by the grace of God, we’re still standing and continue to serve the Lord and be a blessing to his people in love, comfort, and insight. We’re excited about where we are now and what greatness lies just ahead of us. We envision 2020 to be a year of great opportunities. We’re so grateful that the Lord has given us the occasion to Discover more of him so that we can Recover from years of setbacks.
2020 will certainly be an awesome year and we stand ready to receive all that the Lord has in store for us. We invite you to join us as we set out to fulfill a Powerful and Productive year in the Lord. We welcome you to 2020, Our year of “Discovery for Recovery”.

Year Theme Verses:
● Proverbs 25:2- It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honor of Kings is to search (Discover) out a matter
● 2 Timothy 2:26A - ...And that they may Recover themselves out of the snare of the devil.

[12/16/19]   Divine Order
Our God is a God of Order and has designed his creation and all of life’s undertakings in an Orderly pattern, Life as a whole follows a Divine Order. Notice how seasons change so orderly, years come in and bow out in an orderly manner; young ones are born, grow old, have kids of their own and those kids follow the same order. Everything in life follows a Divine Instruction.
In the book of Exodus 20, after God delivered his people from the bondage of Egypt, the first thing he did was to give them an Orderly pattern to live by. He gave them the 10 Commandments.
This was his Divine Order for life and godliness.
There are only 3 things happening in the 10 Commandments and I want to share them with you.
First, it is the Honor for God, then Honor for Parents and finally Honor for others. This is the basic pattern for life and Godliness. If we can only follow the Order we will certainly be blessed.
Honor for God - Do all you can to honor the Lord in all of your undertakings, credit him for the successes you’ve had because had it not been for him, you never would have made it. Think about it, If you were asked to do a write-up on how you got here and now, there would be several lapses in your journal due to the fact that some of the challenges and difficulties you overcame in life cannot be explained, your escape was miraculous, you may not have known it but it was the Lord that helped you in all of those difficult circumstances... Honor him.
Honor For Parents - it is interesting to note that the concept of “Parenting” goes beyond the ability and efforts of Biological Parents. Did you know that some of the people you met along the way in life who provided you with some simple advice, a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear were actual parenting you? Somewhere and at some point in your life’s journey you encountered those parents, they deserve to be remembered and honored. Remember your biological parents but don’t forget those “along the way” parents. Do all you can to honor them, there is a special blessing for honoring such people.
Honor for others - The world we live in has been Divinely Instructed by the Lord to repay evil and Reward good. When we treat people with respect and show them any level of kindness we get it back… even when it doesn’t come back to us from those we showed kindness to. Remember, the world has been Commanded to bless you. The people you meet daily are living, walking opportunities to bring you a blessing.
The easiest way to be blessed in this life is to submit to God’s Divine Order.

[12/01/19]   Repentance
According to Hebrews 6:1, Repentance is announced to be the first of all Kingdom Doctrines or Principles. When a person decides to become a Christian, the first thing he has to understand and engage is Repentance. All the blessings, rights and privileges we hope to enjoy as sons and daughters of God begin with Repentance.
In Matthew 3:7-8, John the Baptist told the crowd, including the religious leaders that came to be baptized, that it wasn’t just about getting baptized but that there had to be evidence of Repentance.

I’ve often heard Christian folks say ”I’m a work in progress” in many instances they’re saying “I still sin intentionally y’all, it’s what I do. I have no intention of changing this lifestyle, God’s cool with it and we’re “rolling like that”. Then they add this little piece, “Don’t Judge me”. Hahaha…
But actually, from a Christian’s perspective the phrase “Work in progress” should mean “Although I’ve Repented of my old ways, there’s still more to be accomplished in me so, I continually yield to the Lord, trusting Him to make me, yet a better person”. Can you see the difference?
2 Cor. 5:17 says, “If ANYONE is in Christ, he’s a NEW Person, separated from his Old ways. That’s just like the old song we sang... “the things I used to do, I'm gonna do no more”?

Christ’s Church would be a Powerful Church if all of us took our “1st amendment” (this 1st Principle) seriously. If Pastors would not just preach beautiful messages on Sundays but actually live repented lives, God’s people would have powerful examples to follow. If Singers and Musicians would truly repent of their old ways, the impact of their Musicality would surpass emotional outbursts and actually change hearts. I imagine how Powerful Deacons and Elders would minister to God’s people if the people could trust that the things they used to do, they did them no more. What a powerful Witness of the Cross the Church would have.
You see, I believe it’s not too late y’all, Christ is still willing to do the work in our lives that will bring about the kind of change we need. All we need to do is to Yield to him willingly. Whatever the role is that you play in your Church; whether a Pastor, Teacher, Music Minister, Elder, Deacon or member, the responsibility of reaching a Lost World in these challenging times is a Serious task and it will require a Serious Church. If we’ll get the job done, it cannot just be lip service y'all, We’ll have to “Walk the walk and Talk the talk” We’ll have to begin with Repentance.

[11/11/19]   “The Right Heart Attitude towards God”
I’ve come to realize that many times in life we make great efforts to have the right heart attitude towards our fellow man and to be at peace with them but we sometimes forget to examine our attitude towards the Lord. It is important to have the right heart attitude towards God. This will impact our walk with him and foster the kind of relationship we ought to have with him. Faith is the Biblical requirement to please God, but genuine Faith is when we can trust God, just because he is God and not because we want something from him. Our relationship with the Lord cannot be based on “stuff” you know… it has to be based on a more tangible source, it has to be based on genuine love and trust. God wants us to love and believe him for who he is and not what he can provide.
I don’t mean to sound crude here y’all, but think about this for a moment: if the Lord blesses you today, he is God and If he doesn’t, he’s still God; right?... If he heals you, he is God and if he doesn’t, he’s still God. If he provides for you, he is “Jehovah Jireh” and if he doesn’t He’ll still be Jehovah Jireh. You see, His actions don’t make him God, it’s because He’s God that he shows all his great acts of kindness.
I believe that if we will begin to love and trust him for who he is, serve him because he’s the Lord, we wouldn’t even need to ask him for all the stuff we worry about. (Matt. 6:31 - 33 ) He will provide them just because he’s so well pleased with us. I encourage you to check your hearts today friends and see if there is an adjustment that needs to be made. I promise you that the little adjustment you make will prove to be a world of difference, your relationship with the Lord will become more pleasurable and profitable…
You will never be the same again.

[10/23/19]   Hi there Facebook friends, Tanya and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who came out to celebrate with us during our Church's official Launching program. It was a blessing to have you fellowship with us and to witness first hand, what the Lord is doing in our midst. We appreciate you greatly.
To those who couldn't attend the program but sent us well wishes, we also appreciate you. Thanks for your kind words and thoughtfulness toward us.
To the hard-working and committed members of Destiny Heights Church, we say, we're so, so proud of you. We're blessed to be your Pastors and pray that the Lord will continue to knit our hearts together and strengthen us so that together we're able to fulfill the vision he has given us. Remember, the journey may be long and challenging but our God is Powerful and can handle all the challenges of our journey. Keep the focus, and know with all certainty that with Jesus, our success is sure.
We love you and pray God's best for you.

DHMI Launching Service 2019

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[09/23/19]   Psalms 23:5 - 6 says “God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies”. In essence, this scripture is saying, “God Provides the Blessings we Need, in the face of the Evil we Fear”. Can you see that?
God wants you to know that his power and ability is not diminished by your circumstances, that He can bless you irrespective of what the enemy seems to be doing in your life.
Listen People: Evil doesn’t threaten God, therefore, Evil shouldn’t Frighten you.
It was “in the fire” that he showed up for the 3 Hebrew boys. In Mark 4:38 - 40, He showed up “in the storm” when the disciples thought it was all over for them. In Acts 12:6-7, Peter was chained and placed between two soldiers but God showed up between the two soldiers and loosed Peter’s chains. The wiles of the enemy may trouble us but not God.
Whenever you’re challenged or find yourself in a troubling situation, remember, it’s in the Presence of your enemies that God provides the blessings.

Do you have questions? Join us as Pastor Berry spends some time going deep into the bible from beginning to end.

[09/10/19]   “God did not Choose you because He had confidence in your ability...
He Chose you because He believed you would have confidence in His ability". Don't let Him down!- Pastor Paul S. Berry

[09/03/19]   Prayer is the Principle for access to God, Diligence is the Principle for Wealth - Prov. 10:4, Giving is the Principle for receiving and Training is the Principle for Development - Prov. 22:6.
Each Principle yields it's own results. You cannot use Prayer as a blanket Principle, neglect the other principles and expect to be blessed.
The blessing you seek is locked up in a principle. Apply it and you'll see the results.-Pastor Paul S. Berry

Destiny Heights Church BACK 2 SCHOOL GIVEAWAY. Last week we celebrated our Destiny Kids of excellence, oh what a joy it was to see the smiles on their faces. We declare and decree the favor of God and protection over our kids during this new academic year. Pastor Paul and Lady Tanya Berry

At Destiny Heights Church, Prayer is one of our core values in connecting with our Heavenly father. We invite you to Join us every 3rd Friday of the month, as we come together to spend time in God’s presence, interceding for one another and believing that the Lord will help us in every area of our lives.

WHEN: Friday, August 16, 2019
TIME: 7:00pm
PLACE: Destiny Heights Church
2765 Trinity Mills RD
Suite 305
Carrollton, TX 75006

Message: Protecting Your Hedge- 06/30/2019

06/30/2019- Message: Protecting Your Hedge

[08/11/19]   06/30/2019- Message: Protecting Your Hedge

[07/26/19]   See you at 7pm for a time of prayers.

Destiny Heights Church!

Join us @ 10:30am for our Sunday worship service.
Come and let us worship together. We look forward to seeing you!

Destiny Heights Church
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[07/21/19]   Join us @ 10:30am for our worship service.
Come and let us worship together. We look forward to seeing you.

About Us

Destiny Heights Ministries International (DHMI) is a Non-Denominational; Bible based, Church Planting Ministry that was founded in 2015 by Pastor Paul and Tanya Berry. The Ministry’s headquarter is located in Dallas, Texas; where there is a growing presence of people who desire to discover and fulfill their God given Destiny.

Our mandate is to share Christ with a dying world, Endeavor to Love them as Christ would and help them Discover Destiny.

DHMI also intends to build “Kingdom Communities” that cater to the Educational, Social and Spiritual needs of the people; enabling them to become productive members of society, able to make a positive impact on the lives of people and communities where ever they are.

We would love for you to join us as we journey towards the awesome goal of Discovering Destiny.

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Message: Protecting Your Hedge- 06/30/2019
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