Japanese American Christian Chapel

Japanese American Christian Chapel


Good evening brethren and Church. .. Is there any with a full sound system not using? If yes, send it to me. Or i am looking to buy a sound system of 10,000 rand which is about 750 USA dollars here in south Africa for evangelism. i am asking you to pattern with me in evangelism. Any contribution is welcome.. From missionary brother Mark ntanda +27844602632/whats app
Quick Reminder: Please join us for our annual Church Picnic at Mission Oaks Park in Camarillo THIS Sunday (6/22) at 11:00am! We will NOT be meeting at the sanctuary this Sunday, we will be hosting worship service in the Park with a barbecue and activities to follow. Please invite your family and friends to this event! We're excited for this fun fellowship opportunity and we hope to see you there!
手作りのつきたてのお餅をぜひ食べに来てください!! 折り紙、盆栽、ゴスペルクワイア、和太鼓チームなど盛りだくさんのイベントです。3月10日(土)はカマリロへ
If you would like to sign-up, please leave a message with the church at 805-384-9333 with your contact information.
JACC Thanksgiving celebration, great fellowship and great food!
Jesus is Lord
Here is the link to the GoFundMe page to help restore the Oxnard Japanese Cemetery.

JACC is a non-denominational church open to everyone.

Japanese American Christian Chapel (JACC) has service every Sunday from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM in both English and Japanese. All guests are welcome to attend coffee hour following worship. English language bible studies: every Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm Japanese language bible studies: every 2nd and 4th Tuesday 10:00am - 11:30am (Oxnard) 1:00pm- 2:30pm (Camarillo) every 1st and 3rd Wednesday 10:00am - 11:30am (Ventura) every 2nd and 4th Friday 12:30pm - 2:00pm (Thousand Oaks) every 4th Thursday 7:30pm - 9:30pm (Oxnard) Exercise class for back pain: every Thursday 10:00am - 11:00am


7月19日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

7月19日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

JACC教会へのオンライン献金 https://tithe.ly/give_new/www/#/tithely/give-one-time/2130887


Forgiveness After The Ultimate Tragedy Turns Strangers Into Brothers | TODAY

Here is an additional video for this week that is part of Pastor Dave's message.

Hoda Kotb shares the story of Erik Fitzgerald and Matt Swatzell, two men from Atlanta who were brought together by a heartbreaking tragedy and paved a path t...


The Power of Jesus' Forgiveness

Here is Pastor Dave's July 19th message, everyone stay safe out there as the pandemic surges.

A message about the difference forgiveness can make in our lives and in our world today.


7月12日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

7月12日 日曜礼拝

JACC教会へのオンライン献金 https://tithe.ly/give_new/www/#/tithely/give-one-time/2130887 賛美「主がそばにいるから」 https://youtu.be/D5m1UNsLQgo PAUL M. GONG / ポールエム https://www.you...


Blinded By Stubbornness

As we head into the 5th month of the pandemic we are blessed that no members of JACC have contracted COVID19. Here is Pastor Dave's July 12th message.

The danger that prideful stubbornness can have in cutting our lives off relationally from others & from God.


7月5日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

7月5日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ


The True Thirst Quencher

Happy 4th of July as we celebrate our nation's birth, to remember the words of Thomas Jefferson, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." As a nation we have not always
been successful living up to these words but let us continue to try! Here is Pastor Dave's July 5th message.

A message from the gospel of John to encourage all that Jesus is our ultimate & true spiritual thirst quencher.


6月28日 日曜礼拝

6月28日 日曜礼拝


Asking The Wrong Question?

Hope everyone had a good week! Here is Pastor Dave's message for the week. Don't forget to pick up your bento lunch at 12 noon on Sunday. No Zoom meeting this week!

A message on how asking the wrong question can have unfortunate & often detrimental consequences for this life and the life to come...


6月21日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

6月21日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

6-7月のデボーション 聖書箇所カレンダー https://1drv.ms/b/s!AvyHrE6WwW2Xvk3s_YH_IsiDuv74?e=Cp7dYO 聖書の言葉を黙想(デボーション)する意味とやり方について https://youtu.be/cXz0bxGlSoo イザヤ書の時代背景について https...


Could This Be The Christ?

JACC hope that everyone had a safe and healthy week and here is Pastor Dave's June 21st message.

What it means for us that Jesus was and is the Christ (the Messiah).

This happened on March 1, 2020, how far away that seems since the last time we gathered to worship together as a church. Lord "How great thou art"!


6月14日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

6月14日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ


Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Pastor Dave's June 14th message, hope everyone had a great week and see you on Zoom.

A message about not prejudging something or someone based on nothing more than superficial or outward appearances,


6月7日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

6月7日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ


16-Year-Old Davion Pilgrim Calls For Unity and Peace During Protests | NBCLA

An example of a very God honoring response!

16-year-old Davion Pilgraim from Compton spoke during Mayor Garcetti's address on Tuesday evening. He called for calm after nights of looting. "I have seven ...


Better Not Bitter

Pastor Dave's June 7th message. Please watch the above video first.

A message in the midst of our current turbulent times to not follow the bitter voices of this world or our flesh, but instead to follow the voice of our Lord...


5月31日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

5月31日 日曜主日礼拝


Timing is Everything!

Pastor Dave's May 31st message. In light of current events we all need to pray for our country!

A message about living with godly wise timing in these dark & uncertain times.


5月24日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

5月24日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ


The Hawaii Blessing

Folks check this worship song out, beautiful!

A gift from the Churches of Hawai‘i, The Hawai‘i Blessing was recorded during the first week of May 2020 by worship leaders from 25 churches across all 6 maj...


Offensive or Life Giving Good News?

Pastor Dave's message for this week, May 24, 2020. We should have been fishing today and Sunday in Mammoth.

A message about the difference one's attitude, heart, & spirit have to either rejecting or receiving the Good News of Jesus.


The Bread of Life

Pastor Dave's May 17th message for this week. See you later on Zoom, enjoy!

A message addressing what it means for our lives that Jesus is the Bread of Life.


5月17日 日曜主日礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

5月17日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

「恵みの管理者として」 ルカ12章35-40節 12:35 腰に帯を締め、あかりをともしていなさい。 12:36 主人が婚礼から帰って来て戸をたたいたら、すぐに戸をあけようと、その帰りを待ち受けている人たちのようでありなさい。 12...


5月10日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

5月10日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

「マリヤの信仰」 1、神の栄光を期待する女性 イエスの母マリヤ ヨハネ2:3 ぶどう酒がなくなったとき、母がイエスに向かって「ぶどう酒がありません。」と言った。 *まず目の前の状況を神に委ねることができる ヨハネ...


A Godly Inheritance

Pastor Dave's Mother's Day message!


A message about taking hold of & passing on the godly inheritance we have in Jesus.


5月3日 日曜礼拝① 賛美&メッセージ(②に続きます。動画のリンクは↓の説明欄にあります

5月3日 日曜礼拝の動画(2本の動画に分かれています)
2本目の動画 → https://youtu.be/9V7qE1ivcHE

メッセージが途中で切れているので続きの②動画をご覧ください。 ②動画 https://youtu.be/9V7qE1ivcHE **************************** 「私は信じた。それゆえに語った。」 1、なぜ神が自分にして...


Moving Beyond The Shadow of Doubt

Hope everyone had a good week sheltered in place! Here is Pastor Dave's May 3rd message. Enjoy!


A message of how Jesus can help us move out of the shadow, darkness, & uncertainty of unresolved doubt.


4月26日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ「見よ、わたしは新しいことをする」

4月26日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

「見よ、わたしは新しいことをする」 イザヤ43:19―21 43:19 見よ。わたしは新しい事をする。今、もうそれが起ころうとしている。あなたがたは、それを知らないのか。確かに、わたしは荒野に道を、荒地に川を設ける。 43:20...


Getting To The Other Side

Hope everyone had a good week! Here is Pastor Dave's 4/26/2020 Sunday message, enjoy!


A message about Jesus care & lessons learned in the process of going through a life storm.


4月19日 日曜礼拝 賛美&メッセージ 第一コリント15章

4月19日 礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

メッセージ「死から命へ アダムからキリストへ」 第一コリント 15章20-22節、30-34節 15:20 しかし、今やキリストは、眠った者の初穂として死者の中からよみがえられました。15:21 というのは、死がひとりの人を通して来たよ.....


The Fork In The Road

This weeks message from Pastor Dave April 19, 2020.


A message of how Jesus leads or can lead us when we face life's inevitable forks in the road.


4月12日 イースター礼拝 賛美&メッセージ

4月12日 イースター礼拝 賛美とメッセージ

メッセージ「私の主、私の神」 ヨハネの福音書 20章24-29節 20:24 十二弟子のひとりで、デドモと呼ばれるトマスは、イエスが来られたときに、彼らといっしょにいなかった。 20:25 それで、ほかの弟子たちが彼に「私たちは.....


An Easter Journey: From Despair to Hope

Pastor Dave's Easter Message 4/12/2020

An 2020 Easter message of hope


4月5日 日曜礼拝 賛美とメッセージ イザヤ書53章

4月5日 日曜礼拝 賛美とメッセージ

ホザナ ホザナ、ホザナ、ホザナ高らかに ホザナ、ホザナ、ホザナ高らかに 主よ、あなたの御名あがめます 賛美に満たされて、ホザナ高らかに ホザナ、ホザナ、ホザナ主の御名を ホザナ、ホザナ、ホザナ主の御名を ほめ.....

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