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Videos by One Heart DC in Ashburn. "Advancing the Gospel together in the DMV" OneHeartDC is a movement uniting and mobilizing churches, church networks and other organizations to saturate Metro Washington DC (DMV) with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Bobby Manning encouraging the crowd from Acts 4:31 at First Baptist Church of Glenarden during Together 2020 Launch. “And when they had prayed, the place in which they were gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak the word of God with boldness.”

Faith Day 2019
Faith Day 2019 September 28, 4:05pm at Nationals Park Post-Game Worship: · National Community Church Worship Band Player Testimonials: · Anthony Rendon · Yan Gomes · Brian Dozier Guest MC: · Ben Stuart of Passion City Church DC

OneHeartDC Story
The video presents the story of the birth of OneHeartDC a gospel movement in the Metro Washington DC region. Learn what God did and how He continues to work. Summary: a. Faithfull saints prayed for decades and labored for revival and transformation in the Metro Washington DC region. b. A new wind was blowing, becoming evident in the summer of 2014. c. Focused prayer gatherings with pastors on their knees, humbling themselves, making personal confessions and asking God and each other for forgiveness. Pastor Lon Solomon was the original catalyst for these gatherings and a subsequent call for churches to pray on the National Mall. d. These prayer gatherings led to the Washington Prayer Gathering (WPG) at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on October 13th, 2014, with over 5,000 attending. e. The next year, the WPG grew to over 9,000 participants. f. In early summer 2015, we witnessed a broader and more diverse spirit of Oneness with 'one heart' centered upon Christ and OneHeartDC was birthed. g. Pastors, ministry and marketplace leaders are continuing to gather around the region – focusing on geographies, people groups and needs. h. Individual churches and ministries now committed: over 700. i. Increasing brokenness about the spiritual condition of the region and commitment to mobilize together for gospel saturation. j. Growing recognition that no one church, even the larger churches, could accomplish the mission alone. k. OneHeartDC continues to be a platform for helping the Church function as Jesus intended - with an emphasis on Prayer, Unity, Hope. See l. Stories of how God is working through his Church can be found on the weekly radio show 'Good News for the City' a partnership of OneHeartDC and WAVA 105.1 FM (

Watch and be encouraged through a story of hope, that in Christ racial reconciliation is possible! Church leaders met today at First Baptist Church of Vienna to discuss racial reconciliation, unity and justice. We heard the testimonies of two pastors who have journeyed together, between their churches and within their communities.

OneHeartDC Leadership Clusters - Pt. 7 Christ is Honored!
We are learning how to honor Jesus Christ together in the power of the Holy Spirit for the welfare of our city (Jeremiah 29:7). We believe doing so puts the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ on display and fulfills our calling. Catch the last in our series on Leadership Clusters: Pt. 7 Christ is Honored! Blog:

OneHeartDC Leadership Clusters - Pt. 6 Co-Labor
Partnering yields greater fruit. Seeing this, our people develop a greater sense of what God is doing and how big a God we serve. When collaborating shoulder-to-shoulder with people from other churches, we experience the unity Jesus called for (John 17) and a more fully functioning Body (1 Corinthians 12). Please read our blog by Steve King Cherrydale Baptist Church: And watch this video featuring Steve, Brian Bales Christian Fellowship Church and Bobby Manning First Baptist Church of District Heights!

OneHeartDC Leadership Clusters - Pt. 5 Christ-Centeredness
Spiritual leaders, consider times when you experienced deep spiritual friendship and a sense of God’s presence in your conversations and prayers together. What impact would you have in your life and ministry if you experienced this with regularity? We encourage you to join or start a leadership cluster!

Leadership Clusters - Pt. 4 Consistency
What would it look like if you tithed your time to relationships and mission with others beyond the walls of your church or ministry? To find out, please read our blog by Steve King Cherrydale Baptist Church: . And watch this video featuring Steve, Brian Bales Christian Fellowship Church and Bobby Manning First Baptist Church of District Heights!

Leadership Clusters Pt. 3 Connection

Leadership Clusters - Pt. 2 Conviction
Are you persuaded that part of God’s call on your life is to intentionally partner with other Gospel-centered churches to seek the welfare of the DMV (Jeremiah 29:7; Matthew 5:16)? Check out our video series entitled "Leadership Clusters: Thriving in Life & Ministry Together" Part 2 'CONVICTION' is shown here with Brian Bales, Bobby Manning, and Steve King.

Leadership Clusters: Thriving in Life & Ministry Together - Pt...
Are you longing for a safe place in your area to experience on-going encouragement, equipping and motivation for ministry with other pastors and ministry leaders? Then this video series is for you.

Bobby Manning delivers the Call to Action this evening at the Washington Prayer Gathering. He challenges us to cover all households across the DMV in prayer by name. This is possible if the OneHeartDC churches all participate! Individuals can signup for free at Church leaders should message us for a code to signup your churches.

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