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Moonwillow Ministries is a non-denominational spiritual service for those who seek guidance but not religion; classes and Spiritual Rites offered.

For over 25 years, I taught religion in some facet. I began my spiritual teaching at The Hungarian Reform Church in 1977. I moved on to teaching Catechism in the Catholic Church. i received my Religious Education Certification through the Diocese of Allentown in 1992. I was a Sacramental Teacher for most of my career teaching CCD. In 2001, I left the Church due to a life change; since that time I have been working on my personal spiritual path by opening up my third eye, using crystals, meditation, automatic writing, pendulum work, reiki, hypnotherapy and ordained by The Universal Life Church in 2012. I have created classes in the subject of Living a Magickal Life. At Moon Willow Ministries, I offer spiritual counseling, classes, and officiating rites and ceremonies.

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See the pinned post above if you had trouble with changing the rotation and want to watch Candle Majick again !

All we had a great fireside 🔥 chat but a little technical difficulty. Turn off your rotation and watch landscape on a phone or tablet. Sincere apologies!

Candle Majick Fireside Chat Dec11 2020


Making a “dream board” of tens assists in identifying your goals. However, it may be a broad idea. Can you zone into your desires to manifest them?


How can we navigate 2021? After this year, can we manifest a future of prosperity? My daughters are Master Manifesters. I have taught them techniques that they all use. I’m offering a monthly Manifesting Class starting Sunday December 27th. We can, as a group, follow along and encourage each other to manifest our lives. Classes are $40 and will be held monthly in person and in my home. Because of the virus, seats are limited to 5. If you are interested in online .... we may work out a Zoom session. Send me a message if interested! Readings are also available for $25 online and $40 in person! Taking bookings now!!!


I’m writing this on my “spiritual” page because it is filled with like-minded individuals - if Facebook allows it to be seen. I’ve been dealing with the end of life experience of my brother. He was diagnosed with lyposarcoma last Auaugst- basically cancer of the fat. He’s been in and out of the hospital and has been in the hospital now for over a week and having a hard time. I can’t visit the hospital because of the virus. Yesterday, I fell asleep. I called the hospital and spoke to the nurse to check on him before taking a nap. I slept soundly, but was woken up with the smell of cigarette smoke. We don’t smoke. My mother smoked Kool 100’s. I looked around and thought of my Mother and asked if she was here, but received no response until I started to fall asleep and there was the cigarette smoke again. He’s not communicating with me in dreams or thoughts. My prayers are with my brother and his condition and his ability to move on. His stage 4 cancer is in his bones and tumors up his spine. His pain is immense. I haven’t had any other message. Maybe it’s not for me to get a message? 11/22/2020

GODDESSES HERE & NOW: Amy Zerner and Audrey Flack MM FINE ART 4 N. Main St., Southampton, NY 631.259.2274 [email protected] AMY ZERNER Amy Zerner’s pioneering Magic Surrealism fabric collage tapestries were... 11/11/2020

Pagan Origins of Halloween - ROBERT SEPEHR Samhain is a pagan religious festival originating from an ancient Celtic spiritual tradition. In modern times, Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”) i...


Who else looks for messages in the flame and smoke? I see mine.

[11/01/20]   When you are just told to cleanse with this full moon energy and you sit and listen to your issues just sizzle in the breeze.... 09/18/2020

9 Things to Do on the New Moon Spells, rituals, and other magical activities to do when the moon is new. When the moon is new, a fresh cycle has begun. Since the full moon, the energy has been waning. Things have been unwinding,…


Silver RavenWolf Author Page

Celestial Brew – The Stars and You! 17 September 2020 – Don’t forget to make your 9 New Moon Wishes! New Moon in Virgo 7:00 AM EDT/4:00 AM PDT – brings solutions and opportunity-something I think we are all looking for in some respect or another! Sun in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn, bringing an opportunity of some sort from an older person or one in authority. This wave of energy can also be used in workings for common sense, structure, guidance, and fulfillment – earth energy at its best! Today – do what you are good at! Rewards await! Power Object Today: Earth from a sacred place. 08/31/2020

How to Make Natural (Magical) Cleaning Products

When Meghan was sick I cleaned her house daily with “magickal” cleaners. Here’s how you can make healthy, inexpensive cleaning products that work great and will help you improve the vibe in your home. There’s no reason to buy ready-made kitchen cleaner, bath…


One of my daughter’s friends sent me this picture of her son walking into the bell tower at Columcille. I was ASTOUNDED when I saw this picture. He walked right into a vortex! This picture reminds Fed me why I teach people about energy, spirit and the possibilities of magick!


Wow!!!! Someone called me to do a reading for them!!! Wow! It came back in a powerful way! I’ve put my classes, readings and energy healings on hold these last few years of dealing with.... life. I’m ready to help whomever is looking for a reading.... I’ll be posting classes very soon!!


Celtic Mythology - An Introduction to the Tuatha Dé Danann

A short introdocution to one of the most important races in Celtic Mythology - the Tuatha Dé Danann. These were the old gods of Ireland, Britain, and much of...


Celtic Mythology: Mythic Origins of the Irish People: Brehon Law Academy

Another fascinating video about Irish mythology ....

Online course 'Ancient Ireland: Culture and Society' SAVE 20% through YT: Mythical origins of the Irish people from the accounts of ...


Irish Mythology: The Mysterious Origins of The Tuatha De Dannan (Were They Hyperboreans?)

I’ve decided to stop with all of the political and covid crap and watch videos about Irish Mythology. Very interesting.

Does Irish Mythology suggest to us that the Earth is Flat? Why does it say the Tuatha De Dannan were from the North? Were they Hyperboreans? ~ Flat earth Par...


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Celestial Brew - The Stars and You! Summer Solstice! Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse! The moon enters Cancer at 5:44 PM EDT/2:44 PM PDT awakening the power of Summer! Time to create that positive bonfire of joy! Given the moon is still in 4th Qtr until late tonight for Pacific and early tmrw for East Coast, your first step in your celebrations may be for cleansing, clearing and banishing before embracing that amazing Solar Eclipse energy that speaks of change on the home front and taking action for a better future. You may wish to combine water magick, empowered crystals, and the herbs that are growing in your area (the link of place) for a personal, sacred rite. I will be adding rose petals, spring water, and clear crystals to a bowl of water that I will pass through the sacred outdoor bonfire, and then use that water to clear my body of negativity. I will also dip the names of friends and family into a duplicate bowl to cleanse, heal, and protect them as well. Many blessings this glorious day!


Silver RavenWolf Author Page


Silver RavenWolf Author Page

Make magick!

Celestial Brew - The Stars and You! 3 June 2020 - 2nd Qtr Scorpio Moon pulses delightfully intense energy so useful for creative ventures! Sun in Gemini dances cheek to cheek with Venus, bringing a bouquet of vibrant energy perfect for positive communication, writing, singing, poetry, designing -- don't sit and stew (on anything) make it work for you! Gemstone for Today: Blue Lace Agate, Chrysocolla, and Ametrine (Sweet Communication, Remove Negativity and Boost Artistic Ability, and Balance). What will I be doing this morning? Collecting roses for candles and herb blends.


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Celestial Brew! The Stars and You! A busy star day with the moon entering Gemini and meeting up with the Sun for today's delightfully chatty New Moon! 1:39 PM EDT/10:39 AM PDT.
Don't forget your 9 New Moon wishes! Lots of positive information flow! Be sure to double-check all information you receive -- some of it may be less than you need or more exaggerated than necessary. Happy New Moon Day! Gemstone for today: Citrine! Stimulates Chakras, Brings Inspiration, thought to help minimize addiction.


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Very important in today’s world.

Celestial Brew - The Stars and You! 30 April -- 2nd Qtr Moon in Leo -- Mercury and Uranus dance together in Ta**us -- possible unexpected gift or monetary windfall -- fast thinking, answers to questions that have been bothering you -- a surprise unveiling of the truth -- energy to get things done! A warm storm that reveals something hidden. Power Gem for Today: Quartz and Coral -- Strong Mental Faculties


Selena Fox

Happy Earth Day! Blessed New Moon!

Happy Earth Day!


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Join Laurie Cabot Live on Enchanted tonight at 7pm!


April 2018... I was fighting for my health and started to eat keto... warning for what was to come?? Interesting to see memories pop up.


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Sharing such a peaceful, insightful message.

Join us for a night of tarot with Laurie Cabot!


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How beautiful of a message in Laurie Cabots post about this virus. Harsh, but peaceful.

Join Laurie Cabot live for a night of candle Majick and one card reading! Let’s share and like so we can hit 1k viewers!


Late psychic's words spark claims she predicted coronavirus

Conspiracy theorists have claimed that the American psychic Sylvia Browne predicted the onset of the coronavirus in her book End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World. 03/04/2020

12 Feng Shui Cures for Blessings and Breakthroughs Activate positive conditions in every life area with these powerful feng shui secrets for getting in the flow. Feng shui is named after things that flow: it literally translates to wind / water. It…


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Celestial Brew - The Stars and You! 23 February 2020 - Sunday - New Moon in Pisces! A day for channeling spiritual power, giving life to the pattern of possible goals and ideas, divination, using your instincts, welcoming wisdom, using your imagination and working spiritual healing for self, family and friends. Wisdom Gemstone for Today -- one of my favorites-- Chrysocolla.


Has this camera captured a miracle of spiritual proportions?

Absolutely stunning.

Michigan Fire Chief Glen Thorman says his home security camera captured an angel floating over a truck. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing ...


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