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Videos by Bridge Community Church of Loudoun in Ashburn. Christ. Community. Life. "I have given you an example, go and do likewise." - Jesus Christ - John 13:15

Jenisse Silvestri Uruguay Testimony

The Master Plan: He knows

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A word from Kurt Nguyen
Kurt leads the ministry of "Bridge Feeds" together with the assistance of his wife Julie. Despite the quarantine, Kurt, together with a faithful band of Bridge volunteers, have worked hard to keep Bridge Feeds moving. Each week, they faithfully pick up food from local restuarants and grocery stores. The volunteers help with pick ups and then pack the food into individual boxes to help feed families who are in need. If you are interested in volunteering with Bridge Feeds, contact Kurt at: [email protected]

Robin Gallagher serves as the office administrator at Bridge. She and her husband Ron are a true blessing at Bridge as they have not stopped serving the community since they first arrived. Whether it was baking homemade snacks, welcoming people at the front door, setting up for potluck or volunteering with Bridge Feeds, they are a stellar part of the Bridge family. I hope you enjoy her word for the day...

Trusting God in Unprecedented Times
Hear today from Nick Burgart. Nick and his wife Jackie Burgart both serve on the board at Bridge and they are two of the most generous people that my wife Sandra Hidalgo Cravens and I have met. We are blessed to have them serving in leadership. Thanks Nick, for your willingness to share about the abundant life as we navigate COVID-19!

Navigating the Storm

Praise & Dependence
Despite our situation and circumstances we choose our response. When do we choose to praise? Have a listen to this afternoon’s message concerning our perspective and chosen response to God.

BCC Sermon 20200308 - Criticism
Last night's sermon from Will Cravens on the topic of complaining. Sorry for the delay, we had some difficulties with the livestream last night. However, we were able to record about 98% of his talk. Must See TV! Enjoy!!

Uruguay Team Tesitmonies
The Uruguay team gives their testimonies from their recent mission trip.

Walked Among Us
How does God demonstrate His love? He is present with us, God with skin on, in the person of Jesus Christ. Consider what it means to love as God loves us.

The Lord Is My Shepherd
Tune in to Bridge Community Church live!

Keeping the Sabbath
Pastor Will Cravens talks about the Sabbath with Biblical context

Keeping the Sabbath
Pastor Will Cravens talks about the Sabbath with Biblical context

Receiving the Torch
Guest Pastor Patrick Simpson shows that God passes the torch to us and asks how do we receive the torch that He as passed?

Who Am I? Who Are You?
As we continue reading through Exodus, we see Moses question his identity and who is he that God would use him for His great plan?

What are you sold on? Joseph was sold on God. It didn’t matter if he was a victim of human trafficking, a falsely accused employee or a prisoner, he kept his commitment to God and it changed his perspective. Tune in and consider what we can learn from his example.

Faith like Abraham
Pastor Will Cravens talks about Abraham, the father of faith, and his journey as the Lord told him to leave his place of familarity. Faith requires action

Faith Like Abraham
Guest speaker Martin Carlyle talks about Abraham’s unique relationship with God and what we can learn from it.

I Want to Know...
Pastor Will Cravens talks about mankind’s curiosity and longing for God’s knowledge and how this can lead to faults.

The Cost of Christmas
Christmas can be costly. Many families spend a few months paying off credit card bills if they splurged on giving and parties. What did the first Christmas cost? Jesus knew His ultimate purpose would cost His life. What cost are we willing to pay following Him? Tune into this week’s message to consider the cost of following Jesus.

Born with Purpose
Would you set out on a mission if you knew it would end in your death? What cost are you willing to pay when it comes to people? Consider the Son of God and the price He was willing to pay as we celebrate this Christmas. He did it for one reason. He loves us.

As Foretold
The prophet Zechariah predicted the Son of God coming on the back of a donkey approximately 500 years before his birth. God is in control. What does that mean for you and me today? Join us today as we consider the implications…

Jenisse Silvestri Uruguay Testimony
The Master Plan: He knows

Jenisse Silvestri Uruguay Testimony
Jenisse Silvestri gives her tesimony from her recent trip to Uruguay

Praying for Miracles
Ask, Seek, Knock is Jesus’ prescription when seeking God for a miracle. Have a listen to more ideas from the Bible concerning what it means to believe God for a miracle.

Testimonies from Uruguay
Tune in to hear the team from Uruguay shares their experiences and testimonies.

Prayer Series Week 3: Thankfulness
Nick Sales fills in as our guest speaker this week on the topic of prayer and thankfulness. Also, Betsy Jones will recap her recent missions trip to India and just off the plane from Uruguay, Alexa Sales will provide an update on the missions trip in anticipation of next Sunday’s full team summary of service in Uruguay.

Prayer | Repent
Guest Pastor Tony speaks on the importance of repentance in prayer.

Guest Pastor Tony talks about the importance of prayer in our lives

Terrorist Turned Evangelist
It’s International Sunday here at Bridge and tonight Pastor Will Cravens ends our Indentity series with the story of Saul, who later had an identity change into Paul. His life did a complete 180 turn. Tune in!

Identity - Simon Peter
Just after Peter was commended for calling Jesus the Messiah, Jesus rebuked him, calling him “Satan”. Tune in to today’s identity message and lessons from the life of Peter.

Identity | Elijah
Pastor Will Cravens talks about the life, choices, and identity of Elijah

Identity Crisis
Do you ever feel the unending pressure of work, finances, or appearance? Join guest pastor Tony to learn where we should get identity from.

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