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Videos by FE Middle in Ashburn. FE. Middle exist to help students live life better by winning increasing numbers of students to Christ and His Church


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Y’ALL KNOW WHATS UP! - Sunday (9:30a & 11:30a) // Movie // Popcorn // Soda // Candy // PULL THRU

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“I can’t feel my skin.” - @mikedaknis 😂😂 • Fire & Ice tomorrow (friday) 6:30p

#lastnightatfe @paytonbryant shared with us that “When it comes to eternity in heaven it’s not about the “good deeds” we do, but rather the heart we have for Jesus and surrendering our life to him!”

WOAH👀👀👀 I AM SHOOK @drydenglod

1 MORE SLEEP! Just over 24 hours away from the #lckn 2018

Me & My friends on the meltdown machine... #lcknszn

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‘Nough said. Be there. Bring your friends. Bring your friends friends. https://bit.ly/2MSSQiA

WHO YOU BRINGING? https://bit.ly/2MSSQiA

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It’s @communitychurch ‘s birthday tomorrow! Come celebrate with us @ 9:30a & 11:30a — Cupcakes, Dunk Tanks & More!

@paytonbryant said it right. Sign up for the Lock-in RIGHT NOW with the link here - https://bit.ly/2MSSQiA

Lock-In September 28th. Sign Up RIGHT NOW! Link in Bio!

The movement starts tonight!

We’re 4 Days away from our new meeting time. Coming Friday, August 10th.

Last years neon night was the best. (Video to prove it😜) - This years neon night is gonna be better. We promise. - Wednesday. 6:30p. Bring your Friends.

Week ✌️ Wednesday | 6:30p

FESKO (FE SUMMER KICK OFF) June 20th-August 1st - You don’t wanna miss any of these crazy events!

“What If...” starts this Wednesday @ 6:30 — be there.

Oh yeah... btw @nichole.tyler is speaking tonight!

New Series coming next Wednesday (April 4th). Be there 6:30p-9p

New Series coming next Wednesday (April 4th). Be there 6:30p-9p


New Series this Wednesday (March 7th). See ya there.

All goes down tomorrow!


NEW SERIES ALERT !!! See what happens this Wednesday!!!!

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Week ✌️. Tonight. Guest Speaker. Get here.

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New Series, Who dis?

Winter Lock-In January 14th. Sign Up RIGHT NOW with the link in our bio.


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