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Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm Dinner/Discussion/Seminar. Separated or divorced adults attend this group. Bent Tree is a non-denominational Christ-centered church convenient to N. Dallas, Plano, Frisco and the surrounding community in North Central Texas.

You will discover there are people who understand your hurts, emotions and painful experiences! In divorce, it’s common to feel isolated. In DivorceCare, you’ll find that you are not alone, that there are others who understand what you are going through. Don’t try to go through separation or divorce alone. Link up with a DivorceCare support group. This is NOT a SOCIAL MIXER: It’s a place where you’ll find caring people who understand the issues you face. If our group is not meeting at a convenient time or location for you we can locate a similar group near you in almost any U.S. Zip Code and even in some countries outside the USA.

Mission: Bent Tree exists to be used by God as He transforms people into disciples of Jesus Christ, here and around the world. Our heart’s desire is to allow God to use us in His work of transformation. Let us show you a loving Christian response to your situation.

Bent Tree Bible

Here's a special moment from the next Last Wednesday Worship episode that will air fully on May 27, 2020 at 12 p.m.

This was a sacred moment, where we were no longer mindful of cameras, or anything else and overwhelmed by God's goodness, his faithfulness, and his love. It's so special to us, we couldn't wait to share it with you early.

Take some time today to get alone, go full screen, and worship with us. We believe we could all use this in our day today.

No matter where you are in your circumstances today, may we all hold fast to this confession, "all my life you have been faithful...and I will sing of the goodness of God."

Join us on May 27, 2020 at 12 p.m. Central for the next full episode of Last Wednesday Worship.

Vocals: Caleb and Kim Willis
Piano: Angela Richardson

Camera/Editor: Matt McNeill
Producer/Audio: Scottie Richardson

Max Lucado

Though we are in a valley,
the valley does not last forever.

This Shadow Will Pass

Life consists of valleys, but we have the promise that God will lead us through the valley. Through the valley of loss; through the valley of grief, through the valley of sadness; through the valley of anger; through the valley of disappointment.

But valleys don't last forever. Storms don't last forever. Darkness doesn't last forever. Sadness may come for a time, but joy always comes with the morning.


Sometimes the kids are looking for some fighting words: ‘How do we retaliate when Dad says bad things about you?’ The best thing I can give to my children is, ‘Let’s give it over to God. Let’s pray for peace.’ - Laurel

Paul David Tripp

👩‍👧‍👦 God hasn't turned His back on you.


Going into this pandemic you might have thought you had your emotions under control and then BOOM! Just when the doors to the outside world closed, all of the emotional issues hit. During times like this self-talk is important. What is something positive you can say to keep yourself from falling apart?

Lie: God is Holding Out on You A lot of people think that God’s offer to be close to us is too good to be true. That’s why Dr. Tony Evans wants to expose that lie and explain how hard Satan works to keep it alive in this lesson on learning to recognize and reject the devil’s misinformation tactics.

It's Kind To Be Clear About Expectations - Conflict Resolution - 4word

Trouble resolving conflicts...? Heidi Rasmussen, COO of freshbenies and 4word Board Member, discusses why much of conflict comes down to a lack of expectations being communicated.


Free your child to love the other parent. Its so critical for their future, their well-being, their ultimate health ... and confidence, and joy, and security, their ability to have healthy relationships. It is a sacrifice worth making, It is so critical and so important for their development that you have to find a way to let that relationship grow. Elsa Kok Colopy


Divorce forces many changes in your life, but it also gives you the opportunity to redefine yourself! Find a DivorceCare group meeting near you


The pain of divorce is much deeper and more soul wrenching than most people can imagine, unless they have been through it themselves.


Loneliness is not permanent.


I had almost zero energy. You end up having your energy just zapped because emotionally youre carrying such a heavy load that it depletes you. Every moment that I didnt have to function for my children or my job, I was tucked into bed. The pain was so bad and so heavy, what I would do was shut down. I was like, "I cant believe I woke up with this again. I cant believe Im going to go to sleep with this again. It just doesnt stop." - DivorceCare participant


I think loneliness has been one of the biggest issues to deal with. I enjoyed the routines, the evenings that I spent with the kids. Getting them ready for bed, playing certain games with them before bedtime, and I really miss the family aspect of it. You can distract yourself with books, movies, doing things with people, but I just really miss my family. - Tony


If your spouse breaks the marriage and youve done everything you can to prevent that, thats not your fault, thats not your responsibility. - Dr. Craig Keener


DivorceCare is here to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Groups are now meeting online. You can get the support you need after separation or divorce—from the safety of your own home.

- Access videos – Get advice and guidance from experts. Listen to the personal stories of others who have been where you are, and watch as they share what has helped them.
- Read the participant guide online – Use the online participant guide to access articles, Bible studies, and other resources that will help you through this difficult time.
- Connect with others – Find others who understand what you’re going through as you provide each other with essential support.

Visit to search for an online group in your area.

June Hunt

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Andrew Farley

You're not forgiven because you ask God to forgive you each day. You're forgiven because of what Jesus Christ has already done.


Do the things you want to do while you are single. Don’t wait for a mate. What is something you are doing that helps you enjoy your life right now?


We should never go through a depression without learning from it. - Dr. Archibald Hart

Relational Conflict and Forgiveness | Paul David Tripp

Where do I look to get my needs met?

Why do we experience so much conflict in our relationships? Why do we struggle to forgive others, and how do we respond if people refuse to forgive us? In th...

How To Pray When You Don’t Feel Like Praying Prayer is such an integral part of any Christian’s life as it not only causes us to continually submit ourselves to God’s sovereignty, but it also is a consistent way for us to boldly approach God about what He is doing in our lives now and what He will do next. However, for many of us, we face ...

Dhar Mann

What is stealing your happiness?

Always be grateful for what you have.

Tony Evans

Real spiritual maturity means we are being transformed into the image of Christ.

Tony Evans

Fathers please hear how relevant the bible is and how far our culture has strayed from God's plan for the family. Tony Evans is one of the DivorceCare experts and we appreciate the wisdom he reveals in the biblical text.

Every man is to be under Christ's authority.

Kingdom Men Rising is an upcoming documentary film featuring Kirk Franklin, Tony Dungy, Troy Vincent, Lecrae and more. Get Tickets:


It's not just about the facts

Life after divorce is always difficult, but how you deal with the reality of your situation can make a big difference in your adjustment, as you'll see on this video. For more help, find a DivorceCare group meeting near you:

God's will is discoverable and doable If you've ever stood at a crossroads and wondered, What does the Lord want me to do? there's good news: God does not intend for His will to be a mystery to us, and the Briscoes' 5-message series, God's Will for My Life, makes His will clear for you.We'l...

Tony Evans

Pastor Evans’ Tribute Sermon for his beloved wife, Lois Irene Evans, preached on Sunday, January 5, 2020.

The Hurt & The Healer The Hurt & The Healer Conference will reveal exactly how God can be the gentle healer of all your hurts.


“Since my divorce, it seems like I’m mad all the time. All the time!”

You can read about dealing with divorce online. Try talking about it with friends. Just push your feelings away. Or do something that has helped so many others—join a DivorceCare group:

Paul David Tripp

You don't have to go searching. God came for you.

Tony Evans

Are you suffering or sad today? Hear these encouraging words regarding the sad moments we may experience, even during the Joyous Christmas Season.

May God's blessings and promises continue to give you hope, especially now. AMEN

Yesterday, I shared a heartfelt video with the church I pastor about my wife, Lois. I'd like to share a portion of that video update here with you, our extended virtual ministry family.

Will you join me in praying that the Lord will give Lois great peace at this time? We continue to believe in the power of prayer and do not underestimate God’s power to heal, nor do we deny his ability to comfort hurting hearts. Please pray specifically with us that God would either heal Lois or take her home. We do not want her to live in pain.

Also pray that God will give us, as her family, grace, wisdom, and comfort as we walk with my wife through this season. Your prayers are appreciated and needed. They mean a lot to me, and to all of us, right now.

I realize that many of you want to know how you can encourage me and my family as we care for my wife. Please know that you have already done so much by sharing your love, your concern, and your support. What would encourage my heart this Christmas season is to know that you are spending time with the people you love and not wasting the time God has given you to live on things that really don’t matter. Most importantly, what brings my heart joy is to know that you are remembering and honoring the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is my hope in spite of life’s challenges.

One great comfort to me during these difficult days is to know that Lois and I, along with our children, have made the most of the time we have together. We continue to do so even now and desire for you to do the same.

I will continue to share with you as I can and let you know how you can help in the coming days. But for today, I want to thank you for your love and care. On behalf of myself and my family, we wish you a blessed and a very merry Christmas.

gianna jessen

Praying to Move Mountains | Dr Tony Evans 2019 | NOV 11, 2019

so, what's the problem? ...
(could it be me...?)

Praying to Move Mountains | Dr Tony Evans 2019 | NOV 11, 2019 ================== Follow us in Facebook : Vid...

Praying to Move Mountains | Dr Tony Evans 2019 | NOV 11, 2019

...the problem may be you...!!! ?

Praying to Move Mountains | Dr Tony Evans 2019 | NOV 11, 2019 ================== Follow us in Facebook : Vid...

June Hunt

“When we share our pain, we are no longer alone in our struggle.” - June Hunt

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